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									contents                                                                                                                      27/4/07 12:25 PM

                                                                              A mushroom statutory levy update - April 2007
  Your Levy at Work
  Welcome to the four-monthly           CONTENTS
  report of the Australian
  mushroom industry’s statutory
                                        Click here to download a pdf version of the report
  levy funded programs. This
  report is the official
  communication to mushroom             National Program
  levy payers on the activities
  your levy is funding in line with
  industry’s strategic plan and         Recipe Leaflet and BBQ Competition
  annual investment plan.               A new recipe leaflet was released in February and distributed to wholesalers,
                                        retailers, greengrocers and Mushroom statutory levy contributors. More...

                                        MIAC Recommends 2007/08 R&D and Promotional Programs
                                        The Mushroom Industry Advisory Committee (MIAC) have recommended to
                                        Horticulture Australia Ltd (HAL) that the industry's 2007/08 Marketing and
                                        Promotions and R&D Programs be approved. More...

                                        Media Report
                                        Since the previous reporting period, $200,000 was spent on an extensive
                                        and highly successful radio advertising campaign. More...

                                        Mushroom Retailer of the Year Winners Announced
  Enquiries:                            Improved performance at the point of purchase is an important strategy for
                                        increasing consumption of Agaricus mushrooms. More...
  Australian Mushroom Growers'
  Locked Bag 3                          The results of the Review of the Industry Marketing and promotions
  Windsor NSW 2756                      Program are in
  Ph: 02 45776877
  Fax: 02 45775830                      At the request of MIAC, a review of the industry's programs was undertaken by
  EMAIL:               Strategic Market Intelligence (SMI). Your programs received a very positive report
                                        card. More...

                                        Mushroom Mania is coming in June               The 2007 campaign is expected to reach greater heights with the addition of
                                        celebrity chef, Ed Halmagyi of Better Homes and Gardens fame, as this year's
                                        Ambassador. More...

                                        State Activities

                                        New South Wales
                                        Radio 2UE promotions, Sydney Royal Easter Show. More...

                                        Radio, cooking demonstrations, corporate catering, shopping centre
                                        demonstrations. More...

                                        South Australia
                                        Multicultural festival, Willungu Farmers Market Big Breakfast, Centro Hollywood
                                        demonstration. More...

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                                        Mushrooms in Schools, Mushrooms in TAFE, Radio Live Reads Awards. More...

                                        Western Australia
                                        Australia Day Breakfast, National Sausage King Competition, A Toast to the
                                        Coast. More...

                                        Upcoming Events. More...

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                                                                              A mushroom statutory levy update - April 2007
  Your Levy at Work
  Welcome to the four-monthly           NEW RECIPE LEAFLET RELEASED
  report of the Australian
  mushroom industry’s statutory
  levy funded programs. This            A new recipe leaflet was released in February and distributed to wholesalers,
  report is the official                retailers, greengrocers and statutory levy payers. The leaflet continues to
  communication to mushroom             provide consumers with quick, easy and innovative ideas for using mushrooms.
  levy payers on the activities
  your levy is funding in line with
  the                                   Copies of the leaflets were also distributed to food editors of the major women's
  industry’s strategic plan and
                                        magazines along with a press release.
  annual investment plan.

                                        The BBQ competition featured on the back of the recipe leaflet is an important
                                        strategy in encouraging consumers to see mushrooms as an integral ingredient
                                        on their bbqs.


  Australian Mushroom Growers'
  Locked Bag 3
  Windsor NSW 2756
  Ph: 02 45776877
  Fax: 02 45775830

                                        Here is what our Greengrocer Club members say about our recipe leaflets:-               Anna Napoli of Napoli’s Fruit Market
                                        “They’re excellent. When I ask my customers how they are going to cook their
                                        mushrooms, I then show them the recipe leaflet and they are amazed at how
                                        many ways you can use them. They are very handy and our customers cannot
                                        get enough of them. They get our customers discussing meal ideas with us! And
                                        our sales have gone up from using them.”

                                        Damian Pike Wild Mushroom Specialist, Prahran Market
                                        “They are helpful for promoting mushrooms. They’re a great start. Once
                                        customers use them, it gets the ball rolling along - and our customers tell us
                                        they hadn’t known you can do so many things with mushrooms!”

                                        Dom Angarano of Reliable Fruit & Vegetables, Prahran Market
                                        “The recipe leaflets are going really well. And when we run out I also pick some
                                        up from the wholesale market. I also show them the cookbook and they flip
                                        through this looking for more recipes and ask me where they can buy it. They
                                        also ask me when the next recipes are coming.”

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recipe_leaflet                                                                                                          27/4/07 12:17 PM

                                        Rhonda Wong at Fruits On Coventry
                                        “Customers love them! They are simple and easy to follow and for us, they are
                                        helpful in driving sales.”

                                        Mushroom Growers can obtain copies of the latest recipe leaflet by
                                        contacting the Australian Mushroom Growers' Association - 02 45776877.

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plans                                                                                                                         27/4/07 12:15 PM

                                                                              A mushroom statutory levy update - April 2007
  Your Levy at Work
  Welcome to the four-monthly           Mushroom Industry Advisory Committee (MIAC) Approve
  report of the Australian              2007/08 Research and Development and Marketing and
  mushroom industry’s statutory
  levy funded programs. This            Promotions Programs.
  report is the official
  communication to mushroom             MIAC have recommended to Horticulture Australia Ltd that the following projects be
  levy payers on the activities
                                        approved for 2007/08:-
  your levy is funding in line with
  industry’s strategic plan and         Research and Development Program
  annual investment plan.
                                        Statutory Levy Funded Projects

                                                 Pest and Disease Monitoring
                                                 Mushrooms for Life
                                                 Mushrooms and Health Rresearch Centre
                                                 Pesticide Management Project

                                        Voluntary Levy Funded Projects

                                                 Pest and Disease Monitoring
                                                 Mushrooms and Health Research Centre
  Enquiries:                                     2007 Annual Conference
                                                 International Collaboration
                                                 Technology Transfer (Journal)
  Australian Mushroom Growers'
  Association                                    City of Hope (Cancer Research) - Phase 2
  Locked Bag 3
  Windsor NSW 2756
  Ph: 02 45776877
  Fax: 02 45775830

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radio                                                                                                                                   27/4/07 12:16 PM

                                                                              A mushroom statutory levy update - April 2007
  Your Levy at Work
  Welcome to the four-monthly           MEDIA ACTIVITY
  report of the Australian
  mushroom industry’s statutory
  levy funded programs. This            RADIO
  report is the official                A national radio advertising campaign was conducted during March at a cost of $200,000. The
  communication to mushroom             campaign featured live reads and recorded commercials on the following stations:-
  levy payers on the activities
  your levy is funding in line with
  the industry’s strategic plan and     Sydney
  annual investment plan.               2UE, MIXFM, WSFM, 2GB, 2CH

                                        3AW, MAGIC 693, FOXFM, RADIO MIX101.1, GOLD 104.3

                                        97.3, 4BH, 4BC, 4KQ

                                        MIX102.3, 5aa

                                        6PR, 6IX

  Enquiries:                            Canberra
  Australian Mushroom Growers'
  Association                           As well as paid advertising the industry received bonus spots on:-
  Locked Bag 3
  Windsor NSW 2756                      2GB's Smithy's and Clarky's Quiz Shows;
  Ph: 02 45776877
                                        2CH's Stress Free Weekend
  Fax: 02 45775830
  EMAIL:               2UE Steve Price Drive Promotion, MIXFM's and WSFM's Music Weekend Sponsorship
                                        2UE's Shark for a Day Promotion, Summer BBQ Promotion and Cricket sponsorship credits
                                        3AW and Magic 693 restaurant voucher giveaways
                                        Fox FM's Breakfast Superkid Challenge
                                        Mushroom breakfasts on Gold and MIX 101.1
                                        4KQ's Five for the Drive promotion
                                        Brisbane's 97.3's Robin, Terry and BBQ Bob Weekend show
                                        5aa's restaurant voucher giveaways
                                        Perth's 94.5's Win on the Web luncheons

                                        Mushrooms were also featured in various TV programs, including:-

                                        Channel 10's Ready Steady Cook
                                        Channel 9's Fresh Cooking with the Australian Women's Weekly program. Presenter, Pete
                                        Evans, our 2006 Mushroom Mania ambassador, visited Noel Arrold's mushroom farm in Bowral.

