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									ATLAS annual conference 2006
The transformation of tourism spaces
Lodz, Poland
September 20-22, 2006

Provisional programme

Wednesday 20 September 2006
8.30   Registration

9.30   Conference opening              Melanie Smith, Stanislaw Liszewski and Robert Wilus
                                       Rector of University of Łódź, President of the City of Łódź

10.00 Tribute to Marin Bachvarov       Melanie Smith

10.30 Keynote presentation             Stanisław Liszewski
                                       University of Łódź, Poland
                                       Tourism spaces and their transformation
11.30 Coffee break

12.00 Workshop session 1

       Session 1A                      Session 1B                       Session 1C                      Session 1D
       Cultural and urban tourism      Tourist     planning and         Tourist development in Central Old and new tourist space
       developments and patterns       management at local and          and Eastern Europe
                                       regional level

      Chair: Sylwia Kaczmarek          Chair: Anne-Mette Hjalager       Chair: Rene van der Duim        Chair:John Beech
12.00 Andrew Holden - Laying ten       Justyna Majewska - Initiation    Heather Skinner, Krzysztof      Joachim Willms - The
      Roots for the Contemporary       of tourism development           Kubacki - Transformed           transformation of Germany
      Tourism:     The    urban        processes in local economy       perceptions of Poland as a      low mountain ranges: from
      Enviroment and Industrial        management                       tourism destination             obsolete daytrip destinations
      Revolution                                                                                        for the elderly to trend -
                                                                                                        activity - based destinations
                                                                                                        for the generation 50plus
12.30 Martin Scheer - Symbolic         Nancy Stevenson - Policy at      Jeff Jarvis - Switching         Renata       Krukowska,
      transformation        and        the margins: the experiences     Unions: The impact of           Andrzej      Świeca      -
      instrumentality of urban space   and perspectives of tourism      European Union membership       Transformation of forms of
      during the rejuvenation of       policy makers in an English      on the development of the       touristic colonization in the
      (tourism) spaces. The case of    local authority                  Estonian Tourism industry       Leczna – Wlodawa Lake
      the "Dortmund-project" in                                                                         District
      Dortmund, Germany

13.00 Stephen    Shaw,     John        Razaq Raj, Jackie Mulligan       Jarkko Saarinen, Tiit Kask -    Sylwia Bródka - Changes in
      Forrester,     Joanna              - The Impact of Special        Transforming tourism spaces     the recreation space of
      Karmowska - Tourism spaces       Interest and Media Events as     in changing socio – political   selected     towns   of
      - Tools for Participation in     Imaging and Destination          contexts. Case of Parnu         Wielkopolska voivodeship in
      Urban Design                     Marketing Tools                  (Estonia) as a tourist          the period of systematic
                                                                        destination                     transformation

13.30 Lunch
       (ATLAS Board meeting)

15.00 Keynote presentation             Myriam Jansen-Verbeke
                                       University of Leuven, Belgium
                                       Tourism as an instrument for urban revitalisation : dreams versus critical success factors
16.00 Workshop session 2
       Session 2A                        Session 2B                       Session 2C                       Session 2D
       Cultural and urban tourism        Tourist     planning and         Tourist development in Central
       developments and patterns         management at local and          and Eastern Europe
                                         regional level

      Chair: Jarkko Saarinen             Chair: Martin Scheer             Chair: Robert Wilus
16.00 Claudio Quintano, Anna             Vincent Calay - From Working     Adriana Corfu, Zélia Breda -     Marija Lazarev Zivanovic -
      Papa - The exploitation of the     Space to Tourism Space: the      Opportunities for and barriers   Report    on    marketing
      towns of art: the model of the “   Struggle on the Use of           to internationalisation in CEE   strategy: case study of the
      May of the Monuments” in           European Parliament‟s Sites      countries – How Portuguese       Disneyland Resort Paris
      Naples                             in Brussels, Luxembourg and      Tourism Firms could enter the
                                         Strasbourg                       Romanian Market

