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					                                 The Denville
                                 ClockTower                                                      AU G U S T 2 0 0 7 I S S U E

• Business Highlight:
                                 BUSINESS HIGHLIGHT:
  Fifth Room Creative
• President’s Message,
                                 Fifth Room Creative
  Committee Updates              MARKETING EXPERIENCE TO DENVILLE Focus is on community involvement and small business
                                 branding, helping local businesses thrive
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• Introducing the New
                                 Fifth Room Creative
  DCC Gift Certificates          (
  Page 3                         is a full service graphic design
• Wits & Wisdom:                 agency that has recently
  401 (k) Rollovers              relocated to downtown
  Page 4                         Denville. While the company
                                 provides practical brand
SPECIAL DATES TO                 development and graphic
REMEMBER:                        design solutions to businesses                        Marketing, Digital Retouching, Advertising Design
                                 of all sizes and in all markets, they have recently   and Creative Consulting.
July 26, 27 and 28, 2007
                                 started a campaign to help both new and
Summer Sidewalk Sales Days       established Denville businesses of all sizes          Clients include such companies such as
                                 improve and revitalize their branding efforts.        Panasonic, IBM, Fleet Bank, Six Degrees of
 THE DENVILLE MAPS                                                                     Wellness, Natures EnerQi, Institutional Investor.
      ARE IN!!                   With over a decade of experience, Fifth Room
                                 Creative understands what it takes to get a           Nehal Mehta of Advanced Communication and
 Please pick up your copies at                                                         Education explains why she chose Fifth Room
                                 company noticed in a competitive marketplace,
       The Urban Muse,                                                                 Creative. “[They have] been instrumental in
                                 and as a small local business they appreciate
         82 Broadway.                                                                  helping to design and implement a brand new
                                 clients’ need to complete projects on time and
                                 within budget.                                        website for our company. In each step of this
    Let all of Denville know
                                                                                       very important project, Steve [and his team] have
      what great services
                                 Principal and Creative Director Steve Guberman        been a pleasure to work with. Steve has always
     Denville has to offer.
                                 notes, “In just a few short months we’ve really       been most helpful in providing information and
                                 enjoyed being in Denville… it’s a great place to      advice about web marketing by clearly
                                 work and grow a business. We’re excited about         understanding our requirements.”
                                 helping businesses in town realize that no matter
                                 how big or small their business is, they too can      The company’s goal is to become a unified team
                                 reap the rewards of having outstanding marketing      with each client as they work with them to
                                 collateral.”                                          develop the right solutions for each unique
                                                                                       branding and marketing need. This attitude has
                                 Fifth Room Creative is a unique team of               led to success that Guberman also attributes to
                                 designers, programmers, and visionaries proud to      Fifth Room Creative’s atmosphere of creativity,
                                 offer creative solutions for unique marketing         approachability, reliability, and accountability.
                                 needs. Services include Logo and Brand
                                 Development, Marketing Collateral and Stationery      Fifth Room Creative strives to run a sustainable
                                 Design, Web Design and development, Interactive       and ecologically friendly business and believes in
                                 and Motion Graphics Design, HTML Email                the spirit of community and being involved in the
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                                                                                  Denville Chamber of Commerce - August 2007
PRESIDENT’S                                                                    COMMITTEE
MESSAGE                                                                        UPDATES
Dear Chamber Member:                                                           WEBSITE COMMITTEE:
                                                                               contributed by Dan Simon, Simon & Associates, CPAs
Summer is finally here and I hope that everyone is enjoying a little
down time with family and friends! This time of year is usually a little       The website committee is on the move to make the website even
slower for some of us – but don’t tell California Beach Hut or                 better. If you have ideas, comments, complaints, etc. about the
Denville Dairy that! People are out later at night enjoying the                website, please feel free to contact me at 973
