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                                                       Whole Life Expo 2008 Exhibitor List
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    Convention Centre                                Over 200 dynamic exhibits feature the latest in natural health
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                                 HEALTH PRODUCTS, APPLIANCES, TOOLS                    EDUCATION, ASSOCIATIONS,
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                                 WHOLE FOODS & ORGANIC MARKET
    Exhibitor Services                                                                 HEALTH SERVICES, CENTRES,
                                 HEALTHY CUISINES, JUICES, SNACKS                      TREATMENTS
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                                 VITAMINS, HERBS, TONICS AND                           ANTI-AGING, SKIN & BODY CARE,
    Whole Life Expo              SUPPLEMENTS                                           AROMATHERAPY
                                 GREEN LIVING SHOWCASE                                 COUNSELLING, PERSONAL GROWTH &
    Whole Life Expo                                                                    DEVELOPMENT
    2006                         HEALTHY PET RESOURCES
                                                                                       GIFTS, JEWELLERY, STONES, CRAFTS,
    Whole Life Expo                                                                    CLOTHING
                                                                                       BOOKS, MAGAZINES

                                  HEALTH PRODUCTS, APPLIANCES, TOOLS

                                   AMETHYST BIOMAT Booth 204
                                   Amethyst Biomat; Alka-Life Ionized Water System; Rejuvena Skincare System

                                   AQUASMART TECHNOLOGIES Booth 244
                                   Water Purification Conservation Systems

                                   BIOPRO TECHNOLOGY Booth 182
                                   EMF Protection Devices; i-Water Anti Aging System

                                   BIOTRONIX RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS Booth 21
                                   Zapers; Nanocolloid Silver; Gold, Lymphatic & Ozone Generators; EMF Protectors; Lasers; Food

                                   EARTHCALM.CA Booth 47
                                   Personal & Home Devices to Protect Against Electromagnetic Frequencies for Health and Mood
                                   Enhancement                                                                                          Page 1 of 11
Whole Life Expo - Exhibitors                                                                                                  08/06/09 2:16 PM

                                   EMF SOLUTIONS CANADA Booth 200
                                   EMF Protection and Measurement Devices; Graham Stetzer Products

                                   ERADICATOR Booth 132
                                   Hair Analysis; Geopathic Stress Eradication; EMF Protection Products; Homeopathy; ELFR
                                   Eliminators; Lotus Shields

                                   ESSENTIA Booth 247
                                   Electromagnetic Meters & Protections; Books; Full Spectrum OTT Light


                                   EVELYN KRPAN Booth 10
                                   Hulda Clark Methods; Nanosil Colloidal Silver

                                   FRACTAL TRANSFORMATIONS INC Booth 46
                                   Quantum Age Water Stirwands; Strauss Heart Drops; Earth Eagle Liquid Smudge; Gardener’s
                                   Dream Cream

                                   FRACTAL TRANSFORMATIONS INC Booth 46
                                   Quantum Age Water; Stirwands; Strauss Heart Drops; Earth Eagle Liquid Smudge; Gardener's
                                   Dream Cream

                                   FUSION EXCEL CANADA Booth 186
                                   Quantum Pendant Enhanced With Scalar Energy

                                   GAMMA SALT CRISTALS LTD Booth 76, 77
                                   Himalayan Cooking Salt; Bath Salt; Lamps; Salt Inhaler

                                   GREEN HEALTH CANADA Booth 87
                                   Your Source for Juicers, Blenders, Sprouters, Litebook

                                   HEAVEN FRESH CANADA INC Booth 78
                                   Anti-Aging Ionic Air / Water Purifiers


                                   KMC INTERNATIONAL Booth 104
                                   Orthopedic Appliance for the Feet

                                   KOOPEH DESIGNS INC Booth 48A
                                   The Garlic Chop – Garlic Chopping Tool

                                   SAUNARAY Booth 42, 43
                                   Infrared Saunas

                                   SAVONS PROLAV INC Booth 39
                                   Biovert Cleaning Products; Equibar Organic bar

                                   THE HEALTH TECHNICIANS CANADA Booth 191
                                   Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Mat; MRS2000; Skin Dream

                                   THERAPEUTICA INC Booth 137
                                   Pillows Providing Correct Spinal Alignment

                                   TITANIUM EXCLUSIVE COOKWARE Booth 49
                                   Non-Stick Titanium Cookware and Accessories

