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					                                                Chanukah 5770/2009

    Hebrew Institute Initiates                                                   Why Pay Retail?  
 L’Dor V’Dor Legacy Gift Program                                                        By Deborah Weinberger 
At its November meeting, The Hebrew Institute             Out  of  sight,  tucked  deep  down  below 
Board of Directors established a formal endowment
                                                          the  main  floor  of  HIWP  lies  the  best 
program to solicit and direct legacy gifts to benefit a
variety of programs and services so important to the      kept  shopping  secret  in  White  Plains. 
life and vitality of the Hebrew Institute. Monetary       Here,  Tuesday  through  Thursday  10am‐
gifts, whether given now, pledged in the future as a      2pm  you  will  find  many  of  the  savviest 
testamentary pledge or given as a bequest, have be-       shoppers  from  across  Westchester. 
come an ever more important source of revenue for         Shoppers  take  buses,  taxis,  trains,  cars 
religious institutions and other not for profit chari-
table organizations. The needs of the Hebrew Insti-       or  just  walk  to  pop  in  and  see  the  new 
tute are no different than other, like organizations,     arrivals  at  the  HIWP  Sisterhood  Thrift          Pearl, Sylvia & Faye  
and we hope that with the establishment of this           Shop.    Many  have  been  shopping  here  Grande Dames of Thrift Shop 
planned giving initiative, we are creating a new          for  20  plus  years.  Most  are  on  a  first 
source of revenue for our synagogue.                      name, “we’ll call you when we get something in your size” basis.  
                                                          It is here, right around the corner from our youth lounge, that you 
Since its founding, the Hebrew institute has been
the beneficiary of some generous and future think-        can  find  names  like  Gucci,  Ralph  Lauren,  Teri  Jon,  Louis  Vuitton, 
ing individuals who, by their action in end of life       Coach and more.  The finds are so great I almost wanted to keep 
decisions have made a difference to future genera-        the treasures to myself, but that wouldn’t be fair to the rest of you 
tions of Hebrew Institute members. You too can            “fellow bargain hunters.”   Inside this quiet, friendly place, I found 
have a far reaching impact by making a legacy gift        a  beautiful  cocktail  dress,  an  assortment  of  cool  broken‐in  jeans, 
                                                          sweaters,  fabulous  rain  boots,  a  mix  of  other  totally  cool  wear‐
The Board of Directors has established the following      ables  and  baubles.    (I  wasn’t  even  paying  attention  to  the  men’s 
Legacy Gift Endowment Funds:                              stuff!)  

                                                          The HIWP Sisterhood Thrift Shop has been up and running for over 
General Fund                                              25  years,  thanks  to  committed  HIWP  members  like  Faye  Kaplan 
Youth Programs and Services                               and Sylvia Heller and a dedicated crew of longtime members and 
Torah Fund for Ritual Items and                           friends.  A bargain shopper’s dream, the HIWP Thrift Shop is defi‐
        Care of the Sanctuary                             nitely  worth  a  visit.    But  you  can’t  make  just  one  appearance  as 
Educational Programs
                                                          new treasures arrive every day.   
Older Adult Programs and Services
Scholarship                                               “Hi Faye”, a returning customer said as she entered the store.  Did 
Capital Fund                                              you get anything new since my last visit?”   
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In this issue…
Message from the President              2     Holiday in Review                     5         Family News                       10-11
Meet Our New Members                    3     Youth News                            6         We Mourn the Loss                  12
Board Directory                         3     Meet B’Nei Mitzvah                    7         Gifts & Contributions             13-15
From the Rabbi’s Desk                   4     Women / Isha L’Isha News              8         HIWP Events                         20
                                              Shul Schmooze                         9
Page 2                                                                               Hebrew Institute of White Plains
  Hebrew Institute of White Plains
         20 Greenridge Avenue
         White Plains, NY 10605
                                                                       A Message From The President
 Tel: 914.948.3095 Fax: 914.949.4676
                                                                                                                     Dean Ungar
    Rabbi: Chaim Marder:
  Chazzan: Yitzy Spinner:
       Rabbi Emeritus: Murray Grauer                  Is the Earth 15 billion years old as scientific evidence suggests or was it cre‐
Cantor Emeritus: Eli Berlinger:
  Rabbinic Intern/Youth Rabbi: Eytan Yammer:          ated in six days 5,770 years ago, as a casual reading of the bible appears to 
                         suggest?  This is a question that, with good reason, challenges the faith of 
     Congregational Intern: Gilah Kletenik
                              many people, including many in our own congregation. As a group, we are 
  Shabbat Group Coordinator: Rachel Spinner:          people  that  are  seeking  G‐d  and  recognize  the  undeniable  wisdom  and 
    Administrator: Teri Kopp:           power of the Torah and we are seeking ways to build our faith, yet almost 
  President Dean Ungar:            all of us have one foot firmly planted in the secular world and many of us 
 Executive Officers—Management Committee              are  not  “frum  from  birth.”    We  respect  the  wisdom  of  the  secular  world 
     Synagogue President ~ Dean Ungar                 and are not simply willing to dismiss it when it seems to contradict biblical 
  Co-Vice-President ~ Deborah Weinberger
      Co-Vice-President ~ Beth Hurvitz                Truth. Yes, we know that Rambam many hundreds of years ago has writ‐
     Secretary ~ Marilyn Kneller-Rimsky               ten a “Guide to the Perplexed”, but we remain perplexed. 
         Treasurer ~ Alan Schulman
        Senior Gabbai ~ Doug Hirshon                   
       House Officer ~ Charles Wagner                 By the time you read this, several weeks have passed since our first Scholar
   Programming Officer ~ Meira Orentlicher
  Women’s Focus Officer ~ Adina Shoulson              ‐in‐Residence  of  the  year,  Dr.  Gerald  Schroeder,  an  MIT  trained  physicist, 
      Fund Raising Officer—Keith Reich                presented  the  Dennis  Shields  Memorial  Lectures  and  dealt  with  precisely 
                                                      this  topic.    Having  read  three  of  his  books,  I  know  the  lectures  will  have 
    HIWP Committees 2009-10
                                                      been  provocative,  informative  and  hopefully  have  helped  us  reach  a 
Committee           Chairperson(s)
                                                      deeper understanding of modern science and Torah.  I hope that this event 
Adult Education     Jess Olson
Bikur Cholim        Len Weinstein                     has also helped to deepen our faith. 
Building Planning   Keith Reich                        
Bulletin            Debbie Guthartz                   And  that  is one  of  the  great  things  about  the  Hebrew  Institute.  Over  the 
                     Milton Hoffman                   years, many scholars and lecturers have passed through our doors.  Sure, 
Career Counselling / Mentoring
                    Joe Fisch                         not  all  of  them  have  been  great,  but  then  there  are  those  very  special 
Chesed (no chair at this time)                        times.  There  are  times  when  sitting  in  Shul,  you  hear  something  that  ex‐
Shiva Meals         Suzie Marder                      pands your mind, challenges your thinking, and engages your soul. During 
                    Debbie Guthartz                   those times I find myself excited and gratified that such learning can occur 
New Baby Meals Erica Fish
Finance/Investment Alan Schulman
                                                      in our seemingly ordinary, suburban Shul. But it surely does. 
House               Mick Gilbert                       
Israel Action       John Lightstone                   Then  I  reflect  on  the  larger  scope  of  Jewish  history.  Has  not  that  always 
Journal             Betty Fisch                       been the case?   Think of the Torah giants of the past and of Jewish Nobel 
                    Debbie Schwartz                   prizewinners and great writers of the 19th and 20th centuries. They did not 
                    Cari Rosenberg
Kiddush             Helen Epstein                     typically emerge from privileged backgrounds.  There were famous centers 
Leisure Thursday Marilyn Berkowitz                    of  Jewish  learning,  but  the  genius  they  produced  often  originated  in 
                    Jonathan Goodblatt                Shtetls  and  other  nondescript  Jewish  communities.    What  I  am  trying  to 
                    Bernie Scheiman                   say is that, it seems to me, in our history, intellectual strivings have never 
Membership          Jerusha Coltoff
Religious Services Gadi Romm                          been  confined  to  specially  designated  places.  Learning  opportunities  and 
Seating             Teddy Ganzarski                   intellectual  stimulation  has  always  been  accessible  to  the  whole  commu‐
                    Jonathan Goodblatt                nity.  I am proud when the Hebrew Institute carries on that worthy legacy. 
Security            Terence Schwartz                   
Sisterhood President Diane Bloom
                                                      I  am  especially  pleased  with  the  Lehrhaus  series  that  has  been  recently 
Testimonial Dinner Ellen Ungar
             Debra Kamerman Ganzarski                 initiated by Jess Olson and the Adult Education committee. This series will 
Women’s Tefillah     Rena Fredman                     provide  a  platform  for  many  of  our  members,  experts  in  their  fields,  to 
                     Michelle Brody                   educate and discuss with the Congregation, issues pertaining to various 
                                                                                                                        Continued on page 18 
Hebrew Institute of White Plains Bulletin                                                       Page 3

