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									              Culinary Arts & Hospitality I -Spring Term – 7121 - Pacing Guide (2008)

Course Description: This 2-block course introduces students to basic food                    EOC       VOCATS
production, management, and service activities in the “front” and “back” of the house.
Students are also prepared to take the test to become ServSafe ® certified by the            AP/IB      Teacher-made
National Restaurant Association.                                                                         final exam

Day Date         SCS Objectives        Essential Questions                    Content                Tasks/Strategies
 1                                                                                              Research various salad
                                                                                                recipes. Identify
                                       What are different types of   Salad greens               characteristics which
 2                                     salads served in              Salad Structure (base,     help to categorize
                                       restaurants?                  body, dressing, garnish)   salads as appetizer,
 3                   FC10.01           What are the ingredients in   Salad Ingredients (types   accompaniment, entrée,
                                       various kinds of salads?      of fruit, vegetables &     separate course, and
                                       What are some different       proteins)                  dessert.
 4                                                                                              Identify various salad
                                       kinds of dressings?
                                                                                                greens (farmer’s
 5                                                                                              market)


                                                                     Types of Salads            Lab – Prepare 3 of the 5
 8                                     How are various kinds of      Types of Dressings         different kinds of salads.
                                       salads prepared?              Salad Ingredients          Lab – Prepare the 4
                                       How are various types of      Vegetable & Fruit          kinds of dressings
 9                                     dressings prepared?           Selection and Washing      (vinaigrette, fatty,
                                                                                                cooked & fruit).



13                                                                                              Research and set a
                                                                                                menu for an event
                                                                                                (wedding, baby shower,
14                                                                                              office party, tea) that
                                                                     Types of Sandwiches
                                                                                                includes three hors
                                       What is Garde Manger?         Parts of a Canape
15                                                                                              d’oeuvres & canapes to
                                       Besides salads, how are       Spreads & Fillings
                     FC10.03           other cold food               Garnishes
                                                                                                Lab-Make the 5 kinds of
16                                     presentations and             Small wares
                                                                                                sandwiches; identify
                                       garnishes prepared?           Presentation
                                                                                                their characteristics
                                                                     Storage & Service
17                                                                                              Lab-Prepare a tray of
                                                                                                cold food items with
                                                                                                visual and textural
18                                                                                              appeal.

                                       What are some different
20                   FC11.01
                                       cooking methods?
Day Date   SCS Objectives     Essential Questions              Content              Tasks/Strategies
                                                                                  Make a chart explaining
22                                                                                the 7 ways cooking
                                                                                  alters food: nutritional
                                                        Factors Altered by
23                                                                                value, flavor, texture,
                                                        Cooking Process
              FC11.01       How does cooking alter                                aroma, color, herbs &
                                                        Introduction to Cooking
             (Continued)    food?                                                 spices.
24                                                      Methods
                                                                                  Lab-Identify various
                                                        Use of Herbs and Spices
                                                                                  spices & herbs by sight
25                                                                                and aroma. Discuss
                                                                                  possible uses.



28                                                                                Make a chart with the 8
                                                                                  basic dry heat cooking
                                                                                  methods (grilling,
29                                                                                broiling, roasting,
                                                                                  baking, sautéing, stir
                            What is dry heat cooking    Methods of Dry Heat
30                                                                                frying, pan-frying, deep
                            and what are the methods    Cooking
              FC11.02       of heat transfer?           Dry Heat Cooking
                                                                                  Lab-In 4 teams, cook a
31                          How is dry heat cooking     Equipment
                                                                                  ham (or roast, or
                            done?                       Dredging
                                                                                  chicken) using 4
32                                                                                different dry heat
                                                                                  cooking methods.
                                                                                  Compare and contrast
33                                                                                the results.



                                                                                  Make a chart with the 4
                                                                                  basic moist heat
37                                                                                cooking methods
                                                                                  (steaming, poaching,
                                                        4 Methods of Moist Heat   simmering, & boiling).
38                                                      Cooking                   Identify poaching,
                            What is moist heat
                                                        Moist Heat Cooking        simmering, and boiling
39            FC11.03
                            How is moist heat cooking
                                                        Equipment                 by sight.
                                                        Poaching, Simmering and   Lab- Poach, simmer
                                                        Boiling Temperatures      and boil a vegetable.
40                                                      Liquids                   What are the
                                                                                  differences when
41                                                                                cooked by these
                                                                                  methods for the same
                                                                                  amount of time?

