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 Vine         at Edgewood Flower Farm

                                                                                    32 YEARS AND GROWING!

N E W S L E T T E R                     F O R         T H E      G A R D E N I N G                     E N T H U S I A S T
2017 Meridian Ave. East | Edgewood, WA 98371 | P h o n e 253.927.0817 | F a x 253.952.9051 |

Garden Greetings from The Farm                                               Fall is THE BEST time
We are so thankful for the changing seasons which bring such gorgeous        to plant!
colors, textures and excitement to our gardens and landscapes. Don’t you     The wise gardener will try to plant trees
love vibrant leaves fluttering from the Autumn trees? We are fortunate        and shrubs mostly in Autumn.The cool air, warm soil, and gentle
                                                                             rains provide the best environment for root growth and survival
to live in the Pacific Northwest where we can enjoy our gardens year-         with the least amount of effort and watering.
round. Variety is indeed the spice of life!                                     So ...even though Springtime is a favorite time to garden,we’d
    The Edgewood Flower Farm staff has been busy bringing in new             like to encourage you to reconsider. You’ll love the results!
treasures for gift-giving and décor, plants and essentials for your garden
lifestyle. Stop in often to see what’s happening as we prepare for the                    HUGE FALL NURSERY SALE
coming Holidays.                                                                        Trees, Shrubs and Perennials
    Congratulations to Scott & Amanda! We are excited to announce the                     Sat. Sept. 16 thru Sat. Sept. 30
birth of our new grandchild, Elise Claire Robbert.                                     40% OFF most stock (limited to stock on hand)
    May God Bless your families this coming year as we give thanks for
nature’s abundance, for those who serve in our military to protect us
                                                                                          End of summer—like a
and our liberty, and for you, our special customers!
                                                                                       peach turning to the sun, it is
                                               —Donna and Bill O’Ravez
                                                                                          yellow, it is golden, it is
                                                                                      reddish, it is coral – a landscape
                         Please join us for our                                           of nature’s fruitfulness.
                   AUTUMN DAYS CELEBRATION
                        Sat., October 7th – all day                          Plant bulbs now for great Spring color
          15% off ALL regularly priced plants and merchandise                Remember to plant them in groups for a big splash of color,
               Pumpkins, Gourds, Mums, Pansies, Asters                       and even layer for a more interesting look. Our great selection
                   Fall Magic Annuals and Perennials                         of bulbs come with instruction for planting, and we have all
                   Hot Dogs, Chips, Cider, Door Prizes                       the fixin’s you need to be successful—bulb planters, organic
                        Wonderful family Autumn                              soils and fertilizers, etc.
                        “photo ops” to treasure                                 Plant a few pots of fragrant paperwhites or amaryllis to
                                                                             cheer up winter’s dark days in-
                                                                             doors. Stagger their plantings so
                                                                             that you have blooms all winter!
                                                                             Also available potted and ready
                                                                             to brighten up any room.

                Where acres of garden and home inspiration await you beyond the garden gate!
                                                               The History of The Farm
                                                               Since 1954, the Edgewood Flower Farm has           Throughout the grounds of the nursery
                                                               been owned and operated by the O’Ravez          you will stumble across old tools and imple-
    Provide a “Garden of Eatin’”                               Family. Originally a fruit and berry opera-     ments, wagons and cupboards that have
    for the birds!                                             tion, the business evolved into a destination   been on the farm for years. The 1952 Farmall
    The following trees and shrubs provide wonder-             garden center and gift shop in the late 70s.    Cub tractor was bought used by my father in
    ful fruits and berries for your feathered friends in          The original homestead consisted of          1954 for only $600.00! It has been restored
    the autumn and winter: (to name a few!)                    the big white house which sits close to the     to mint condition. That was the only tractor
    • ‘Aronia’ (Chokecherry)                                   road, and a small cabin that sat by the arbor   used for many years to do our field work and
    • ‘Barberry’ –Rozy Glow, Bagatelle, Golden, etc.           entryway – long since torn down. The large      harvesting of the crops.
    – so many varieties!                                       barn was built in the early 1900s and like         Many of you have asked what lies ahead
    • ‘Callicarpa’ (Beautyberry)                               the Farm House, is in very good condition.      for the Edgewood Flower Farm. In answer
    • ‘Ilex Verticillata’ (Winterberry Holly)                  The center beam supporting the second           to so many questions – NO, we have not
    • ‘Malus’ (Crabapple)                                      floor of the barn was cut from the woods         sold The Farm, but the next chapter has yet
    • ‘Nandina Domestica’ (Heavenly Bamboo)                    on the farm’s “back forty.” The second floor,    to be written. Yes, we will be here as always
    – several newer varieties, large & small.                  with its tongue and groove fir boards, was       through this Spring season . . .Yes, the house
    • ‘Pyracantha’                                             originally used for hay storage, then roller    and barn will remain . . .Yes, EFF will continue
        Small yard? – Select from a variety of bird            skating and basketball games by the kids in     on in business. What will we look like? . . . you
    feeders and houses available at The Farm, and              the neighborhood. In the back parking lot is    will have to wait and see!
    fill with Wild Delight® gourmet bird seed. Watch            an old caretaker’s cottage which has become        Thank you for your faithful support for
    the fanciful birds gather and sing “thank you”!            our general offices.                             over 50 years!

