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									PATHEON INC.                                                C O R P O R AT E I N F O R M AT I O N

CORPORATE OFFICE                                   INVESTOR AND FINANCIAL                                    LEGAL COUNSEL
7070 Mississauga Road                              INFORMATION                                               Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP –
Suite 350                                          Robert C. Tedford                                         Toronto, Canada
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 7J8                       Chief Executive Officer                                   Cabinet Ratheaux – Lyon, France
Canada                                             Tel.: (905) 812-6768                                      Janni, Magnocavallo, Fauda,
Tel.: (905) 821-4001                               Fax: (905) 812-6705                                       Brescia e associati – Milan, Italy
Fax: (905) 812-6705                                Email:                               Macfarlanes – London, England
                                                                                                             McConnell Valdés – Puerto Rico, U.S.A.
SHAREHOLDER ACCOUNT ENQUIRIES                      Riccardo Trecroce                                         Thompson Hine LLP – Cincinnati,
Computershare Trust                                General Counsel, Secretary and                            U.S.A.
Company of Canada                                  Senior Vice-President,
100 University Avenue, 9th floor                   Administration                                            PRINCIPAL LENDERS
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2Y1                           Tel.: (905) 812-6877                                      Royal Bank of Canada, Canada*
Canada                                             Fax: (905) 812-6705                                       Banca Intesa S.p.A., Italy
Tel.: 1-800-564-6253                               Email:                              Bank of Scotland, United Kingdom
Website:                     Rodger Roden, CA                                          *The Company engaged Royal Bank of Canada
                                                   Chief Financial Officer and                                as sole Administrative Agent and RBC Capital
                                                                                                              Markets as Lead Arranger to syndicate its
TRANSFER AGENT AND REGISTRAR                       Senior Vice-President, Finance
                                                                                                              new North American credit facilities to a group
Computershare Trust                                Tel.: (905) 812-6759                                       of financial institutions. In total, 39 lenders
Company of Canada                                  Fax: (905) 812-6705                                        in Canada and the United States participated
                                                   Email:                                  in the syndication arrangement, which was
                                                                                                              completed on December 15, 2005.
                                                   Ernst & Young LLP – Toronto, Canada                       DIVIDEND POLICY
                                                                                                             The Board of Directors periodically
                                                                                                             reviews the dividend policy of Patheon
                                                                                                             Inc. The Company currently does not
                                                                                                             pay dividends on its common shares, and
                                                                                                             has no plans to do so in the foreseeable
                                                                                                             future, preferring to reinvest its cash
                                                                                                             to enhance the Company’s growth.

SHARE INFORMATION                                                    PATHEON STOCK PERFORMANCE (PTI) VERSUS
Listing: Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)                               THE S&P/TSX COMPOSITE INDEX-TOTAL RETURN*
                                                                              (Value of C$100 invested on October 31, 2000)
Symbol: PTI                                                                (All investment values expressed in Canadian dollars)

As of October 31, 2005
(All share prices expressed in Canadian dollars)      140
Shares Outstanding: 92,845,688                                                                                                                       S&P/TSX
Public Float: 81,035,000
High/Low/Close for the Fiscal Year
Ended October 31, 2005:                                80
$12.22/$6.60/$6.80                                     60

As of January 20, 2006
(All share prices expressed in Canadian dollars)       20
Shares Outstanding: 92,845,688
Public Float: 81,032,000                                Oct.                   Oct.                 Oct.               Oct.               Oct.                  Oct.
High/Low/Close for the Twelve                            00                    01                   02                  03                04                    05
Months Ended January 20, 2006:                                                              *Includes reinvested dividends

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Shareholders are invited to attend
Patheon’s Annual Meeting
of Shareholders to be held at 10:30 a.m.
(Eastern Standard Time) on Thursday,
March 9, 2006:

Park Hyatt Toronto
Queen’s Park Ballroom
4 Avenue Road
Toronto, Ontario M5R 2E8

The meeting will be broadcast live over
the Internet on Patheon’s website at An archived version
of the webcast will be available on
Patheon’s website after the meeting.

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