                            What is combination
44            FC11.04
Day Date   SCS Objectives     Essential Questions                Content              Tasks/Strategies

                                                                                    Identify the difference
47                                                                                  between braising and
                            What is combination           Braising Equipment        stewing.
              FC11.04       cooking?                      Stewing Equipment         Research and locate a
48           (Continued)    How is combination            Methods of Braising &     recipe for braising and
                            cooking done?                 Stewing                   stewing a fruit,
49                                                                                  vegetable, and poultry
                                                                                    or meat. Prepare one.


52                                                                                  Identify and prepare 3 of
                                                                                    the 5 mother sauces.
                                                                                    Taste & evaluate.
53                                                        Components of Stock       Lab-Prepare different
                            What are some of the          Types of Stock            stocks.
54                          classic stocks, sauces and    Preparation of Sauces     Lab-Working in teams,
                            soups?                        Thickening Agents         prepare and garnish a
                            How are these stocks,         5 Mother Sauces           soup. Select one of the
55                          sauces, and soups             Types of Soup             following types of soup
                            prepared?                     Stockpot & Steam Jacket   to prepare: consommé,
56                                                        Kettle                    vegetable, puree,
                                                                                    cream, bisque, cooked
                                                                                    cold, uncooked cold,
57                                                                                  chowder.

58                                                                                  Display different types
                                                                                    of flour including all-
59                                                                                  purpose, whole wheat,
                                                                                    rye, mesa, and
                                                                                    cornmeal. Feel the
60                                                                                  texture and observe the
                                                          Types of Flour            color of each kind of
61                                                        Types of Liquid           flour. What types of
                            What are different kinds of   Ingredients               bread are made
                            flour that can be used to     Fats                      from each type of flour?
62                          make bread?                   Function of Sugar, Eggs   Which flour has the
              FC12.01       What are some different       & Salt in Bread-making    finer texture? What is
63                          types of leavening agents?    Types of Leavening        all-purpose flour? What
                            How are basic quick           Agents                    has been added to flour
                            breads prepared?              Selection & Preparation   that is enriched? What
64                                                        of Pans                   is self-rising flour? What
                                                          Mixing Methods            is gluten?
65                                                                                  Identify types of
                                                                                    leavening agents.
                                                                                    Lab-Prepare basic quick
66                                                                                  breads. How do they
                                                                                    differ from yeast
Day Date   SCS Objectives     Essential Questions                Content              Tasks/Strategies


70                                                                                 Make a poster with
                                                                                   recipes & illustrations to
71                                                        Types of Basic Cookies
                                                                                   show the 6 kinds of
                            What are the basic types of                            cookies: drop, rolled,
                                                          Cookie Ingredients
                            cookies?                                               icebox, molded, bar,
72            FC12.02
                            How are basic cookies
                                                          Cookie Textures
                            prepared?                                              Cookie factory-prepare
73                                                                                 cookies to sample &
                                                                                   invite faculty. Orders
                                                                                   can be taken and filled.



                                                                                   Provide a yellow cake
78                                                                                 with chocolate frosting
                                                                                   cake made from
                                                                                   scratch, a frozen cake,
79                                                                                 and cake made from a
                                                                                   mix. Label A, B, C.
80                                                        Types of Basic Cakes
                                                                                   Students taste &
                            What are the basic kinds of                            evaluate.
                                                          Mixing Methods
                            cakes?                                                 Lab- Prepare a sheet
81            FC12.03
                            How are basic cakes
                                                          Ingredients of Cakes
                                                                                   cake and use an
                                                          Icings & Frostings
                            prepared?                                              uncooked frosting.
                                                          “Doneness” checks
82                                                                                 Cake Shop-Prepare 3
                                                                                   cakes (sponge, pound,
                                                                                   angel food) and frost &
83                                                                                 garnish. Taste &




88          Review / Exam



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