                                                                                                                               —Bill and Donna O’Ravez

                     Edgewood Flower Farm Cordially Invites You
                          to our

                     Annual Christmas Gift
                     and Décor Open House
                     Friday, Nov. 10th, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
                     Saturday, Nov. 11th, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

                     Specialty selections that lift the spirit and enhance the home:
                     Gifts and Incredible Treasures • Ornaments • Holiday Décor

                     25 Decorated Trees!
                     Refreshments, Live Music, Door Prizes
                     Remember, Shop Early, Shop Often . . .
                     You don’t want to miss anything good!

2                                                                                               The Vine | Edgewood Flower Farm | Fall/Holiday 2006
                                                                                                        We bough to your every Holiday wish!
Staff favorites:                                      New items:
• Robbie loves the Olive Leaf® body care collec- • Winward and Sullivan® silks – now carrying a                • Toucan® Hats – accessorize with distinctive
  tion by Thymes®.                                 great selection of the finest quality.                         hats, scarves or gloves.
• Beaded garlands – so many shapes, colors and • Jewelry – lovely pieces by local artist Kristin               • Hot Apple Cider Tea by Republic of Tea®.
  textures to embellish your home.                 Ford.                                                       • Table linens in many colors, styles, sizes and
• Tyler® candles, jars and votives – new scents • Garden Gear® jackets – in luminous colors                      price points.
  coming. Cozy up your home with these and for Fall.                                                           • Our ribbon selection this holiday season will be
  many other elegant candles we offer.                                                                           better than ever!
• Oakforest® glittering beeswax candles – for a
  touch of elegance.
Staff Favorite Items and Plants:                                                                               New Items and Plants:
• Winter-proof your year-round container                 and browse through the catalog – we take              • Bionic Gloves® – Here’s a new technology
  gardens! Even in small spaces, gardeners can           special orders!                                         that improves grip strength, torque strength
  brighten their patios, decks, porches and even      • Copper torches – Turn your outdoor space into            and pinch strength, and reduces pressure and
  empty spots in the landscape with subtle or            an intimate gathering spot with the beckoning           friction on your bones. The result is a custom
  colorful containers. Alone or filled with an           flicker of torch light. Also copper votive holders       fit that maximizes comfort, dexterity and
  assortment of perennials, seasonal color spots         for smaller spaces.                                     performance. Once you put them on, you will
  and small shrubs or trees, they can brighten        • Paul Strauch® lighted doorbells – Unique                 feel the impressive difference. If it doesn’t
  up and add life to those welcoming places              bronze works of art.                                    say Bionic, your hands will be missing out on
  during the colder months. Our talented de-          • Camellia sasanqua ‘Yuletide’ – Red flowers in             technology like no other. Awarded Arthritis
  signers would love to help you select the right        late Fall.                                              Foundation Ease of-Use Commendation. Two
  plants—for you to plant, or we would be most        • Cornus alba – Red and yellow twig dogwoods               styles – rose and garden.
  happy to. Purchase your new container from             – Stems add winter color to garden.                   • Duro Craft® bronze outdoor gauges and clocks
  us (min. $40.00) and there will be no planting      • ‘Euonymous Alatus’ (Burning Bush) – the name             – A collection of wall-mount clocks made to
  charge. Check out our ever-expanding selec-            speaks for itself!                                      withstand outdoor weather conditions, but
  tion of pots, or bring in your own empty pots       • Fothergilla gardenia and ‘Mount Airy’ – Vibrant          work great indoors as well.
  for replanting!                                        Fall foliage and fragrant flowers in Spring.           • Great selection of wind chimes – Autumn and
• Enjoy the warm glow of an open fire around           • Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) – ‘Arnold’s Promise’,            Winter music to the ears!
  the California Fire Pit®. Friends and family           ‘Diane’, ‘Pallida’ – Fall foliage of reds, yellows,   • Abelia ‘Kaleidocope’ – New evergreen small
  will be drawn to the charm and utility of this         and oranges, plus fragrant flowers in late              shrub – its foliage changes color throughout
  garden favorite. Perfect for get-togethers or          Winter.                                                 the year. It has variegated foliage with white
  just to unwind, the California Fire Pit offer the   • Itea (Sweetspire) – Red Fall color through most          flowers in Spring and Summer.
  function of a BBQ with the experience only an          of Winter, and fragrant white blooms in early         • Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer Blushing Bride’
  open fire can provide.                                  Summer.                                                 – Another endless Summer that blooms and
• Garden at Home® decorative house numbers in         • Maples, Maples, Maples – need we say more                blooms!
  black and copper.                                      for Fall Color?                                       • Sambucus ‘Black Lace’ – Elderberry – Every
• Muck Shoes® – Keep your feet warm and dry.                                                                     garden must have one!
• Woodard® outdoor patio furniture – Genera-
  tions of outdoor enthusiasts have enjoyed the
  quality, exquisite styles and integrity of these
  tables, chairs, benches, sofas, umbrellas and
  chaise lounges.Come on in and see our displays,

