Invigilators Bomb Threat Procedure

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                                                             bOmb ThREAT pROcEduRE

These procedures are designed to minimize exam disruption without compromising safety in the event of a bomb threat.
Developed in consultation with security personnel, these guidelines should enable us to avoid evacuating buildings prior to or
during exams. All invigilators are asked to follow these procedures.
Please review these points and take each precaution to minimize risk to the personal safety of those entering the exam room.
In the event of a bomb threat, please see the procedures outlined in point 8 and contact your department head
    1. Open the exam room. Locked classrooms will be unlocked approximately 25 to 30 minutes before an exam. If you find the
       room locked, please phone the examination cell at 604.999.8135.
    2. Check the room – including the lectern, waste baskets, recycling bins, curtains, etc. – for any suspicious unattended or
       unclaimed objects before allowing students to enter.
        Checking the room should take no longer than five minutes. Please do not touch or move any suspicious objects. Report
        anything suspicious to Campus Security at 604.822.4721.
    3. If possible, assign one or more invigilators to identify and record the name of anyone who leaves the exam room before
       the exam starts (ask to see the student’s UBCcard if necessary). Make a quick check of the room for suspicious objects
       after the exam starts.
    4. During the exam, ensure that already established rules are observed (see the front cover of the exam booklet), and note
       the following in particular.
         (1) “Each candidate must be prepared to produce, upon request, a UBCcard for identification.” It is strongly
              recommended that you ask to see each student’s ubccard once during the exam and check off the
              names of those present on the invigilation list.
         (2) “No candidate shall be permitted to enter the examination room after the expiration of one-half hour from the
              scheduled starting time, or to leave during the first half-hour of the examination.”
    5. Keep a record of the names of candidates who leave the exam room temporarily (to go to the washroom) or who finish
       early (e.g., by noting the time they leave on their exam booklet). Ask to see a student’s UBCcard if necessary to confirm
       their identity.
    6. Wherever possible, two invigilators should be present throughout the exam.
    7. If a bomb threat is received, the call will be reviewed and evaluated by security personnel and/or the police. The publicly
       accessible parts of the building, including all exit routes, will be searched to ensure that the building can be safely
       evacuated if necessary.
        If there is any reason to believe that the threat might be serious, the building will be evacuated.
    8. The following procedures apply when a bomb threat is received.
         a) If the threat is not judged to be serious, the following precautions will take place.
              (i) Before the exam begins, locked rooms will be considered secure. Occupied rooms in the building will be checked.
                  You should enter your room once it is unlocked and carry out the brief check outlined in 2 above.
              (ii) After the exam rooms are occupied, security personnel will contact invigilators in each exam room. The exam will
                  be briefly interrupted as students are asked to check that all bags, coats etc. belong to someone in the room. If any
                  unclaimed or suspicious object is found, security personnel should be notified immediately. Similar procedures will
                  be followed in all other occupied rooms in the building.
                 Students who are upset or disturbed by the situation should be allowed to leave the exam if they wish. Their names
                 should be taken, and they should be treated as though they left due to illness.

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     (b) If the threat is judged to be serious, the building will be evacuated.
       Invigilators will be alerted and fire bells rung. The invigilator in charge should consider whether the exam can be
       marked based on work completed. If so, students should be informed before they leave. If not, students should be
       told to check with the department office to find out when the exam will be rescheduled. The instructor will call the
       examinations clerk in Enrolment Services at 604.822.5926 for assistance in rescheduling the exam.
       In all cases, students should be instructed to leave their exam booklets on their desks when they leave. Invigilators
       should remain near the building and should return to pick up the booklets when it is safe to re-enter the building.
  9. Some exam rooms can be locked once the exam is over. If you can lock the doors of the exam room, or if the doors will
     lock when closed, please stay in the room until all the students have left and lock the doors as you leave.
Thank you. Your cooperation and adherence to these procedures will help us complete scheduled
exams with a minimum of disruption.

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