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The Bishops Newsletter Jan-Mar 2


									                                          Cathedral Of St. John

 The Bishop’s Newsletter
 Volume 1, Issue 6                                                                                                        January-March 2010
   Michael A. Papierski            Message from the Bishop
   Special points of in-
                                   My brothers and sisters,          I would like to concentrate on
                                   May the grace of our Lord         some of the aspects that I found
 • Message from the Bishop         Jesus Christ and the love of      where God has touched my life
                                   God and the fellowship of         and some of the thanks I give
 • Presentation of the Lord        the Holy Spirit be with you       him on a regular basis.
 • Fr. Glen’s sermon on the        all. As we transition
   Land of Plenty                  through ordinary time into        Every day, I get up and go off
                                   the season of lent we are         to work. The trip is uneventful,
 • St. Patrick                                                       except for some of the drivers
                                   reminded of the many                                                      Bishop Michael Papierski addressing
                                   things that God has done          out here. I will either take my       the congregation at the Consecration of a
                                                                     car or my motorcycle depend-                new Bishop in San Jose, CA
                                   for us in our lives. We
                                   have many feast days in this      ing on the weather. Then return
                                                                     home, have some dinner per-           my friends & co workers. I
                                   time. One of the most im-
                                                                     haps go out again, then retire        can thank him for safe travel
                                   portant ones being the Pres-
                                                                     for the evening. On some              to and from my destination.
                                   entation of our Lord. I will
                                                                     weekends I get together with          I can thank him for the sun-
                                   go into some detail on this a
                                                                     some of my friends and we go          shine, or even the rain, that
                                   bit later in this newsletter.
                                                                     for a nice bike ride somewhere        nurtures all of the beauty
                                   How often in our work or          here in the desert, have dinner       around us and gives us water
                                   family life do we say or          and then go back to our homes.        that we all need to survive.
                                   hear “No one appreciates                                                These are just a few, not all
                                   what I do, all I hear is the      Just in one day, I can thank God      of the things that I thank him
                                   negative and never anything       for the fact that he has given me     for on a regular basis.
                                   positive”? Well not to pro-       another day , the beautiful sites     So, as we go about our daily
                                   fess that I know how God          that I see on my way to work or       lives, let’s take in all of the
                                   feels, because I sure don’t,      on one of our many rides. I can       blessings that we have &
                                   let us contemplate that           thank him for the people around       thank God for them each &
   Icon of The presentation        thought and reflect upon it.      me, that bring joy to my life,        every day.
  We welcome your input

If there is anything you would
like to see in this newsletter,
                                   Presentation of the Lord 02 Feb 2010
feel free to let me know. Email    The presentation of the Lord,    they brought Jesus into the          killing thousands and the em-
me at       also known as Candlemas,         temple the Holy Family they          peror in consultation with the
                                   marks the completion of the      encountered Simeon the Right-        Patriarch of Constantinople
My goal is for this to be infor-   40 days since the birth of our   eous, who uttered what is now        ordered a period of fasting &
mative and to include that         Lord. When Mary & Joseph         called the Nunc dimittis or the      prayer through the empire.
which you want to see.             took him into the temple in      song of Simeon. Originally,
                                   Jerusalem, to complete           the feast was a minor celebra-       Then on the Feast of the
                                   Mary’s purification after        tion until 542 when it was es-       Meeting of the Lord, great
                                   childbirth in accordance with    tablished through the Eastern        processions were arranged
                                   the law of Moses, which can      Empire. In 541, a plague             in the towns and villages
                                   be found in Leviticus. When      broke out in Constantinople,         (Cont’d on Pg 2)
V OLUME 1 , ISSUE 6                                   T HE B I S H OP’ S NE WS LE TTER                                             PAGE 2