The Vine | Edgewood Flower Farm | Fall/Holiday 2006
                                                                                      -Of                    f
                                         us for our                        tti a Kick
                                al Prodian3rd
                           Please join
                            Annu be 2n nd                                                 DAYS!
                                                          ETTIAS B
                                       un., D   ecem
                            Sat. and S                 NS
                              15% OF         F ALL POI      r Prizes                     r
                                               o okies, Doo                  ure foreve                    s
                                   e Music, C                  p s” to treas                   t Noble Fir
                                            ristma  s “photo o                  n ds, and Cu
                                Family Ch                           aths, Garla
                                              rant Pre  mium Wre
                                 Fresh, Frag o!
                                        g Trees, to                                                                    ennifer
                                  Livin                                                                      INAR by J
                                                                                                   TING SEM
                                                                           HOLIDA     Y DECORA
                                                                                                    to 12:00             s Served
                                                                                    ec. 2 nd, 10:30             reshment
                                                                             Sat. D                n fee – Re
                                                                              $10.00   registratio

    Winners of Favorite Gardening Tips—Thanks for the advice!
    Each winner will receive a $30 Edgewood Flower            they can be re-used, but I usually consider them         not to damage the new growth. The ferns then
    Farm Gift Certificate!                                     expendable as my dry cleaner is a continuous             look fantastic all year long.
       1. Tom Cashman: When suddenly faced with               source of supply.                                           4. Melanie Bell: Get rid of ants the safe way
    the need to protect against overnight frost or rain          2. David G. Unrau: To get grass seed to germi-        by sprinkling corn meal in and around their hill
    and protection is desired—for instance, for my            nate faster, put the seed in a freezer for 24 hours,     and in areas they frequent such as between brick
    tomato plants—I use clear polyethelyne bags               then sow it. Freezing helps fracture the hull,           pathways and patios. The ants eat the cornmeal
    that come from the dry cleaners with my shirts.           allowing the seeds to germinate earlier.                 and die, then the birds eat the ants, leaving no
    These already have a good-sized hole at the top              3.Vera L. DeRosa: For beautiful sword ferns, cut      mess. This nontoxic alternative to poison is per-
    that fit nicely over a stake, plus provides some           old fronds to the ground in March, just as new           fectly safe around children and animals.
    venting against temperature buildup. With care            fronds are swelling and before they unfold, so as

