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					                                                                                        August 2007

                                              By: Lindsy Paddon
My Story
                             My name is Lindsy and I can safely say that my entire life I have
Top 5 Things to do While
                             struggled with being overweight. I was born 10lbs 4.5oz. I have
                             memories as young as 5 or 6 years of age sitting in my pediatrician’s
Summer is in Session         office and the doctor telling my mom that I was over the height/weight
                             percentile I should be at. He suggested to my mom, “Just give her two
                             pieces of fruit for lunch”. Memories like that are painful. I also recall
                             many years of teasing and just feeling totally uncomfortable in my skin.
                             In fifth grade my mom started me with Weight Watchers. Over the
Announcements                course of those school years and high school I tried many different diets
                             only to lose very little and probably gain more. After high school I
                             moved to London, England where I ballooned up to my highest weight I
Laser Vein Institute         ate what I wanted, as I was no longer being monitored. When I moved
                             back to the States I finally got the courage to acknowledge I needed help.
                             I knew I needed to make a change and do something but this time
                             directed by me. I started Weight Watchers (again) and I also started with
                             a personal trainer. I felt great and my trainer was great to help me with
                             food as well. I lost about 20 lbs with her but was still well over my
                             recommended weight. I moved back to Sacramento and lost my personal
                             trainer. I tried to stay up with exercising and joined Team In Training to
                             work towards a marathon. I injured my foot though and had to stop
                             exercising, once again I gained weight. A continuous yo-yo my whole
    A Bariatric Support
    Center dedicated to      life.
   providing full service,
  long-term educational
 and mutual support for
 gastric bypass patients.

   Two Medical Plaza,
        Suite 264
   Roseville, CA 95661
      (916) 797-7555

                                                             WOW News August 2007                 1
 Changes continued
 By: Lindsy Paddon

 I tried Weight Watchers (one more time), (I have probably started and stopped weight watchers 8 times).
In 2004 I had tried a medically monitored diet that required eating their foods and shakes. I did lose a fair
amount with that diet, however it was so restrictive I eventually “ate out of the box” as they called it and it
was downhill from there. I had heard rumors of weight loss surgery but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was
all about. In 2005 I started researching WLS. In the summer of 2005 I got up the courage to mention to
my family that this is something I was considering. My family has been nothing but supportive to me this
whole journey. When I first told my parents they were not as educated about WLS and they were
scared/concerned and even said “maybe you should try another diet”. I was finished with the fail rate I had
with diets. I needed something stronger than me. This is when I knew I really wanted to move forward
with starting the process for surgery. In the fall of 2005 I started the process, tests and exams. I had my
surgery February 21, 2006. I have never once regretted that choice. I did have a small complication a week
after surgery that landed me in the emergency room. However, I have been so happy and so much more
comfortable in my skin. I always put myself out there for sports and activities, but like many have said in
the past ‘you put a big smile on your face but you are dying inside’ that was often the way I felt. I am one
and a half years out from surgery. I can’t believe how quickly time flies! I remember being in my first
support meeting listening to people further out from surgery and it seemed so far off for me. I have never
gotten to my goal weight. I had hoped and still hope to lose another 30-40lbs. I have lost about 60lbs so
far. I try to do everything I am supposed to do (taking my vitamins, eating right and working out). Since
two months post op I have almost consistently worked with a personal trainer. I have been able to do a lot
of things post op much more comfortable than I could do before. I joined the rowing team last summer,
last July I hiked Half Dome, I went skydiving (twice now) and I learned to slalom water ski. I have also
participated in 5k races, hiking, and rollerblading. Just last month my family and I went to Peru to hike the
                                                                    WOW2006 2
Inca trail - a 4 day hike to Manchu Picchu. I felt great the first day and the first 7.5 miles. Unfortunately
the morning of the 2 day my mom got altitude sickness and I volunteered to return to lower elevation
with her. I did not get to see if I could complete this strenuous hike but I believe I could have. On
Wednesday, August 1st I will attempt to summit Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the lower 48 states at
14,500 ft. It is 22 miles and I know that I wouldn’t have been as comfortable or maybe not even tried it
before surgery. I plan to attempt hiking Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa next year. I am thankful for the
changes that have been made in my life with losing some of the excess weight.

