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					Category 1: Instruments / Asset Classes
Domain         Class (or ordinary)
               common                    Subclass               description   element
Equities       shares
               certificate of
               guaranteed value
               exchange-traded funds
               convertible shares
               deferred shares
               depository receipts (or
               partnership shares        limited
                                         shares of beneficial
                                         interest beneficial
                                         units of
               preference shares
               preferred shares
Vehicles       mutual funds
               money-market funds
               exchange-traded funds
               umbrella funds
               insurance-product funds

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Domain         Class                   Subclass                 description   element
Debt           bonds                   commercial / corporate
                                       bonds with warrants
                                       U.S. Treasury strips
               bankers acceptances
               CMOs / Remics
               commercial paper
               time deposits
               whole loans
               discount note
               payment in kind
               rights / entitlements

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Domain         Class           Subclass   description   element
               hybrid rights

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Category 2: Indicators
Domain                         Class                    description                         element

                                                        measures a set of stock
Indexes & Averages             equity                   instrumentsset of debt
                                                        measures a
                               bond                     instruments
                               commodity                measures a set of commodities
                                                        measures a set of stocks in the
                               industry group           same industry sector mutual
                                                        measures a group of
                               mutual fund              funds
                                                        measures a set of instruments
                               asset-based              based on their assets
                                                        number used to calculate an
                                                        index, usually by applying it to
                                                        the simple average of a set or to
                               divisors                 the components of a set
                                                        interest rates set by central
                                                        banks at the national or
Financial and monetary rates   central bank             international level
                                                        interest rates set by banks for
                                                        corporate and individual
                                                        transactions such as loans and
                               commercial               credit cards
                                                        interest rates set by individual
                                                        banks for savings accounts,
                               savings                  certificates of deposit, etc.

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Domain                Class                        description                          element
                                                   number of transactions (sales of
Exchange statistics   volume                       instruments) on a given exchange
                                                   number of transactions made at
                      advancing volume             a price increase
                                                   number of transactions made at
                      declining volume             a price decrease
                                                   number of instruments (as
                      issues traded                defined by instrument ID) traded
                                                   number of issues showing a
                      advances                     price increase
                                                   number of issues showing a
                      declines                     price drop
                                                   number of issues showing no
                      unchanged                    price change
                                                   number of issues recording a
                                                   new high price for a specified
                      new highs                    period of issues recording a
                                                   new low price for a specified
                      new lows                     period
                      short sales
                      odd-lot activity
                                                   value of an instrument's uptick
                      money flow                   trades minus its downtick trades
                                                   ratio of a stock's latest price to
                                                   its per-share earnings in the
                      P/E ratio                    most recent period specified
                      gross dividend yield
                      total return
                      turnover (equity and bond)

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Domain       Class                        description                        element
                                          value or ranking assigned to a
                                          debt instrument by a rating
Ratings      debt                         agency
                                          value or ranking assigned to a
             credit                       creditor by a rating agency
                                          value or ranking assigned to an
             investment                   investment option
                                          recommended action on an
                                          investment instrument, generally
                                          on a scale ranging from "buy" to
             analysts & advisers          "hold" to "sell"

Economic     growth & investment
             consumption & distribution
             money supply
             reserve assets
             national debt & deficits
             consumer credit

Industrial   auto sales

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Domain   Class                     description                element
         retail sales
         machine tool orders
         semiconductor shipments
         steel output
         oil statistics