                                        PRINT MEDIA
                                        The industry has received in excess of $3million worth of media coverage from January through
                                        to April.

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myroty                                                                                                                        27/4/07 12:11 PM

                                                                              A mushroom statutory levy update - April 2007

                                        MUSHROOM RETAILER OF THE YEAR AWARDS ARE

                                        Improved performance at the point of purchase is an important strategy for
                                        increasing consumption of Agaricus mushrooms.

                                        Australian Mushroom Growers sought to support this strategy by establishing a
                                        Mushroom Retailer of the Year Competition which is in its second year of
                                        operation. The competition was conducted independently in each state to
                                        identify those greengrocers who have implemented the best point of purchase
                                        programs for mushrooms.

                                        The best performing greengrocers were acknowledged and rewarded at
                                        awards ceremonies held during the industry's Mushroom Madness campaign
              Peter Brookes
         Metropolitan Fresh, Unley      held in March.

                                        Stores were judged anonymously throughout the year by specialist mystery
                                        shoppers. The top six stores were rewarrded by having their business included
                                        in the AMG's radio commercials during Mushroom Madness.

                                        The winners for 2007 are:-

                                                  Metropolitan Fresh Unley, South Australia
                                                  Fruity Capers, Toowong, Queensland
                                                  Fresh World, Castle Towers Shopping Centre, New South Wales
   Fred Guardala, Fruiting Capers,                Napoli's Fruit Market, Williamstown, Victoria
             Toowong                              Boatshed Fresh, Cottesloe, Western Australia

     The team from Napoli's Fruit          Sam Agastino and Carmen               Michael Pember of Boatshed
        Market, Williamstown                Amoroso of Fresh World,                   Fresh, Cottesloe
                                                Castle Towers

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myroty                                                                                 27/4/07 12:11 PM

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mp_review                                                                                                                                   27/4/07 12:10 PM

                                                                              A mushroom statutory levy update - April 2007
  Your Levy at Work
  Welcome to the four-monthly           Marketing and Promotions Program Review
  report of the Australian
  mushroom industry’s statutory         At the request of the Mushroom Industry Advisory Committee, Strategic Market
  levy funded programs. This            Intelligence (SMI) was retained to undertake a review of the industry's marketing and
  report is the official
  communication to mushroom             promotions program. The results of the review were extremely positive. The review's key
  levy payers on the activities         findings are provided below:-
  your levy is funding in line with
  the industry’s strategic plan and
                                        Overall, the Mushroom Industry Marketing and Promotions plan for a 2007-2008 is a well-
  annual investment plan.
                                        constructed, resourced plan. Its overall design is consistent with the “integrated marketing”

                                        The program is anchored by a series of major events that incorporate “calls to action” from the
                                        market and is reinforced by a series of national and local initiatives to support continuity, as
                                        well as action specific opportunities.

                                        A variety of communication channels are utilised to maximise the reach of the program. The
                                        unifying message in the communication revolves around the positioning statement:
                                        “Mushrooms – the great all rounder”.

                                        The deliverables of the program demonstrate strong inter-linkages and multiple points of
                                        leverage. This is a feature of the integrated approach whose end goal is to develop a self
  Enquiries:                            supporting set of activities that re-enforce the key message with behaviour change in a way
                                        that magnifies the investment made in any individual component.
  Australian Mushroom Growers'
  Locked Bag 3                          Observation and comment has been made on the key program elements. On those outputs
  Windsor NSW 2756                      that can be externally benchmarked, specifically radio and public relations, both are seen to be
  Ph: 02 45776877
                                        highly competitive in their value and deliverables.
  Fax: 02 45775830
                                        The underpinning Industry Strategic Plan is also of high quality.

                                        The planning process utilises a time horizon approach, which is highly consistent with best
                                        practice planning methodologies. It engages industry stakeholders in its development by
                                        allowing input through regional workshops and industry summits. This supports the inclusion of
                                        a “voice” at all levels of the industry value chain and is strongly endorsed.

                                        Further, the industry is to be lauded for its commitment to monitoring and analysis of the market
                                        in general and its specific focus on ensuring effective outcomes through systematic review and
                                        analysis of specific initiatives.

                                        The level of evaluation undertaken by the industry through longitudinal market research
                                        (Consumer Research) and post activity analysis is highly comprehensive and provides a strong
                                        grounding to make informed decisions.

                                        This aspect is often the “weak link” in planning exercises in many organizations.
                                        In an operational sense there is clear alignment between the overall strategy and the annual
                                        marketing and promotions program.

file://localhost/Volumes/SHARED/stat_levy_site/april_07_newsletter/TMP78dx4h5ogd.htm                                                              Page 1 of 1
mushroom_mania                                                                                                                              27/4/07 12:10 PM

                                                                              A mushroom statutory levy update - April 2007
  Your Levy at Work
  Welcome to the four-monthly                                                          MUSHROOM MANIA STARTS IN
  report of the Australian                                                             JUNE!!
  mushroom industry’s statutory
  levy funded programs. This
  report is the official                                                               Now in its fourth year, Mushroom Mania is about to
  communication to mushroom
  levy payers on the activities                                                        get underway in June. Mushroom Mania is the focal
  your levy is funding in line with                                               point to increase consumption of mushrooms in the
  the                                                                             food service establishments throughout Australia. The
  industry’s strategic plan and
  annual investment plan.                                                         campaign encourages chefs to include more
                                                                                  mushrooms on the menu and for those dishes to
                                                                                  remain on the menu. The 2007 campaign is expected
                                        to reach greater heights with the addition of celebrity chef, Ed Halmagyi of Better Homes and
                                        Gardens fame, as this year's Ambassador.

                                        Ed is the perfect role model to inspire creativity amongst chefs and consumers alike to promote
                                        the Australian Mushroom Growers' ethos that mushrooms are truly the "great all rounder" of the
                                        food world.

                                        He is a proud mushroom enthusiast from way back recalling that ever since he was a child,
                                        mushrooms hav e played an important part in his life, and in the development of his own
                                        culinary style.

  Enquiries:                            For more information about the campaign, visit the Mushroom Mania website.

  Australian Mushroom Growers'
  Locked Bag 3
  Windsor NSW 2756
  Ph: 02 45776877
  Fax: 02 45775830

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mystery_tour                                                                                                                                27/4/07 12:12 PM

                                                                              A mushroom statutory levy update - April 2007

                                                      MUSHROOM MYSTERY TOUR WHISKS UP
                                                      SUPPORT FOR MUSHROOMS

                                                      Annually, mushrooms receive millions of dollar worth of complimentary media
                                                      coverage, largely due to the great relationship that the industry has with the food
                                                      media. To ensure that mushrooms continue to feature prominently in the recipes,
                                                      on magazines pages, in health articles and in TV cook ups during the next twelve
                                                      months and beyond, Australian Mushroom Growers' State Promotions Co-
                                                      orrdinator, Sue Dodd, recently coordinated an exclusive event for the cream of
                                                      Australia’s health and food writers, editors and TV cooking show presenters.