weather, and many of us are busy planning our fall and holiday                 664-1100.
seasons right now! Whatever you are up to – make it fun!!
                                                                               MEMBER COMMITTEE:
The highlight of the summer for the Chamber is our annual Sidewalk             contributed by Cherilyn Saft, Brushes & Bisque
Sale Days event. There had been consideration given to changing                The Member Committee Lunch Meeting will be on Wednesday July
the event to a more “weather-friendly” September, but after polling            25th at 1pm. Our last meeting was a HUGE success! Let's keep the
the usual participants the overwhelming response was to leave it               ball rolling to make the Chamber bigger and better!
where it has traditionally been – the last weekend of July! So, put on
your sun block and stock up on lots of water – Sidewalk Sale Days              Join us at Brushes & Bisque, 45 Broadway. Please RSVP to Cheri at
are July 26th, 27th and 28th! As in past years, we are asking that all         973.627.6292 or
Chamber members consider participating in this event, not just the
merchants. Restaurants can offer soft drink or dessert specials, nail          BUSINESS EDUCATION GROUP:
salons can give a free manicure with a pedicure, service                       contributed by Dan Simon, Simon & Associates, CPAs
establishments can offer a discount on their specialties. Just be
                                                                               Well, we did it! We had our first Business Education event on a topic
creative, and get some signs in your windows letting the public know
                                                                               near and dear to all - Networking. Dave Vollmayer of Action Business
what you will offer. This event is not just for Broadway – shoppers
                                                                               Advisors, LLC did a great job of facilitating our discussion on various
come from all over to Denville and really walk the streets in search of
                                                                               networking tips, tricks and strategies and the participants did a great
a great bargain. There are advertising opportunities in the Neighbor
                                                                               job of participating. It really seemed like, and it is our sincere desire,
News (not sponsored by the Chamber, you pay to advertise) and the
                                                                               that everyone enjoyed themselves and received some valuable info.
Chamber also provides general advertising for the event. Outside
                                                                               Thanks to Margaret Fourounjian of Atlantic Handling Systems for
sale hours are generally 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, but everyone can
                                                                               spearheading the organization of this event; thanks again to Micro
set their own times. This is a rain or shine event, so have a plan in
                                                                               Strategies for
place in case Mother Nature does not cooperate! Over the years, I
                                                                               hosting this event
have found that it works well to have really great bargains outdoors,
                                                                               and thanks to
and set up additional sales inside, as well as samples. Signs will be
                                                                               Tracy Pamperin of
going up shortly and Chamber volunteers will be walking around
                                                                               The Urban Muse
town with flyers for your windows, so please start thinking about how
                                                                               for creatively
you can join in and create some extra volume for your business! Any
                                                                               creating the event
questions, please call me at Sweet Expressions – 973-625-0025.
Before closing, a very quick thank you to Dan Simon, our 1st VP,
                                                                               Now, it is on to
who also chairs the Professional Development Group. Dan and his
                                                                               the planning for
group have been putting on some great programs and social events,                                      David Vollmayer
                                                                               the next
and if you haven’t attended one yet – you should!! Look for more
                                                                               educational event
information on the next date in this newsletter, and mark your
                                                                               scheduled for
calendar to join us. Not only is it fun, these meetings are an
                                                                               September with
excellent way to meet and network with other Chamber members in a
                                                                               an overlying theme of "Back to Business". If you are interesting in
relaxed setting. Thanks Dan!!
                                                                               helping plan and implement this event then please contact me at 973
Hope to see many of you at our Monthly Meeting – please note that              664-1100. Thanks again everyone for continuing to support our efforts
the August meeting is back to a BREAKFAST MEETING at St.                       - We really do want to help!
Francis…8:00 AM on August 1, 2007. Until then, have fun and                                                                              continued on page 5

