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					                          2010 catalog           Creative Candles 2010   page 2
     Gifts that add a glow
                                    Thoughtful presents with
                                 a touch of warmth
                                   It is time to rethink the standard bottle of wine and give a gift that
                                   will light up the night. Creative Candles offers gifts that will make
                                   any occasion more memorable. For parties and open houses, weddings
                                   and baby showers, birthdays and barbeques, candle gifts are useful,
                                   thoughtful and unique. Our unscented candles are a welcomed
                                   alternative. Also, it is more desirable to use unscented candles around
                                   food, as fragranced candles may interfere with food aroma and taste.
                                   For the giver and recipient alike, Creative Candles make the perfect gift.

page 2   Creative Candles 2010                                                     
                                                                           6" celebration candles, hot pink

                                                                           “Candlelight is about
                                                                           creating a mood, a
                                                                           moment, a memory.
                                                                           With Creative Candles,
                                                                           every one of those
                                                                           experiences is truly
                                                                           special. Not only do
                                                                           they come in so many
                                                                           shapes and sizes,
                                                                           their color palettes
                                                                           I absolutely adore!”
                                                                           — Eddie Ross
                                                                           HGTV guest designer and former
                                                                           Martha Stewart editor

                                                 See the beauty. Experience the quality.
½" x 12" elegant tapers, aquamarine and red in
½" glass cube candleholders.
table linens provided by hen house linens
            Taper Gift Sets             Our most popular gift item
                                        The perfect gift—ideal as cocktail candles, hostess gifts, wedding gifts,
                                        housewarming gifts, anniversary gifts, bridesmaid gifts, mother’s day gifts,
                                        Valentines day gifts, birthday gifts, teacher gifts, or graduation gifts.

                                                                                                  Elegant Taper Gift Set
                                                                                                  Gift set is packaged in a deep brown tray.
                                                                                                  •	4 pair ½" x 12" taper candles
                                                                                                  •	1 pair glass cube candleholders
                                                                                                  •	Colors: 17 color options
                                                                                                  •	msrp: $25.00, or $28.00 for Beeswax Natural

                                                                                                  Since candles are a consumable product, be sure to keep stock on hand
                                                                                                  of our ½" x 12" and ½" x 18" tapers and offer refills for the Taper Gift Set
                                                                                                  candle holders.

                                        Color Availability

                                                          White         Ivory      Beeswax Natural    Paris Gray       Black


                                                       Honeysuckle    Pistachio      Aquamarine


                                                         Mango*      Lime Green*      Hot Pink*


                                                          Gold*      Terra Cotta      Chocolate


                                                          Red        Burgundy        Moss Green

                                        * NEW colors

page 4   Creative Candles 2010                                                                                                     
                                                    ½" x 12" tapers, honeysuckle

                                                    “We make a living by
                                                    what we get; we make a
                                                    life by what we give.”
                                                    — Winston Churchill

                          See the beauty. Experience the quality.

½" x 12" tapers, ivory                                     Creative Candles 2010   page 5
CelebrationCandles   Celebrate life’s events with style
                                   Our festive 6" or 15" Celebration Candles create a dramatic glow for
                                   special occasions or holidays, like Independence Day, Halloween, or
                                   Christmas. Add a touch of sophistication to weddings, anniversaries,
                                   birthdays, or baby showers. Add whimsy to your present and tie a tube
                                   to the gift! Create an energizing spray of candles in a container filled
features:                          with sand—great for patio parties.
•	Sleek, sophisticated look
•	Creates a dramatic glow
•	Available in two sizes           Celebration Candles
                                   Height inches                                                       6                      15
•	Perfect for cakes and cupcakes
                                   Diameter inches                                                     1/4                    1/4
•	Tie a tube onto a gift           Burn Time hours                                                     3/4                    2
                                   Quantity per package                                                12                     12
                                   msrp                                                                $7.50                  $13.50
                                   Available Colors

 $750-1350                            White        Ivory      Petal Pink   Honeysuckle    Yellow       Mango   Watermelon      Hot Pink

                                    Lime Green   Aquamarine   Royal Blue   Hunter Green    Red     Burgundy      Purple           Black

          6"         15"

                                     add whimsy to your                             try our unique                an ice bucket makes a
                                    present and tie a tube                           1/4" glass cube             great merchandiser for
                                         to the gift!                               candleholder                 15" celebration candles

page 6   Creative Candles 2010                                                                                  
                                                                6" celebration candles, aquamarine

                                                                “Light gives of itself
                                                                freely, filling all
                                                                available space.
                                                                It does not seek
                                                                anything in return;
                                                                it asks not whether
                                                                you are friend or foe.
                                                                It gives of itself and
                                                                is not thereby
                                                                — Michael Strassfeld

                                      See the beauty. Experience the quality.