                                                  The event entitled the ‘Mushroom Mystery Tour’ was held on the 9th-10th March
    Janelle Bloom and Peter Everett, Channel 10's and took place in Port Stephens on the NSW north coast. Guests included senior
  "Ready Steady Cook" TV Show enjoy the mushrooms
      during a tour of Hunter Valley Mushrooms.   representatives from:-

                                                         Gourmet Traveller                     New Idea

                                                         Weight Watchers                       Fresh Magazine

                                                         Better Homes and Gardens              Simply Food

                                                         Australian Women's Weekly             Super Food Ideas

                                                         Woman's Day                           Delicious

     New Idea's Food Editor, Barbara Northwood,
                                                         Healthy Life Media                    Ready Steady Cook

                                                         Australian Good Taste                 Slimming and Health

                                                         Diabetic Living                       Heart Health Living

                                                         Notebook                              Daily Telegraph

                                                         Australian Table

                                                      Over a 24 hour period, guests were treated to an exquisite meal featuring
                                                      mushrooms prepared by award winning chef Jen Marc Pollet. Nutritionist Glen
    Table Magazine's Food Editor, Suzanne Gibbs
                                                      Cardwell presented the latest nutritional data to the group and the tour wrapped
                                                      up the following day with a farm walk at Hunter Valley Mushrooms, hosted by
                                                      owner, Regina Mullan,

                                                      Feedback from the media has been extremely positive with many of the attendees
                                                      expressing their on-going support for the mushroom industry and were
                                                      appreciative of the news and information provided about mushrooms.

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nsw_rpt                                                                                                                                      27/4/07 12:13 PM

                                                                                                          NSW Promotions Report

                                                        BBQ MUSHROOMS PROMOTION WITH 2UE – FEBRUARY 2007
                                                        Whilst AMGA had no paid advertising airing during February, Sue Dodd arranged
                                                        for radio 2UE to implement a BBQ promotion over two weekends in January.
                                                        Broadcaster Glenn Wheeler was supplied with 16 ‘mushroom goodie’ bags
                                                        (comprising an engraved Mushroom the Great All round BBQ tool set, pink
                                                        shopping bags, mushroom cookbook and apron) as prizes. This initiative resulted
                                                        in considerable mentions of mushrooms, the mushrooms the great all round
                                                        message and promoted the concept of barbecuing mushrooms.

                                                        MUSHROOM MADNESS/ RETAILER OF THE YEAR AWARDS –
  2UE's Breakfast Team, Mike Carlton and Peter          MARCH 2007
  Fitzsimmons, enjoying a great mushroom breakfast      The NSW Mushroom Madness and Retailer of the Year presentation function took
  prepared by NSW State Co-ordinator, Sue Dodd
                                                        place on the 9th March.

                                                        Taking a different approach this year, NSW independent greengrocers were
                                                        invited to visit Elf Mushrooms Composting facility before moving on to Mike Hill’s
                                                        farm – Hillcrest for a farm walk and informal barbecue lunch.

                                                        As you would expect there was much talk about the wholesale price of
                                                        mushrooms during the morning amongst the greengrocers, however by the end of
                                                        the day the majority of independent greengrocers having witnessed the
                                                        infrastructure and labour intensiveness of growing mushrooms had most
                                                        greengrocers better informed and accepting of the wholesale cost. The
                                                        announcement of the 2007 NSW Greengrocer of the Year was highly anticipated
                                                        amongst those who attended the event with Greg Seymour presenting the NSW
                                                        award to Freshworld Castle Hill’s Grant Johnston.
  NSW Retailer of the Year Winner - store owner,
  Sam Agostino and store manager, Carmen Amoroso        The NSW Retailer of the Year received a plaque and Sue Dodd arranged for
  of Fresh World, Castle Towers
                                                        advertising in the Hills Shire Times and issued a media release to promote their

                                                        MUSHROOM MADNESS RADIO PROMOTIONS FOR MARCH
                                                        The mushroom madness promotion with radio 2UE had presenter Steve Price
                                                        giving the caller of the day a mushroom barbecue goodie bag.

                                                        Whilst at radio 2GB 40 mushroom cookbooks were used as prizes during a week
                                                        long promotion.

                                                        AUTUMN / WINTER POINT-OF SALE MEDIA RELEASE – MARCH
                                                        Over 210 food editors, writers and newspaper editors were mailed a copy of
  Grant Johnson accepting the award
  on behalf of Freshworld, Castle                       AMGA’s latest mushroom recipe leaflet and a covering media release.
                                                        BREAKFAST COOK UP – MARCH

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nsw_rpt                                                                                                                                      27/4/07 12:13 PM

                                                        One of the most cost effective promotional activities that we undertake is cooking
                                                        a mushroom breakfast at radio stations for the staff ie presenters, advertising
                                                        repress, news readers and promotion people.

                                                        This activity opens doors, provides additional coverage and crreates a good
                                                        working relationship with the station.

                                                        On the 9th March Sue Dodd cooked up mushrooms at radio 2UE and presenters
                                                        Mike Carlton and Peter Fitzsimons were talking about mushrooms for days.

  Retailers Mushroom Tour at Elf Farm Supplies          MUSHROOM COOKING DEMONSTRATION AT INDEPENDENT
                                                        GREENGROCERS IN NSW
                                                        During March 2007 in conjunction with mushroom madness, 20 instore
                                                        demonstrations were conducted at independent greengrocers across Sydney. As

                                                        The World Of Fruit Campsie, CAMPSIE
                                                        Forestway Fresh, TERREY HILLS
                                                        Waterside Fruit Connection, PYRMONT
                                                        Freshworld Castle Hill, CASTLE HILL
                                                        Freshworld Burwood, BURWOOD
                                                        Panetta's - Nth Ryde, NORTH RYDE
                                                        Manly Fruit Market, MANLY
                                                        Ashfield FruitWorld, ASHFIELD
  2UE's John Stanley and Mushrooms at the               Trim Fresh, WETHERILL PARK
  Sydney Royal Easter Show
                                                        Norton St Grocer, BONDI JUNCTION
                                                        Panetta's Miranda, MIRANDA
                                                        Royal Randwick Fruit Market, RANDWICK
                                                        Martelli's Fruit Market, CHERRYBROOK
                                                        Minto's Fruit Orchard, MINTO
                                                        Trim Fresh, BANKSTOWN
                                                        Roselands Fruit World, ROSELANDS
                                                        Eastgardens Fruit Centre, EASTGARDENS
                                                        Freshco, HORNSBY
                                                        Fruit Ezy, CHATSWOOD

                                                        SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW EASTER SHOW – 5TH -18TH
                                                        APRIL 2007
                                                        Mushrooms Tastings
                                                        900,000 visitors attended this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show. During the 14
                                                        days of the Show 100 boxes of mushrooms were supplied to the Old Fashioned
                                                        Foods stand in the Dome, for use in cooking demonstrations and tastings in
                                                        conjunction with Alpha One Rice Brand Oil.

