District School Board of Niagara Science Subject Council 02 10 01 by akgame


									                   District School Board of Niagara Science Subject Council

                                                     02 10 01

                                      (Thanks to Bill Reid for meeting notes!)
        School               Representative                 School                  Representative

 A. N. Myer               H. McGlone                    Laura Secord                G. Munro

 Beamsville               F. Dimartino                  Niagara District            W. Kramer

 Centennial               G. Warriner                   Port Colborne

 E. L. Crossley           S. Keller                     R.C.B.H.S.                  N.Sheard

 Eastdale                 M. Macdonald                  Sir Winston Churchill       J. Zalewski

 Eden                     R. Chappell                   South Lincoln               C. Freure

 D.R.R.C.                 S. Hopkins, D. Kamatovic      St. Catharines Collegiate   G. MacDonald for A. Acs

 Fort Erie                T. Goode                      Stamford                    B.Reid

 Governor Simcoe          M/ MacDonald                  Thorold                     B.Kilroy

 Grimsby                  D. Wyatt                      West Park                   G. Eckhardt

 Kernahan Park                                          Westlane                    N. Corey

 Lakeport                 S.Pillay

1. The meeting was called to order by Suriya Pillay at 12:40 p.m.

2. Good News Items :
*Niagara District - Ward wished his former District colleague, Bill Reid, best wishes, as he
begins the role as Stamford’s department head.
*West Park - Greg encouraged all to examine the new Niagara Regional Science and Engineering
Fair website (www.niagarasciencefair.org/). Schools should have received all materials. Be
aware of timelines.
*Westlane - Nelson advised all re: his concerns about Carolina crayfish.

3. Minutes from the Last Meeting : Adopted by Ron, seconded by Greg M.

4. Review of the Action List :
•      Crocodile Clips/Dry Lab Foetal Pig software requests will be resubmitted next year.
•      Dave Wyatt volunteered for Gr 12 Ministry training.
•      Addendums to Consistency agreements have been distributed - recall similarities in
       evaluation between OSS and revised OS:IS for this year.
•      From the summer, DSBN exemplar written exams for Gr 9 Academic and Applied are
       done in draft. Input from other Gr 9 teachers welcome.
•      A list was circulated amongst Council to generate feeder school science contact names.
       Gaps will be filled in and distributed to all next meeting.
4. DSBN Chair Meeting Update:
•     Textbook approval process outlined, since Circular 14 is gone.
•     Double Cohort handout (Spring/Summer 2002) from Ministry of Training, Colleges and
      Universities discussed. Council shared issues surrounding i) curriculum (more focus on
      quantitative analysis - technology will assist here); ii) consistency (refer to agreements to
      ensure equity between 2 streams); and iii) student achievement ( mixed - some report
      OS:IS outperforming OSS, and vice versa). Something to think about :Is there a mismatch
      between the instructional program the Gr 12 OSS student has encountered through SSR,
      and the assessment/evaluation system they are now encountering in Gr 12? These
      students are familiar with a system using a broader variety of items and tools, including
      performance assessments and rubrics - how are they evaluated in Gr 12? Much discussion
      - some feel students need to prepare for post secondary work. Shawna suggested that
      while we are aware of the post secondary instructional/evaluation practices, we do not
      have 300 students in our classes, and hence, we should apply what we know is sound
      pedagogical practice, with an awareness to what is happening beyond high school.