   A Few New Faces You’ll See Around the Shul                                HIWP Board of Directors
                                                                                    Diane Bloom
                                                                                   Michelle Brody
                                                                                   Jerusha Coltoff
                                                                                     Betty Fisch
                                                                                  Abraham Gabor
                                                                                 Valerie Greenstein
                                                                                  Debbie Guthartz
                                                                                   Marc Guthartz
       Ilana Rosenberg,                 Jonathan and Monica Stauber
                                                                                    Doug Hirshon
      Michah Gottleib and                     and their children                    Beth Hurvitz
         their daughters                    Kimberly and Jeremy                   Michael Kellman
     Gabriella and Jordana
                                                                               Marilyn Kneller-Rimsky
                                                                                    David Kroun
                                                                                  Mark Levenson
                                                                                     Liz Marcus
                                                                                     Keith Reich
                                                                                     Neil Rimsky
                                                                                     Gadi Romm
 Eytan and Marisa Yammer
                                                                                     Jess Olson
                                         Batya Ginsberg, George Puro              Meira Orentlicher
       and their sons                     and their daughter Deborah
     Yoav and Azarya                                                               Alan Schulman
                                                           Jack Nahmod            Adina Shoulson
                                                            Yael Slonim          Bennet Silverman
                                                            (not pictured)          Dina Spiegel
                                                                                  Richard Tolchin
                                                                                    Dean Ungar
                                                                                  Charles Wagner
                                                                                 Jonathan Waitman
                                                                                Deborah Weinberger
     Ezra and Miriam Halevi             Mordechai and

HIWP Bulletin Staff : Milton Hoffman, Leah Weitzman and Teri Kopp
Managing Editor: Debbie Guthartz
Contributing Writers: Rabbi Chaim Marder, Dean Ungar, Meira Orentlicher, Lara Siegel, Deborah Weinberger, Marc
Guthartz, Debra Kamerman Ganzarski, Keith Reich, Audrey Reich and Milton Hoffman
We welcome photos, articles and information for inclusion in the bulletin.
Submissions can be sent via email to or mailed to the HIWP office ATTN: TERI.
All articles are subject to editing.
Page 4                                                                 Hebrew Institute of White Plains

                                     FROM THE RABBI’S Desk
                                                     by Rabbi Chaim Marder

                                 The Jew as Shamash 
Being    fahshemt  by  a  child’s  behavior  –    that  is    impact.    That’s  the  nerot  Chanukah  part  of  us,  and 
perhaps on the short list of parental nightmares.             that’s big. 
There we sat at the Westchester Day School Cha‐                
nukah  performance,  and  our  beloved  son,  not             The  Jew  as  shamash  is  a  different  angle.    It’s  not 
always  known  for  his  restraint  in  his  early  years,    about  impressing  (consciously  or  not,  and  in  the 
was  on  stage.    Suzie  and  I  brimmed  with  nachas       best  of  meanings)  rather  it’s  about  direct  contact.  
as  the  show  proceeded.    Suddenly,  all  that             With our fellow Jews, it’s chessed in all of its forms, 
changed  as  the  joy  turned  to  horror  –  our  son        it’s  “outreach”  or  encounter.    It’s  the  reason  why 
was  “head‐butting”  the  other  children  on  stage!         we’re coordinating some apartment building candle
How  could  he  show  such  poor  judgment,  there            ‐lightings.  (Please contact Jay Weinberger to volun‐
on stage in front of a capacity crowd?  We didn’t             teer to participate or to share your lobby).  With our 
know what to do.    Would the teachers help  him              larger world, it’s different.  It’s the way in which we 
get control?  Could we ever show our faces again              apply Jewish values towards the others in need.  It’s 
at the school? We looked at each other, panicked,             not  just  about  participating  but  leading;  caring 
stiff.      And  then  another  parent,  seeing  us  in       about  hunger  and  poverty,  about  worker  rights, 
shock,  came  to  the  rescue:  she  told  us  that  we       about human rights, and doing so through a Jewish 
had misjudged him: our little Ari was the shamash             lens and in a Jewish way.  That’s “Jewish social jus‐
to all of his classmate candles, and all he was do‐           tice”  which  our  intern  Gilah  Kletenik  is  teaching 
ing was giving them a light.                                  about  throughout  December.    It’s  manifest  when 
                                                              we give clothes and warm food to the homeless as 
The  misunderstood  and  underappreciated  sham‐              we  do  for  Project  Embrace,  or  the  projects  of  Uri 
ash has become my hero.  I am well aware that in              l’tzedek  (the  organization  that  we  learned  about 
the halachik scheme of things the shamash is not              one  Shabbat this past July), or the causes and work 
really a Chanukah light at all.  The lit candles that         of the American Jewish World Service (who will be 
sit alongside one another, increasing each night –            represented here on the Shabbat of Dec. 19th). 
they’re  the  nerot  Chanukah,  the  mitzvah  lights,          
the holy lights (kodesh hem), the ones which pub‐             There’s  no  shame  in  being  the  shamash  –  it’s  our 
licize  and  spread  the  Chanukah  miracle,  the  re‐        holy work too.  We should admire the lighters in life.  
minder  (pirsum ha‐nes)  to  our  fellow  Jews.    The        We should aspire to be one ourselves. 
shamash is “merely” a lighter.  But that’s a good              
thing. I admire the lighters in life.                         Suzie  and  the  family  join  me  in  wishing  you  all  a 
                                                              chag urim sameach. 
Pirsum hanes is impact via example.  That is, most             
certainly,  a  primary  way  in  which  we  Jews  are 
meant to lead our Jewish lives.  By living Jewishly 
                                                              Rabbi Chaim Marder
(candles  aglow),  and  allowing  others  to  observe 
(catch some of our rays), we can have a dramatic  
Hebrew Institute of White Plains Bulletin                                                                                          Page 5

                                       Holiday Review in Brief
                                                                              Recite "hanerot hallalu" after the first of the candles is lit. 
    A quick review of the Chanukiah                                            
          lighting procedures                                                 4. Use the shamash (the assistant candle) to light the Chanukah 
                                                                              candles, but don't count it as a day! 
Where To Place The Chanukiah ("Menorah")                                       

                                                                              Do not light one candle in the chanukiah with another candle in 
The chanukiah should be placed in the window facing the                       the chanukiah.  Use the shamash for this purpose. 
street where people passing by can see it.  In this way you                    

can  fulfill  the  Mitzvah  of  pirsum  haness  ‑  publicizing  the           5.  The  candles  are  holy  and  should  not  be  used  for  any  other 
miracle.  If this is not possible, place it on a table prefera‐               purpose.    Even  the  wax  of  the  burned‑out  candles  may  not  be 
bly near the entrance opposite the mezuzah, and where it                      used for any other purpose.  (See "hanerot halalu"). 
can easily seen by all in the family, since it has become the                  
practice to light indoors for the family's   pirsum haness.                   How long should the candles burn? 
                                                                              The Chanukah candles should burn for at least one half hour.  Try 
How To Arrange The Chanukiah   
                                                                              to light candles just around the time that the stars come out. 
       Everybody needs a refresher from time to time,                          
                            so here goes:                                     Lighting Candles on Friday and Saturday Evening 
1. Place the candles in the chanukiah in                                                         
the  same  direction  Hebrew  is  read  ‑                                                       Chanukah  candles  must  be  lit  before  Shabbat 
from  right  to  left  as  you  face  the  cha‐                                                 candles, since otherwise that would entail light‐
nukiah.    If  you're  placing  it  near  the                                                   ing  candles  when  it  was  already  Shabbat.    The 
window with the intent that it primarily                                                        Chanukah  candles  are  supposed  to  burn  until 
serve  the  outside,  you  should  try  to                                                      1/2 hour after 3 stars come out, in this case 1 & 
stand as if you were the person looking                                                         1/2  hours  total.    The  best  suggestion  is  to  use 
in from the street (i.e. try to get in front                                                    Shabbat  candles  in  some  type  of  makeshift 
of  the  chanukiah  ‑between  the  cha‐                                                         holder  or  the  special  beeswax  candles  if  you 
nukiah and the window ‑ to light).                                                              don’t light with oil. 
2. Light the candles in the chanukiah in the same direction                   On  Saturday  night,  1st  make  havdalah  and  then  light  your  cha‐
English is read (moving from left to right) as you face the                   nukiah. 

For example:  On the third night of Chanukah, place three                     Who May Light the Candles 

candles  in  the  chanukiah,  on  the  far‑right  of  the  eight              Every  member  of  the  family  may  light  their  own  chanukiah, 
branched chanukiah as you face it.  Light the third candle                    which  some  suggest  is  the  best  way  to  perform  the  mitzvah 
first (moving from left to right) then the second and finally                 (mehadrin  min  Hamehadrin).    Remember,  though,  to  leave 
the  first.    Always  light  "the  candle  of  the  night"  first.    (If    enough space between each chanukiah so that each one's fire is 
you get confused, it's not so terrible!)                                      distinguishable from the next. 

3.  First,  make  the  blessings,  then  light  the  candles.    We           Important note: If you are using a flat tin chanukiah/menorah, 
always make the blessing first and then perform the mitz‐                     please take great care to place it a heat and fire resistant sur‐
vah.                                                                          face.  Never place menorahs in close proximity of a plexi‐glass 
Baruch atah Ado‑nai Elo‑heinu melech halolam...                               window or any curtains.   
            a)  ...  asher  kiddeshanu  bemitzvotav,  vetzivanu 
lehadlik ner, shel Chanukah.                                                  Lastly‐ play it safe – don’t leave your candles unattended. 
            b) ... sh'asah nissim laavoteinu, bayamim hahem,                      Spend the time with family and friends, spin dreidel, enjoy some 
bazman hazeh.                                                                                 quality time.  Chag Chanukah Sameach! 
            c)  (1st  night)...  shehechiyanu,  vekiyimanu,  vehigi‐
yanu, lazman hazeh. 
Page 6                                                        Hebrew Institute of White Plains

                                    Youth News
Dear HIWP Family, 
In the last few weeks and months we have learned 
together, played together, engaged in chessed to‐
                                                                   A Message from
gether and from that, grew together.                               Rachel Spinner

The high holidays presented many challenges; that             It's great to be back coordinating
of  sheer  numbers  of  children  and  many  children         Shabbat groups for the kids of the
new  to  our  groups.    Our  teen  leaders  rose  to  the    Hebrew Institute! Thank you, Rabbi
occasion and enabled both children and adults to              Eytan for filling in while I was out on
have  a  meaningful  and  prayerful  Rosh  Hashanah           maternity leave. The kids loved
and Yom Kippur.                                               having you downstairs and they all
                                                              enjoy the pop-in visits throughout
I am also proud of our teens for coming together              the morning.
for our first teen minyan of the year. It was won‐
derfully successful and was a great experience for            I also want to thank everyone from
all  who  participated  and  all  enjoyed  the  terrific      the congregation for their letters
cholent.                                                      and well wishes.