                                                        7000 mushroom recipe leaflets were distributed from this stand during the show
                                                        and a constant stream of people lined up to sample the mushrooms over the

                                                        2UE live broadcasts from the Showground - sponsorship
                                                        Australian Mushrooms Growers sponsored the 2UE live broadcast from the
                                                        Sydney Royal Easter Show from the 6th – 13th April. The sponsorship provide
                                                        Australian Mushroom Growers with additional air time to run both live reads,
                                                        recorded commercials and to run promotional activities at the showground in
                                                        conjunction with 2UE broadcast.

                                                        Over the eight days of the sponsorship, Sue Dodd arranged for 2UE to distribute
                                                        over 100 ‘mushroom goodie bags’ comprising of a pink shopping bag, mushroom
                                                        cookbook, apron and 2 bottles of Alpha One rice Bran Oil to show goers.

                                                        This sponsorship also allowed AMGA to promote the mushroom sampling in the
                                                        Dome on air and the staff of the Old Fashioned Foods stand delivered cooked

file://localhost/Volumes/SHARED/stat_levy_site/april_07_newsletter/TMP7ccveh5oli.htm                                                               Page 2 of 3
nsw_rpt                                                                                                                                27/4/07 12:13 PM

                                                        mushrooms to the 2UE caravan for tastings, which promoted extra air time for

file://localhost/Volumes/SHARED/stat_levy_site/april_07_newsletter/TMP7ccveh5oli.htm                                                         Page 3 of 3
qld_rpt                                                                                                                                      27/4/07 12:16 PM

                                                          QLD Marketing and Promotions Report - January-March 2007


                                                   Food Circus organized BBQ mushrooms and prize promotion giveaway with 4KQ –
                                                   4BH and Gold FM.

                                                   Cooking Demonstrations
                                                   Kids in the Kitchen - 6 "Kids in the Kitchen Cooking Classes" were held at 2 major
                                                   Westfield Centres – Strathpine and Helensvale. 3 classes were held each day. 25
                                                   Children attended each cooking class. Kids cooked hamburger patties and kebabs
                                                   both of which had mushrooms included. Mushrooms were also included in the
                                                   veggie design plate. Resident Chef, Andre, talked about mushrooms for health and
                                                   a bag of mushrooms were given to each child who could answer the questions

                                                   "Kids in the Kitchen" was also performed under the sails in the Broadbeach Mall. 2
                                                   classes per day each with 25 kids cooking hamburgers and kebabs with our Chef
                                                   Andre, Carmel and staff. Mushrooms were again given a prize if the questions were
                                                   answered correctly.

                                                   A 2 day Food Fair was held in the fresh food area at Mt. Gravatt Shopping Plaza.
                                                   Mushroom recipes were handed out to the passing consumers and recipes were
                                                   prepared, cooked and handed out.

                                                   Corporate Catering
                                                   Food Circus, organized inclusion of mushrooms in the Food Forum Function at the
                                                   Sharks Leagues Club and Restaurant and Caterers Luncheon at Moo Moo’s
                                                   Restaurant Broadbeach.


                                                   Shopping Centre Demonstrations
                                                   "Cooking with Carmel Class" held each Saturday, at Stockland Cleveland.
                                                   Mushroom recipes were prepared, cooked and tastings were handed out, (with a
                                                   mushroom recipe leaflet) to the consumers in the centre.

                                                   At Westfield Carindale Market Day, 4 demonstrators cooked mushrooms on each
                                                   stand. One stand was devoted to mushrooms and the demonstrator prepared and
                                                   cooked recipes from the latest leaflet. Mushrooms were displayed on each of the 4
                                                   stands and recipes leaflets were available as well on the recipe desk. 400
                                                   consumers tasted the mushroom dishes.

                                                   A Food Fair at Mt. Gravatt held over 2 days included a demonstrator cooking
                                                   mushrooms from the latest leaflet and the chef talked about availability from the fruit
                                                   shop and supermarket as well as mushrooms nutritional value.

                                                   Radio Promotions
                                                   Food Circus organized mushrooms for 97.3FM weeky barbecue promotions

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qld_rpt                                                                                                                                 27/4/07 12:16 PM

                                                   Special Events
                                                   The Australian Mushroom Growers were represented at the sponsor’s luncheon for
                                                   the Taste of Gold Coast activities in August. Mushrooms were included in each


                                                   Mushroom Cooking Class at Mt. Gravatt Shopping Plaza.
                                                   75 mushroom lovers were treated to 2 hours of fabulous recipes prepared by our
                                                   chef Carmel. Mushrooms were included in 2 of the 3 dishes that were prepared and
                                                   cooked in front of a seated audience. All enjoyed the tastings and the informative
                                                   talk given by myself about Mushrooms for Life and Healthy Living. All the audience
                                                   went home with a bag of mushrooms and a recipe leaflet.

                                                   Market Day Food Fair at Westfield Carindale:
                                                   4 demonstrators added mushrooms to each recipe prepared and cooked on the
                                                   day. The presenters directed consumers to the tastings and talked about
                                                   mushrooms continuously. Recipe Leaflets were available on each stand, and,
                                                   mushrooms were displayed on each of the 4 demonstration kitchens. Again tasting
                                                   cups and toothpicks samples added up to well over 450 consumers and this
                                                   equates to only one stand.

                                                   Cooking with Carmel
                                                   A huge success again at Stockland Cleveland. Mushrooms were included in all
                                                   dishes presented.

                                                   Food Fair
                                                   At Noosa Junction and Mt. Gravatt Plaza, a mushroom stand was at each fair and
                                                   mushrooms were included on the other stands as well as recipe leaflets and

                                                   Sunrise Retailers Breakfast at Rocklea Markets, Brisbane
                                                   200 hamburgers smothered in mushrooms were handed out in the early hours of
                                                   the morning in conjunction with Brisbane Markets. An extra stand cooked and
                                                   handed out sautéed mushrooms with oyster sauce and eschallots. Faye and staff
                                                   cut and sliced mushrooms the day before the function.

file://localhost/Volumes/SHARED/stat_levy_site/april_07_newsletter/TMP7fxt2h5oq5.htm                                                          Page 2 of 2
sa_rpt                                                                                                                                     27/4/07 12:18 PM

                                                            SA Marketing and Promotions Report - January-March 2007

                                        Multicultural Festival - Carnevale South Australia
                                        Cooking Demonstrations were held at Adelaide’s major two-day M ulticultural Festival -
                                        Carnevale South Australia. Food Studio presented cooking classes to an audience of
                                        approximately 100-150 persons each session. Cooking Demonstrations were part of the
                                        premier attractions. Estimated public attendance was 40,000 over the two days. A great
                                        opportunity to distribute recipe leaflets for the BBQ competition.

                                        Willunga Farmers Market Big Breakfast with Mushrooms and the Relish
                                        Delicious mushroom breakfast served to regulars and new visitors to the market.

                                        Centro Hollywood
                                        Cento Hollywood is a major northern suburbs shopping centre. Recipes from the current
                                        mushroom leaflet were distributed to enable us to advise the general public about the BBQ
                                        competition which generated a great deal of interest. School holiday time was the perfect
                                        time to present mushroom muffins for the kids to taste and we also presented dishes from the
                                        current recipe leaflet.

                                        Radio 5AA – Summer mushroom dishes with the summer series
                                        Mushroom dishes were presented on a regular basis on live radio during January, across the

                                        Annual Adelaide Plains Festival
                                        SA     Mushrooms       together     with     A1    Mushrooms,      presented      a    static
                                        display at the annual Adelaide Plains Festival which generated a grat deal of interest. This
                                        event is a showcase of local produce of the area. Mushroom farm beds were displayed and
                                        recipes were provided to the general public and they very much enjoyed meeting growers.