16.30 Tamara Rátz, László Puczkó,        Axel Dreyer - Service quality Jiří     Vágner,     Jitka          Juan Ignacio Pulido
      Melanie Smith - Old City, new      of arenas with regard to the Voborníková                          Fernández,        Rafael
      image:      Perceptions,           demographic change in           - Transformation and a new        Merinero       Rodríguez,
      Positioning and Promotion of       Germany                       trends in organized tourism in      Fernando Lara de Vicente -
      Budapest                                                         Czechia                             Networks and stakeholders
                                                                                                           involvement as instruments
                                                                                                           for the tourism destinations
17.00 Coffee break

17.30 Workshop Session 3

       Session 3A                        Session 3D                       Session 3C
       Cultural and urban tourism        Tourist development in Central Tourism education aspects
       developments and patterns         and Eastern Europe
      Chair: Andrew Jones                Chair: Peter Burns               Chair: Malcolm Cooper
17.30 Auvo Kostiainen - “Turku on        Elżbieta Bilska-Wodecka,         Brian Wheeller - Wallace and     Ewa Laskowska, Karolina
      Fire”: History at the service of   Izabela Sołjan                   Gromit‟s Lunar Adventures. A     Kruś - Visitors motivations to
      an application to be Cultural       - Religious tourism in Krakow   Grand Day Out. Imagery,          culture     events    and
      Capital in 2011                    – changes at the turn of the     Metaphor and tourism teaching    attractions: case study of the
                                         20th/21st century                                                 National Museum in Gdańsk,

18.00 Adam Pawlicz - The                 Marta Płachta - The                                               Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi -
      marketing    activities  of        emergence and development                                          Developing Leisure and
      destination     marketing          of yoga tourism market in                                         Tourism    in   Iran:  A
      organizations in urban areas       Poland                                                            Sociological Appraisal
      around the Baltic Sea

18.30 ATLAS members meeting

19.30 Conference dinner in Poznanski Palace

Thursday 21 September 2006
9.00   Keynote presenation               Grzegorz Golembski
                                         Poznan University of Economics, Poland
                                         The role of public sector in developing tourism product strategies for tourism destinations

10.00 Workshop session 4

       Session 4A                        Session 4B                       Session 4C                       Session 4D
       Cutlural and urban tourism        Tourist     planning and         Tourism education aspects        Tourist   development in
       development and patterns          management at local and                                           Central   and Eastern Europe
                                         regional level

       Chair: Hans Holmengen             Chair: Mark McCarthy             Chair: Lars Nyberg               Chair: Rob Davidson
10.00 David M. Bruce - The              Bill Bramwell - Mediations by Peter M. Burns - Beyond   Ilie Rotariu - The Course
      "Enabling" heritage citiy - a                                                             from 3S to 3E, from
                                        the state between capital and illustration: the case for visual
      socially inclusive strategy for   interest groups: the example evidence in tourism        Socialism to Capitalism
      surmounting barriers              of golf resort development and                          Argues that it is about the
                                        tourism                                                 Time to Rewrite the
10.30 E. Wanda George - UNESCO Andrew Jones, M.R. Phillip                                                   Case Study: -
                                                                  Anna Dłużewska - Education Economics.Muhanna
      World     Heritage      site  - Global change and strategic in cultural and religious     Protected    area-based
      designation:    transforming planning needs for sustainable differences in respect of the tourism and its impact on
      tourism spaces a site        coastal tourism strategies – A touristic labour market needs local communities
      community's perspective      case study of the Welsh
                                   Coastal Tourism Strategy

11.00 Robert Maitland - English Lluís Prats Planagumà,
      "Hen Parties" and their impact Raquel Camprubí Subirana -
      on European Cities             Planning and managing
                                     destinations: The tourist
                                     perception vs. the network

11.30 Coffee break

12.00 Workshop session 5

       Session 5A                       Session 5B                       Session 5C                       Session 5D
       Tourism in rural enviroment      Tourist     planning and         Tourism and nature               Tourist development in
                                        management at local and                                           Central and Eastern Europe
                                        regional level