Our October family programs included a trip to the 
                                                             Now that I’m back, I look forward
Bronx  Zoo  and  an  orchard  outing  to  pick  apples.      to meeting all the new children of
In  November  we  ran  our  first  of  the  season,  Pro‐    HIWP.
ject  Embrace  outing  with  10  of  our  members  par‐
ticipating.      After  collecting  donations  of  clothing 
and  toiletries  from  the  community  and  baking 
cookies  in  the  shul,  we  traveled  together  to  the 
last stop on the 1 train in the Bronx to distribute the food and clothing to the homeless on the 

After a great start, the youth department is looking forward to the rest of the year.  We are plan‐
ning a number of fun, chessed and fun chessed events in the coming months.  Paintball, Ice Skat‐
ing, Playing Billiards, the Hanukah Party and more opportunities to participate in Project Embrace 
are just a few of the exciting events and activities that you and your children can look forward to 
in the near future. 

Thank you to all who have participated in the youth events so far this year. We look forward to 
               seeing you at youth and family events in the coming months. 
                  Eytan Yammer
                  Youth Rabbi/ Rabbinic Intern 
Hebrew Institute of White Plains Bulletin                                                                     Page 7

                   Meet the B’Nei Mitzvah
Aaron Toporovsky                               running fundraising events which        tion to Laniado hospital which dates
                                               are linked to community service         back to the 1970s and her grand-
           A.J. celebrated his                 projects and humanitarian assis-        mother, Eva Brenner Margolin.
bar mitzvah on November                        tance programs. Annabelle takes a                Mayan would like to give a
21, 2009, Parshat Toldot                       very active role in all of these pro-   special thanks to Hazzan Yitzy for pre-
here at HIWP. A.J lained                       jects.
the Torah and Haftorah,                                                                paring her for her Bat Mitzvah. Mayan
                                               Annabelle has an older brother,
davened Musaf and gave                         Jacob, and an older sister Jessica      and her family would also like to thank
a beautiful dvar Torah to                      and is looking forward to spending      the Hebrew Institute including cousins,
top it all off. The following                  the summer at Camp Ramah in the         Keith, Audrey, Jeremy and Hannah
morning he took the B.J.E. exam, fol-          Berkshires.                             Reich and Rabbi and Suzie Marder
lowed by a celebration party in the eve-
                                                                                       and friends within the community for
ning.                                          Mayan Kleiman
           A.J. is in the 8th grade at West-                                           their very warm welcome since arriving
chester Day School and has been                Mayan Abigail Kleiman                   here two years ago.
there since 1st grade. AJ is a real            will celebrate her Bat
sports enthusiast and loves to play            Mitzvah on December                     Tuvia Oxman
baseball, football, hockey and tennis.         26, 2009 in Haifa, Israel.
                                                                                                Tuvia Oxman
He is on the WDS Hockey team for the           Many family members
                                                                                       will be called to the
2nd year. He also plays baseball on the        will be joining her, in-
                                                                                       Torah as a Bar Mitz-
YINR team in the spring. He is an avid         cluding her grandpar-
                                                                                       vah on Shabbat, Par-
Mets, Jets and Knicks fan who also             ents Elena Grynberg-
                                                                                       sha Vyigash, Decem-
enjoys listening to the Beatles.               Bekier, Carlos Kleiman, Joyce
                                                                                       ber 26, 2009. Less
           A.J. loves his summers spent        Brenner and Reeve Brenner as well
                                                                                       than a month ago, the
at Camp Lavi and has made many                 as aunts, uncles and many cousins.
                                                                                       Bar Mitzvah ceremony was to take
friends there. This past summer he             Mayan will also be joined by her
                                                                                       place in the city of Tsfat, Tuvia’s birth-
took his 1st trip to Israel and had an         very proud parents Gabriel and
                                                                                       place and home until the age of 10. A
awesome time.                                  Neeva Brenner Kleiman, her older
                                                                                       series of unexpected events led to a
           When not in school, AJ enjoys       sister Jordan and her younger sister
                                                                                       change in venue and we are happy to
spending time with his friends in the          Talia.
                                                                                       celebrate Tuvia’s Bar Mitzvah with our
White Plains community, where he has                    Mayan was born in Mary-
                                                                                       family and friends at the Hebrew Insti-
lived (on and off) for the past 13 years.      land near Washington DC, and
                                                                                       tute. Unexpected events and change
                                               lived in Israel and southeastern
                                                                                       are life experiences Tuvia is quite fa-
Annabelle Schwartz                             Connecticut before moving to White
                                                                                       miliar with and his family has always
                                               Plains two years ago. When she is
                                                                                       been so proud of him and how gra-
Annabelle Schwartz                             not traveling the world, including
                                                                                       ciously he handles life’s dips and turns.
celebrated her Bat Mitz-                       India and Latin America, Mayan
                                                                                                Born in the old city of Tsfat
vah on November 28th at                        attends the seventh grade at the
                                                                                       (Safed) in a domed stone building, he
The Hebrew Institute,                          Solomon Schechter School of
                                                                                       made his first sojourn out of Eretz Yis-
delivering a D’var Torah                       Westchester. Mayan is a talented
                                                                                       roel at the age of 2 ½ to the university
to the congregation fol-                       gymnast and since the age of five,
                                                                                       town of Berkeley, California. At 5, he
lowing Shabbat services.                       spends much of her free time doing
                                                                                       was back in Tsfat, enrolled in a
Annabelle is in the 7th grade at the           handstands and cartwheels
                                                                                       Sephardi Talmud Torah, getting on the
Scarsdale Middle School, where her             throughout her home. Other hob-
                                                                                       bus each morning, carrying his lunch
interests include music and sports.            bies include art, piano and dance.
                                                                                       box and his gas mask. Tuvia was a
She currently plays the flute in both the      This summer Mayan is looking for-
                                                                                       great little student, according to his
7th grade band and the 7th/8th grade           ward to spending her fifth year at
                                                                                       teachers, beginning his studies of the
jazz band at school. She also studied          Camp Sprout Lake.
                                                                                       Torah by reciting aloud, with the rest of
piano for six years. Annabelle loves                    While in Israel, Mayan will
                                                                                       the boys, the book of Beresheit, Ba’al
tennis and is on the school field hockey       involve her family in her Bat Mitz-
team. In addition, Annabelle serves as         vah tzedakah project at Laniado
                                                                                                At the age of 9, the unex-
a member of the student government,            Hospital in Netanya, Israel. Ma-
                                                                                       pected happened while we were
(the “SO”). The SO’s primary focus is          yan’s family has a special connec-
                                                                                                         Continued on page 16
Page 8                                                           Hebrew Institute of White Plains

  Women’s Tefillah and Isha L’Isha News
                                                                       Isha L’Isha Update
           LITERARY CORNER                                                 By Lara Siegel
                     By Audrey Reich                           The HIWP women began the (post
                                                               chagim) New Year with a Rosh Cho-
The Isha L’Isha Book Group met on the evening of 
                                                               desh gathering focusing on physical ex-
October 28 at the home of Diane and Fred Bloom to 
discuss the book A Seat at the Table by Joshua Hal‐
                                                               ercise and spiritual health. On Nov. 1,
berstam,  a  coming‐of‐age  story  that  takes  place  in      Jennifer Lang and Mary Ann Naar led a
Chassidic  Brooklyn  and  interweaves  Chassidic               yoga and Pilates demonstration at the
tales.    The  group  had  a  lively  debate  about  the       home of Nadine Maybaum. Our skilled
quality  of  the  writing  and  the  believability  of  the    instructors discussed the importance of
characters, as well as the advantages and disadvan‐            their exercise techniques in strengthen-
tages  of  membership  in  an  insular  and  tight‐knit        ing our core through all life stages, as
community.    Individuals  voiced  strong  feelings            well as remaining centered. The audi-
about  the  main  character,  who  turned  away  from          ence of energetic and enthusiastic
his family and heritage. Many liked the relationship           women were great sports and enjoyed
between the father and son and all particularly en‐            the physical demonstrations and prac-
joyed  the  Chasidic  tales.  Thanks  to  everyone  who        tice as well as the entertaining anec-
attended  and  contributed  their  knowledge  of  the          dotes that the facilitators provided.
Chasidic community. 
                                                               Our email learning group is once again
Our last selection is My Father's Paradise: A Son's            in full force, as we make our way to the
Search  for  His  Family's  Past,  by  Ariel  Sabar,  a        final positive mitzvah in our texts. Stay
Washington‐based journalist. Sabar vividly depicts             tuned for our upcoming siyyum cele-
daily life in his father's remote village of Zahko, in         brating the completion of our review of
Northern Iraq, where Jews, Muslims and Christians              the positive mitzvot.      The event is
banded together to ensure prosperity and survival,             scheduled for Feb. 7 at 8:00 pm, at the
and  in  Israel (after  the Jews'  1951  expulsion  from       home of Rena Fredman.
Iraq),  where  Kurdish  Jews  were  stereotyped  as 
backward and simple.  The book tells of the even‐
tual  success  of  the  father,  Yona  Sabar,  who  has           SAVE THE DATE!
taught  at  UCLA  for  three  decades  and  has  com‐
posed  a  definitive  Jewish‐Aramaic  diction‐ January 30th is our annual Woman's Tefilah
ary.  Newcomers are always welcome!                       luncheon, featuring Scholar In Residence,
                                                                      Rachel Friedman.
                                                                      We are honoring
                                                           Deborah Tolchin and Dahna Stadtmauer
                                                                at our Tefilah and luncheon.
                                                                    More info to follow.
Hebrew Institute of White Plains Bulletin                                                    Page 9