                                        Cooking classes with Peter Milosovik
                                        Peter used the current recipe leaflet during his February classes. Peter is also a presenter on
                                        ABC Radio and mushrooms are often the topic of his presentations.

                                        Westfield Westlakes Food Festival
                                        A two-week cooking demonstration featuring retailers from the Westfield Shopping Centre
                                        working with Celebrity Chefs from surrounding establishments (Cafes, Restaurants etc),
                                        presented a host of delicious dishes including mushrooms. The celebrity chefs were also
                                        joined by sports celebrities from the Adelaide Crows, Quit Lightning Basketball and Michael
                                        Keelan – media personality. Approximately 80 persons attended each class and they were
                                        delighted with the tastings and the current recipe leaflet. Advertising was through local press,
                                        radio and letter drop.

                                        Back to School Program
                                        AMG joined Mix 102.3 Radio for the schools BBQs. Mushrooms were provided for tastings for
                                        the kids and their parents. Recipe leaflets were well received. Cookbooks and mushroom
                                        bags were given away to add to the fun of the day. Mighty mushroom was a great success
  Pam Tobin and Judy Musolino of
  Phore Seasns Restaurant at the        with the kids.
  Mushroom Mania Cooking
  Demonstrationsat Burnside and         Mushroom Cooking Demonstrations at Centro Colonnades
  Westfield West Lakes Shopping
  Centres                               A major shopping centre in the Southern suburbs, recipes from current leaflets were
                                        distributed. Dishes were presented from the current leaflet . We were able to work very closely

file://localhost/Volumes/SHARED/stat_levy_site/april_07_newsletter/TMP7iw9yh5otz.htm                                                             Page 1 of 2
sa_rpt                                                                                                                                  27/4/07 12:18 PM

                                        with the retailers in this centre to enhance mushroom sales.

                                        The BMX Championships
                                        Held in February, this was a large scale family event, opened by the Deputy Prime Minister,
                                        Hon Mark Vaile and the Premier of South Australia, Mike Rann. AMG joined forces with Go for
                                        2 + 5 and other Industry bodies and supplied a small bag of mushrooms with our leaflet
                                        enclosed which was enclosed in the Life Be In It Showbags. Approximately, 3,000 adults and
                                        children attended. Mushrooms also provided for cooking on the BBQ. Mighty Mushroom
                                        joined other fruit and vegetable characters. Media coverage SBS, Channel 10, Radio and
                                        print media. A new arena for mushrooms to show their face.

                                        Mushroom Madness Launch
                                        Held at Enoteca in the Adelaide CBD and hosted by media celebrity, Michael Keelan. A
                                        delicious mushroom menu was presented by Peter Kudler, Executive Chef of Enoteca to 35
                                        persons including retailers, media, supermarket chain personnel and wholesalers. Awards
                                        were presented to the finalists. Greg Seymour presented a very interesting presentation of
                                        the industry which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Haselgrove Wines sponsored the wines for
                                        the lunch and also beautiful gift magnums for each finalist.

                                        Mushroom ideas and recipes were presented on live radio 5AA with Michael Keelan’s
                                        Lifestyle Program in South Australia.

                                        Regency TAFE
                                        Mushrooms were supplied on a fortnightly basis for use in commercial cookery classes. All
                                        commercial kitchens display “the guide to Mushrooms poster” and lecturers educate the
                                        students on the use and versatility of mushroom in their cooking.

                                        Radio 5AA – live interviews
                                        Mushroom breakfast prepared for Michael Keelan and crew. BBQ kits promoted and given
                                        away to listeners on air. Michael Keelan interviewed the winner of mushroom madness
                                        competition live.

                                        Mix 102.3
                                        BBQ kits promoted and given away to listeners on air. The SA Mushroom Retailer of the Year
                                        winner was announced on the morning news. Valuable air time for BBQ kits resulted on both
                                        radio stations was achieved.

                                        Enfield Community Health Centre Major Health Promotion
                                        An initiative of the SA Government and Enfield Community Health Centre, mushrooms were
                                        supplied for the BBQ on the day. Cooking demonstrations were held and recipe leaflets were
                                        distributed. Chef Ragini Dey from Spice Kitchen coordinated a Indian cuisine cook off using
                                        mushrooms in all dishes. This event is a strong focus on promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

file://localhost/Volumes/SHARED/stat_levy_site/april_07_newsletter/TMP7iw9yh5otz.htm                                                          Page 2 of 2
vic_rpt                                                                                                                                27/4/07 12:21 PM

                                                  Victorian Marketing and Promotions Report - January-March 2007

                                            Weekly - January to March 2007
                                            Mushrooms Into Schools Program
                                            The Melbourne Markets fresh produce team presented mushrooms for tasting with other
                                            fresh produce to school students, teachers and parents and provided mushroom recipes
                                            for parents, teachers and students to take home. This program provides an interactive
                                            environment between the children and their teachers and reinforces tips and recipes for
                                            fresh produce in a very practical way. Although the primary audience is school-aged
                                            children, this program provides is a high value sensory experience of fresh mushroom for
                                            primary purchasers (parents and teachers).

                                            Locations: Gray St Primary School, Hamilton Baimbridge College, Hamilton, Parkmore
                                            Primary School, Croydon Hills Primary School, Brunswick Secondary College, Chirnside
                                            Park Primary, Cranbourne Christian College, St Leonards College, Swan Reach District
                                            Preschool, Swan Reach Primary, Nicholson Primar,y Collingwood English Language
                                            School, Parkridge Primary School, Sherbourne Primary School, St Peters Primary School
                                            Audience Reach: Total of 3,802 people (including primary purchasers)

                                            February - April 2007
                                            Mushrooms Into TAFE Program
                                            Mushroom cookbooks, varieties posters and recipe leaflets were provided for teachers
                                            and student chefs at TAFE's around Victoria. A range of fresh mushrooms was also
                                            included in practical classes at Chisholm TAFE, Dandenong Campus.
                                            Audience Reach: 180 apprentice chefs and 4 chef teachers

                                            January - April 2007
                                            Ann Creber Teams Up Fresh Mushrooms with Other Great Products
                                            Ann Creber, author, media presenter and food consultant incorporated fresh mushrooms
                                            in a host of activities as follows: George Foreman Grill cooking demonstrations; George
                                            Foreman Grill television commercials; Knox Festival, Ferntree Gully; Take Off Weight
                                            Naturally (T.O.W.N.) Classes; 2007 Home Economics Conference
                                            Audience Reach: Both mass market, large audiences and smaller and class groups

                                            Friday 19th January
                                            AMG Vic Radio Live Reads Award
                                            Greg congratulated the Fox FM Breakfast Team - Matt Tilley, Jo Stanley, Troy Ellis and
                                            Adam Richard) for their enthusiastic, spirited and generous live reads over the past 3

file://localhost/Volumes/SHARED/stat_levy_site/april_07_newsletter/TMP7mv1rh5oz4.htm                                                         Page 1 of 3
vic_rpt                                                                                                                                     27/4/07 12:21 PM

                                            years. He presented them with a specially designed award plaque, BBQ Mushroom Sets
                                            ans fresh mushrooms to cook at home. The team continues to provide excellent on air
                                            comments about mushrooms and really brings our advertising to life!
                                            Audience Reach: 15 on air presenters with production and account staff

