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					         greek mythology : beauty
         arabic mythology : virgin      call +65 732 5998     fax +65 6732 3310
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1. Brand name evolution: adara                                                             3. Nature of product
Inspired by the immaculately pure and truly natural base ingredient Organic                Nature in a bottle.
Coconut Virgin Oil, adara is chosen to represent this line for its origin aptly delivers
the message Nature in A Bottle.                                                            The impetus behind adara is to deliver the highest quality organic
                                                                                           coconut virgin oil, traceable from the field to your hand. A notion
adara: symbolises beauty in Greek and virgin in Arabic                                     to live responsibly and naturally, adara is thoughtful, you will notice
mythology. Fusion of the two exudes allure and untouched                                   the details.
purity, a natural and angelic discovery of our organic coconut
virgin oil for modern age application.                                                     What goes on you goes in you which is why we have extracted a
                                                                                           base ingredient that is so full of healthy benefits good enough to be
Embracing nature in a bottle, it is this philosophy that forms the                         eaten just as it is applied onto your skin and hair.
basis of our packaging design. Clear clean lines bottles and fuss
free illustrations are used to pronounce the purity and clarity of                         Organic and biologically pure, coconut virgin oil exhibits
this oil, for Seeing is Believing.                                                         characteristics true to our body’s needs, abundance of benefits we love:

                                                                                            Characteristics                             Benefits
2. Origin
                                                                                            1. rich in lauric acid                      strengthens connective tissues and aids
Our base ingredient, organic coconut virgin oil, comes from our own factory                    natural source of vitamin E              removal of dead skin cells to promote
                                                                                                                                        growth of healthy, smooth and supple skin
PSG. Founded in 1983, PSG is part of Sambu Group, a diversified operations in
food, oil and cosmetics industries.                                                         2. natural anti-oxidant properties          helps to prevent premature aging and
                                                                                                                                        wrinkling of skin, a preservation of youthful
Our organic coconut virgin oil is certified organic by third party auditor SKAL
International and is produced under strict protocols of ISO9001, OHSAS18001,                3. natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral &     speeds healing of mild infections and
ISO14001 and conforms to HACCP standards.                                                      anti-microbial properties; rich source   open wounds as it hastens cell renewal
                                                                                               of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) of    due to the metabolic effect MCFA has
                                                                                               fruit origin                             on cells
What further distinguishes us from the crowd is the quality of raw materials used
and the processing method engaged in extracting organic coconut virgin oil                  4. small molecular structure & uniquely     penetrates skin easily allowing skin to drink
for adara.                                                                                     light                                    up all the benefits without greasy after feel
                                                                                            5. fresh & sweet smelling coconut essence   natural aroma
We use only fresh organic coconuts from our own plantation, which allows us                 6. long shelf life of more than 3 years     stable without use of preservatives and
to monitor the quality efficiently. These organic coconuts are processed within                                                          additives
24 hours from the time of harvest to maintain the freshness of coconut milk,
from which organic coconut virgin oil is extracted using specially designed Alfa
Laval processing equipment. Innovatively cold pressed and completely without               Just like water, organic coconut virgin oil being unadulterated changes its state
chemical treatment, al-natural to preserve the inherent benefits of a coconut               with drop in temperature. Warm at heart, adara crystallises to a dazzling white
and its fresh sweet smelling aroma.                                                        as temperature drops below 23˚C. All it takes is some warmth to bring adara
                                                                                           back to pristine clear oil. Simply submerge bottle into warm water or place it in
Thus, the birth of adara, nature in a bottle. adara does not                               room temperature above 23˚C.
contain animal products or by-products and is against testing
on animals.                                                                                A legendary secret unveiled for modern age application. A fusion of time to see
                                                                                           the adara in you.
Discover a journey of magical experience with adara.
4. Essences of life                                                                5. Occasions
Capturing various notes to suit different moods, the aroma discovery starts with   Touch Therapy: A drop goes a long way
your choice. Smell it, feel it, be adara.
                                                                                   Skin Drink
                                                                                   ~ Gently soothe onto skin daily or as required when skin
            Original Organic Coconut Virgin Oil                                        feels thirsty and needs comfort. Helps to lock in moisture
            Untouched purity and angelic                                               essential to keep skin soft and smooth.