      Chair: Elizabeth Carnegie         Chair: Brent Lovelock            Chair: David Bruce               Chair: Robert Maitland
12.00 Chryso Panayidou - The            Bernard De Myttenaere,           Ilona     Potocka,  Alina        Jerzy Wyrzykowski -
      prospects of Agro-tourism         Emmanuel D'Ieteren - The         Zajadacz - Weather and           Development of foreign
      development in Cyprus             development of tourism sector    Climate as Elements of           tourism in the Central and
                                        in the Walloon Region: spatial   Tourism Space with an Impact     Eastern Europe in period of
                                        trends, tourism practices and    on the Demand and Forms of       economic, political and
                                        management issues                Tourist‟s Activity               system transformation
12.30 Alexander Adjei - Rural -         Margaret Mulchrone - A multi- Christopher Kronenberg,             Zélia Breda, Tamara Klicek
      urban migration reversed: the     method       approach       to  Mike Peters      - Barriers of    - Restoring tourism in Serbia:
      impact of second homes on         researching     perceptions,    Growth in Alpine Tourism          The role played by
      the black community of            expectations and reality of                                       volunteering in Vojvodina
      Clarens (Eastern free state       tourism; a study of UK families
      province - South Africa)          visiting the west of Ireland
13.00 Apolónia Rodrigues, Áurea         Mirosław    Mika     -           Nada I. Vidic - Spas in          Dana Fialová, Veronika
      Rodrigues - Rural tourism: the    Contemporary patterns of         Vojvodina - balneology and       Kadlecová - New trends of
      project of the European           tourism in the Polish            tourist centres                  second housing and the
      Network of Village Tourism        Carpathian                                                        consequences

13.30 Lunch

15.00 Workshop session 6

       Session 6A                       Session 6B                       Session 6C                       Session 6E: ATLAS SIG
       Cultural and urban tourism       Reality and ilusion in tourism Heritage and tourism spaces        Mass Tourism Research
       developments and patterns        spaces                                                            Group

      Chair: Joachim Willms         Chair: Robert Wilus                  Chair: Arvo Peltonen           Chair:John Beech
15.00 Zélia Breda, Rui Costa, Rene van der Duim -                        Armaitiene       Ausrine,
      Carlos Costa - The role Tourism, materiality and space             Povilanskas Ramunas -
      played by tourism to re-lunch                                      Costal Heritage as a resource
      depressed industrial areas:                                        for the sustainable vocational
      The case of Seixl (Portugal)                                       tourism
15.30 Meral Dursun, Volkan               Lyn       Bibbings         -     Renata Hodgson, Tracey
      Altintaş, Dilek Dönmez - The       Phantasmagoria       –    the    Firth - Aboriginal Cultural
      relationship      among            dialectic of truth and illusion, Tourism: Tourist‟s Perceptions
      stakeholders and Eminonu           tourism 2030                     of Authenticity
      Platform in Istanbul: how do
      they perceive each other?
16.00 Sonia Ferrari, Anna Rita                                           Carina Ren - Communicating
      Veltri                                                             culture and identity in tourist
      - The role of experiential                                         relations. The Górale as
      approach to heritage for                                           example
      differentiating tourist offer in
      art cities

16.30 Coffee break

17.00 Sight seeing excursion

Friday 22 September 2006

9.00   Workshop session 7

       Session 7A                        Session 7B                      Session 7C                        Session 7D: ATLAS SIG
       Cultural and urban tourism        Tourist     planning and        Tourism economic aspects          Business Tourism Research
       developments and patterns         management at local and                                           Group
                                         regional level

       Chair: Jirï Vágner                Chair: Lars Nyberg              Chair: Arvo Peltonen        Chair: Rob Davidson
9.00   Christian M. Rogerson -           Mark McCarthy, John Towler      Anne-Mette Hjalager - Born
       Urban tourism in Africa:            - Recent trends in irish      global? Trends in the
       shopping in "Jobai", Soth         ancestral tourism: a heritage   internationalisation of the
       Africa                            management perspective from     tourism business
                                         county Mayo

