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                                                                   Kentucky Recycling and Marketing Assistance

Vol. 11, No. 1                                                                                                              July 2005

                                    FREE PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS (PSA)
Earth 911 has free PSAs available to any community or organization. The promotional materials are for print, radio and
television; some feature well-known celebrities and several items are available in Spanish. The environmental messages
include composting, household hazardous waste, recycling and more. Check them out and order what you need at, then click on the link Public Service Announcements on the left of the screen.

                                                              TIPS FOR REDUCING WASTE
Minnesota recently launched a statewide office paper reduction campaign and as part of that effort, expanded its waste
reduction Web site. It abounds with tips on reducing waste in the office, home, or school, when shopping and during the
holidays. Plus it has information on reducing toxics at home and while traveling, how to reduce junk mail, proper
management of automobile wastes for the do-it-yourself person and much, much more. Go to the site at to learn more about waste reduction.

                                                               PLASTIC FILM RECYCLING
Plastic film recycling is making strides as more types of operations become interested in it. Many cities and states are
beginning to view the ubiquitous plastic shopping bag as a contributor to litter and to pollution in rivers and oceans.
Other plastic films such as those used in agriculture and greenhouses are expensive to dispose of and can be successfully
recycled. The agricultural program at Michigan State University researched film recycling and found that it can be
successfully baled in round bales with few modifications to the baler. Recycling saves the growers an estimated $35 an
acre in labor, trucking and landfill costs.

Plastic lumber has been practically the only market for plastic films, but new technology now makes it feasible to
manufacture recycled film into plastic pails, pallets, fence boards, posts and automotive parts. It is a growing market and
is predicted to continue to grow.

                                                                    LEAD-ACID BATTERIES
The Battery Council International reported that 99.2 percent, or 11.7 billion pounds, of lead generated in lead-acid
batteries was recycled from 1999 to 2003. According to the council the typical new lead-acid battery contains 60 percent
to 80 percent recycled lead and plastic. The lead and plastic in a battery can be recycled indefinitely. When a battery is
collected for recycling, it goes to a permitted recycler where the lead and plastic are reclaimed and sent to new battery
manufacturers. The lead is melted and used to produce new lead plates and other parts. The plastic polypropylene pieces
are washed, dried and melted, then extruded into small plastic pellets. The plastic pellets are made into new battery cases.

Last month’s article on California’s recycling record stated that out of 20 billion glass, plastic and aluminum containers
sold in 2004, 12 million were recycled. It should have stated that 12 billion containers were recycled.

Visit the Division of Waste Management Web Site at

  The Kentucky Division of Waste Management does not discriminate on the basis of
  race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, ancestry,
  age, disability or veteran status. The division provides, on request, reasonable
  accommodations necessary to afford an individual with a disability an equal
  opportunity to participate in all services, programs and activities. Contact the division
  to request materials in an alternate format.
MARKETPLACE                                                                                                                                                   7/15/2005
Prices are based on trailer load lots paid by end-users. This guide is for reference only and does not represent an obligation by any buyer to pay these amounts.
Prices vary according to location, condition of product and other factors. Prices for handlers and processors will be different from these prices which are
quoted for manufacturers. Prices fluctuate daily or weekly, and are based on the second week of the month, unless otherwise noted, and may change.

Paper                                   $ per ton                                                                                    Previous
                                                         Board and Mill purchase prices, baled, FOB seller's dock. From              month            Previous Year
Mixed Paper                               60-65          July 2, Official Board Markets Yellow Sheet, Chicago market.                    60-65                 65-70

Sorted Office                             80-90                                                                                          80-90                125-135

Newsprint #6                              50-55                                                                                          55-60                 55-60
Newsprint #8                              75-80                                                                                          80-85                 80-85

Sorted White Ledger                      180-190                                                                                       180-190                170-180

Corrugated Containers                     75-80                                                                                          80-85                 85-90

Plastics                             Cents per lb. From market sources serving Kentucky, contacted July 11-12.
                                                         Baled, FOB seller's dock. Priced as loads available.

Polyethylene Terephthalate                  19           clear and green (mixed)                                                           20                   14
(PET-soda bottles)

High Density Polyethylene                   28           natural                                                                           28                   21
(HDPE-milk jugs) #2

Glass                                   $ per ton
                                                         From July 1, Recycling Manager, national average for truckload
Clear                                       29           quantities, semi-crushed and cleaned, delivered to end-user.                      29                   29

Amber                                       17                                                                                             17                   17

Green                                        9                                                                                              9                    9

Metals                               Cents per lb. Aluminum from market sources serving Kentucky, contacted July 11-12.

Aluminum cans                               62           densified, baled truckload, picked up                                             63                   63

                                    $ per gross ton Steel from American Metal Market, July 11, 2005. Delivered mill
                                                         price; Chicago market quoted.
Steel Cans                                  110          Clean, used densified cans                                                        110                 185

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