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					Mixed martial arts gloves are very different from your regular boxing gloves. The main difference
lies not only in the significantly less amount of padding MMA gloves have but also in the fact that
your fingers are free so you can grapple.

MMA gloves add a lot of protective benefits with the main ones being:

1. You don’t cut your partners face easily when you are training. In fact most cuts in training and
mma fights come from either elbows to the face or heads clashing together.

2. You protect your knuckles and the small bones in your hand. Our hands were not created for
punching and were intended only to be used for grabbing things. Therefore they can’t take a lot of
damage, especially not if you hit someone in the forehead that is very strong.

3. This is actually the most overlooked aspect of mma gloves. They give great wrist support and
take the strain off your wrists when the impact of your punch is coming back up, through your arm.

As you can see MMA gloves are one of the most essential pieces of training gear you will need for
your training/fights, unless you want to be a beat up fighter without punching power because your
wrists and knuckles are completely destroyed.

These days you can get so many different models and variants to fit your personality and
preferences that there is really no excuse to not buying some quality MMA gloves to protect you,
your training partner and make you look super cool In the gym:)

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