                                   VITA-MIX CORPORATION Booth 1

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                                  WHOLE FOODS & ORGANIC MARKET                                                                                      Page 2 of 11
Whole Life Expo - Exhibitors                                                                                                  08/06/09 2:16 PM

                                   CEDAR SPRINGS Booth 16
                                   Bottled Water in Glass

                                   FROMAGERIE L'ANCETRE Booth 26
                                   Certified Organic Cheese and Butter

                                   HEARTY CATERING Booth 4
                                   Local & Organic Catering; raw, vegetarian food preparation & classes

                                   ISKCON Booth 14
                                   Cooked Vegan Meals; Philosophical Books Based on Bhagavad-Gita; CD's; Chanting and Neck

                                   KRAUT BROTHERS Booth 31
                                   Vegetarian Meatless Meats

                                   ORGANIC HORIZONS Booth 52
                                   Vivani Organic Chocolate; GoBio! Organic Puddings; Tartex Vegetarian Spreads

                                   RUTH'S HEMP FOODS Booth 23
                                   Hemp Protein Powders, Bars, Oil; Chia Goodness

                                   SACRED ROSE LTD        Booth 24
                                   Organic Herbal Tea

                                   STEVE'S PRODUCE Booth 229
                                   Silver leaf Organic Products of Greece

                                   STICKLING'S SPECIALTY BAKERY LTD           Booth 9

                                   THE BEE SHOP Booth 3B
                                   Apitherapy; Honey; Propolis; Royal Jelly; Bee Pollen; Bee Venom; Beeswax Candles

                                   TRADITION MISO / TANABATA GREEN TEA Booth 30

                                   VAN DYK'S HEALTH JUICE PRODUCTS LTD             Booth 8
                                   100% Pure Wild Blueberry Juice

                                   XOCAI HEALTHY CHOCOLATE Booth 48B
                                   Antioxidant Super Food


                                   YING YING SOY FOOD LTD        Booth 5
                                   Organic Gourmet Tofu

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                                  HEALTHY CUISINES, JUICES, SNACKS

                                   ECOIDEAS Booth 45
                                   Lumiere de Sel; Ecoideas; Ethnoscience; Panaceo; Salt Products; Ecological; Whole Foods;


                                   FIBREZIP CORP Booth 25A
                                   Organic Fibre Bars

                                   LENA'S ORGANIC GOODIES Booth 7
                                   Organic Ribbon Cookies: organic, vegan, sugar & wheat-free and delicious                                                                                      Page 3 of 11
Whole Life Expo - Exhibitors                                                                                                          08/06/09 2:16 PM

                                   LIVE HEALTH CAFE Booth 6
                                   Live Raw Food Recipe Books; Raw Snacks & Desserts

                                   MANITOBA HARVEST HEMP FOODS Booth 66, 67
                                   Hemp Products: Milk, Seed, Oil, Butter, Protein Powder

                                   NUJIMA LIVING FOODS Booth 18
                                   Organic Raw Superfoods From Around The World

                                   RAW ELEMENTS INC Booth 75
                                   Sun Warrior; Health Force Nutritionals; Potent Foods

                                   SEQUEL NATURALS LTD Booth 72
                                   Vega Whole Food Supplements – Health Optimizer, Energy Bars, Smoothie Infusion, Antioxidant
                                   EFA Oil Blend

                                   SUPERHEALTH.CA / MEALS THAT HEAL Booth 2
                                   Organic Juice Bar; Tea; Coffee; Julie Daniluk's Book

                                   TASTE OF NATURE Booth 70
                                   Organic Food Bars

                                   THE KING'S TEA INC Booth 73
                                   Loose Teas; Chinese Herbs; Tea Accessories

                                   UPAYA NATURALS Booth 35, 36
                                   Sunfood Nutrition, Gabriel Cousens, Sun Warrior, Dehydrators, Books, Vegetable Slicers, Raw Food

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                                  VITAMINS, HERBS, TONICS AND SUPPLEMENTS

                                   ADVANCED SELLING KINETICS           Booth 12
                                   Nopal Cactus Powder

                                   ADVANTAGE HEALTH MATTERS Booth 54, 55
                                   New Chapter; Maca Pro; Bali'Sun; Organic Traditions

                                   BIO+SOURCES Booth 37
                                   Bio+ Chlorella, Bio Mega 3+, Earth Calm, Health Recovery Chip (Needle Free Acupuncture)


                                   CANADIAN YOUNGEVITY Booth 240, 241
                                   Essential Coloidal Minerals for Optimal Health and Longevity