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Category 3: Corporate Actions & Events
Domain         Class            Subclass            Definition                                        element
                                                    Trading in security has commenced or security
                                                    has been re-activated after a suspension in
Notification   trading status   active              trading.
                                                    Security is no longer able to comply with the
                                                    listing requirements of a stock exchange and is
                                delisted            removed from official board quotation.
                                suspended           Trading in the security has been suspended.
                                                    Distribution of cash to shareholders, in
                                                    proportion to their equity holding. Ordinary
                                                    dividends are recurring and regular.
                                                    Shareholder must take cash and is not offered
               Dividends        cash                a choice in the form of distribution.
                                                    Distribution of a dividend to shareholder with
                                                    the choice of payment method. Shareholder
                                                    must choose the form of payment stock, cash,
                                option              or both.
                                                    Dividend paid in the form of scrip (temporary
                                                    certificate) which represents the company's
                                                    promise to pay a cash dividend. Occurs when
                                                    earnings are sufficient but issuer wishes to
                                                    conserve cash holdings. Shareholder is not
                                scrip               offered a choice.
                                                    Dividend paid to shareholders in the form of
                                                    shares of stock in the issuing company or in
                                                    another company. Shareholder must take stock
                                                    and is not offered a choice in the form of
                                stock               distribution.

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Domain   Class   Subclass             Definition                                       element
                                      Dividend payment where cash dividend is
                                      rolled over into additional shares in the
                 reinvestment         issuing company.
                                      Security holders are awarded additional assets
                 Bonus Issue          free of payment from the issuer in proportion
                 Attribution Gratuite to their holding. A bonus issue is typically
                 (FR); Scrip Issue    represented by shares, rights, or warrants.
                 (GB); Capitalisation Nominal value does not change. Holder may
                 Issue.               be offered choice of form.
                                      The distribution of rights to shareholders, in
                 Rights Distribution proportion to their equity holding.
                                      Non payment of interest on coupon date or
         Debt    bond default         non payment of debt principal on maturity date
                                      Redemption in part before the scheduled final
                 drawing              maturity date of a security.
                                      An issuer's right to redeem bonds or preferred
                 Full Call            stock before maturity (if any).
                                      Securities are redeemed in part before their
                                      scheduled final maturity date. The outstanding
                                      amount of securities will be reduced
                                      proportionally. Event type assumes call is
                 Partial Call         based on a specific percentage of holding.
                                      A payment of a portion of the principal of an
                 Interest Payment     interest bearing asset, in addition to the
                 with Principle       interest payment.
                                      Repayment in full of a debt security, or a
                 Final Maturity       preferred stock issue, at stated maturity.

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Domain   Class   Subclass             Definition                                          element
                                      Event by which the unit of a debt is restated,
                                      eg, a debt in a national currency unit is
                 Redenomination       restated in euro.
                                      After the collapse of the perpetual floating rate
                                      note, the bond issuers negotiate an interest rate
                                      with bondholders. If agreement is reached,
                                      bond will continue at the agreed rate. If
                 Remarketing          agreement is not reached, bond holders have
                 Agreement            the right to redeem the bo
                                      Early redemption of a bond at the election of
                                      the bondholder subject to the terms and
                 Put Redemption       condition of the issue.
                 Adjustment of        Announcement of the current coupon rate for
                 Interest Rate        a floating or adjustable rate security.
                                      Process whereby interest coupons for future
                                      payment dates are separated from the security
                                      corpus that entitles the holder to the principal
                 Coupon Stripping     repayment.
                                      As stipulated in a bond's Terms and
                                      Conditions, the issuer or the bond-holder may
                                      prolong the maturity date of a bond. After
                                      extension, the security may differ from
                                      original issue (new rate or maturity date). May
                 Maturity Extension   Regular interest payment, approval.
                                      be subject to bondholder's in cash, distributed
                                      to holders of an interest bearing asset.
                                      According to the terms of the issue, a
                                      bondholder may be able to elect the currency
                 Interest Payment     interest is paid in.