15" celebration candles, aquamarine                                                  Creative Candles 2010   page 7
     Gift Collection Affordable luxury, packaged for giving

                     Creative Candles offers a stunning selection of gifts, retailing for less than $50.
                     What a warm and thoughtful way to say thank you, congratulations, or happy birthday.
                     Candles also make a lovely gesture for hosts, as you help them entertain in style with our
                     unique tapers. Our candles will take you from cocktail hour, to dinner, to dessert.


               $750-1350                                                          $950-2450

                     Celebration Candles                        Tapers in Contemporary                    Elegant Taper Gift Set
                     Celebrate life’s events with our festive   Packaging                                 A can’t-miss gift for almost any
                     6" or 15" celebration candles. Add         A unique gift for all occasions.          occasion; packaged in a deep
                     whimsy to a present and tie a tube         Complete a gift of candleholders by       brown tray.
                     to the gift!                               including one pair of tapers—tie tapers   •	Size: ½" x 12"
                     6" Set                                     onto wrapped package with ribbon.         •	Burn time: 3-½ hours per taper
                     •	Size: 1/4" x 6"                          •	Size: 5 options                         •	Qty: 4 pair of tapers, 1 pair of glass
                     •	Burn time: 45 minutes per taper          •	Burn time: 3-½ hours to 15 hours          cube candleholders
                     •	Qty: 12 per tube                           per taper                               •	Colors: 17 colors (see page 4)
                     •	Colors: 16 options (see page 6)          •	Colors: 44 options (see page 12)        •	msrp: $25.00, or $28.00 for
                     •	msrp: $7.50                              •	msrp range: $9.50 – $24.50                Beeswax Natural

                     15" Set                                    See Tapers in Contemporary Packaging
                     •	Size: 1/4" x 15"                         on page 12 for details.
                                                                                                          beeswax candles

                     •	Burn time: 2 hours per taper
                     •	Qty: 12 per tube                         beeswax candles

                     •	Colors: 16 options (see page 6)
                     •	msrp: $13.50

page 8   Creative Candles 2010                                                                                    

                                                                                                              $40     MSRP


Chanukah Tapers                           Pantry Pack                              Hostess Gift Set
When gifting a Menorah, complete          Be prepared for entertaining or          Be a great guest by giving a great gift.
the gift with our Chanukah                gift giving when you have our            You’ll be remembered year after year.
Tapers. These unique 3/8" diameter        handy Pantry Pack of tapers readily      Tapers and candleholders are bundled
tapers also fit many winter solstice      available. Tapers are beautifully        in an attractive brushed silver gift box.
celebrations, and other special holiday   arranged in an attractive brushed        •	Size: 7/8" x 10"
candleholders. Arranged in a brushed      silver gift box. Ideal for storage and   •	Burn time: 8 hours per taper
silver gift box.                          gift giving.                             •	Qty: 3 pair of 7/8" x 10" tapers,
•	Size: 3/8" x 6"                         Pantry Pack (3 pair)                       1 pair of glass cube candleholders
•	Burn Time: 1 hour per taper             •	Size: 7/8" x 12"                       •	Colors: Black, Ivory, Red, White
•	Qty: 45                                 •	Burn time: 9 hours per taper           •	msrp: $40.00
•	Color: Ivory                            •	Qty: 3 pair
•	msrp: $32.00                            •	Colors: Black, Ivory, Red, White
                                          •	msrp: $30.00
                                          Pantry Pack (6 pair)
                                          •	Size: 7/8" x 12"
                                          •	Burn time: 9 hours per taper
                                          •	Qty: 6 pair
                                          •	Colors: Black, Ivory, Red, White
                                          •	msrp: $48.00                                                                                          Creative Candles 2010   page 9
Illuminating Life
            Candles create the aura
          that makes everyday moments
                                  Candles bring a special glow to everyday life and make any occasion
                                  shine in a way that is both celebratory and intimate. At a time when
                                  everyday moments matter more than ever, set those moments on fire
                                  with Creative Candles.

page 10   Creative Candles 2010                                                 
                                                                    12" elegant tapers, ivory

                                                                    “Thousands of candles
                                                                    can be lit from a single
                                                                    candle, and the life of
                                                                    the candle will not be
                                                                    shortened. Happiness
                                                                    never decreases by
                                                                    being shared.”
                                                                    — Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta,
                                                                    founder of Buddhism, 565–484 B.C.