                                              Shul Schmooze
       SUKKOT DINNER                                                           Fear of Frying
        AT THE HIWP                                                           By Debra Kamerman Ganzarski

                                                                          How many times have you eaten a
What is the link between pickles, apple                                   soggy, mushy latke? Or one that
crisps,  etrogs  and  Teshuva?    These                                   was burnt on the outside and raw
were  all  parts  of  this  year’s  successful                            on the inside? Or heated up fro-
Sukkot dinner.                                    Getting ready to play   zen latkes because the idea of fry-
On  Tuesday  night,  Chol  Hamoed  Suk‐                                   ing was just too much for you?
kot, the Hebrew Institute’s Sukkah was                                    Well, I can assure you that frying
filled  from  wall  to  wall  with  members                               is not difficult, need not be messy,
and  guests,  all  enjoying  a  unique  Suk‐                              and once you’ve mastered it, you
kot  meal  and  program.  The  evening                                    will never reach for a bag of Ki-
began  with  a  scrumptious  fall  harvest                                neret latkes again.
themed  dinner,  which  included  hearty 
salmon,  pasta  with  fall  vegetables,  a                                Successful latke frying is not a
variety  of  salads  and  pumpkin  pie.  The      The Etrog Cycle Game    secret, and will work if you follow
program consisted of three parts. First,                                  these basic rules:
Jess  Olson  taught  us  how  to  make 
homemade  pickles.  Everyone  enjoyed 
                                                                          Quantity of Oil: There should be
combining  brine,  spices  and  Kirby  cu‐                                about three-quarters of an inch of
cumbers,  and  taking  home  individual                                   oil in your frying pan. Really.
jars  of  pickles  to  be  opened  one  week                              Take a ruler and see how deep
later.  In  a  learning  session  that  fol‐                              that is. If you fry at the correct
lowed, Rabbi Jack Nahmod encouraged                                       temperature (keep reading), you
everyone  to  think  about  gathering  or                                 will find that most of the oil will
“Chag  Ha’asif”  in  a  new  way:  on  Yom                                still be in the pan when you’re
Kippur  we  gather  ourselves  through                                    done. The oil should be deep
Teshuva,  God  gathers  us  by  accepting                                 enough to cook the entire bottom
                                                   Sukkot Buffet Table
our  Teshuva  and  protecting  us,  and 
                                                                          of the latke.
then  we  also  gather  God,  through  our 
blessing  and  waving  of  the  Lulav  and                                Temperature: If the oil is not hot
Etrog  in  our  Sukkah.  The  evening                                     enough, the latke batter will soak
ended  with  Alexis  Berkowitz  sharing                                   up lots of oil while frying but if
with  us,  a  recipe  for  a  delicious  apple                            the oil is too hot, the outside of
crisp. Everyone took home an individu‐
                                                                          the latkes will start to burn be-
alized tin of apple crisp to bake and eat 
fresh  at  home.  While  the  adults  were 
                                                                          fore the inside has had a chance to
learning  and  cooking,  the  children  en‐                               cook through. So how do you
joyed  an  active  game  in  which  they 
                                                     Fun at the table
                                                                          know if it’s hot enough? Test it!
learned  about  the  natural  cycle  of  the                              Generally, the burner should be
etrog. All had great fun.                                                 on medium high, and you should
                                                                          give the oil sufficient time to heat
Recipes and instructions for the pickles                                  up (about five minutes). When
and apple crisp are included in this bul‐                                 the surface of the oil starts to
letin,  for  everyone’s  continued  enjoy‐                                shimmer and seems to be sliding
ment.                                                                     around, start testing.
                     Continued on page 19 
                                                   Rabbi Jack Nahmod
                                                                                        Continued on page 18
Page 10                                                                  Hebrew Institute of White Plains

                                                 Family News
   By Leah Weitzman and Milton Hoffman ((From Aug. 14 to Nov. 12 2009)

             HIWP extends a hearty MAZAL TOV to the following families:
Adina Frydman and Rabbi Avi Orlow on the birth of a daughter, Emunah Frydman Orlow, Sept. 2, 2009. Her
siblings are Yadid and Yishama. Grandparents are Eve and Jim Orlow and Marta and Demian Frydman.
Ayelet and Ari Jonisch on the birth of a son, Dylan Michael Jonisch, on Sept. 8, 2009. Dylan’s siblings are
Emma and Sophia. Grandparents are Elise and George Jonsich, Nancy Mizrachi and Patricia and Shimshon
Mizrachi, and great-grandparents are Ruth Leventhal, Elaine and Melvin Lynn and Rachel and Abraham Miz-
Dr. Lauren Shapiro and Ari Walisever on the birth of their daughter, Leora Leah Brooklyn Walisever, on
Sept. 11, 2009. Grandparents are Ann and Jack Walisever and Frank Shapiro.
Rachel and Chazzan Yitzy Spinner on the birth of a daughter, Orly Maytal Spinner, born Sept. 11, 2009. Orly
has a brother, Gavi. Grandparents are Laurie Moss, Scott Moss, Esther and Yehuda Spinner, Suri and Steve
Moskowitz. Great-grandparents are Chaya and Joshua Spinner, Abraham and Myrna Newmark and Phyllis and
Sheldon Meiner.
Jana and Gadi Romm on the birth of a son, Ori Eliezer Romm, on Oct. 9, 2009. Ori’s brothers are Benjamin
and Ilan. Grandparents are Diane and Rabbi J. Leonard Romm and Susan and Robert Chasan, and great-
grandfather is Albert Romm.
Jonna Revitz and Jonathan Madof on the birth of their daughter, Talia Hannah Madof, on Oct. 16,2009.
Talia’s brothers are Elie and Jacob. Grandparents are Ellen and Frank Madof of Wynnewood, Pa., and Marilyn
and Martin Revitz of Wappingers Falls.
Former congregants Lisa and David Schwartz on the birth of a son, Zachary Schwartz, on Aug. 13, 2009.
Zachary has a brother, Sammy. Grandparents are Fred and Jane Santo and Jack and Margo Schwartz.
Leah and David Worenklein on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Eliana, on Oct. 17.
Kay and Arnold Cohen of the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Yakira Cohen.
Linda and Bennet Silverman on the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Maureen Flaherman.
Fran and Rabbi Murray Grauer on the Bar Mitzvah of great-grandson Reuvin Major, son of Aliza and Steven
Major, and to great aunt and uncle, Jane and Josh Grauer.
Barbara and Dr. Howard Weiner on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Noah on Sept. 12 and to grandparents,
Betty and Morton Levine of Pittsburgh and Bonnie and Abby Weiner of West Hartford, CT.
Debby and Richard Tolchin on the marriage of their son, David Tolchin, to Shira Epstein.
Bert Rosenstock on his special birthday.
Hebrew Institute of White Plains Bulletin                                  Page 11

   Family News                                Note of Thanks...
 We extend prayers for a
     Refuah Shelemah to:

       Roz Aschkenasy               My sincere and heartfelt appreciation to HIWP
       Stan Rubenstein                       and its members for guiding
       Mollie Sandbank
                                        and comforting me during my period
                                                     of mourning.
    Ruth Schwartzenberg
          Arthur Stern                             Audrey Schulman
       Leah Worenklein
                                    Toni Shields and family wish to express their sin-
                                    cere thanks to HIWP members for participating
                                     in the 1st Annual Dr. Dennis Shields Lecture Se-
  We extend heartfelt                              ries and Friends of
   Condolence to:                         Dennis Kiddush and making it such a
Paul Miller on the death of his                    wonderful success.
mother, Lee Miller
Ruth and Bernie Miller on the
death of their sister-in-law, Lee
Miller                                    Dear Friends—you and you and you
Audrey Schulman on the death                       and especially you!
of her father, Abraham Ludwig        Thank you very much for the gifts and charity
Rochelle Berkowitz on the            donations, get wells wishes and Prayers. With
death of her sister, Sarah Esther
                                    love to each and every one of you, Thank you.
Yale and Larry Stogel on the
                                                     Ezra Berkowitz
death of their mother, Florence                  *******************
Rabbi Marc Wolf on the death            Special thanks to our office volunteers:
of his mother, Judith Wolf
                                                    Miriam Jacobs
Avi Friedman on the death of
his sister, Shana Richtman
                                                    Vivian Hedaya
Anne Werner on the death of
                                                   Audrey Schulman
her husband, Bernard Werner                        Debbie Schwartz
Stuart Werner on the death of
his father, Bernard Werner
Page 12                                                                                   Hebrew Institute of White Plains