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Domain   Class    Subclass              The combination of different security types to element
                                        create a unit. Units are usually comprised of
                                        warrants and bond or warrants and equity.
                                        Securities may be combined at the request of
                                        the security holder or based on market
         Shares   Attachment            convention.
                                        Offer by Issuing Company to existing
                                        shareholders to repurchase the company's own
                  Repurchase Offer      shares or other securities convertible into
                  Issuer bid;           shares. Repurchase offer may include the
                  Reduction of          distribution of renounceable or non-
                  circulating shares;   renounceable rights. Objective of this offer is
                  Reverse Rights.       a re
                                        Typically found in Australia, shares are issued
                                        from the Share Premium Reserve of the
                                        company and are considered as a capital
                                        distribution rather than a disbursement of
                  Bonus Share Plan      income, with different tax implications.
                                        Conversion or optional exchange of securities
                                        (generally convertible bonds or preferred
                                        shares) into another form of securities (usually
                  Conversion            common shares) at a pre-stated price.
                                        Reduction of the share capital and face value
                                        of a single share. The number of the
                                        circulating shares remains unchanged. May
                  Decrease in Value     include a capital pay-out to shareholder.
                                        Separation of components that comprise a
                                        security usually units comprised of warrants
                                        and bond or warrants and equity. Units may be
                                        broken up at the request of the security holder
                  Detachment            or based on market convention.

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Domain   Class   Subclass             Definition                                        element
                                    Similar to a tender offer, a dutch auction is an
                                    action by a party wishing to acquire a
                                    particular security. Current holders of the
                                    targeted security are invited to make an offer,
                 Dutch Auction. Bid within a specific price range, in which they
                 Tender             wouldto shareholders to their
                                    Offer be willing to sell exchange their
                                    holdings for other securities and/or cash.
                 Exchange Offer     Exchange offers are usually voluntary
                 Exchange offer;    involving the exchange of outstanding security
                 Capital            for a different security or securities and/or
                 reorganisation.    cash.
                                    Option for shareholders to exchange their
                                    securities for other securities and/or cash.
                                    Exchange options are mentioned in the Terms
                                    and Conditions of a security and are valid
                 Exchange Option    during the whole lifetime of a security.
                                    Increase of the share capital. The face value of
                                    the single share is changed without
                                    modification of the number of shares in
                                    circulation. May include a capital payout to
                 Increase in Value  shareholder.
                                    Offer by issuer to allow holders of an odd lot
                                    of a security to order a commission-free
                                    transaction at market price, to sell the odd lot,
                                    or to buy an amount of shares which will bring
                 Odd Lot Offer      the position to a round lot (board lot).

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Domain   Class   Subclass              Definition                                        element
                                      Occurs when securities with different
                                      characteristics, eg, shares with different
                                      entitlements to dividend, become identical in
                                      all respects, ie, pari-passu. May be scheduled
                 Pari-passu           in advance, eg, shares resulting from a bonus
                 Assimilation.        may become fungible after a pre-set
                                      Increase of share capital through additional
                                      payment on face value of partly-paid shares,
                 Instalment Call      with part payments in several instalments.
                                      Form of open or public offer where priority is
                                      given to existing shareholders due to limited
                                      amount of securities available in the offer.
                                      Shareholders can buy a type of security during
                 Priority Issue       a short period of time.
                                      Privilege granted to existing shareholders of a
                                      company to subscribe to shares of a new issue
                 Rights Issue         against payment. Generally before securities
                 Subscription Rights, are offered to the general public. Rights are
                 Rights offer.        often tradable in a secondary market.
                 Smallest Negotiable Modification of the smallest negotiable unit of
                 Unit                 shares in order to obtain a new negotiable unit.
                                      A distribution of subsidiary stock to the
                                      shareholders of the parent company without a
                                      surrender of shares. Spin-off represents a form
                 Spin-Off Demerger; of divestiture resulting in an independent
                 Distribution;        company. Normally this is without cost to the
                 Unbundling.          parent issue shareholder.