9.30   Sonubi Olugbenga Kehinde - Mark McCarthy, Marta                   Anne Zahra - Government
       Osun Osogbo- a living culture Gergelyova - Irish genealogy        policy and sustainable tourism
                                     tourism in a globalised world:      planning: a New Zealand Case
                                     an analysis of contemporary         Study
                                     trends in county Galway

10.00 Workshop session 8

       Session 8A                        Session 8B                      Session 8C                        Session 8D: ATLAS SIG
       Cultural and urban tourism        Human       and     economic    Tourism education aspects         Tourism SME Research
       developments and patterns         relations in turism spaces                                        Group

      Chair: Anne-Mette Hjalager         Chair: Andrzej Kowlaczyk        Chair: Krzysztof Kubacki     Chair:Hans Holmengen
10.00 Hongliang Yan - Cultural           Marianne     Nilson,   Bo       Nada I. Vidic - Geographical
      sustainability and modern          Lennstrand      Sven-Olof       sciences discipline as basis
      representation of an ancient       Lindquist - Gotland‟s and       of tourismology
      heritage in China                  Riga‟s image – a comparative
10.30 Jerome F. Agrusa, Marco Dorothea Meyer - Insiders              Rob Davidson, Kris Celuch -
      Cestari - La Republica Del versus outsiders: stakeholder       Educational and careers
      Pesto:   The  bottom-up    views of tourism in transition      background of European
      approach to sustainable                                        Destination    Marketing
      tourism                                                        Organisation managers

11.00 Ana Martins, Ana Ferreira,        Brent Lovelock - Moral Claudio Quintano, Franco
      Alexandra Gonçalves, Kate         intensity as a framework for Garbaccio - Philoxenia:
      Torkington, Filipa Perdigão,      evaluating travel agents and    a hospitable welcome
      Luis Pereira, Paula Martins -     their selling behaviour for
      The Faro national capital of      destinations with human-rights
      culture 2005 event and            issues
      tourism. cultural „sun and sea‟
      tourists and new models of
      urban and cultural tourism
      demand in the Algarve

11.30 Coffee break

12.00 Keynote presentation              Derek Hall
                                        HAMK University of Applied Sciences
                                        Tourism and the Transformation of European Space

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Plenary session chairmen
      Keynote conclusion
      ATLAS SIG meetings conclusions

20.00 Banquet in nature scenery of landscape park (depends on weather) or in Biderman's Palace - st. Franciszkańska 1/5

Saturday 23 September 2006
       Optional study visits to:        Eastern Poland
ATLAS Annual Conference 2004
Networking and partnerships in destination development and management
Naples, Italy
April 4-6, 2004

Saturday April 3 2004
15.00   Visit in BMT Fair and registration

16.00   Opening speeches
        BMT Fair's dinner

Sunday April 4 2004
9.00    Registration

10.00   Keynote presentation

11.00   Coffee break

11.30   ATLAS SIG Meeting:
11.30   Workshop session 1

13.00   Lunch

14.30   ATLAS SIG Meeting
14.30   Workshop session 2

15.30   Coffee break

16.00   ATLAS SIG Meeting
16.00   Workshop Session 3


Monday April 5 2004
9.00    Keynote presenation

10.00   ATLAS SIG Meeting
10.00   Workshop session 4

11.00   Coffee break

11.30   ATLAS SIG Meeting
11.30   Workshop session 5

13.00   Lunch

14.30   ATLAS SIG Meeting
14.30   Workshop session 6

15.30   Coffee break

16.00   ATLAS SIG Meeting
16.00   Workshop session 7

17.00   ATLAS members meeting

Tuesday April 6 2004
9.00    ATLAS SIG Meeting
9.00    Workshop session 8

10.00   ATLAS SIG Meeting
10.00   Workshop session 9

11.00   Coffee break

11.30   SIG Coordinators Reports

12.30   Plenary session chairmen
        Keynote conclusion

13.30   Lunch

15.00   Excursion

20.00   Gala dinner
nt and management

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