                                          See the beauty. Experience the quality.
classic and contemporary pillars, ivory
slow burn votives, ivory                                                   Creative Candles 2010        page 11
•	Slow, even burn
•	Smoke and drip resistant
•	Solid color to the core
                                  contemporary packaging
                                  Hand-dipped by artisans, one paper-thin layer at a time, our Elegant Tapers
                                  are second to none in quality, burn time, and color selection. Our Tapers in
•	44 rich, matte colors
                                  contemporary packaging have an upscale look and are unique in the market.
•	Unscented

      Contemporary Packaging
      Display is FREE with $300
       wholesale contemporary
            packaging purchase.                                                       elegant tapers, bone

page 12   Creative Candles 2010                                                 
Length inches                                                                                                                         9        12      18      12       18
Diameter inches                                                                                                                       7/8      7/8     7/8     ½        ½
Burn Time hours                                                                                                                       7        9       5       3.5      5
Color Availability Refer to inside back cover for larger color swatches                                                               Packaging Availability Refer to photos
basic                                                                                                                                 C2       C2      C2      C8       C8

   White           Ivory         Red                    Black

                                                                                                                                      C2       C2      C2      C8

 Paris Gray        Bone       Café Au Lait Honeysuckle               Gold      Terra Cotta Christmas Red     Rust       Aquamarine

  Pistachio    Desert Olive    Cinnabar               Burgundy     Eggplant    Moss Green Hunter Green     Chocolate

                                                                                                                                      C2       C2      C2

   Straw           Yellow       Mango                  Hot Pink   Watermelon   Petal Pink   Persimmon      Raspberry      Purple

 Amethyst       Navy Blue     Royal Blue              Wedgwood    Cornflower    Sky Blue     Turquoise     Eucalyptus   Holly Green

 Lime Green Spring Green      Slate Gray

beeswax                                                                                                                               C2       C2              C8†
                                    beeswax candles

 Beeswax White Beeswax Natural

† Beeswax Natural only

Taper Packaging Availability

C2—Contemporary 2-pac                                                   C8—Contemporary 8-pac
1 pair of 7/8" tapers in rich brown tray                                4 pair of 1/2"tapers in rich brown tray


Glass Taper Holders
Choose from our tailored glass cube candleholders for our ½" or 7/8" diameter tapers.

              ½"                                       7/8"                                                                                                                                              Creative Candles 2010   page 13
TaperCandles                          cigar band and other packaging
                                      In addition to contemporary packaging, we offer our unique Elegant Tapers
                                      in a value pack. The Elegant Tapers are wrapped as pairs in cigar bands,
                                      perfect for displaying on dowels. Same quality tapers, same amazing colors,
                                      value priced with a different presentation!

elegant tapers: ivory, honeysuckle,
navy blue, red, chocolate
                                        elegant tapers, pistachio

page 14   Creative Candles 2010                                                     
Length inches                                                                                                     6       6       9       12      15      18       24     30     36      39.4
Diameter inches                                                                                                   ½       7/8     7/8     7/8     7/8     7/8      7/8    7/8    3/4     7/8
Burn Time hours                                                                                                   1-3/4   5       7       9       12      15       20     24     20      36
Color Availability Refer to inside back cover for larger color swatch                                             Packaging Availability Refer to photos below
basic                                                                                                             B24     CB12 CB12 CB12 CB12 CB12 T2                     T2     TU1     TU1

   White        Ivory          Red                    Black

                                                                                                                                  CB12 CB12 CB12 CB12

   Bone      Café Au Lait     Gold                  Terra Cotta Honeysuckle     Chocolate Christmas Red

    Rust      Cinnabar      Burgundy                 Eggplant     Aquamarine    Pistachio     Desert Olive

 Moss Green Hunter Green    Paris Gray

                                                                                                                          CB12 CB12 CB12 CB12 CB12 T2                     T2

   Straw       Yellow        Mango                   Hot Pink     Watermelon    Petal Pink    Persimmon

 Raspberry     Purple       Amethyst                Navy Blue     Royal Blue   Wedgwood       Cornflower

  Sky Blue    Turquoise     Eucalyptus              Holly Green   Lime Green   Spring Green   Slate Gray

beeswax                                                                                                                   CB12 CB12 CB12 CB12
                                  beeswax candles