5. Liaison Consultant Report :
a) Ministry Update - (see handout)
•       Gr 1-8 Exemplars distributed to schools
•       Core testing in Science (beginning 2002-‘03 : Gr 4 & 7 Science and Technology) delayed
        1 year
•       Gr 11 Exemplars (U : SCH, SBI, SPH) - distribution early 2003
•       Gr 12 Exemplars (Biology 12U, Chemistry 12C, Physics 12U, Science 11W) - field
        testing Nov ‘03
•       Interdisciplinary Studies 12O, English 12W and Science 12W scheduled for release
        Winter 2003 : course profile Science and the Community has credit value of 3
•       Information on course requirements for post-secondary destinations :
        for universities       see www.ouac.on.ca;
        for colleges           see http://osca.ouac.on.ca/ (this one in particular is highly
        for apprenticeships see
                               ml or see Apprenticeship Subject Pathways, distributed to
                               schools Aug 2002 Note: Most require Math, English, and Science,
                               not tech
b) Bailey Bridges
•       Dave K. presented a condensed Powerpoint overview of the rationale behind the DSBN
        Bailey Bridges initiative. Council began to focus on Recommendation #12: “All courses
        should be reviewed in order to highlight critical expectations for teachers”. Grade 9 and
        10 clustered expectation aligned Enduring Learnings distributed. Especially useful for
        teachers new to science or a science course. Can guide priorities in terms of time and
        energy. Shawna suggested we might evaluate expectations aligned to the Enduring
       Learnings/Important for Students to Know and Do, and assess only the expectations
       aligned to Worth being Familiar with. Gr 11/12 Biology and Chemistry also complete in
       draft. Volunteers needed to write Physics and review all. Gr 7/8 Science teachers have
       expressed an interest in developing a similar resource, aligned to specific expectations.
       Council agreed to review their work, since much of the former Gr 9/10 curriculum has
       been shifted.
•      Council focused on Recommendation #9: “A Gap analysis...ascertain why many students
       unprepared for Gr 9.” Council reviewed the DSBN Gr 9/10 Mark Analysis from ‘99 -
       2002 inclusive, and agreed action should be taken to address areas of concern in Science.
       Council will share evaluation practices with Shawna (first day handouts). Shawna and
       Dave will obtain similar information from Gr 7/8 teachers, in order to determine what, if
       any gaps exist, between the panels. Results to be shared with Council in Nov., in order to
       provide a basis for future action.
•      Council shared feedback from Gr 7/8 teachers re: the need for content instruction. Action
       agreed : Subject Council will offer 6 regional content based workshops. Shawna and
       Dave will generate a survey to Gr 7/8 Science teachers to determine need, topics of need,
       timing and location of workshops. Will report back to Council Nov 27 with results.

6. Subcommittee Work and Reports :
•      Enduring/Core Learnings Team : see report in 5 (b)
•      Retooling the Course Profiles Team : Gr 9 Academic retooled profile complete and in
       Curriculum Planner format. Over 600 pgs of material. Work to be released in 2 phases :
       1) October 9 SD # 113 - focus on the contents of the resource, release in a binder; 2)
       winter 2002 : use the technology of the Planner to navigate through the resource, release
•      Written Exam Team : Gr 9 Academic and Applied complete in draft. Reviewers needed.
•      Performance Assessment Team : Selected tasks have been rewritten and are being typed.

7. Improving Student Achievement in Science - What does the research say? What do we
      Groups read literature selections, then “think/pair/shared” research strategies that have
      been correlated to improved student achievement in Science. Highlights included the
      emphasis on STSE and real life situations in curriculum delivery, computer simulations,
      and systemic approaches in problem solving. Concept mapping also has been shown to
      improve attitudes and achievement in science. This may be helpful to the Written Exam

8. Correspondence - None

9. Information Items and Members’ Concerns :
•      All schools should have at least 3 (Acids/Oxidizers, Caustics/Inorganics, Organics) waste
       disposal containers from Photek.
•      OAC Scholarship Exam processes distributed. Note new approved OSS subjects offered.
•      George commented on potential declining enrollment in senior science courses. Shawna
       suggested students are taking courses based on postsecondary requirements, and most
        courses include science as a recommendation, rather than a prerequisite. George and Dave
        W. volunteered to create a pamphlet that may be useful to Guidance.
•       Ward expressed concern re: school based science $ allocation. 5 schools mentioned they
        do not have their budgets. Action agreed: Schools collect data on amount of $ in science
        budget + how many student science credits awarded + if the $ includes texts and supplies.
        Forward to Shawna for coded distribution. Some concern about attendance at workshops
        to obtain equipment. Training is often needed for safety and liability. Some expressed a
        need for central purchase of soil testing kits - Shawna will investigate.
•       Helen shared the Consulting Engineers of Ontario are available for visits.
•       Ward inquired on useful strategies for split OAC/4U assessment ( see consistency
        agreement as a guideline).
•       Greg suggested we collect Gr 9 Science D/P and K enrollment data.
•       Upcoming workshops (see flyers):
 Oct 3 - Physics Subject Council
Oct 7 - Electrophoresis Trek
Oct 9 - Gr 9 Academic Science and the Curriculum Planner

9. Adjournment - 3:45 p.m.

10. Date/Time/Location Next Meeting :

Date : Wednesday, November 27, 2002
Time : 12:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Location : Education Centre, St. Catharines, Grimsby-Lincoln Room
                                     Science Subject Council

                                           Action List

Action                             Responsibility              Due Date
Submit teacher names to:           Science subject Council     ASAP
a) review written exams            member
b) develop/review senior
Enduring Learnings
Share :                            Subject Council to Shawna   Oct 16
a) course evaluation policies
b) budget information : $, #
of student science credits, if $
includes texts, photocopying,
Compile school based Gr 7/8        Shawna, Dave                to Council Nov 27
Science evaluation

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