enjoy the summer!                   — Jennifer Adkins

Denville Chamber of Commerce - August 2007                                 2
                                                                                                            check for their value. Please note – it is
                                                                                                            up to the individual chamber member to
                                                                                                            give back change or your own store gift
                                                                                                            certificate depending on the amount of
                                                                                                            the purchase versus the face value of the
                                                                                                            gift certificate. Remember, regardless of
                                                                                                            how you wish to give change, you will be
                                                                                                            reimbursed for the full face value of the
                                                                                                            gift certificate.

We are pleased to announce that the Denville Chamber of
Commerce Gift Certificate Program has been re-
vamped! The new certificates feature the
Clock Tower Design and all new graphics,
and will be available in $5.00, $10.00 and
$20.00 denominations. They will be the
size of a legal envelope, and a special
envelope has been designed to accommodate
the certificate. In addition, the envelopes will
be used for Chamber mailings, saving money
in printing costs. The new Certificate will still
be a 3-part form, allowing the banks which sell
them to track their sales and numbers. At this
time, the participating banks are Provident Bank
(formally First Morris) and Investor’s Savings Bank. If there are any
other banks who wish to sell Gift Certificates, please e-mail Denise
Schaeffer at We welcome any member
bank who wishes to participate.                                                 We would like to thank
                                                                                the businesses which really
In addition to the new design, the Chamber web-site will be featured
                                                                                support the Chamber Gift Certificate
on the front of the certificate, directing recipients to look on-line for
                                                                                program, especially Micro Strategies! They
places to spend their gifts! Also, ALL Chamber members will be
                                                                                regularly give certificates to their guests and employees,
listed on the back of the certificate. IMPORTANT – if you DO NOT
                                                                                both to use if they are in town only for a day, or as birthday,
wish to accept the gift certificates, or have a business which will not
                                                                                anniversary, holiday or any type of gift. Promoting Chamber Gift
allow you to accept certificates for payment, you must notify Denise
                                                                                Certificates and using them yourself helps our town by keeping the
Schaeffer via e-mail at by August 15, 2007.
                                                                                business in Denville, and is a great example of a chamber member
If you do not notify her, your business will be listed on the website as
                                                                                helping other chamber members. Please consider Chamber Gift
a participating business. We are using last year sales numbers as an
                                                                                Certificates this holiday season, and for any other gift giving
estimate for printing so we can re-print every year, keeping the
                                                                                opportunity! We are also looking at a pilot program for the holidays
membership information current.
                                                                                to have a limited number of stores and businesses (other than the
Of course, there are still old certificates in circulation, and we will         banks) selling gift certificates. We are also planning to sell
continue to honor these certificates. They do not have an expiration            certificates during the Holiday Open House/Kid’s Shopping Night and
date, but the new certificates will expire one (1) year after the date of       will need a volunteer to chair this. If you are interested in either of
issue. The redemption policy remains the same – fill in your business           these potential programs, please call Denise at 973-627-5500 or e-
name and mail the certificates you receive to Denville Chamber of               mail her. Thanks for your support, and we hope to have our new Gift
Commerce, P.O. Box 333, Denville, NJ 07834, and you will receive a              Certificates in circulation by September 1, 2007!!

Denville Chamber of Commerce - August 2007                                  3                Denville Chamber of Commerce -August 2007
WITS & WISDOM: 401(k) Rollovers
contributed by Shami Kaur, MBA, CFP®
SK Financial Alliance
973-349-1252 • 973-349-1240 (fax)