                                              We Mourn the Loss
LEONORE (LEE) MILLER                                Institute. She served as its Sisterhood presi-              Burial was at the family plot at Mount
           Leonore Miller, a former Sisterhood      dent from 1979 to 1982. She also worked for         Hope Cemetery in Hastings-on-Hudson.
president and one of the first women to serve       other organizations such as ORT. Our syna-
on the Hebrew Institute’s Executive Board, died     gogue honored Lee at its annual dinner in           ARMIN WEISS
Oct. 7, 2009 at her home in Hartsdale after a       2006; the headline in the Journal’s tribute                  Armin Weiss, a former congregant, died
courageous battle with cancer. She was 80           read: “Lee Miller Has That Midas Touch.” In         Oct. 15, 2009 in Delray Beach, Florida, where he
years old.                                          accepting the award, she said, “All my life, shul   had lived for the past 10 years. He was 95.
           As a member of The Hebrew Insti-         has meant family to me.”                                       Mr. Weiss left his native Czechoslova-
tute’s Board of Directors for 36 years and the                  Her survivors include her son, Paul     kia before World War II broke out, and lived in
Executive Board for about 25 years, Lee Miller      Miller of Mount Vernon, a brother Isaac             London before coming to the United States where
was a stalwart supporter and premier fund-          Feinberg and his wife, Lila, of Delray Beach, FL,   he joined the Army and served as a master ser-
raiser for our shul. She developed the Food         two nephews and two nieces, six grandnieces,        geant during the war. His entire family perished
Certificate Program and ran it for 14 years,        one great-grandnephew and two great-                in Europe in the Holocaust.
raising over $50,000, co-chaired the syna-          grandnieces. Bernard and Ruth Miller, her                       Before moving to White Plains, he
gogue’s Bazaar, Century Club and Chai Club          brother-in-law and sister-in-law, and two other     lived in Yonkers and was a member of Congrega-
events and for many years ran Sisterhood’s          synagogue members, cousins Ida and Miriam           tion Sons of Israel. He worked in children’s cloth-
flower sale on Mothers Day. When her son, Paul,     Jacobs, also survive her.                           ing in the Bronx and then in real estate. He was
attended Westchester Day School, she co-                        Chazzan Yitzy Spinner conducted the     charitable, particularly with Jewish orphanages
chaired the bazaar there as well.                   burial service at Sharon Gardens.                   in the United States and Israel.
           At her largely attended funeral, Rabbi                                                                  His first wife, Delia, died eight years
Chaim Marder declared: “Lee placed others           FLORENCE STOGEL                                     ago. He is survived by his second wife, Helen, and
first. Greater family: first. Friends and even                  Florence Sherman Stogel, a congre-      by a daughter, Gail Youngelson of Woodstock and
acquaintances perhaps little known to her: first.   gant of the Hebrew Institute for 59 years, died     a grandson, Noah Youngelson. Cantor Emeritus
Synagogue: first. And always with a positive and    Nov. 10 at the age of 89. She was a resident of     Eli Berlinger participated in a graveside service
open attitude. Lee came second, but in so doing,    Eastchester for more than 50 years.                 for Mr. Weiss at Sharon Gardens in Valhalla.
was never diminished, only enhanced.”                           She was born July 10, 1920 in the
           The rabbi noted that her appreciation    Bronx to Yale and Libby (Eisenberg) Sherman,        MYRON WEIN
of the value of community service and shul          and graduated high school at age 15. On Sept.                    Myron Wein, a long-time congregant of
service began with the Bay Ridge Jewish Center      24, 1950, she and Philip Stogel of White Plains     the Hebrew Institute, died Nov. 16 at the age of
that her father and uncle helped found, and         were married. Florence and Philip formed the        82. In recent years, he was a regular attendee at
where she volunteered prior to her marriage.        Stogel Companies, an advertising agency in          Leisure Thursday programs.
           Lee was born May 31, 1929 in Brook-      New York, and worked side by side for many                       Cantor Emeritus Eli Berlinger, who
lyn to Minna and Louis Feinberg. She graduated      years. He died on Feb. 4, 2000.                     officiated at his funeral, said Mr. Wein was known
from Fort Hamilton High School and Cornell                      Mrs. Stogel was an active participant   for his boundless spiritual and material generos-
University. Lee attended the 60th reunion of her    in B’nai B’rith, and she dedicated many hours to    ity. A native of Montreal and a graduate of McGill
college class this past spring.                     community service, participating in community       University, he was a stockbroker whose commu-
           On Aug. 3, 1952, she and Joseph          plays and helping people in need.                   nity life included raising funds for the homeless.
Miller of White Plains were married after meet-     At her funeral at the Hebrew Institute, Rabbi       At one time, he served on the board of SHORE,
ing at a dude ranch near Lake George. They          Chaim Marder called her a woman of “energy,         (Sheltering the Homeless is Our Responsibility) a
lived in White Plains and Brewster prior to mov-    initiative and understanding.” “She was genu-       community group that built housing for the less
ing to Hartsdale. A former employee of Bankers      ine and sincere. There was nothing false about      fortunate.
Trust, she assisted her husband in pharmacies       Florence,” he said.                                              Mr. Wein’s wife, Beverly, died three
he operated in Brewster and later in White                      She was also a member of Willow         years ago. He is survived by a daughter, Nina
Plains. She also worked as a private book-          Ridge Country Club in Harrison.                     Drapacz, a son, Richard Wein, three grandchil-
keeper. Joe Miller died two years ago.                          Mrs. Stogel is survived by her sons     dren, Noah, Emilie and Gabriel, and a brother,
           Joe’s parents helped found the He-       Yale and Lawrence (Debbi) Stogel, grandchil-        Leon Wein.
brew Institute in 1915, and Lee carried on the      dren Chase, Chad and Alison, and by her sister,
family’s sense of commitment to the Hebrew          Muriel Cohen.                                                                Continued on page 16
Hebrew Institute of White Plains Bulletin                                                                               Page 13

                                Gifts and Contributions
  A Message from the Rabbi:              (Received from Aug. 14 until Nov. 15)             Bikur Cholim Fund:
Please be aware that I administer                                                          Ezra Berkowitz, best wishes for speedy recovery
three special funds here at the shul.    Religious Articles Fund:                          Wendy and David Leibowitz
                                         Rochelle Berkowitz in memory of her sister,
HIWP fund for the Needy                                                                    Lona and Bernard Adler on the birth of a grandchild
                                         Sarah Esther Horowitz
Purpose: This fund assists individu-
                                         Leah Weitzman                                     Wendy and David Leibowitz
als who come to the synagogue
seeking assistance, generally from       Kay and Arnold Cohen on the Bat Mitzvah of        Linda and Bennet Silverman in honor of the Bat Mitz-
outside the area. They are individu-     their granddaughter,Yakira Cohen                  vah of their granddaughter, Maureen Flaherman
als who otherwise fall through the
                                         Leah Weitzman                                     Wendy and David Leibowitz
cracks, perhaps because they do not
have employment nor family sup-          Ezra Berkowitz, Refuah Shlema                     Rachel and Yitzy Spinner in honor of the birth of
port. Often times they are people                                                          their daughter, Orly Maytal Spinner
                                         Leah Weitzman
whose origin was Israel or Russia,                                                         Wendy and David Leibowitz
although not exclsively. We also as-     Paul Miller, in memory of his mother Lee Miller
sist small tzedakot, primarily Israeli
                                         Leah Weitzman                                     Audrey Schulman in memory of her father Abraham
institutions, whether orphanages or                                                        Ludwig
schools for the needy.                                                                     Wendy and David Leibowitz
Contribution Source: synagogue           Prayerbook Fund
charity boxes; direct contribu-          Paul Miller in memory of his mother, Lee Miller
tions. We greatly need assistance in                                                       Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund:
                                         Sabina and Peter Sarubbi
keeping this account replenished,                                                          Paul Miller in memory of his mother, Lee Miller
especially as personal hardships         Mary and Michael Moratto
                                                                                           Helen and Gerald Hirsh
have increased in the present cli-       Dolores and Louie Vizioli
mate.                                    Louisa and Joseph Mortaletti
HIWP Chessed Fund                        Mary Joan Bologna                                 Tzdekah Fund
Purpose: Recently established to                                                           Alan Schulman for his Simchat Torah honor
assist congregants who might be in       Adult Ed Fund:                                    Barbara and Martin Marks
need of support due to temporary
                                         Audrey Schulman in memory of her father,
                                                                                           Hebrew Secondary Scholarship Fund:
hardship of one sort or another. Any
                                         Abraham Ludwig
assistance will be offered with com-
plete confidentiality.                   David Kroun                                       Suzie and Rabbi Chaim Marder in honor of Sho-
Contribution source: direct contri-      Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                      shana’s Bat Mitzvah
butions from members. At present,        Audrey and Keith Reich                            Neeva and Gabe Kleiman
the fund has only a small amount of      Meira and Paul Orentlicher                        Debbie and Stephen Schwartz
money in it.                             Joyce and Ted Besdine
                                         The Office Staff
HIWP Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund                                                            Youth Programming Fund
Purpose: To assist the rabbi in his      Debby and Richard Tolchin
                                                                                           Shoshana Peyser and Bob Brody in honor of Ariana’s
rabbinic activities and ongoing learn-   Lisa and Terence Schwartz                         Bat Mitzvah
ing. To bolster a project or program     Judy and Milton Hoffman
of significance to the clergy.                                                             Cindy and Robert Remin
                                         Lorri Nadel and family
Contribution source: direct contri-
                                         Linda and Bennet Silverman                        Suzie and Rabbi Chaim Marder in honor of Sho-
butions from members.
                                         Kay and Arnold Cohen                              shana’s Bat Mitzvah
If you have any questions about
these funds, please contact Rabbi        Rick and Jonathan Goodblatt                       Cindy and Robert Remin
Marder.                                  Norma and Herbert Fishman
                                         Adreinne Rogovin
                                         Mary Anne and Steven Konigsberg
                                         Adele Milner