 Beeswax White Beeswax Natural

Taper Packaging Availability
CB12—Cigar Band Bulk 12-pac
6 pair wrapped with cigar band shipped in white, bulk box—
ideal for hanging on dowels.
T2—Traditional 2-pac                                                                                   CB12                                                               B24
1 pair, tissue-wrapped in traditional green carton
Tu1—Tube 1-pac
single, tissue-wrapped taper, in long, protective, paper tube
B24—Bulk 24-pac
12 pair 1/2" x 6" shipped in a white, bulk box                                                           TU1                                                                                                                                          Creative Candles 2010   page 15
PillarCandles           Classic & Contemporary

                                  Hand poured and created with a blend of superior quality waxes,
                                  formulated to provide a slow, even burn, drip and smoke resistant. Make a
                                  dramatic statement with our unscented Classic or Contemporary pillars.
•	Rich, matte finish
•	Long, quality burn
•	Soft, illuminating glow
•	Patio
•	Coffee table
•	Centerpiece

contemporary hurricane pillar,

                                                                                    classic pillars, moss green

page 16   Creative Candles 2010                                                 

Classic Pillars              single wick
Diameter inches                                                    3                3             3                3
Height inches                                                      4                6             9                12
Burn Time hours                                                    80               120           180              240
Color Availability

     White         Ivory        Café Au Lait*        Gold     Hot Pink*    Honeysuckle*    Rust          Mango      Desert Olive*

  Lime Green     Pistachio      Moss Green      Aquamarine*   Raspberry*   Christmas Red   Red          Burgundy       Paris Gray*

   Chocolate       Black

* NEW colors

All Classic Pillars are available in a color-matched taper.
† Only available in Ivory and White

Contemporary Pillars                             3-wick                                           hurricane square
Diameter inches                                  6               6                 6              4                3-½
Height inches                                    3               6                 9              9                6
Burn Time hours                                  75              150               225            225              135
Color Availability


Usage instruction: For optimum burning in a hurricane lamp, it is important to leave a 1" clearance
between glass and candle.                                                                                                              Creative Candles 2010   page 17
PillarCandles                     Tuscan

                                  We have captured an Old World style with our Tuscan Pillars, hand-crafted
                                  with a blend of quality waxes and a unique beeswax overdip. This process
                                  creates a marbleized, textured layer of wax; allowing the flame to radiate
                                  through the candle and reveal a rich, warm glow.
•	Unscented
•	Rustic Texture
•	Rich, warm glow
•	Den
•	Coffeetable
•	Centerpiece

                                                                           tuscan pillar, pomegranate, 3-½"x 5"

page 18   Creative Candles 2010                                                  
Tuscan Pillar        single wick
Diameter inches                                          3-½                    3-½
Height inches                                            3-½                    5
Burn Time hours                                          78                     112
Color Availability

       Amber                 Brick             Olive            Pomegranate              Twig

Glass Plates for Pillar Candles
These simple, sophisticated glass plates have a brushed under-layer of silver or gold.
They make a great gift when bundled with Creative Candles’ Pillars.

   large square         small square    small round
   8" plate             5" plate        6" plate                                                                         Creative Candles 2010   page 19
      Beeswax Candle                              Collection
                                  For the candle purist, Beeswax candles are a renewable resource that will
                                  grace any home and occasion. Our 100% pure Beeswax Tapers have a mild,
          beeswax candles
                                  natural honey scent. All candles are carefully handcrafted, and have a slow,
                                  even burn.
•	Natural beeswax
•	Clean and bright burn
•	Mild honey scent
•	Mantle
•	Coffeetable
•	Kitchen

Beeswax Taper Gift Set
For the purest gift giver!
•	4 pair ½" x 12" taper candles
•	1 pair glass cube holders
•	Color: Beeswax Natural
•	msrp: $28.00

     $28  MSRP

page 20   Creative Candles 2010                                                  
 Beeswax Taper Candles
 100% beeswax
 Length inches                                                        12             6        9           12      15
 Diameter inches                                                      ½              7/8      7/8         7/8     7/8
 Burn Time hours                                                      3-½            5        7           9       12
 Color Availability                                                                  CB12     CB12        CB12    CB12
                                                                      C8                      C2          C2
 Beeswax White Beeswax Natural                                                                                            C2          C8           CB12