                                            4 weekends February - March, 2007
                                            Cancer Council's Relay For Life
                                            BBQ Mushrooms were a healthy meal option and the take home nutrition messages on
                                            the recipe leaflets backed up the Cancer Council's healthy eating message. AMG
                                            supported these 4 events by providing fresh mushrooms and recipes to take home for the
                                            BBQ. Mushroom shopping bags and mushroom cookbooks were also provided for the
                                            team leaders.
                                            Locations Essendon Football Club (February); Lancefield Park (February); Ornamental
                                            Lakes, Mildura (February); John Gardiner Reserve, Hawthorn (March)
                                            Audience Reach 2800 primary purchasers

                                            Friday 16th, Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th February
                                            Seymour Alternative Farming Expo
                                            Mushrooms were promoted as quality Australian produce. Local chefs conducted cooking
                                            demonstrations featuring mushrooms partnered with local oils, herbs, spices, vegetables,
                                            fruit, flours and bush tucker. A mushroom display was assembled and recipe leaflets were
                                            provided for visitors. The Chef stirred up Bob the butcher with an alternative to his meats -
                                            Location Kings Park, Seymour
                                            Audience Reach 30 - 50, 000 visitors

                                            Saturday 17th February
                                            Nhill Duck & Jazz festival - Cook Off at the Fire Station
                                            This inaugural Cook Off featured Luv a Duck's Melbourne team and the Wimmera's top
                                            chef     Marcus      Gildon,     a    member       of    the    prestigious    'Chef's
                                            Table'. Marcus demonstrated Confit Duck with Roasted Mushrooms and Thyme in a Case
                                            on Cauliflower Puree. This dish was enjoyed by the diners and accompanied by de Bortoli
                                            Yarra Valley Pinot Noir AMG provided fresh mushrooms for the cook off and mushroom
                                            recipes and cookbook prizes for the public.

                                            Sunday 25th February 2007
                                            BBQ Mushrooms at Harvest Picnic, Hanging Rock
                                            Harvest Picnic at Hanging Rock is an iconic event on the Melbourne Food & Wine
                                            Calender. Our cooking team served up BBQ Mushrooms Burgers
                                            with our signature Rocket Fuel Pesto. Our BBQ Mushroom Burgers provided a welcome
                                            healthy meal option for festival visitors. We kept mushroom salad and marinated
                                            mushroom demonstrations rolling along to reinforce the BBQ Mushrooms / Summer eating
                                            theme. We provided free tastings and mushroom recipes to take home - and also
                                            displayed buttons, cups and flats and sold fresh mushrooms to encourage replication of
                                            the recipes at home. The bright pink mushroom shopping bags once again served us as
                                            'walking billboards'. To add excitement and interactivity, we also held mushroom themed
                                            prize draws on the hour every hour. 100 visitors gathered over 3 - 5 minutes for each prize
                                            draw, allowing us to provide a commentary of our activities to a good humoured and
                                            attentive audience while the tickets were given out. AMG took out a Silver Award of
                                            Excellence for our activities.
                                            Audience Reach 25,000 food enthusiasts and their families (with an average stay of
                                            more than 2 hours)

                                            Month of March
                                            Chefs Tips with Mushrooms on FOX FM
                                            Blue Fire Grill's entrepreneurial chef, Jason Smythe, recorded some spirited chefs tips on
                                            using mushrooms, leveraging our radio advertising campaign and giving us an additional
                                            20 X 30 second mushroom advertisements.
                                            Audience Reach Mass Market repeated 20 times.

file://localhost/Volumes/SHARED/stat_levy_site/april_07_newsletter/TMP7mv1rh5oz4.htm                                                              Page 2 of 3
vic_rpt                                                                                                                                  27/4/07 12:21 PM

                                            Tuesday March 7
                                            Mushroom Media Packs to FOX FM
                                            Mushroom Media Packs with media release announcing MROTY winner's, latest recipe
                                            leaflet and fresh mushrooms were sent to the FOX FM production team to provide more
                                            background information for March's live reads.
                                            Audience Reach Direct - 10 people. Indirect - Mass market

                                            Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March 2007
                                            Mushrooms at the Knox Festival
                                            Mushrooms starred with the George Foreman Grill at this large community festival with
                                            cooking demonstrations by Ann Creber and Vikki Leng. Mushroom prize give-aways and
                                            free recipes and tastings were available.
                                            Location: Ferntree Gully Community Centre

                                            Monday March 5
                                            Mushroom Retailer of the Year (MYROTY) Awards Function
                                            Retailers, media and co-promotional industry partners convened at Hot Chocolate at
                                            Waterfront City to celebrate excellence in mushroom retailing. The Victorian finalists and
                                            winner of the Mushroom Retailer of the Year Award (MROTY) were announced. Finalists
                                            included Napoli Fruit Market, Fruits on Coventry, La Manna Fresh, Mt Eliza Village Fruits,
                                            Damian Pike Mushroom Specialist and Reliable Fruit & Vegetables The Vic MROTY was
                                            Napoli Fruit Market. To reinforce the BBQ Mushrooms theme, a delicious BBQ Mushroom
                                            Buffet was served in the fabulous outdoor setting with stunning views of the waterfront
                                            and Melbourne skyline.
                                            Audience Reach: 55 guests and mass market via 3AW live cross

                                            Friday March 16
                                            Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Autumn Harvest Dinner
                                            This was a six-course fundraising feast hosted by champions of seasonal produce -
                                            Stephanie Alexander and Maggie Beer. It was held in the Rosina Hall of the historic
                                            Abbotsford Convent. Mushrooms had their pride of place on the menu as " Maggie's
                                            mushroom toasts" and "Seared venison with crushed myrtle, mushrooms and chestnuts ".
                                            Proceeds supported the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation Limited - set
                                            up to encourage healthier and life-long eating habits in young Australians (through the
                                            provision of programs offering hands-on involvement in the pleasurable activities of
                                            growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing food).
                                            Audience Reach 200 food enthusiasts

                                            Friday March 23 and 27
                                            Mushroom Brekky Packs to Gold 104.3 and Mix 101.1
                                            12 Mushroom Brekky Packs with mushroom dishes prepared from our latest recipe leaflet
                                            were sent to on air presenters and their support crew. This fuels the crew's enthusiasm -
                                            so when commenting on mushrooms they are truly passionate and can provide practical
                                            examples of enjoying mushrooms rather than simply script reading.
                                            Audience Reach Mass market

file://localhost/Volumes/SHARED/stat_levy_site/april_07_newsletter/TMP7mv1rh5oz4.htm                                                           Page 3 of 3
wa_rpt                                                                                                                                 27/4/07 12:22 PM

                                                           WA Marketing and Promotions Report - January-March 2007
  Your Levy at Work
                                        26th January
  Welcome to the four-monthly
  report of the Australian              Australia Day Breakfast West Coast Walk Trail
  mushroom industry’s statutory         Barbecue mushrooms served in beach-side locations as part of a combined Australia Day
  levy funded programs. This            breakfast and coast walk. Build community instinct to use mushrooms as staple BBQ food.
  report is the official                Audience: 1000
  communication to mushroom
  levy payers on the activities
  your levy is funding in line with     26th January
  industry’s strategic plan and         Australia Day Radio 94.5 Barbecue mushrooms
  annual investment plan.               Gift Packs given away daily via competition on the Big Couch.. Build community instinct to
                                        use mushrooms as staple BBQ food.