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Domain   Class           Subclass            Definition in a company's number of
                                             The increase                                    element
                                             outstanding shares of stock without any
                                             change in the shareholder's equity or the
                         Stock Split Change aggregate market value at the time of the split.
                         in nominal value;   Stock price and nominal value are reduced
                         Subdivision.        accordingly. in a company's number of
                                             The decrease
                                             outstanding shares of stock without any
                         Reverse Stock Split change in the shareholder's equity or the
                         Change in nominal aggregate market value at the time of the split.
                         value;              Stock price and nominal value are increased
                         Consolidation.      accordingly.
                         Change in CUSIP
                         Change in Par Value
                         Underlying Share
                         Divestment          Legal status of a company unable to pay
                                             creditors. Bankruptcy usually involves a
                                             formal court ruling. Securities may become
         Bankruptcy                          valueless.
         Filed for
         Emerged from
         Bankruptcy                          Distribution of profits resulting from the sale
                                             of securities. Distribution Shareholders of
                                             Mutual Funds, Unit Trusts, or Sicavs are
                                             recipients of capital gains distributions which
                                             are often reinvested in additional shares of the
         Capital Gains                       fund.

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Domain   Class              Subclass           Definition                                         element
                                               Information regarding a generic change, eg,
                                               change in the terms of an issue, change in the
                                               identification of a security, change of board
         Change                                lot, change frominterested definitive.
                                               Situation where global to parties seek
         Class Action                          restitution for financial loss. Security holder
         Class action                          may be offered the opportunity to join a class
         filing; Proposed                      action proceeding and would need to respond
         Settlement.                           with an instruction.
         Solicitation of                       Procedure aimed at obtaining consent of
         shareholders                          holders to proposal by issuer or a third party
         consent.                              without a formal general meeting.
                                               Option offered to holders to buy (call warrant)
                                               or to sell (put warrant) a specific amount of
         Warrant                               stock, cash, or commodity, at a predetermined
         Exercise                              price, during a predetermined period of time
         Warrant                               (which usually corresponds to the life of the
         conversion.                           issue).
         Expiration of
         Extension of
                                               Non payment of a call by the beneficial owner,
                                               resulting in either a court action by the issuer
         Instalment                            or the sale of the securities to recover costs
         Default                               and/or a forfeit of partially paid securities.

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Domain   Class              Subclass           Definition                                         element
                                               Liquidating dividend/Liquidation consist of a
                                               distribution of cash, assets, or both. Debt may
                                               be paid in order of priority based on preferred
                                               claims to assets specified by the security.
                                               Security holder may be able to choose form of
         Liquidation                           liquidation distributio
                                               All activities related to a meeting, eg,
                                               announcement of a meeting of stockholders
                                               for the purpose of electing directors, voting on
                                               corporate resolutions, the disclosure of the
                                               year's financial results. Voting results of the
         General Meeting                       resolutions.
                                               Mandatory exchange of an outstanding
                                               securities as the result of two or more
                                               companies combining assets. Cash payments
         Merger                                may accompany share exchange.
         Acquisition;                          An offer made to shareholders, normally by a
         Take-over;                            third party, requesting them to sell (tender)
         Offre publique                        their shares for a specified price usually at a
         de retrait (FR);                      premium over prevailing market prices.
         Purchase                              Generally, the objective of a tender offer is to
         offer/buy-back.                       take control of the target c
                                               The issuing company changes its name. Event
                                               shows the change from old name to new name
                                               and may involve surrendering physical shares
         Name Change                           with the old name to the registrar.
         Symbol Change

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Domain        Class              Subclass           Definition                                     element
                                                    Changes in the state of incorporation for US
                                                    companies and changes in the place of
                                                    incorporation for foreign companies. Where
                                                    shares need to be registered following the
              Place of                              incorporation change, the holder(s) may have
              Incorporation                         to elect the registrar.
              Suspension of                         Suspension of conversion of securities
              Corporate                             generally a couple of weeks before a meeting
              Action Privilege                      takes place.
              Tax Reclaim                           Event related to tax reclaim activities.
              press releases
              Change in State
              of Incorporation
              Change of
              Change in
              Conversion to
              Open End
              Invest. Co.
              Formation of a
              Holding Co.

Descriptive   company profile

Fundamentals earnings
             balance sheet

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