 As Dr. Waldrep has always said, “Weight loss surgery is not
 brain surgery.” I still have some old habits that are hard to
 break. I still struggle with food at times. But my new
 stomach often stops me or reminds me what I should not do.
 That is what I had hoped for, I wouldn’t change anything. I
 am so happy with all the changes that have been made in my
 life. Even though I haven’t gotten to my goal weight I
 would do it all over again in a heart beat.

                                                                   WOW News August 2007                   2
Top 5 Things to do While Summer’s Still in Session

By: Leslie Kaneko, R.D.

It’s already August and we still have our much loved summertime favorites available! Take advantage of
these juicy, colorful, and nourishing treats while they are still in season.

   1. Hit up a local farmers’ market. Some are open all year around but now is the time to get your
      heirloom tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, plums, sweet corn, nectarines, melons and berries. Not
      many grocery stores give you samples of fruits anymore. Most growers encourage you to try a
      sliver of their fresh, juicy nectarines while giving you tips; on ripening, slicing, and sometimes
      their favorite cooking techniques or recipes.

   2. Sign up for an organic produce farm who deliver right to your doorstep. (Just ask me and I’ll tell
      you my favorites!) You can sometimes request for more of a certain fruit or vegetable or even
      order a special package that has more fruits or vegetables. This can be a bit pricey or considered
      a luxury. However, I’ve found that it forces me to eat more fruits and veggies and also be more
      creative while finding new ways to incorporate items that maybe I wouldn’t ordinarily buy
      myself. You can also choose to subscribe to their delivery during the summer or your favorite
      produce months instead of all year around.

   3. Take out your favorite summer apron and BBQ or grill if you haven’t done it already. An
      alternate tool is your George Foreman or a mini indoor grill; you can grill your vegetables and
      favorite protein source while staying cool and out of the heat. Grilled bell peppers, zucchini,
      onions, tomatoes, and corn taste even more delicious when cooked with a marinade or a touch of
      olive oil and garlic.

   4. Get out and take a short walk or two. (We still benefit from multiple shorter walks, for those
      folks who might become too sore from doing too much at one time.) Fulfill some of your
      Vitamin D requirements without consuming any calories! Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen
      and to also incorporate vitamin D in your diet (salmon, tuna, and milk) and supplements
      (multivitamins and calcium with D).

   5. Canning and preserving some of these favorites so we can enjoy them during the rest of the
      year………until next summer. Berry jam, picked in its peak, doesn’t need as much added sugars.
      It’s great to thaw out some frozen tomato sauces like salsa that you made from fresh tomatoes and
      preserved from the summer. Dried peaches, nectarines, and blueberries are great to add to your
      hot cereals in the winter. Or making some blueberry chutney in the winter months with your
      turkey. (I know, we don’t want to think about the holiday yet!) If you do not know how to can or
      preserve nor know a find a friend or relative who can teach you, you can learn from any one of
      our favorite hosts on the food channel. ☺

My summer time message is to eat well, enjoy the season while enjoying your food. Most of all, when
making tasty food choices, don’t forget to nourish, nourish, nourish!

                             Look for next month’s nutrition topic……“glorious grains”.

Leslie Kaneko, R.D.
2830 “I” Street, Suite 201
Sacramento, CA 95816

                                                                  WOW News August 2007                 3
Just for Fun

                Leslie Kaneko’s tid bits of information on our favorite summer items:

         Heirloom tomatoes

                                                                    Lemon Cucumber Dressing
                                                                    4 Tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
                                                                    1 Tablespoon minced onion
These special tomatoes grow only during a short period of           (Garlic is optional for the garlic lovers)
time, now! They are grown from older seed varieties and             2 Tablespoons grated lemon rind
cultivated for their more unique texture, various shapes,           1 cup Trader Joe’s nonfat Greek yogurt
colors, and sizes. Some say that refrigeration destroys some        (20 grams protein)
of the wonderful flavors, while eating them with olive oil          1 cup finely chopped cucumber, seeds removed
pulls some of the phytochemical, lycopene.                          1 teaspoon dried dill
                                                                    1 teaspoon Sea salt
Tomato and Fennel salad                                             2 Tablespoons lemon juice
3/4 Tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil                               Serve to dip diced vegetables into or over tossed salads.
1 Tablespoon champagne vinegar or white-wine vinegar
½ teaspoon salt                                                     Nutrition information: (1T serving size; makes
Freshly ground pepper to taste                                      approximately 24): 30 calories, 2 g total fat, 0.6 g
1 pound tomatoes, sliced into wedges                                protein, <1 g fiber.
2 cups thinly sliced fennel bulbs                                   Added bonuses of small amounts of protein and
1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley or cilantro                           calcium from the yogurt.
1/3 cup toasted pine nuts                                           Note: You can substitute this higher protein yogurt into
                                                                    other recipes or just eat it with fruit. (May need to
Wisk oil, vinegar, salt and pepper into bowl. Add tomatoes,         sweeten it with mashed fruit)
fennel, parsley and pine nuts. Mix with tongs for best
spreading and coating.
                                                                    Modified from
Nutrition information (1 cup serving size; recipe makes 4):
120 calories, 9 g total fat (< 1 g saturated fat), 0 cholesterol,
9 g carbohydrate, 3 g protein, 3 g fiber.
Added bonuses of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and potassium.
Modified from Eating Well