                                   CN NUTRITION Booth 79
                                   Garden of Life; Hazelwood Necklaces; Nutra Sprouts; Flax Seed & Broccoli Seeds

                                   DANELLE DISTRIBUTORS Booth 203
                                   Herbal Natural Remedies; Native Products & Drums

                                   EPHRA-KAY INTERNATIONAL Booth 183, 184
                                   Dead Sea Herbal Products; Sea Vegetables; Genesen Acutouch Pointer; Hyssop Herb Supplement;
                                   Digital Bidet; Water Purification System

                                   ESSIAC INT’L LTD CANADA Booth 40
                                   Herbal Supplements

                                   FLORA MFG Booth 90
                                   Flora Health: Organic Herbs, Supplements & Oils                                                                                              Page 4 of 11
Whole Life Expo - Exhibitors                                                                                                          08/06/09 2:16 PM

                                   FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS Booth 188
                                   Patented Stabilized Aloe Gels; Aloe Skin Care; Omega 3; Active Probiotics; Vitamins

                                   GLOBAL HEALTH BROKERAGE Booth 69
                                   Homeocan; Pure Fruit Technologies; O-N-E; Crispy Cat

                                   HOOPER'S PHARMACY          Booth 88
                                   Holistic Pharmacy

                                   KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTS Booth 227
                                   Award Winning Herbal Food Supplements

                                   M.N.R. DISTRIBUTION Booth 28
                                   Ayurvedic Herbal and Natural products

                                   MAX INTERNATIONAL Booth 207
                                   Max GXL & Max WLY - Reverse the Aging Process

                                   NAKA HERBS & VITAMINS         Booth 32

                                   NATURAL CALM CANADA Booth 230
                                   Canadian Distributor: Natural Calm & Nutritional Supplements

                                   OSUMEX NATURAL ALTERNATIVES LTD Booth 38
                                   LB17 Live Probiotics; Flax Hulls; Heavy Metal Test Kits

                                   PURE-LE NATURAL GLOBAL BOTANICAL Booth 84, 85
                                   Pure Le Natural, Health 4 All, Easy Vitamins & Minerals, Mega Omega, Fiberrific

                                   SAGEE CANADA Booth 228
                                   Brain Health; Weight Loss; EPFX Biofeedback Therapy

                                   SISU VITAMINS Booth 89
                                   Premium Vitamins & Herbal Supplements

                                   SMITH’S PHARMACY Booth 81, 82, 83
                                   Compounding Pharmacy; Health Food Store – participating suppliers: Inno-Vite; Platinum Naturals;
                                   Genacol; Hedd Wynn Essentials; Albi Naturals; CLM Health Inc; Natural Factors


                                   SUN LIFE GOJI Booth 74
                                   Goji Berries (Wolfberry) Products

                                   SUPERFOOD BY NATURE Booth 51
                                   Wheatgrass Juice, Powder, Capsules

                                   THE HERB WORKS Booth 20
                                   Wild Crafted, Organically Grown Herbal Formulae

                                   WOODLAND BOTANICALS Booth 185B
                                   Synthetic-Free Herbal Remedies & Oils

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                                  GREEN LIVING SHOWCASE

                                   ECOFABLOKA INC Booth 194A
                                   Soapnuts - Natural Laundry Soap

                                   JOLANTA INTERIORS Booth 193
                                   Universal Stone - World's Best Cleaner; nontoxic; phosphor & acid free, from Germany for all                                                                                              Page 5 of 11
Whole Life Expo - Exhibitors                                                                                               08/06/09 2:16 PM


                                   LIFE ENERGY SYSTEMS INC Booth 197
                                   Life Lite Full Spectrum Daylight Fluorescent Lighting

                                   NORWEX ENVIRO PRODUCTS Booth 199
                                   Environmentally Friendly Cleaning and Personal Care Products -

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                                  HEALTHY PET RESOURCES

                                   FEED-SENTIALS FOR K-9         Booth 206
                                   Organic Raw Pet Food

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                                  EDUCATION, ASSOCIATIONS, ORGANIZATIONS

                                   ASSOCIATION FOR REGISTERED HOMEOPATHS OF ONTARIO                       Booth 175
                                   Classical Homeopathic Medicine and Body Alignment Therapy

                                   THERAPY Booth 109
                                   The Art Of Reading Faces

                                   CALM Booth 123B
                                   Medical Cannabis Club for chronic or terminal conditions