                                                                                                                    Continued on page 14
Page 14                                                                                    Hebrew Institute of White Plains

                                           Gifts and Contributions
Happiness Fund:                                        Lona and Bernie Adler on the birth of a grand-     Suzie Toporovsky in honor of AJ’s Bar Mitzvah
                                                       son, Sacha Hershel Adler                           Lisa and Terence Schwartz
Births:                                                Selvia and Leonard Weinstein
Adina Frydman and Avi Orlow on the birth of their      Esther and Myer Tulkoff                            Linda and Bennet Silverman on the Bat Mitzvah
daughter, Emunah                                                                                          of their granddaughter, Maureen Flaherman
Meira and Paul Orentlicher                                                                                Audrey and Keith Reich
Roxanne and Eric Levine
                                                       Bar/Bat Mitzvahs:                                  David Kroun
                                                       Suzie and Rabbi Chaim Marder in honor of           Selvia and Leonard Weinstein
Adina Shoulson and Todd Stern
Audrey and Keith Reich                                 Shoshana’s Bat Mitzvah                             Ricki and Jonathan Goodblatt
                                                       Anne Kesselman                                     Norma and Jerry Hurwitz
Rachel and Yitzy Spinner in honor of the birth their   Kay and Arnold Cohen
daughter, Orly                                         Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                       Barbara and Howard Weiner in honor of Noah’s
Meira and Paul Orentlicher                             Deborah and Joseph Weinberger                      Bar Mitzvah
Roxanne and Eric Levine                                Peggy and Ed Krupnik                               Kay and Arnold Cohen
Yetta and Leo Kaplan                                   Phil Greenberg
Barbara and Martin Marks                               Mary Joan Bologna
Judy and Judah Roher                                                                                      Phyllis Dunn on the engagement of her grandson
                                                       Teri Kopp
Milton Adler                                                                                              Kay and Arnold Cohen
                                                       AnneBeth and Mark Levenson
The Turk and Shields families                          Sylvia Heller
Lisa and Terence Schwartz                              Judy and Judah Roher                               Weddings:
Judy and Milton Hoffman                                The Turk and Shields families                      Shira Goldman and Davis Listman on their
Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                                                                              marriage
                                                       Leah and David Worenklein in honor of Eliana’s     Meira and Paul Orentlicher
Lauren Shapiro and Ari Walisever on the birth of       Bat Mitzvah
their daughter, Leora Leah Brooklyn                    Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                       Jane and Josh Grauer in honor of Sam and
Audrey and Keith Reich                                 Barbara and Martin Marks                           Annie’s wedding
Barbara and Martin Marks                               Suzy Toporovsky                                    Jean, Denise, Beth and Aviva Hurvitz
Ayelet and Ari Jonish on the birth of their son,       Judy and Judah Roher                               Yetta and Leo Kaplan
Dylan Michael                                          Judy and Milton Hoffman                            Helen Epstein
Audrey and Keith Reich                                                                                    Doris and Leo Dreyfuss
                                                       Lisa and Terence Schwartz in honor of Anna-
                                                                                                          Meira and Paul Orentlicher
Jana and Gadi Romm in honor of the birth of their      belle’s Bat Mitzvah
                                                                                                          Judy and Milton Hoffman
son, Ori Eliezer                                       Selvia and Leonard Weinstein
Meira and Paul Orentlicher                                                                                Fran and Rabbi Murray Grauer in honor of Sam
                                                       Shoshana Peyser and Bob Brody in honor of
Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                                                                              and Annie’s wedding
                                                       Ariana’s Bat Mitzvah
Lisa and Terence Schwartz                                                                                 Jean, Denise, Beth and Aviva Hurvitz
                                                       AnneBeth and Mark Levenson
Judy and Judah Roher                                   Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                       Linda and John Lightstone in honor of Emily’s
Audrey and Keith Reich                                                                                    wedding
David Kroun                                            Kay and Arnold Cohen on the Bat Mitzvah of their
                                                                                                          Suzy Toporovsky
Adina Shoulson and Todd Stern                          granddaughter, Yakira Cohen
                                                       Audrey and Keith Reich                             Debbie and Richard Tolchin in honor of the
Jonna and Jon Madof in honor of the birth of their     Barbara and Phil Kaplan                            marriage of their son, David, to Shira
daughter, Talia                                        David Kroun                                        Meira and Paul Orentlicher
Audrey and Keith Reich                                 Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                       Barbara and Martin Marks
Adina Shoulson and Todd Stern                          Norma and Jerry Hurwitz                            Yetta and Leo Kaplan
                                                                                                          Helen Epstein
                                                                                                          Ruth and Jules Levine
Hebrew Institute of White Plains Bulletin                                                                                      Page 15

                                          Gifts and Contributions
Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                     Leonard Weinstein                                Jill and Rick Spitz for hosting a Prospect Park
Anita and Bert Rosenstock                        Joyce and Ted Besdine                            Sukkah Hop
Debbie and Marc Guthartz                         Miram Jacobs                                     Diane and Gary Katz for hosting a Prospect Park
                                                 Yetta and Leo Kaplan                             Sukkah Hop
                                                                                                  Sari Wacks and Nathan Rosenblatt for hosting a
Anniversaries:                                   The Office Staff
                                                                                                  Prospect Park Sukkah Hop
Judy and Gil Grant on their 20th wedding anni-   Judy and Milton Hoffman
                                                                                                  Debbie and Dan Lehman for hosting a Prospect
versary                                          Ruth Schwartzenberg                              Park Sukkah Hop
Barbara and Martin Marks                         Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                     Roxanne and Eric Levine
Barbara and Phil Kaplan on their 50th wedding
                                                 Miriam Jacobs                                    To her “angels of mercy” –Jon Goodblatt, Norma
                                                 Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                     and Jerry Hurwitz
Audrey and Alan Schulman
                                                 Teri Kopp                                        Anne Kesselman

Get Well Fund:                                   Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                     A special thank you to Helen Epstein and David
Ezra Berkowitz                                                                                    Rosen
David Kroun                                      Birthdays:                                       Anne Kesselman
Jean, Denise, Beth and Aviva Hurvitz             Bert Rosenstock on his special birthday          Thank you for your generosity in preparing
Judy and Judah Roher                             David Kroun                                      meals when our daughter was born Alexis Ber-
Yetta and Leo Kaplan                             Joyce and Ted Besdine                            kowitz, Nicola and Jordan Rosenstock, Deborah
Joyce and Ted Besdine                            Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                     and Jay Weinberger, Amy and Jonathan Ament,
Barbara and Phil Kaplan                                                                           Rachel and Yitzy Spinner, Debbie and Dan Leh-
Esther and Myer Tulkoff                                                                           man, Ilana Rosenberg and Michah Gottleib, Adina
                                                 In Your Honor / Thank You:                       Shoulson and Todd Stern, Erica and Dudi Fish, Liz
Meira and Paul Orentlicher
                                                 Rabbi Seth Braunstein on his new job             and Yuval Marcus, AnneBeth and Mark Levenson,
Suzy Toporovsky                                                                                   Jana and Gadi Romm, Yael Slonim and Jack Nah-
                                                 Selvia and Leonard Weinstein
Ricki and Janathan Goodblatt                                                                      mod, Dahna and Steven Stadtmauer, Batya and
Kay and Arnold Cohen                             Roxanne Levine for being chosen a Simchat        George Puro, Meira and Paul Orentlicher
Roxanne and Eric Levine                          Torah honoree                                    Adina Frydman and Avi Orlow
Debbie and Stephen Schwartz                      Meira and Paul Orentlicher
                                                 Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                     Best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous
Miriam Jacobs
                                                                                                  New Year to Mary Ann, Victor, Joshua, and
Lara and David Siegel
                                                 Alan Schulman for being chosen a Simchat Torah   Juliette Naar
Judy & Milt Hoffman                              honoree                                          Irene Naar
Roz Aschkenasy                                   Meira and Paul Orentlicher
                                                 Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                     A thank you to:
Doris and Leo Dreyfuss
                                                                                                  Rabbi Chaim Marder
Ruth and Jules Levine                            Gerson Smith for being chosen a Simchat Torah    Chazzan Yitzy Spinner
                                                 honoree                                          Rabbi Eytan Yammer
Stan Selbst
                                                 Meira and Paul Orentlicher                       “For your compassion and personal guidance during
Barbara and Martin Marks
                                                 Selvia and Leonard Weinstein                     my time of need”
Judah Roher                                                                                       Audrey Schulman
                                                 Lisabeth and Michael Oxman, for giving their
David Kroun
                                                 time at a nursing home
Selvia and Leonard Weinstein
                                                 Barbara and Martin Marks                                              Continued on page 16
Barbara and Martin Marks
Ruth and Jules Levine                            Doris and Leo Dreyfuss for their generosity
                                                 Crystal Powell
Page 16                                                                          Hebrew Institute of White Plains