                                                                                   ~   Ideal moisturiser for relief of dry, rough patches or mild infections on skin. Aids
            Peach Coconut Virgin Oil                                                   removal of dead skin cells to promote growth of smooth & supple skin in a
            Sweet and Heavenly                                                         natural skin renewal cycle, the nature’s way.

                                                                                   Hair Nourishment
            Jasmine Coconut Virgin Oil                                             ~ Massage into hair and leave on overnight before rinsing off for a flowy and
            Beautiful and Oriental                                                     shimmering mane.
                                                                                   ~ Massage into hair and cover with shower cap for 30 minutes to an hour prior
                                                                                       to regular wash for DIY intensive hair conditioning treatment.
            Lavender Coconut Virgin Oil                                            ~ Apply on damp or dry hair to tame flyaway and achieve a soft silky sheen.
            Tranquil and Soothing
                                                                                   Spa Feel
                                                                                   Create your own spa haven without having to step out of your cosy nest.
            Green Tea Coconut Virgin Oil                                           Spice up your love life with sensual healing massages for your partner
            Cooling and Refreshing                                                 Or
                                                                                   De-stress and detoxify with a therapeutic massage with moderate pressure on
                                                                                   reflex zones that gives an uplift of mind & body.
            Rose Coconut Virgin Oil
            Alluring and Innocent                                                  A relaxing way to let your skin drink up this healthy oil and at the same time
                                                                                   experience the benefits of touch.

Bottled with base ingredient Organic Coconut Virgin Oil                            ~   Use on its own as a massage oil for a smooth and sensuous feel leaving a
certified organic by third party auditor SKAL International to                         lingering choice of scent on your after-spa glowing skin
both EU and NOP standards. No preservatives or additives are                       ~   Use organic original scent as a carrier oil to be blended to your own aura of
allowed by adara.                                                                      individuality
                                                                                       • concoct with drops of favourite essential oils for aromatic body massage
                                                                                       • blend with flowers (Champak-tropical magnolia & agkor wangi-vertiver)
                                                                                           and pandanus leaf for a traditional scented massage
6. Ethical Trading promote a community of harmony                                              Packaging Menu (types & sizes) strike a delicate balance of quality business and social wellness
                                                                                  HDPE bottle range
Sambu Group, the Coconut Family on Riau Province of East Sumatra.                 ~ 60ml slim round shaped HDPE bottle with clear flip cap
                                                                                  ~ 250ml tall and slim round shaped HDPE bottle with clear flip cap
                  Once a barren land with scarce business activities, now a       ~ 60ml x 6 in frosty matt, plastic gift box
                  thriving vibrant community. The transition from rural area to   Bulk Pack in Cartons
                  today’s community of harmony with gainful employment is         ~ 60ml x 20 bottles per carton : L156 x W125.5 x H130mm
                  a conscientious effort towards contributing to the society, a   ~ 250ml x 20 bottles per carton : L256 x W205.5 x H184mm
                  core part of our corporate culture.

                  We believe in investment and employees are our best asset,      PET bottle range
only when employees welfare are well taken care of can a company grow             ~ 60ml slim round shaped PET printed bottle with clear flip cap
in pride. Our group’s operations have philanthropically established social
communities to provide for the entire team of 50,000 employees and their          Bulk Pack in Cartons
families on Riau Province with social wellness programmes including housing,      ~ 60ml x 20 bottles per carton : L136 x W168 x H116mm
educational, religious and recreational facilities.

We continuously strive to meet employees and their families’ needs so as to
achieve happiness in our own little ways.

At Sambu Group, we believe in fair trade and manufacturing with compassion.

Love makes the world go round, Ethics make the Sambu Group grow well!

HDPE bottle range 250ml & 60ml
                                                                                                                             Brought to you by The Loving Coconutists
                                                                                                                             Inspired by the immaculately pure and
                                                                                                                             truly natural Organic Coconut Virgin Oil

PET bottle range 60ml