                                   CANADIAN ORGANIC GROWERS               Booth 27
                                   Organic Resources

                                   CANADIAN SCHOOL OF NATURAL NUTRITION                    Booth 181

                                   ECKANKAR CANADA Booth 149
                                   Religion of the Light & Sound of God

                                   INTERNATIONAL SCHIZOPHRENIA FDN              Booth 154
                                   Orthomolecular Medicine for Mental health

                                   MANULIFE SECURITIES         Booth 179
                                   Financial Services

                                   ONTARIO HOMEOPATHIC ASSOCIATION Booth 180
                                   Association & Directory of Qualified Homeopaths since 1992

                                   PLACE RIGHT Booth 243
                                   Feng Shui For The Spiritual Seeker

                                   PLANETARY ASSOCIATION FOR CLEAN ENERGY                    Booth 246A

                                   REFLEXOLOGY ASSOCIATION CANADA Booth 144, 143A
                                   Reflexology Treatments

                                   ROCKY MOUNTAIN MYSTERY SCHOOL                Booth 152, 153
                                   Esoteric Studies

                                   THE INSTITUTE OF HOLISTIC NUTRITION Booth 174
                                   Full & Part Time Programs in Approved Holistic Nutrition                                                                                   Page 6 of 11
Whole Life Expo - Exhibitors                                                                                                      08/06/09 2:16 PM

                                   TORONTO TEACHING CENTRE Booth 170
                                   Ascended Masters Teachings - East and West

                                   TRANSFORMATIONAL ARTS COLLEGE Booth 114, 115
                                   Personal Interest Courses; Professional Training Programs in Holistic Health, Psychotherapy,
                                   Coaching, Spirituality

                                   WHISPERING SONG TEACHING LODGE              Booth 161
                                   School Of Energy Medicine

                                   WU & YEUNG QI GONG WELLNESS INSTITIUTE              Booth 135
                                   Qi Gong; Healing; Teaching

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                                  HEALTH SERVICES, CENTRES, TREATMENTS

                                   ACTIVATING HEALTH - CRANIOSACRAL Booth 143B
                                   Craniosacral and Essence Therapy; Healing Trauma and Auto-Immune Syndromes

                                   ACUMED MEDICAL Booth 96, 97
                                   World Class Leaders In Pain Management

                                   AURA PHOTOS BY FIRST STAR Booth 249
                                   Advanced Kirlian Aura & Chakra Photos


                                   CANADIAN REIKI ASSOCIATION          Booth 157, 158
                                   Reiki Treatments


                                   DR DANA COLSON Booth 119, 120
                                   Wellness Based Dentistry

                                   HIPPOCRATES HEALTH INSTITUTE Booth 117
                                   Brochures, Books, Juices, Snacks, Charts

                                   HOLISTIC SERVICES & PRODUCTS INC Booth 245
                                   Mineral Deficiency Testing; Organic Liquid Mineral Supplements

                                   LUCIANA'S CRANIOSACRAL HEALING CENTER                Booth 99
                                   Emotional release; Craniosacral Energy Healing


                                   METAPHYSIQUE Booth 167, 168, 169
                                   Bach Flower Remedy; Acu-Intuitive Massage; Reiki; QXCI Quantum Biofeedback; Karmic Astrology

                                   NASRI INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE Booth 177, 178
                                   Chelation; Quantum Biofeedback; Intravenous Nutrition; Homeopathy; Cancer Therapy

                                   OK INITIATIVES INC Booth 98
                                   Fitness Core Training

                                   ONTARIO CENTRE FOR PRANIC HEALING Booth 148
                                   Pranic Healing Treatments

                                   ONTARIO N.S.A. Booth 150
                                   Body/Mind Connection Care; Network Chiropractic

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Whole Life Expo - Exhibitors                                                                                                 08/06/09 2:16 PM

                                   ONTARIO POLARITY THERAPY ASSOCIATION Booth 106
                                   Balancing The Body's Natural Electromagnetic Field


                                   RAINBOW STAR Booth 94
                                   Aura Photography; Energy Work; Ear Candling

                                   RED PAW HEALTH SERVICES Booth 126
                                   Computerized Electro Dermal Screening

                                   SACRED SCENTS / TEMPLE OF SOUND Booth 112
                                   Shamanic Arts; Essential Oils; Sound Healing

                                   SAT DHARAM KAUR, ND Booth 107B
                                   Kundalini Yoga; Naturopathic Medicine; Breast Health; Addiction Recovery