We Mourn the Loss                                 B’Nei Mitzvah
                                                  Continued from page 7
                                                                                             Gifts and Contributions
Continued from page 12                                                                       Continued from page 15
                                                  outside on our balcony looking out
BERNARD WERNER                                    towards Meron. A katusha rocket
                                                                                             Remembrance Fund:
                                                  whistled over our heads and landed         Rochelle Berkowitz on the death of her sister, Sarah
           Bernard Werner, a congregant of        50 meters from our home. Rushing
                                                                                             Debbie and Marc Guthartz
the Hebrew Institute for the past 26 years,       to a makeshift shelter we huddled
died Nov. 23, 2009, after being stricken ill on   with our neighbors, not knowing what       David Kroun
an airplane while he and his wife, Ann, were      to do next. The next 5 weeks were          Lorri, Mitchell and Roger Nadel
en route to their winter home in Century Vil-     surreal and indescribable, but we did      Debra Kamerman Ganzarski
lage West at Boca Raton, Fl. The plane made       return to our home in Tsfat. Two           Meira and Paul Orentlicher
an emergency landing at Charleston, SC, and       weeks later an illness in our immedi-      Helen Epstein
Mr. Werner was pronounced dead at Francis         ate family led to another change. We       Selvia and Leonard Weinstein
Hospital there. He was 90.                        decided on a temporary move to New
                                                                                             Lara and David Siegel
           Bernard was born March 12, 1919        York, and Tuvia began 4th grade at
                                                                                             Roxanne and Eric Levine
in Harlem to Philip and Rose Werner. The          Solomon Schechter the following
                                                                                             Peggy and Ed Krupnik
family later lived in Newark and in the Bronx     week. Learning how to read and
where Bernard graduated from Evander              write English and with his sister,         Paul Miller in memory of his mother, Lee Miller
Childs High School in 1935. After his gradua-     Rachelli at his side, he embraced his
                                                                                             Teri Kopp and Debbie Tambascio
tion from City College of New York in 1939,       new surroundings with dignity and
                                                                                             Crystal Powell
Mr. Werner worked as an accountant with the       grace. Tuvia is now in the 7th grade
                                                                                             Judy and Milton Hoffman
firms of Graham-Newman and Jerome A.              at Solomon Schechter Middle School.
Newman Corporation.                                        Tuvia’s full Hebrew name is       Selvia and Leonard Weinstein
           In 1943, he and the former Ann         Tuvia Yosef Ohr Chadash which              Bettina and Richard Jacobs
Rubenstein were married and made their            means “to increase God’s goodness          Bert and Anita Rosenstock
home in the Bronx where they attended             in a new light.” For his family, every     Ricki and Jonathan Goodblatt
Kingsbridge Heights Jewish Center. The cou-       day, we experience Tuvia’s goodness        Doris and Leo Dreyfuss
ple moved to White Plains in 1983.                and his embodiment of the saying by        Lorri Nadel and family
           As a young man, Mr. Werner won         one of the teachers of Rabbi Akiva,        Judy and Judah Roher
awards for playing handball. In addition to       Rabbi Ish Gamzu, z’tl, buried in Tsfat,
                                                                                             Lenore Goldberg and family
being a member of the Hebrew Institute, Mr.       “that everything is for the good”. May
                                                                                             Jeanette and Jack Schwartz
Werner was a member of B’nai B’rith.              Tuvia be blessed to open the eyes of
                                                                                             Civia and John McLean
           Besides his wife, Ann, he is sur-      all of Klal Yisroel, to be a “new light”
vived by a son, Stuart Werner and Stuart’s        illuminating the bounty of Hashem’s        Doris and Leo Dreyfuss
wife, Elaine, of White Plains, and a daughter,    goodness.                                  Harvey Wolfson
Dorothy Werner Schonfeld and her husband                                                     Michael Speiller
Larry, of Fresh Meadows, Queens. He also is                                                  Estelle and Jerry Braziller
survived by three granddaughters, Jessica                                                    Judith Wachs
and Rachel Schonfeld, and Laurie Werner.                                                     Jean, Denise, Beth and Aviva Hurvitz
           Chazzan Yitzy Spinner conducted                                                   Linda and Bennet Silverman
graveside services at Cedar Park Cemetery                                                    Debbie and Marc Guthartz
in Paramus, NJ.
                                                                                             Martin and Norman Jacobs

                                                                                             Rabbi Marc Wolf in memory of his mother, Judith Wolf
                                                                                             Audrey and Keith Reich
                                                                                             Lara and David Siegel

                                                                                             Rachel Glyn in memory of her mother
                                                                                             Milton Adler
                                                                                             Yale and Larry Stogel in memory of their mother,
                                                                                             Florence Stogel
                                                                                             Selvia and Leonard Weinstein

                                                                                             Avi Friedman in memory of his sister, Shana Richtman
                                                                                             Audrey and Keith Reich.
Hebrew Institute of White Plains Bulletin                                                                        Page 17

Legacy Program                               Thrift Shop 
Continued from page 1                        Continued from page 1 
Through these endowment funds we             Instantly, she is directed to a rack of “new arrivals”. Faye and her dedi‐
will be able to look beyond our annual       cated  team,  work  hard  to  nicely  display  their  goods,  fairly  price  each 
operating budget to not only meet to-        item and provide every customer with friendly and honest service.   
day’s needs, but those of future genera-      

tions as well. When funded, our en-          What should you do with all of your clean, gen‐
dowments will provide a steady revenue       tly  used  clothes,  coats,  accessories,  watches, 
stream, separate from our membership         jewelry and knick‐knacks you have been prom‐
dues and annual donations. Through           ising  to  “finally”  donate?    The  ladies  at  the 
your generosity, we can ensure that the      HIWP  Thrift  Shop  will  take  great  care  of  you 
joy of Jewish life and learning continues    and  your  wares  and  our  shul  will  enjoy  the 
at the Hebrew Institute for many gen-        money  that  the  shop  earns  from  your  dona‐ These Louis Vuitton shoes
erations to come.                            tion!    Each  year  the  Sisterhood  Thrift  Shop 
                                                                                                    were a great find.

                                             gives HIWP $18,000 for sales generated in their store.  Not too shabby 
Direct Gifts, Testamentary Pledges and
Bequests are a wonderful way to remem-       ey?  Any purchase you make or donation you bring in, helps our shul. 
ber and be remembered. They are our                                  Always happy to receive merchandise in good con‐
gift to and our faith in future genera-                              dition, the HIWP Thrift Shop team will gladly give 
tions. A Legacy Gift to the Hebrew In-                               you  a  receipt  for  your  donation  to  use  when  you 
stitute is an effective way to ensure that
                                                                     file your tax return.  
the synagogue can continue for genera-                                
tions to come. Your gift, whatever the                                   In this economy, why pay retail?   The HIWP Thrift 
size, means that your name will be for-                                  Store provides the perfect opportunity to stop in, 
ever linked to the Hebrew Institute and                                  take a look around, pick something up and/or drop 
the important services that we provide.                                  off  your  donations  that  may  be  just  the  size  that 
You have the satisfaction of knowing                                     someone  else  is  looking  for!    The  big  question:  
that your gift, to be given in the future
                                                                         “Where is it?” 
upon your passing, will be used to en-                                      
hance the many programs and services             Deborah Weinberger
                                                models a lovely cocktail From  the  outside  of  the  building:    Go  around  to 
that the Hebrew Institute provides.                     dress            the shul parking lot and just below the metal stairs 
                                             leading up to the kitchen you will see a humble little sign saying “Thrift 
This concept is so exciting and has been     Shop” with an arrow pointing down to the door.  Or, if you are already 
so warmly embraced, that in setting this
                                             in the building, simply go down the stairs from the main floor towards 
plan in motion, it has already resulted in
a number of new pledged gifts. It seems      the  Bet  Midrash,  turn  “left”  down  the  opposite  hallway  and  you  will 
that all we needed to do was make the        find this lovely shopping secret!  Good luck and have fun shopping!  
request. In the coming months, we will
be doing just that as we “get the word
out” in letters, phone calls and informa-
tional meetings.

If you would like to be part of the L’Dor
V’Dor Legacy Gift Program, or would
like more information about it, contact
Marc Guthartz or Keith Reich through
the synagogue office or email them:
Marc Guthartz
Keith Reich
Page 18                                                            Hebrew Institute of White Plains