                                                                    Do you have an inspirational story, recipe,
                                                                    joke or special quote that you think would be
                                                                    great in the newsletter? If so, please submit
                                                                    to Donna at

                                                                        “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is
                                                                        a mystery, and today is a gift;
                                                                        that’s why they call it the present.”
           Face your biggest fears head on!                              ~Eleanor Roosevelt

                                                                               WOW News August 2007                             4

Thanks to our WOW volunteers! We
look forward to some new and exciting
 If you would like to sign up to be a                    WOW Clothing Closet
volunteer for WOW, please see               The following are the suggested rules for the
Christina or Donna for more                 clothing closet.
                                            Bring your clothing that you can no longer wear
      Cynthia Milardovich                   due to your new size. Please bring only clothing
      Lyn Lewis                             with no stains or tears, adult sizes only, no
      Laurie Warner                         children’s or maternity clothes. Help sort your
      Debbie Whitlock                       clothing into the correct size on the table in the
      Jeanette Pigott                       lobby. Please do not leave the sorting to
      Erika Maas                            someone else. Take any clothing you wish, all
      Barbara Norman                        the clothing is free of charge.

To all of you, on behalf of the surgeons
                                            NOTE: If anyone is interested in taking over
and staff of Sacramento Advanced            the clothing exchange, please see Donna
Laparoscopic Surgery Associates &           before or after the WOW meeting. Thanks.
Western Obesity & Wellness, thank you
for giving so generously. You truly
make all the difference in the world!

    WOW sports bottles will be on sale for only $2.00 at each WOW meeting while
   supplies last. If you would like to purchase a bottle, please see Erika Maas.
   All proceeds go towards raffle prizes and special events.

             WOW Support Meeting                           SALSA OPEN HOUSE
                    Sutter Roseville                           Sutter Roseville
                Conference Rooms A & B                     Conference Rooms A & B
                  September 8, 2007                          September 8, 2007
                 3PM-5PM                               10AM-12PM RSVP 797-7555
              Topic-Iron Insights                                   press 0

                                                       WOW News August 2007                  5
To our valued patients,

privilege to participate in the care of thousands of Californians. We are grateful to our patients
for considering us the leader in advanced minimally invasive surgery, signified by our
Sacramento center being designated as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence, as well as
receiving a 5-Star rating by

Many of our patients have expressed concern about leg discomfort, swelling, or visible veins
they have been experiencing most of their life. These may be symptoms of venous
insufficiency or varicose veins, and may be accompanied by large visible veins under the
skin, ‘spider veins’, and swollen, dark skin of the lower legs and ankles.

We are excited to announce the availability of state-of-the-art, safe, and effective Laser Vein
Treatments that may be completed in a simple office visit.

If you, a friend, or family member is interested in getting the latest treatment for large, painful
leg veins, please call Janet at 1-877-Go-VenA-1 and learn how the VenA Laser Vein Institute
can help.

You may schedule a visit at either of our convenient locations:

       Roseville, CA                               Thousand Oaks, CA
       Two Medical Plaza, Suite 264                415 East Rolling Oaks Dr., Suite 240
       1-877-Go-VenA-1                             1-877-Go-VenA-1

Thank you and best wishes for your health!


Donald J. Waldrep M.D., F.A.C.S.
and the staff at VenA Laser Vein Institute

                                                       Contact us: (916) 797-7555

                                                       Address:        Two Medical Plaza
                                                                       Suite 264
  Sacramento Advanced Laparoscopic
         Surgery Associates                                            Roseville, CA 95661
     Donald J. Waldrep, M.D., F.A.C.S.
             Stephen Kerr, M.D.
             Mike McCoy, PA-C

                                                             WOW News            August      2007     6

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