                                   SENTIENT HEALTH Booth 118
                                   Holistic Iridology; Sclerology; Holistic Nutrition

                                   SHIATSU BY SHER ENERGY HEALING Booth 121,122,123A
                                   Hot Stone Shiatsu; Energy Healing; Reflexology; Acupuncture; Ear Candling; Chiropractic
                                   Screening Spinal

                                   SHIATSU DIFFUSION SOCIETY             Booth 139
                                   Shiatsu Therapy

                                   SHIATSU SOCIETY OF ONTARIO Booth 100
                                   Shiatsu Treatments; Support for Shiatsu Therapists

                                   STEELES CHIROPRACTIC & ACUPUNCTURE HEALTH CLINIC Booth 136
                                   Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Clinical Thermography

                                   STEPHEN AUBE UNIVERSAL LIGHT CENTRE                  Booth 160A
                                   One on One Energy Healing

                                   THE AMBER DOOR Booth 113
                                   Crystal Bed & Colour Therapy From Brazil

                                   THE EYE FIX Booth 103A
                                   Correcting Nearsightedness

                                   THE WELL ADJUSTED CHIROPRACTIC CENTRE                  Booth 138
                                   Chiropractic Spinal Analysis

                                   THERMOGRAPHY CLINIC Booth 127
                                   Medical Infrared Thermography

                                   TORONTO ACUPUNCTURE & HERB CENTRE Booth 124
                                   Health Recovery Chips (Needle Free Acupuncture)

                                   TORONTO HEALING ARTS CENTRE                 Booth 250, 251
                                   Wholistic Centre

                                   TORONTO SCHOOL OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE Booth 151
                                   Acupuncture; Traditional Chinese medicine; Professional Education; Effective Treatment

                                   TRAGER Booth 257
                                   Integrative Bodywork and Exercise Program

                                   VITA INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CLINIC Booth 105
                                   Dynamic Postural Assessments                                                                                     Page 8 of 11
Whole Life Expo - Exhibitors                                                                                            08/06/09 2:16 PM

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                                  ANTI-AGING, SKIN & BODY CARE, AROMATHERAPY

                                   AFRICAN SECRETS INC Booth 107A
                                   Swazi Secrets; Marula Oil

                                   ALL NATURALS INC        Booth 111
                                   Shea Butter Products

                                   ARBONNE INTERNATIONAL Booth 133,134
                                   Health & Wellness Products, Skincare; Supplements; Weight Loss; Aromatherapy

                                   BEAULANCE NATURAL SKINCARE               Booth 206
                                   Natural Organic Skin Care

                                   CATHI GRAHAM'S OXYLIFT Booth 102
                                   Facelift in a Box – Erases wrinkles, Firms Skin

                                   FM'S AROMATHERAPY Booth 242
                                   Chakra Oils; Crystal Wands; Books; Aromatherapy

                                   LOVE AT FIRST TOUCH Booth 209
                                   Emu Oil; Natural Skin Care

                                   NATURAL GODDESS Booth 189
                                   100% Natural Body Care and Cosmetics


                                   PURE + SIMPLE Booth 91,92
                                   Natural and Organic Skin Care


                                   SAHARA MINERAL COSMETICS Booth 11
                                   Face Clay Mask & Powder; Japanese Dry Skin Brush; Drinking Clay

                                   SHEA BUTTER DIRECT Booth 219
                                   Raw Shea Butter and Shea Body Cream

                                   SUNCOAT PRODUCTS INC Booth 185A
                                   Natural Cosmetics; Water Base Nail Care; Sugar Base Hair Styling

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                                  COUNSELLING, PERSONAL GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT

                                   ALICJA CENTRE OF WELL-BEING Booth 210
                                   Dowsing tools; Vibrational Jewelry, Pyramids; Atlantis Products

                                   ATLAN HEALING CENTRES           Booth 141
                                   Spiritual Services

                                   BART SMIT & LAURIE WEINBERG Booth 243
                                   Deep Trance Channeler & Meditation Teacher; Spiritual Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

                                   CHARLOTTE SZIVAK Booth 142
                                   Psychic Spiritual Healer; Animal Communicator; Medical Intuitive

                                   ERIK VALDMAN Booth 108
                                   Karma Secrets; The Art of BIM                                                                                Page 9 of 11
Whole Life Expo - Exhibitors                                                                                                    08/06/09 2:16 PM


                                   GASKI PERFORMANCE GROUP Booth 145
                                   Personal Development: Training Workshops, Personal Coaching, Wellness Programs