                                                                           ✁                                                                                       ✁
         Edgewood Flower Farm Special Coupon                                                   Edgewood Flower Farm Special Coupon

            Buy 3 Christmas Tree Ornaments                                                                      15% OFF regularly priced
               and get the 4th one FREE                                                                              plants and merchandise!
                                                                                                         Offer valid the month of January 2007 only
                           (of equal or lesser value)
                                                                                               One coupon per customer, please. Not to be combined with any other discounts.
           One coupon per customer, please. Offer valid the month of December 2006

4                                                                                                    The Vine | Edgewood Flower Farm | Fall/Holiday 2006
F A L L / W I N T E R                                              T O -DO                         L I S T
        September                              November                                 December                                      January
• Sit back and enjoy the fruits of      • Finish planting Spring-flowering      • SAVE THE DATE! POINSETTIA                  • Entire month of January—HUGE
your summer labor!                      bulbs.                                 KICK-OFF Sat. & Sun. Dec. 2nd &              WINTER CLEARANCE SALE! Come
• Dead-head annual and perennial        • Rake and bag Fall leaves, or add     3rd, both days 15% off all our Farm          in often to see our new merchan-
spent flowers.                           to your compost pile.                  fresh poinsettias , door prizes, treats,     dise arriving. Great time to give
• Cover tomatoes and peppers to         • Prune damaged and broken             photo ops! See page 4 for details.           your home a facelift! Check our gift
enhance heat and extend ripening.       branches off trees and shrubs.         • Sat., Dec. 2nd 10:30 to 12:00              shop for home décor ideas and our
• Pull out spent annuals and replace    • Finish garden clean-up and weed-     – Holiday Decorating Seminar (See            garden center for exciting indoor
with Fall color and texture –pan-       ing—leave some seeds on flowers         invite on page 4)                            plants to give your rooms a breath
sies, cabbage and kale, mums, Fall-     for the birds!                         • Check out our wonderful selection          of fresh air!
blooming perennials and grasses,        • Mulch roses. Black Forest® Organ-    of small trees, shrubs, year-round           • Prune ornamental trees and ap-
heucheras, etc.                         ic Compost is our favorite! DO NOT     perennials and grasses to refresh            ply second application of dormant
• Reduce watering to trees & shrubs.    prune till early Spring. DO remove     your permanent plantings.                    spray to your fruit and ornamental
• Mid Sept. thru Oct. is THE BEST       spotted leaves and dead wood.          • Continue protecting your roses.            trees.
TIME TO PLANT TREES, SHRUBS AND         • Mulch all garden areas 2 to          Do not prune until late Feb. or early        • Reapply Cloud Cover® to cold-
PERENNIALS!                             3 inches deep after weeding to         March.                                       sensitive plants.
• Huge Tree, Shrub and Peren-           amend the soil and to reduce winter    • If temperatures go below mid-20s,          • Amend your beds with rich, or-
nial Sale, Sept. 16th–Sept. 30th        weeds. Black Forest® Organic Com-      protect your semi-hardy plants               ganic soil enhancer. Looks beautiful
– 40% off! See page 1 for details.      post and Bumper Crop® make your        with frost cloth, or move the con-           AND keeps the weeds down!
                                                                               tainer plants under eaves or in an           • Our new crop of seeds is in! Ed
          October                       garden look fresh and clean.
                                        • Fri. Nov. 10th, 9AM–8PM and Sat.     unheated garage or shed until the            Hume®, Renee’s Garden®, Ter-
• Continue to plant and transplant      Nov.11th,9AM–6PM,Annual Christ-        weather warms. Be sure to check              ritorial®, Botanical Interest®, and
trees, shrubs and perennials—THE        mas Gift and Décor Open House.         occasionally for water. Spray cold-          New Dimension Asian Seeds®.
BEST TIME TO PLANT!                     Both days, 15% off EVERYTHING,         sensitive plants in your garden              Plan your flower and vegetable
• Plant your Spring-flowering           door prizes, special music, treats!    with Cloud Cover®—also terrific               gardens now!
bulbs now. Check out our great          See page 2 for details.                to preserve your fresh-cut greens
selection.                              • Thurs. Nov. 23rd,Thanksgiving        and wreaths.
• Sat. Oct. 7th – Autumn Days Cel-      Day! We are so thankful for family,    • Apply first of 3 applications of
ebration – 15% off EVERYTHING           friends, customers, and the privi-     dormant spray to your fruit and
FARM-WIDE! Hot dogs, chips, hot         lege to live in this great nation of   ornamental trees. Bonide® oil,
apple cider, door prizes, special mu-   freedom and bounty. We pray for        lime and sulfur spray, or Bonide
sic, pumpkins and more! All manner      our President, leaders and service-    liquid copper fungicide and Lily
of plants and fall decorations for      men and women as they work and         Miller® Spray Aid are available in
garden and home.                        sacrifice for us.                       the garden center.
• Renew your lawn with Edgewood                                                • Wishing you and your family a
Flower Farm’s own grass seed!                                                                                                        Listen . . .
                                                                               Merry Christmas!
• Remember to clip your land-                                                  • Dec. 26th—HUGE WINTER                         With faint dry sound,
scape’s greens, stems, flowers and                                              CLEARANCE SALE BEGINS!                      like steps of passing ghosts,
berries and bring inside for a fresh                                                                                          the leaves, frost crisp’d,
Autumn bouquet!
                                                                                                                          break from the trees and fall.
• Every Saturday in October, bring in
your child(ren) up to age 12 to carve                                                                                                      — Adelaide Crapsey
and plant a little pumpkin with a
pansy for your fall décor! 10:00AM–
4:00PM. Complimentary—but one
per child, please!
                             May Your Autumn Harvest Be Fruitful!