Fr. Glen’s sermon “Land of Plenty”
Fr. Glen was kind enough to send me one        them in his teaching, and then he contin-
of his many sermons that I feel is worthy      ues to teach them rather than meeting           How sad it is when we as wayward chil-
 of print in this news letter. As many of      their perceived need for food.                  dren put other “needs” ahead of this need
you are aware, Fr. Glen has done a great                                                       for the bread of life made known in the
 deal around the church and community.         When the masses demanded food, he               person of Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ is the
                                               referred them to the fact that he was           only real need that we have to live a life
As we are now out of the Christmas sea-        pointing them to Spiritual food by his          of eternal blessing, and yet, we pursue
son & entering the season of lent, I felt      teaching about the things of heaven.            cars and homes and trophy spouses and
this would be a perfect time to share this     When these Jewish listeners were trying         all the manner of possessions and in the
with you.                                      to grasp what he was teaching them, he          process neglect the importance of return-
                                               made a historical connection for them           ing thanks to the giver of all good gifts
                                               referring back to the manna from heaven         for the only thing that really matters for
          LAND OF PLENTY                       that god provided for the Israelites when       eternity. Friends, we have been blessed
                                               they were wandering in the wilderness for       by God in ways too many to number, and
5000 people with a few loves, and fish,        40 years. Again demonstrating that god          yet we feel just like the 5000 for today,
they had a need for food and Jesus saw,        met their needs when they needed it.            we too want Jesus to give us one more
and meet that need. They’d followed            Again, Jesus turns his discussion to            thing …to give us one more demonstra-
Jesus all the way around lake, and rather      things of a spiritual nature and they asked     tion.
than recognizing the fact that they were       him to provide “this food” for them.
being offered the solution to a real need,     Jesus then told them that he is the bread       Fr. Glenford C. Andrus
they were they asking yet again to have a      of life. With a belief in Jesus they would
perceived need met. Jesus reminded them        never be hungry, at least not in things of
of the importance of what he was offering      eternal significance.

Presentation of the Lord Cont’d
as well as a solemn prayer service to            Mother of God & Beeswax candle.               among the most ancient feast of the
ask for deliverance from all evils.                                                            Christian Church. Several sermons
The plague then ceased and in                    In the Byzantine tradition, The               were written about it in as early as
thanksgiving, the feast was elevated             meeting of the Lord, as it is known,          312 by Methodius of Patara and as
to a more Solomon celebration.                   is unique in that it combines ele-            late as 407 by John Chrysostom.
                                                 ments of both
 Traditionally, the western term Can-            The great feast
dlemas (or Candle Mass) was in ref-              of the Lord and          In Poland the feast is
erence to a practice whereby the                 a Great Feast of
priest would bless beeswax candles               the Theotokos.            called Matka Boske
on Feb 02 with an aspergillum for use            It has a forefeast     Gromniczna or Mother of
throughout the year. Some were dis-              of one day and
tributed to the faithful for use in              an after fast of 7      God & Beeswax candle.
their home. In Poland the feast is               days.
called Matka Boske Gromniczna or
                                                 The Feast of the Presentation is

St. Patrick approximately 387-461
St. Patrick was born in                      prayed many times each day. As his              rid of the serpent. The Shamrock that
Britain around 387 to                        fear increased so did his faith. He es-         you see in celebrations today was used
wealthy parents                              caped the captivity & found some sail-          by St. Patrick to describe the trinity to
Calpurnius and                               ors to take him back to Britain. Many           the new converts.
Conchessa.                                   legends have been associated with St.
                                             Patrick, one of which being that he rid         St. Patrick was ordained a Priest by
When he was about 16,                        Ireland of the snakes. As it turns out          St. Germanu, the Bishop of Auxerre
he was taken into cap-      St. Patrick      there were never any snakes in post             and was later Consecrated a Bishop
tivity & sold as a slave by Irish ma-        glacial Ireland, and that the Druids at         himself and sent back to Britain
rauders. He relates in his writings          the time used the serpent as a symbol.          whereby he arrived there in 433. St.
of the “Confessio” that while in cap-        St. Patrick had converted all of Ire-           Patrick died on 17 March 461 which is
tivity & tending of the flocks he            land to Christianity thereby getting            when we celebrate his feast.

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