                                   INTUITIVE SOUL RADIO Booth 155
                                   Consciousness Radio; Channeler-Psychotherapist; Home Clearings

                                   LYNDA DOYLE Booth 159
                                   Professional Psychic Intuitive & Life Coach

                                   METAPHYSIQUE: YORKVILLE’S CENTRE FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH Booth 167,168,169
                                   Bach Flower Remedies; Acu-Intuitive Massage; Reiki; Quantum Biofeedback; Karmic Astrology;

                                   MONROE PRODUCTS - HEMI SYNC             Booth 215
                                   Hemi Sync® CD's, Power Forms®

                                   SPECTRUM HOLISTIC LIFE STRATEGIES COACHING                  Booth 136
                                   Stress Management, life organization and life coaching

                                   STARLIGHT TRUTH ADVENTURE RETREATS Booth 220
                                   5-Day Intensive Retreats; Semi Precious Water Fountains

                                   TRULYU HAND ANALYSIS Booth 103B
                                   Hand Analysis and Life Purpose Coaching

                                   UBEROI IDEAS Booth 163
                                   Intuitive Life Coach

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                                  GIFTS, JEWELLERY, STONES, CRAFTS, CLOTHING

                                   5 ELEMENTS AROMATHERAPY PRODUCTS Booth 232A
                                   100% Natural Soy Candles; Essential Oil Products

                                   AMBERSOUL Booth 217,218
                                   Pyramids, Harmonizers, Spheres, Cell Phone Protection

                                   DO BAMBOO Booth 236
                                   Bamboo Fibre Clothing; Towels; Bed Sheets

                                   GEM'N I GEMSTONZ Booth 211
                                   Esoteric Jewellery, Crystals, Feng Shui Products, etc

                                   GREEN MT. HAMMOCKS & TRADING Booth 195,196
                                   Hammocks; Baskets; Eazy Boy Stools; Hammock Chairs

                                   HEALTHY CHOICE CANDLES           Booth 226
                                   Beeswax Candles

                                   HERMIT STUDIOS Booth 212
                                   Handcrafted Jewelry; Hand Painted Silks; Bookmarks


                                   HIGHCHI Booth 214
                                   Energy Jewelry

                                   NATURE HOUSE Booth 235
                                   Sandals, Handbags & Accessories: Made with all natural products such as Pandan & Water
                                   Hyacinth                                                                                       Page 10 of 11
Whole Life Expo - Exhibitors                                                                                                     08/06/09 2:16 PM

                                   ONE DIRECTION / TEES 4 TREES Booth 238
                                   Eco Friendly & Environmentally Informative Shirts; Three Trees Planted for Every Shirt Sold

                                   ROOTS OF TIBET Booth 201,202
                                   Meditation Bowls and Healing Chimes

                                   SACHEE ENTERPRISES INC Booth 221
                                   Crystals and Mineral Specimens

                                   SHAMBHALA HEALING TOOLS Booth 224
                                   Sacred Geometry Healing Tools & Music

                                   SINATE CREATIONS Booth 233,234
                                   Recycled Wrap Dresses & Wool-Silk Shawls; New Silk Wraps

                                   SOUL SYMBOLS Booth 237
                                   Chakra Stone Jewelry; Sterling Silver Aum & Ganesha Pendants & Malas

                                   SU SILK ART Booth 231
                                   Silk Embroidery Pictures

                                   THE CRYSTAL LOTUS Booth 130
                                   Crystal healing Sessions, Workshops, Talismans, Candles


                                   TIBETAN PAPER & HANDICRAFT Booth 222A
                                   Hand Made Paper Products; Singing Bowls; Incence Bags; Masks

                                   TRIBAL SPIRIT Booth 172
                                   Native American Spiritual Tools

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                                  BOOKS, MAGAZINES

                                   KOS PUBLISHING Booth 166
                                   Books; Petition Info; Lyme Action Group; New book release: Chronic Lyme Disease in Canada -
                                   The Persecution of Doctors Able to Treat It and the Denial of Treatment Choice to Patients.

                                   PORTER STUDIO LTD Booth 223
                                   Book: Life In Beauty; Home Crafted Silver Jewellery

                                   THE ETERNAL MOMENT BOOKSTORE               Booth 253,254,255
                                   Books, Audio, Giftware

                                   VITALITY MAGAZINE Booth 15
                                   Toronto’s Monthly Wellness Journal


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