                                        24th February
                                        Breast Cancer Awareness Day Bunbury
                                        Celebrity Chef Don Hancey will sizzle up a storm on his giant bbq pans. Build community
                                        instinct to use mushrooms as staple BBQ food and in gourmet style
                                        Audience: 100 people

                                        March 2007 (throughout Month)
                                        Mushroom Madness Radio Promotion Advertising and Give-aways
                                        Mushroom cookbooks given away on 3 prime metro stations. Radio Breakfasts and Giveaway
                                        packs to provide value add to radio advertising

                                        3rd March 2007
  Australian Mushroom Growers'
  Association                           National Sausage King Competition
  Locked Bag 3                          Festival Northbridge Piazza. James & Lake St 10 – 5 First time in Perth, nations best
  Windsor NSW 2756                      butchers battled it out for the crown of AMIC National Sausage King 2007.
  Ph: 02 45776877
  Fax: 02 45775830
                                        4th March
                                        A Toast to The Coast at Hillaries Boat Harbour
                                        All day sampling of Sweet Sesame Mushrooms and distribution of recipe leaflets Provided an
                                        opportunity for a large demographic audience (45-75 year olds) to see mushroom cooking               demonstration, learn and taste mushrooms then walk away with skills, enthusiasm and recipe
                                        to prepare mushrooms at home.

                                        9th March
                                        Bike to Work Breakfast Belmont and The Esplanade
                                        Healthy enthusiasts cycled to work and health and were treated to a free breakfast including
                                        mushrooms straight from the barbecue to celebrate the launch of Bike Week. Build
                                        community instinct to use mushrooms as staple BBQ and breakfast food.

                                        10th–11th March 2007
                                        Chilli Festival Araluen Botanic Park
                                        BBQ Chilli Mushrooms served for sale at the annual Chilli Festival amidst a very “hot”
                                        atmosphere of Latin music. . Build community instinct to use mushrooms as staple BBQ food.

                                        12th March
                                        Cocktails for Cambodia West Coast TAFE Joondalup

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wa_rpt                                                                                                                                27/4/07 12:22 PM

                                        Mushrooms served by Celebrity Chef, Don Hancey at this fund-raising event.Recipe leaflets
                                        distributed and banners displayed.

                                        13th March
                                        Mushroom Retailer of the Year
                                        Held at "Gershwins" at the Hyatt in Perth awards were presented to the finalists for the WA
                                        Mushroom Retailer of the Year Award. The winning retailer was Michael Pember of Boatshed
                                        Fresh located in Cottesloe.

                                        17th March
                                        Surf Life Saving Club North Cottesloe 8
                                        Celebrity Chef Don Hancey sizzled up               a   breakfast   storm   on   his   giant
                                        bbq pans with Mushrooms and Sage for breakfast

                                        Throughout January - March
                                        Media Coverage
                                        Throughout the reporting period, over $90,000 worth of media coverage was achieved in
                                        newspapers around Australia; radio interviews and websites

file://localhost/Volumes/SHARED/stat_levy_site/april_07_newsletter/TMP7nxxah5p0i.htm                                                        Page 2 of 2
upcoming_events                                                                                                                           27/4/07 12:20 PM

                                                             CALENDAR OF EVENTS - APRIL TO AUGUST

        April-        Mushrooms Into Schools Program
        August        The Melbourne Markets fresh produce team will present mushrooms for tasting with other fresh produce to
        2007          school students, teachers and parents in schools in the Melbourne metropolitan area and regions.

        Apr-01        Mushrooms at the North Cott Food and Wine Expo
                      11pm - 2pm, North Cottesloe Beach, Perth

        Apr-28        Home Economics Conference
                      Mushrooms will be promoted to over 150 home economists from around Australia via mushroom cooking
                      demonstrations on the George foreman Grill by Ann Creber.

        Apr-29        The Good Shepherd Circus Pie Classic
                      7pm. A Live rock n roll celebrity cook off. See musicians, thespians and radio personalities out of their comfort
                      zones in preparing culinary delights based on mushrooms!. Tickets: $15; for more information contact Vikki on
                      03 9898 7886

        Apr-30        Mushrooms at the Atrium, Federation Square
                      Media, function managers and food enthusiasts will enjoy mushroom menu items and stunning displays at this
                      iconic Melbourne venue.

        April         Radio 5AA: Interview with Michael Keelan and Mushroom Mania Ambassador, Ed Halmagy.
                      Live presentations with Michael Keelan and Pam Tobin, Mushroom Tastings for the crew, general discussion on
                      recipe leaflets etc.

        April         Go for 2+5 Program
                      Programs with Go For 2+5 will be supported by SA Mushrooms Growers.

        April         Radio Mix 102.3:
                      Mushroom will be supplied for corporate BBQs. Recipe leaflets will also be supplied.

        April         Appetising April at Burnside Shopping Centre
                      Cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs, radio personalities presenting their special dishes with mushrooms.
                      Special celebrity chefs will be the Two Michaels  Michael Angelakis and Michael Keelan who will include
                      mushrooms in their recipes.

        April 12-15   Mushroom Cooking Demonstrations at the ABC Gardening Show (Perth)
                      11.00 - 4pm, Perry Lakes

        April 13-15   Mushrooms at Fairbridge Festival
                      9am-9pm, Pinjarra

        April 27-29   Hawkesbury Show
                      Mushroom competition and mushrooms on the Lions and Rotary bbq’s.

        April-        Mushrooms Get All Spiced Up
        August        Albie and Gerard of “Screaming Seeds Spice Company” will provide button mushrooms spiced with their fragrant
                      spice mixes at a number of food and wine events.

        April-August Regency Park TAFE
                     During the months from April to August, mushrooms will be supplied on a fortnightly basis to Regency Park
                     TAFE for use in commercial cookery classes. Mushroom material will be distributed. TAFE’s chefs will be
                     encouraged to enter Mushroom Mania.

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upcoming_events                                                                                                                               27/4/07 12:20 PM

                      Kids in the Kitchen Cooking Program held at Regency Park TAFE College. Four Day School holiday program
                      from 9.00am      12.00noon each day. Mushrooms supplied to chefs to include in their recipes for the students
                      attending. Mighty Mushroom on site and recipe leaflets put in kids in the kitchen showbag.

        April-        Mushroom Retailer Program
        August        Victorian State Promotions Co-ordinator, Vikki Leng, will visit retailers taking part in the Mushroom Retailer of the
        2007          Year Competition to familiarise them with mushroom resources available and to gather feedback about how the
                      industry and retailers can work together to increase sales.

        April-        Ann Creber Teams Up Fresh Mushrooms and Other Great Products
        August        Author, media presenter and food consultant, Ann, will include fresh mushrooms in a host of activities, including
        2007          George Foreman Grill cooking demonstrations and television commercials; and “Take Off Weight Naturally:
                      (T.O.W.N.) classes.

        April-        Mushrooms into TAFE Program
        August        Fresh mushrooms, together with mushroom cookbooks for teachers and mushroom varieties posters and recipe
        2007          leaflets will be provided to student chefs at TAFE’s around Victoria for professional cookery classes.

        April-June    Mushrooms Featured in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program
                      Mushrooms will be featured in this exciting hands-on program where school students and teachers follow the
                      process of growing, harvesting and cooking and tasting fresh produce. 27 schools, including parents, teachers
                      and children will be participating in the program.

