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					Fair Oaks Dolphins Swim Team
      Handbook and Log

      2009 Swim Season
President’s Message
Welcome all new and returning swimmers, and parents to the 2009 Recreational Swim Season. We
had a great year in 2008 and after moving up a division, won the Eureka Conference Championships
and did really well at the Meet of Champs! I know this year we will swim even faster and have lots
of fun. Our returning Head Coach, Cory Stowell, and assistant coaches are excited to get back in the
water. We are looking forward to a season full of fun, competition, hard work, sportsmanship, and
lots of swimming.

Board members and coordinators have been working hard since September to plan this season and
make our swim team the best it can be. We welcome your suggestions on making our team that
much better!
Parents – please consider becoming involved with the Board, and remember your commitment to
help at our swim meets and special programs and events. Parent participation is vital to our swim
team – we could not do it without you.

Have a great swim season. GO DOLPHINS!!!

Dawn Calcagno- 2009-2010 Team President

                                                Mission Statement
Fair Oaks Swim Team is a recreational family oriented team that strives to provide an encouraging environment to
swimmers of varying abilities. Every swimmer is recognized for individual commitment and rewarded for personal
and team achievements. Our goal is to promote physical fitness and a sense of pride through team work,
sportsmanship, team spirit and personal achievement

                            Fair Oaks Dolphins Swim Team Board
                       Office      Name          Contact
                       President          Dawn Calcagno
                                                               962-3339 hm
                                                               803-5480 cell
                       Vice President     Steve Mahr 
                       League             Patrick Dewees
                       Representatives                         962-7264
                                          Adrienne Kirin
                       Secretary          Beatrix Treiterer
                                          Sandy Plumb
                       Treasurer          Suzanne Hensley
                       Registrar          Kerry Viens
                       Meet Director      Rob Gojkovich

                       Members at         Sharon Masuoka
                       Large              Sheila Dedenbach
                                          Dave McDonald
                                          Rose Solt  

                                            Coaching Staff
                      Position           Name        Contact
                      Head Coach         Cory Stowell
                      Asst. Coach        Emily Munday          879-5979
                      Asst. Coach        Shane Gutto

Fee Schedule:
$185 = 1st swimmer               $165 = 3rd sibling swimmer
$175 = 2nd sibling swimmer       $ 75 = High school athlete
                                            $525= maximum per family
Make checks payable to: Fair Oaks Dolphins
New swimmers must submit 2 copies of their birth certificate.

There are no refunds after April 23rd. All refunds will be less $50per swimmer. Refunds must be submitted in writing
and are subject to board approval. Please submit requests to:
         Fair Oaks Dolphins Swim Team
         P.O. Box 5025
         Fair Oaks, Ca 95628

Meet Operations
Meet Director                             Rob Gojkovich
Volunteer Coordinator                     Sharon Masuoka
Computer Operations                       Larry Masuoka
                                          Don Harris
                                          Keith Cowlishaw
Head Timer                                ?
Stroke & Turn Lead                        Steve Mahr
Ready Bench Lead                          Dave McDonald
Starter                                   Lance Kuykendall
Announcers:                               Kevin Calcagno
                                          Nancy French
Setup/Takedown Coordinator                Lane West
Team Parent Coordinator                   Sheila Dedenbach
Team Clothing                             Kirsten Munk
Snack Bar Manager                         Rose Solt &
                                          Melinda Mortensen
Meet Job Descriptions
    Head Timer:     Organizes timers for swim meet shifts, hold timers meeting prior to home meet.
    Timers:         Time each heat. Timers work ½ of the meet, 1st or 2nd shift. No Experience Needed
    Meet Referee:   Instructs Stroke & Turn people before meet begins. Attends scratch meeting and makes any
                    decisions regarding disputes during the meet. Must know League Rules and Regulations and US
                    Swim Rules.
    Stroke & Turn: Watches swimmers in assigned lanes to make sure they are doing strokes and turns correctly.
                    Strong knowledge of swim rules need. Some training provided.
    Computer Ops: Runs timer and compiles event information and results.
    Starters:       Starter instructs the swimmers and directs them to “take your mark”, and starts each race with
                    electronic starter. (Home meets only)
    Announcer:      Announces each swimmer and event from microphone. (Home meets only)
    Ribbons:        Puts labels on back of ribbons and files ribbons in communications boxes.
    Ready Bench:    Organizes swimmers in ready area for upcoming events and escorts each heat of swimmers from
                    the Ready Bench.
    Team Parent:    Stays in team area and assists swimmers to ready area.
    Hospitality:    Serves refreshments to all volunteers, officials and coaches during home meets.
    Snack Bar:      Works in snack bar during home meets.
    Snack Bar Mgr.: Responsible for the schedule coordination to include set up and take down, food & supply
                    purchasing, vendor (sponsorships), and overall profitability of the snack bar.
    Shopping:       shops and prepares food for sale at meets.
                    *this job may only be filled by single parents of small children
    Set-up:         Arrives at pool early, 6:00 am for home meets and 6:30 at away meets and sets up all equipment
                    needed for meet. Brings pop ups to away meets.
    Clean up:       Stays after meets and puts all equipment away. (The more who help, the faster this gets done).
                    (Home meets only)
    Runner:         walks the pool deck and collects DQ slips.