In general, a rollover is the movement of funds from one retirement             A trustee-to-trustee transfer (direct rollover) is generally the safest,
savings vehicle to another. You may want or need to make a rollover             most efficient way to move retirement funds. Taking a distribution
for any number of reasons--your employment situation has changed,               yourself and rolling it over only makes sense if you need to use the
you want to switch investments, or you've received death benefits               funds temporarily, and are certain you can rollover the full amount
from your spouse's retirement plan. There are two possible ways that            within 60 days.
retirement funds can be rolled over--the 60-day rollover and the
trustee-to-trustee transfer.                                                    SHOULD YOU ROLL OVER MONEY
                                                                                FROM AN EMPLOYER PLAN TO AN   IRA?
THE 60-DAY, OR INDIRECT, ROLLOVER                                               In general, you can keep your money in an employer's plan until you
With the 60-day, or indirect, rollover method, you actually receive a           reach the plan's normal retirement age (typically age 65). But if you
distribution from your retirement plan and then, to complete the                terminate employment before then, should you keep your money in
rollover transaction, you make a deposit into the new retirement plan           the plan or instead make a direct rollover to an IRA?
that you want to receive the funds. You can make a rollover at any
                                                                                There are several reasons to consider making a rollover. In contrast to
age, but there are specific rules that must be followed. Most
                                                                                an employer plan, where your investment options are limited to those
importantly, you must generally complete the rollover within 60 days
                                                                                selected by your employer, the universe of IRA investments is almost
of the date the funds are paid from the distributing plan.
                                                                                unlimited. Similarly, the distribution options in an IRA (especially for
If properly completed, rollovers aren't subject to income tax. But if           your beneficiary following your death) may be more flexible than the
you fail to complete the rollover or miss the 60-day deadline, all or           options available in your employer's plan.
part of your distribution may be taxed, and subject to a 10% early
                                                                                On the other hand, your employer's plan may offer better protection
distribution penalty (unless you're age 59-1/2 or another exception
                                                                                from your creditors. In general, federal law protects your total IRA
                                                                                assets up to $1,000,000 if you declare bankruptcy. (The laws in your
Further, if you receive a distribution from an employer retirement              state may provide additional protection.) In contrast, protection from
plan, your employer must withhold 20% of the payment for taxes.                 your creditors in an employer retirement plan is generally unlimited.
This means that if you want to roll over your entire distribution, you'll
                                                                                NOTE: Plans are not legally required to accept rollovers. Review
need to come up with that extra 20% from your other funds (you'll be
                                                                                your plan document. Some distributions can't be rolled over.
able to recover the withheld taxes when you file your tax return).
                                                                                Please contact Shami if you have
                                                                                any questions.
The trustee-to-trustee transfer, or direct rollover transaction, occurs
directly between the trustee or custodian of your old retirement plan
and the trustee or custodian of your new plan. You never actually
receive the funds or have control of them, so a trustee-to-trustee
transfer is not treated as a distribution. Trustee-to-trustee transfers
avoid both the danger of missing the 60-day deadline and, for
employer plans, the 20% withholding problem.

With employer retirement plans, a trustee-to-trustee transfer is
usually referred to as a direct rollover. If you receive a distribution
from your employer's plan that's eligible for rollover, your employer
must give you the option of making a direct rollover to another
employer plan or IRA.

                                                                            3                 Denville Chamber of Commerce -August 2007
BUSINESS HIGHLIGHT:                                                           Rotary Festival, June 3rd
Fifth Room Creative
continued from cover

towns and organizations where they live and work. As a result they
give back to the community by being involved in town and county
Chambers of Commerce.

In a move that is becoming more and more unusual in today’s
society, Fifth Room Creative also accepts up to four Pro-Bono
projects a year for local and national non-profit and government
agencies. A particularly notable recent project was a branding and
web development initiative for the New Jersey Coalition for Darfur

