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            Exclusive service from the news desk of TERRASAPO
New for this issue
We are happy to inform you of our new range for the spring. Men have been asking for more
than shaving soaps so we have added two new ranges that would be especially kind to their skins
but not leave them smelling ‘flowery’.
Aloe Vera bars, Aloe Vera shower treat (gel), Aloe Vera hand wash
Cedar and Lemon Grass bars, Cedar and Lemon Grass Shower Treat (gel), Cedar and Lemon
Grass Hand Wash
We are also introducing a new range of fruity smells
Fundraising in our community for MKCARERS: We want to thank those at Nikken
for supporting MKCARERS.
Some remarks from people about our products:
“I can’t believe how beautiful and healthy my hair is since I have been using
the shower treat to wash my hair...”
Janet from Kingston Ja

“Whenever I have visitors they use every bit of my shower treat and then I am
left without anything for too long. So now I order extra whenever I know I will
be having visitors”
Caroline from Milton Keynes

And now some news from the experts...
Coconut oil for soap
Coconut oil is an excellent ingredient for making the high quality TERRASAPO soap by bringing
its own unique qualities; it is naturally rich in Lauric Acid, which protects your skin from micro-
organisms. This naturally occurring defence is carried on in the soap. Coconut oil is pure, free of
impurities and gives big, fluffy bubbles.
 Premium quality coconut oil can help prevent and protect against free radical formation and
keep the skin from developing blemishes and spots.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil used in TERRASAPO soap can help prevent fungal and bacterial
infections in the skin and help to improve the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema,
dermatitis and psoriasis.

How does it work?
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is packed full of Lauric Acid which is a powerful antibiotic that acts
to minimise a risk of any infection from excessive skin dryness and friction from cracks.
Using Organic Coconut Oil as an excellent moisturiser for skin can also help reduce itching and
irritation and help cure fungal nail infections, acne and can improve the symptoms of skin
infections including eczema and psoriasis.

Best wishes,
Pamela Mc Masters

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