 Packaging Availability Refer to photos at right
 C2—Contemporary 2-pac
 1 pair of tapers in contemporary, rich brown tray with clear acetate lid
 C8—Contemporary 8-pac
 4 pairs of tapers in contemporary, rich brown tray with clear acetate lid
 CB12—Cigar Band Bulk 12-pac
 6 pairs wrapped with cigar band shipped in white, bulk box

Beeswax Classic Pillar Candles
beeswax blend	 •	 single wick
Diameter inches                                                      3                              3
Height inches                                                        4                              6
Burn Time hours                                                      80                             120
Color Availability

Beeswax Natural

Beeswax Ball and Floating
Candles                                            floating                     ball
beeswax overdip	 •	 single wick                    sm       med                 sm          med           lge     x-lge
Diameter inches                                    2-3/8         3              2           2-3/8         3-1/8   4
Burn Time hours                                    3             7              6           12            24      48
Qty per package                                    12            6              12          12            6       4
white carton, bulk pack

Color Availability

Beeswax Natural                                                                                                        Creative Candles 2010   page 21
Ball and FloatingCandles          Our Ball and Floating candles are hand finished to achieve a deep, rich matte
                                  color. In addition, all colors match our Elegant Taper palette. These quality
                                  candles have a long lasting and smokeless burn.

                                                                                      floating                   ball
                                  Ball and Floating Candles                           sm       med               sm          med           lge         x-lge
                                  Diameter inches                                     2-3/8        3             2           2-3/8         3-1/8       4
                                  Burn Time hours                                     3            7             6           12            24          48
                                  Qty per package                                     12           6             12          12            6           4
                                  white carton, bulk pack
                                  Color Availability

                                      White         Ivory      Beeswax Natural   Café Au Lait   Petal Pink   Honeysuckle     Gold        Terra Cotta   Mango

                                   Desert Olive   Lime Green    Spring Green     Moss Green     Royal Blue   Christmas Red   Red         Burgundy      Eggplant

                                    Chocolate       Black

page 22   Creative Candles 2010                                                                                            
Votives and Tealights
Each votive is handmade and created with superior quality waxes
to provide a smokeless burn.

Votive and                   votive                                      tealight
Tealight Candles             10-hr                 15-hr                 4-hr              5-hr                  6-hr                votive display
                                                                                                                                        pack of 36
Height inches                1-5/8                 1-5/8
Diameter inches              1-3/8                 1-3/8
Burn Time hours              10                    15                    4                 5                     6
Color Availability           see below             white                 white             white                 white
10-hour Votive Color Availability
                                                                                                                                     4-hr tealight
                                                                                                                                         flat base
                                                                                                                                      clear resin cup
                                                                                                                                    125 & 500 bulk pack

    White        Ivory   Café Au Lait   Blush Pink         Terra Cotta       Mango   Desert Olive   Lime Green       Moss Green

  Royal Blue     Red      Burgundy       Fuchsia             Purple      Chocolate      Black
                                                                                                                                     5-hr tealight
                                                                                                                                          flat base
                                                                                                                                         metal cup
Glass Votive Holders                                                                                                                 10 & 500 bulk pack

A glass votive holder to fit your style or event.

                                                                                                                                     6-hr tealight
     roly poly           oyster cup                        cylinder                                                                    pedistal base
                                                                                                                                      clear resin cup
                                                                                                                                    126 & 504 bulk pack                                                                                                           Creative Candles 2010   page 23
Experience the Quality            For nearly 50 years, the artisans of Creative Candles have been handcrafting
                                  candles to the most exacting standards. Our chandlers are classically
                                  trained in the rare and unique art of hand-dipping tapers, which they do
                                  with painstaking care to ensure that every candle is worthy of the Creative
                                  Candles name. While we pride ourselves on sustaining the nearly-lost craft
                                  of hand-dipping, the real reason for our commitment to quality runs deeper.
                                  At the heart of all we do is the belief that our product was meant to outshine
                                  the rest.
                                  What does this mean to the people who buy our candles? There’s a big difference between
                                  Creative Candles and the others.