Guberman explains that they have an open-ended graphic design
internship position in the office because some of his most influential
learning experiences occurred during his own internships, and he is
proud to be able to offer that experience to others.
                                                                              Enjoying the day on June 3, 2007 at the Rotary Street Festival are
                                                                              from left: Dan Simon (Simon & Associates), Melissa Schofield
At Fifth Room Creative the focus is on creative solutions to help             (Aflac), and Cherilyn Saft (Brushes & Bisque).
clients’ businesses do better. Their goal is to help organizations have
a solid and cohesive brand marketing strategy. To contact Fifth Room
Creative please call 973.587.2000, visit them on the web at or stop by their new offices during
business hours at 40 Bloomfield Avenue.
                                                                                         Welcome New
                                                                                                Mary Elizabeth Shadbolt
COMMITTEE                                                                                               Tiger Fly
UPDATES                                                                                                Bill Slevin
continued from page 2
                                                                                                      Land Design
COMMERCE COMMITTEE DINNER MEETING                                                   
contributed by Kristin and Tracy Pamperin, The Urban Muse
The next Commerce Committee Meeting will be Monday, August
20th at 5pm at The Urban Muse. Dinner will be served so please                UPDATE ON AUGUST
RSVP to Kristin at 973-627-3455 or

Main topic: A new autumn event to drive more traffic to Denville.
                                                                              GENERAL MEETING
                                                                              The evening meeting and tour of the new Denville Town Hall
We have some great ideas, but please start brainstorming. We also
                                                                              planned for August 1, 2007 has been postponed! We are hoping
want to strengthen ties with local government to do more for the              to reschedule to a later date, but please note that our August
town, so get involved!!! Hope to see you there!                               meeting will be a Breakfast Meeting at 8:00 AM at St. Francis.
                                                                              Reservations are not required and guests are welcome! The speaker
                                                                              will be announced in the reminder e-mail blast before the meeting!

Denville Chamber of Commerce - August 2007                                5            Denville Chamber of Commerce -August 2007
                                          PO Box 333
                                       Denville, NJ 07834

Breakfast Meetings                             General Board Meetings
1st Wednesday of every month                   Last Wednesday of every month
This Month’s Meeting                           This Month’s Meeting
August 1, 2007 at 8 a.m.                       August 29, 2007 at 5:30 p.m.
(Next month’s meeting will be Sept. 5, 2007)   (Next month’s meeting will be Sept. 26, 2007)
St. Francis Residential Center                 The Church of the Saviour
122 Diamond Spring Rd                          155 Morris Avenue,
Denville, NJ 07834                             Denville, NJ 07834
Phone: 973-627-5000                            Phone: 973-627-3304
                                               Directions: From downtown Denville, go
                                               on Diamond Spring Road towards the
                                               Denville Library. Pass the Denville
                                               Historical Society and Denville Library
                                               on your left and St. Francis Health
                                               Resort on your right. Morris Avenue is
                                               the first left past the library. Turn left
                                               onto Morris Avenue and the church is
                                               3/4’s of a mile down on the left side.
                                               Directors please note: your presence at
                                               the Board meetings is required. If you
                                               are not able to attend, then you are
                                               required, according to the Chamber’s
                                               By-Laws, to notify the President advising
                                               her of your reasons for such absence.
                                               973-625-0025 or

USE OF CHAMBER                                                                                 Sidewalk Sale Days
E-MAIL                                                                                         Sidewalk sale days will be held on July 26th, 27th and 28th
                                                                                               this year! Please plan to participate and have fun! This is
The Denville Chamber of Commerce uses the e-mail “Blast” system to
                                                                                               rain or shine event – but let’s hope for sun!!
provide reminders and important information to our members, and we
have an additional system for our Board members. Please remember                               Posters will be available and signs are going up. We are
that this system is to be used by our Corresponding Secretary for                              looking for volunteers for this committee to help with signs,
providing information that directly relates to chamber business, not by                        etc. If interested, please
members for personal messages or advertising. All Chamber members                              call Jen Adkins at
have access to our website and directory, and if you wish to use them                          Sweet Expressions –
to create your own e-mail or “snail mail” address book to get your                             973-625-0025!
business information out to the membership, you can. The Chamber of
Commerce does not endorse these messages (please do not imply that
in your copy), and any member who does not wish to receive them can
notify the sender directly to be removed from their mailing list. Thanks
for your cooperation, and if you have any questions, please call Jen
Adkins at 973-625-0025.

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