Fear of Frying                        Deb’s Latkes
Continued from page 9                                                          Continued from page 2 
                                      2 1/2 pounds                              
Testing: Start testing by drop-                                                aspects of Judaism and Jewish history. 
                                      russet potatoes
ping one teaspoon of latke batter                                              In addition, we have had the benefit of 
                                      1 small onion
in the oil. The oil should bubble                                              a  topical  mini‐series  taught  by  Rabbi 
                                      (or a larger one,
up around it, and the latke should                                             Eytan on Judaism and health care.  This 
                                      to taste)                                year is really turning into a feast for the 
seem to be nearly floating in the
                                      1 1/2 teaspoons                          mind. 
oil. The bottom should be
                                      kosher salt                               
browned in about four minutes,
                                      1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper       While  the  intellectual  has  always  been 
then flip and cook the other side,
                                      3 eggs                                   an important component of Jewish life, 
which should take three more
                                      1/3 cup matzoh meal or potato            it  is  only  one  component  of  a  success‐
minutes. If the test latke looks                                               ful  community.  I  think  we  continue  to 
burnt, lower the heat, wait a few                                              excel  in  other  areas  as  well.    Chazzan 
minutes for the oil to cool down a                                             Yitzy  put  together  an  excellent  mini‐
                                      Cheesecloth or thin tea towel
bit and test again. If the latke                                               series,  “Getting  comfortable  at  the 
never browns well, turn the heat      In large bowl, lightly beat eggs.        weekday  Amud”,  for  people  who 
up a bit, wait a few minutes and      Peel or scrub potatoes and cut           wanted  to  learn  how  to  lead  services. 
test again.                                                                    Rabbi Eytan has organized a number of 
                                      into quarters. Trim and peel on-
                                                                               events for children, teens and families, 
                                      ions and cut into quarters. With
Forming the Latkes: For each                                                   from apple picking to challah baking to 
                                      shredding blade of food processor,       a  visit  to  the  zoo.  I  would  encourage 
latke, stir the latke batter, and
                                      shred potatoes and onions. Using         everyone,  especially  our  teens,  to  take 
using a rounded serving spoon,
                                      doubled layer of cheesecloth or          advantage  of  these  programs  as  they 
scoop up some batter, lightly tap
                                      tea towel, squeeze excess water          come  along.  And  of  course  our 
the spoon on the side of the bowl
                                      out of potatoes/onions a few             Women’s  group,  Isha  L’  Isha  continues 
to compress the batter, and slide
                                      handfuls at a time. Add 2/3 of           to sponsor excellent programs from On
the “formed” latke into the oil.
                                      shredded potatoes/onions to              ‐line  Learning  to  Rosh  Chodesh  group 
Don’t drop the batter into the oil!                                            to the book club to Women’s Tefillah. 
                                      eggs. Put the remaining 1/3 of
Several latkes can be fried at the    the shredded potatoes/onions
                                                                               As  I  put  all  this  down  on  paper  I  real‐
same time, but don’t overcrowd        back into the food processor with        ized that this  is a really great place for 
the pan; leave at least an inch in    the chopping blade and pulse a           the mind, the heart and the soul.  And, I 
between the latkes as they’re fry-    few times to lightly chop the po-        have  not  even  mentioned  our  great 
ing. Don’t press on, push around,     tatoes. Add to the bowl with the         social events like our upcoming Chanu‐
or otherwise disturb the latke un-    eggs. Stir well. Add the salt,           kah  party,  which  really  allows  all  of  us 
til the edges look golden brown.      pepper and matzoh meal or potato         to  have  some  wholesome  fun.  I  am 
Once the sides look golden            starch. Allow to sit 15 minutes          proud  to  be  the  President  of  such  a 
brown, gently flip the latke. Us-     before frying.                           vital  organization.    However,  I  know  I 
                                                                               cannot  take  credit  for  most  of  this.    I 
ing both a spatula and tongs will
                                      Note: This recipe doubles well,          want  to  thank  my  fellow  Management 
make it easier. Place the cooked
                                      but after frying the first half, start   Committee  and  Board  members,  the 
latkes on paper towels to drain
                                      with fresh oil for frying.               committee  chairs  and  the  many  volun‐
for a minute, and then put in a                                                teers  who  are  always  there  to  make 
single layer in a 300 degree oven     See more of Debra’s recipes, hints       things happen.  As always, I encourage 
to keep warm (if they’re not eaten    and menus at http://                     everyone to get involved and help out, 
immediately). Once one batch is       www.shabbatandchagim.blogspot            according  to  your  interests  and  capa‐
done, give the oil 30 seconds to      .com                                     bilities.  We  have  a  great  thing  going 
reheat before starting again, and                                              here  at  The  Hebrew  Institute  and  to‐
always start the next batch by                                                 gether  we  can  continue  to  make  our 
                                                                               shul even better. 
stirring the batter.
Hebrew Institute of White Plains Bulletin                                                                              Page 19

Sukkot Dinner                                   with cucumbers, tightly. (Don't stuff 
                                                them so high that the tops will stick up 
Continued from page 9                           above the brine when you are done.) 
                                                Divide the garlic cloves, pickling spices, 
The  programming  committee  extends            and remaining dill into the jars. 
a  heartfelt  “thank  you”  to  the  follow‐     
ing  individuals  who  helped  put  this        Pour the salted water (brine) into the 
wonderful  event  together:  Kara  Olson        jars so the cucumbers are completely 
(chair),  Rebecca  Amaru,  Adina                covered. Put the lids on loosely. (Or, 
Frydman,  Jess  Olson,  Rabbi  Jack  Nah‐       you can use cheesecloth and rubber 
mod,  Alexis  Berkowitz,  Abie  Gabor,          bands.) Shove the jars into a dark part                   Alexis Berkowitz (left)
Eytan  Yammer,  Audrey  Reich,  Hanna           of the kitchen and wait. Cover jars with                    mixing apple crisp
Reich,  Ellen  Ungar,  Deborah  Weinber‐        lids, but do not tighten.  
ger,  Dahna  Stadtmauer,  Debbie  Leh‐                                                           
man, Paul Orentlicher, Liz Marcus, Jana         It is crucial to cover cucumbers entirely        
Romm,  Dean  Ungar,  Jerusha  Coltof,           with  brine,  otherwise  tips  of  cucum‐        
Laura  Theirer,  Doris  Dreyfuss,  Rabbi        bers  will  rot  and  render  pickles  inedi‐   Apple Crisp 
Marder,  Teri,  Herber,  the  office  staff,    ble.                                            By Alexis Berkowitz 
the event sponsors, and the many indi‐                                                          Fruit: 
viduals  that  helped  set  up,  serve,  and    Leave pickles in cool dark area of              10 apples ‐ mixed granny smith, macoun, 
clean up during the event itself.               kitchen or pantry. Allow to ferment for         Macintosh 
                                                3‐6 days, according to taste. When              1 tsp. cinnamon 
                                                done fermenting, tighten lids and place         dash of nutmeg 
                                                in refrigerator. I don’t know how long          1/4 cup flour 
                                                they will keep, but I’ve heard that they        1/2 cup sugar 
                                                will likely last for 8‐9 months. At least       1 tsp. lemon zest 
                                                until you can buy fresh Kirby’s again…          1Tbs. fresh squeezed lemon juice 
                                                This recipe taken in part from the blog         Topping: 
         Pickling with Jess Olson (right)       http://                                         1 1/2 cups flour 
                                      ‐          3/4 cup sugar 
                                                made‐pickles.html)                              3/4 cup light brown sugar, packed 
                                                                                                1/2 tsp. kosher salt 
Brine Pickles 
                                                Optional recipe for pickling spices:            1 cup old‐fashioned oatmeal 
By Jess (“Dr. Pickle”) Olson  
                                                2 tablespoons black peppercorns                 1/2 lb. cold unsalted butter or Earth Bal‐
8 pint jars with lids 
                                                2 tablespoons mustard seeds                     ance Buttery Spread 
4 quarts water 
                                                2 tablespoons coriander seeds                   Peel, core and cut apples into chunks. 
6 tablespoons kosher or pickling salt 
                                                2 tablespoons hot red pepper flakes             Add all remaining ingredients for the 
8 cloves fresh garlic, peeled  
                                                2 tablespoons allspice berries                  apple part of the recipe and mix together 
2 tablespoons pickling spice 
                                                1 tablespoon ground mace                         
8 fresh bay leaves (or dried if you don't 
                                                2 small cinnamon sticks, crushed or             To make the crumble: 
have fresh) 
                                                broken into pieces                              Mix all the dry ingredients together. Cut 
1 large bunch fresh dill 
                                                24 bay leaves, crumbled                         in the butter/earth balance (cold works 
                                                2 tablespoons whole cloves                      better) with the pastry paddle attach‐
Sterilize jars either by running through 
                                                1 tablespoon ground ginger                      ment on your mixer or with your fingers.   
dishwasher or heating at 250 degrees 
until used. 
                                                Combine peppercorns, mustard seeds              Place apples in a deep baking dish 
                                                and coriander seeds in a small dry pan.         Spread crumble mixture over the top ‐ 
Heat 1 quart of the water with the salt. 
                                                Place over medium heat and stir until           DO NOT PAT IT DOWN 
When the salt has dissolved, add the 
                                                fragrant, being careful not to burn              
remaining water. Bring to a simmer and 
                                                them; keep lid handy in case seeds pop.         Bake at 350 degrees until the top is 
then turn off the heat. 
                                                Crack peppercorns and seeds in mortar           golden brown and the apples begin to 
                                                and pestle or with the side of a knife on       bubble ‐ approximately 1 hour. 
Put a generous clump of dill on the bot‐
                                                cutting board.                                   
tom of each of the jars. Stuff the jars 
Page 20                                                     Hebrew Institute of White Plains

                                          Calendar of Events
Dec 12 –19 Chanukah                                    Jan 11 Management Committee
Dec 12 Songful Hallel                                       Crash Course in Megillah reading
Dec 16 Lehrhaus, Social Justice miniseries             Jan 27 Lehrhaus
Dec 17 Board of Directors Meeting                      Jan 28 Board of Directors Meeting
Dec 19 Guest Speaker Rabbi                             Feb 8 Management Committee
     Sam Feinsmith for AJWS                            Feb 12-13 Parenting workshop
Dec 20 Challah Baking w/                               Feb 18 Board of Directors Meeting
     Alexi Berkowitz                                   Feb 20 Bar Mitzvah of Akiva Goldman
Dec 26 Bar Mitzvah of Tuvia Oxman                      Feb 27 Megillah Reading and Carnival
        Social Justice miniseries                      Feb 28 Purim
Dec 27 Fast of 10 B’Tevet                              March 15 & 22 Seder Workshop

                 YOUTH CALENDAR                                        Women’s Tefillah Calendar
                                                                     (Tentative dates, subject to finalizing calendar) 
Dec 12         Foosball Tournament                                   Jan. 30    Women’s Tefillah Luncheon 
Dec 19         Project Embrace                                       Feb. 28    Purim‐ Megillah reading 
                                                                     March 20 
Dec 20         Youth Art Project/Pizza/Movie                         May 1 
                                                                     June 5 
Dec 20         Paintball                                             Jan 20  Isha L’Isha Book Group Meets 
Jan 9          Project Embrace                                       Jan 24  Rosh Chodesh Group Meets 
                                                                     Jan 30  Womens Tefillah Luncheon 
Jan 10         Youth Ice Skating                                     Feb 7  Womens Mitzvah Group Siyum 
Feb 6          Youth Leadership Oneg                                 Feb 21 Rosh Chodesh Group meets 

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