The Vine | Edgewood Flower Farm | Fall/Holiday 2006
   The Vine                                        Edgewood Flower Farm                                                  Presorted Std.
                                                   2017 Meridian Avenue East                                            U.S. Postage Paid
                      Fall / Holiday               Edgewood, WA 98371                                                  Summit Enterprises
                           2006                    Open Daily


             Sept. 16th-30th – Huge Tree, Shrub and Perennial Sale
            —40% OFF most stock (limited to stock on hand)

  Sat. Oct. 7th – Autumn Days Celebration
  Pumpkins, Gourds, Mums, Food, Fun, Prizes,
  Autumn Décor – 15% off EVERYTHING!

  Fri. and Sat. Nov. 10th and 11th –
  Annual Christmas Gift and Décor Open House

  Sat. and Sun., December 2nd and 3rd
  Edgewood Flower Farm Poinsettia Kick-Off!
  (See details for all events inside)

Design and Décor Classes                                                        Landscape Design Consultation Referrals
Would your garden club or women’s group like a class cus-                       Book a consultation or a design session with one of these two
tom-tailored to your interests? Call Donna at 253-927-0817                      great landscape designers and receive 15% off on all landscape
to arrange!                                                                     and container garden plants and pots from Edgewood Flower
                                                                                Farm for a full year!
EFF Community Giving Tree                                                                  Susan Stroh                       Lore Peachey
Each year the gifts, food and money donated help fill the needs                   Killarny Cove Landscape Design           Landscape Design
of our community’s children and their families. Local school                              253-874-4840                      253-209-1824
counselors, churches and food banks select from the array of
bounty you so generously contribute—THANK YOU!
   Place your wrapped gift (with a note firmly attached indicat-
ing gift description and age, size, and gender appropriateness)                                   Super Gift Idea
under the Giving Tree here at The Farm.                                                           Can’t think of the perfect gift for a favorite
                                                                                                  gardener? Our Edgewood Flower Farm Gift
          We make a living by                                                                     Certificate will be sure to please!
         what we get. We make
         a life by what we give.
             — Sir Winston Churchill

                                           Discover the nooks and crannies of The Farm!
              Copyright © 2006 Edgewood Flower Farm. This newsletter is published quarterly by Edgewood Flower Farm
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