                                  Ours:                                  Theirs:
                                  Drip resistant                         Wax drippings make a mess
                                  Smoke resistant                        Smoke creates black marks on walls
                                  Optimum burn time                      Unpredictable, quick burn with wasted wax
                                  Solid color to the core                White wax core with one outer layer of color
                                  Premium blend of 7 waxes               Poor-quality wax
                                  Pure cotton wick                       Cheap wick with uneven burn
                                  Extensive color palette—44 colors      Limited color selection
                                  Handmade in the USA                    Machine-made overseas

                                  Similar to sheets with a high thread count or an extraordinary bottle of wine, discerning
                                  customers try our product once, and immediately understand the Creative Candles difference.
                                  Simply put, other products don’t hold a candle to ours.

page 24   Creative Candles 2010                                                                
                                                    “We cannot hold a torch
                                                    to light another’s path
                                                    without brightening
                                                    our own.”
                                                    — Ben Sweetland

                          See the beauty. Experience the quality.                                    Creative Candles 2010   page 25
                Praise            for Creative Candles
                                        Creative Candles have graced tables at the White House, Lincoln Center,
                                        the Waldorf-Astoria, and the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. At countless
                                        weddings, galas and dinners for Royalty, celebrity parties and special events,
                                        Creative Candles take center stage. Meanwhile, famous designers the world
                                        over are enthusiastic devotees of Creative Candles.

                                                           “Creative Candles has quality candles, an
                                                            incredible selection of color and beautiful
                                                            packaging. Chocolate and Cinnabar
                                                           Elegant Tapers are my favorites.”
                                                           — BArBArA BrADLey BAekGAArD
                                                               Vera Bradley

                         “My work is about decorating and entertaining in a way that’s sophisticated but
                          affordable, beautiful but comfortable. And it’s Creative Candles that are among
                          the all-important details that bring my vision to life.”
                         — eDDIe rOSS
                            HGTV guest designer and former Martha Stewart Living editor,

                                                                                           “I only use Creative Candles.”
                                                                                           — keITH LANGHAM
                                                                                             Veranda Magazine – Holiday Fete

page 26   Creative Candles 2010                                                                         
Creative Candles shine on the
pages of top design magazines
Creative Candles prove themselves worthy of the finest interiors, the best
designers, and the most sophisticated events, year after year. Here are just
a few of the places you can find photos and mentions of our products.                                                        Creative Candles 2010   page 27
Creative Candles Color Palette

    White            Ivory          Straw               Yellow         Honeysuckle         Bone

 Café Au Lait        Gold         Chocolate             Black            Mango         Terra Cotta

    Rust           Petal Pink     Raspberry          Watermelon         Persimmon     Christmas Red

     Red           Cinnabar       Burgundy             Hot Pink           Purple         Eggplant

  Amethyst        Royal Blue      Navy Blue           Cornflower        Wedgwood         Sky Blue

 Aquamarine        Turquoise       Pistachio         Lime Green        Spring Green    Holly Green

 Desert Olive     Eucalyptus      Moss Green         Hunter Green       Paris Gray       Slate Gray

Beeswax Color Palette

                                   beeswax candles

Beeswax White   Beeswax Natural

                                                                   taper color sampler
                                                                                              C u nd
                                                                                               ol er
Boost Candle Sales

                                                                                                 or th
                                                                                                    Pa is fl
                                                                                                      l e ap
•	Create impulse purchases by displaying candles in candleholders throughout

  the store. Refresh samples seasonally as over time, store lighting and environmental
  effects may cause the candles to discolor.
•	Burn a candle in your store (in a safe place) so customers will experience the
  Creative Candles difference.

Start-up Display Programs*
Dowel Display
•	$25 value—FREE with $200 purchase of Tapers in Cigar Band packaging
•	Unfinished Ash—stain it, paint it or go au naturel, measures 24"l x 2-1/4"w, and has (12) 4" dowels

Counter Display unit
•	$50 value—FREE with $300 purchase of Tapers in Contemporary packaging
•	Sturdy durable acrylic, 32 slots, and a small footprint of 9-3/4" x 10-3/4"

Floor Display
•	$675 value—FREE with $1500 minimum order
•	Beautiful, functional and versatile, measures 82"h x 32"w x 22"d

Taper Color Sampler
•	$60 value—FREE with $1000 purchase of Tapers
•	Houses all 44 taper colors—½" x 6" tapers. Sturdy acrylic box—measures 7" x 7" x 6-1/4"
•	Ideal for gift shops who keep a minimum taper color selection. Great sales tool for
  event planners.

*One offer per retail location. Does not include shipping. Not valid with any other offer.
Ask your Sales Representative or Customer Service about our display and candle sampler programs.

                                            dowel display

         counter display unit                                                 floor display
                                                See the beauty. Experience the quality.

816 474 9711   1 800 237 9711
To place an order, or learn more about our products,
call 800 237 9711 or visit our website at

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