        August        A la carte on the Beach, Queensland
                      2007 Mushroom Mania Ambassador will be on hand to cook up a feast of mushroom dishes throughout the

        August        Gold Box Restaurant Challenge, Gold Coast
        August        Mushrooms on Main
                      15 restaurants all cooking mushrooms on famous Tedder Avenue, Main Beach Queensland

        August        Brisbane Show (EKKA)
                      Kids in the Kitchen in the Agricultural Pavilion (4 shows daily)Mushroom Cooking Shows in the Agricultural
                      Pavilion (1 show per dayDaily cooking shows on the Womens' Weekly and MLA Stands

        August        Cooking demonstrations in major shopping centres.
                      Delicious mushroom dishes will be presented from the current recipe leaflets and recipes will be made available,
                      together with tastings for the consumer. These consist of 4 hour cooking shows through high traffic times. These
                      shows enthuse the retailers and show that we offer our support to them.

        August        Radio Mix 102.3            Breakfast Team
                      Mushrooms will be supplied for the showbags distributed by the radio station together with recipe leaflets.

        August        Back to School Friday: Mix 102.3
                      Mushrooms will be supplied for the kids barbeques. Mighty Mushroom in attendance, recipes distributed and
                      prizes for the kids.

        August        Variety Club Bash BBQ:
                      Charitable organisation to assist children’s health. Mushrooms will be supplied to cook on the BBQ. Mushroom
                      recipe leaflets will be displayed on each guest table.

        August        Peter Milosovitch cooking classes
                      Peter will include mushrooms in his and extol the virtues of the product.

        August        Willunga Markets.
                      Fresh mushrooms will be available for sale at the Relish Sister’s Gourmet Breakfast. Large flat mushrooms are
                      always popular and mushroom recipe leaflets will be provided to the customers.

        August        Life Be In It Event       Corporate Cup.
                      Mushrooms will be supplied for the BBQ and recipe leaflets will be made available.

        August 24-    ABC Garden Show at Sydney Showground Homebush
        26            Demonstrations and recipe distribution to over 30,000 people it is estimated will attend.

        Jul-18        School Canteen Conference and Expo
                      Mushroom display and samples at 9am - 3pm, Fremantle

        July          Cooking classes: Ragini Dey from the Spice Kitchen
                      A great supporter of AMG industry, Ragini will include a variety of mushrooms in her cooking class. Mushroom
                      recipe leaflets will be made available and Pam Tobin will give a short presentation on mushrooms.

        July          School Canteen Expo

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upcoming_events                                                                                                                             27/4/07 12:20 PM

                      Mushrooms will join Adelaide Produce Market and Go For 2 + 5 campaign

        July          Enfield Community Centre Program
                      SA Government sponsored program.

        July          SA Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence.
                      Mushrooms will have a high profile on the menu to over 900 invited guests. Mushroom logo will appear on the

        July          Kids in the Kitchen Cooking Program held at Regency Park TAFE College.
                      Four Day School holiday program from 9.00am          12.00noon each day. Mushrooms supplied to chefs to include
                      in their recipes for the students attending. Mighty Mushroom on site and recipe leaflets put in kids in the kitchen

        July 17-19    Retirement Expo at Rosehill Gardens
                      Co promotion with rice bran oil

        Jun-01        Rustic Charm Goes Manic Over Mushrooms
                      Special mushroom themed dinner to honour 5 years of participation in Mushroom Mania and launch of
                      Mushroom Mania 2007 at Rustic Charm.

        Jun-20        Chefs of the Future Gala Dinner
                      Vikki Leng will attend the event to meet the competitors and present the winners with their mushroom prize

        June          Sea and Vines Festival              McLaren Vale:
                      Major South Australian event, involving over 30 wineries in the region. Mushrooms will be provided to various
                      restaurants in the area who will include them in their menus during this festival.

        June          Hyatt Regency Adelaide           Aussie Barbecue mushrooms will feature predominately at this event.
                      Mushroom Farm Beds will be used for displays. Former Mushroom Mania winner, Jason Camillo, will create some
                      exciting mushroom dishes on the BBQ.

        June          Cooking presentations at two major shopping centres              Welland Plaza (Western suburbs) and Southgate
                      Plaza      southern suburbs.

        June          Radio        Mix 102.3: Kym, Ali and Dzelde Breakfast Team
                      will be visiting Back to School Fridays. Mushrooms will be provided for the kid’s barbeques and recipe leaflets for
                      adults to take home.

        June          Mushrooms at the Fresh Food Focus at Centra Flinders Square, Perth

        June          A la carte in the Park, Queensland
                      2007 Mushroom Mania Ambassador will be on hand to cook up a feast of mushroom dishes throughout the
                      event in the Mushroom Marquee. 30,000 visits are expected to attend the event.

        June          Swan TAFE Student Mushroom Award
        June          Brisbane Italian Festival
                      Working with Barilla Pasta, mushrooms will be featured throughout the festival.

        June 1-3      Mushrooms at the Melbourne Good Food Show
                      10am-6pm. Mushrooms will be popping up at locations all around the Good Food Show to truly show how
                      versatile they are. They will team up with Kikkoman, Jingilli Olive Oil, McCormick Foods and Baiada Poultry, to
                      name just a few.

        June 15-17 Good Food Show
                   The Good Food & Wine Show 2007 is Australia’s largest consumer food and wine exhibition.Mushrooms will be
                   supplied to a number of exhibitors at this show for use in their cooking demonstrationsLast year we worked with
                   Breville, Masterfoods, Jinjilli olive oil, McCormick’s, Good Taste Magazine. Over 29,823 visitors

        June 18-20 Chefs of the Future Culinary Competition
                   Supporting local apprentice chefs at Sunraysia TAFE providing fresh mushrooms for the cookoff.

        May           Mushrooms at Gold Coast and Southbank TAFE
        May           Celebrity Cooking and “Kids in the Kitchen at Charleville and Roman shows in conjunction with
                      Queensland Health and Go for 2+5 program.

        May           Mushrooms at the Murdoch University Fruit and Veg Day
                      10am - 2pm, Murdoch University

        May           State of Origin 4BH Function at Harvey Norman Garden City

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        May 1 - 7     Mushrooms joins with Fruit 'n' Veg in Primary Schools in Perth
        May 5-7       TOCAL Show
                      Mushroom cooking demonstrations and tasting at the TOCAL show Leslie Taylor from Limes Restaurant will
                      once again be doing three demos at 3.30 pm each day and three guest chefs from the Hunter Valley will be
                      using mushrooms in their demos each day.

        May-02        Fremantle Language Development Centre Food for Life Assembly
        May-13        Sydney Home Show at Darling Harbour
                      Mushroom Mania Ambassador, Ed Halmagyi will presents two mushroom cooking demonstrations at 12pm and

        May-15        3AW Interview with Damian Pike, Wild Mushroom Specialist
                      Jane Edmanson and Darren James will discuss mushrooms with Damian Pike on their popular Big Backyard

        May-26        Game Day sponsorship of the Cronulla Sharks game
                      * Junior supporter competition
                      * Bonus radio mentions
                      * Mushroom competition
                      *   Emails to members Mighty Mushroom appears at the game
                      *   Cronulla Sharks player presents mushroom radio commercial
                      *   Sharkies magazine advertising
                      *   Mushroom recipe sent to all members of the Cronulla club by email
                      *   Recipe brochures distributed at game
                      *   Mushroom commercial played on the Big Screen during pre game and half time.
                      *   Mushrooms on the menu in corporate boxes at the Toyota Park

       Need more information about any of these activities, contact the State Promotions Co-ordinator
       in your state:-

        NSW - Sue Dodd                                      0438 725 453
        QLD - Faye Tabet                                    0414 298 397

        SA - Pam Tobin                                      0417 849 471
        VIC - Vikki Leng                                    0411 647 275
        WA - Noelene Swain                                  08 9388 2775

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