Auxiliary/Team Responsibilities:
*these jobs are in addition to working at meets
Advertising/Sponsors                  Steve Mahr
Newsletter Publisher (Lane Line)      Sheila Dedenbach
Website Managers                      Anne and Dave Blevins
Splash For Cash Fundraiser            Carol Smith Photography/slide show   Peter Bohn
Fair Oaks Parade Coordinator          Dana Reckers
Best Time Chains                      Geneva Pardell
Sunsplash Day/Ticket Coordinator Saralin Allin
Buddy Coordinator                     Dana Reckers
Awards Night Food Coordinator         ?
Picture Day coordinator               Pam Kloth
Fresh Choice Night Coordintor         Christina Klosowski
Pizza Night Coordinator               Saralin Allin
Team Promotional Fliers               Sandy Plumb &
                                      Debbie McKinley
Coaches Appreciation                  Mag McManus &
                                      Christina Klosowski
Awards Night Awards                   Sheila Dedenbach
Recycling Coordinator                 Saralin Allin
50/50 Raffle                          ?

Championship Support/League Responsibilities
Championship Reps               Patrick Dewees
                                Adrienne Kirin
Championship Spirit coordinator Mag McManus & Carol Smith
Championship Ad Sales           Christine Hess

                                 Practice Dates and Times
                        Beginning April 6th, Monday - Thursday
                   Age Group                      Time
                   6 & Under                      5:30 – 5:55
                   7-8                            5:55-6:25
                   9-10                           6:25 – 7:00
                   11 and up                      7:00 – 8:15

                         Beginning May 5th, Monday - Thursday

                   Age Group                      Time
                   6 & Under                      5:00 – 5:25
                   7-8                            5:25 – 5:55
                   9-10                           5:55 - 6:30
                   11 -12                         6:25 - 7:30
                   13 - up                        7:00 - 8:15

June 8thth to July17th: Practice will be 5 days per week beginning at 4:30 p.m. Age
groups and times will be determined in May. Please check the website for details at



                                          Meet Calendar
                     Date         Event                 Location
                     May 3        FO Invitational       BV High School
                     May 9        Time Trials           BV High School
                     May 30       Carmichael*           Del Campo HS (Away)
                     June 6       BYE
                     June 13      FEC                   BV High School (Home)
                     June 20      West Sacramento       West Sacramento (Away)
                     June 27      Dixon                 BV High School (Home)
                     July 4       BYE                   Independence Day
                     July 11      Galt                  Galt (Away)
                     July 18-19   Championships         West Sacramento
                     July 25-26   BYE
                     Aug 1-2      Meet of Champions** TBD
*Practice meets
** Swimmers must qualify to participate.
All swimmers must sign In or Out of a meet a minimum of one week in advance. Meets are seeded the
Monday before the meet. It is very important to do so as scratches cause delays in the meet. IF YOUR
before 6:30 am on Saturday at 261-8260 to make changes.
Other Activities (Please see newsletters for details)
April 23rd     Fresh Choice Night (No Practice)
May 6          6-U host dinner for coaches
May 9th        Meet your Buddy
May 13th       Big Spoon Day!
May 20         7-8 Host dinner for coaches
May            Pizza Night – Round Table at Madison and Hazel
June 3         Team Pictures
June 10        9-10 Host dinner for the coaches
June 15        Splash for Cash Fundraiser
June 24        11-12 Host dinner for coaches
July 15        13 & up Host dinner for coaches
July 23        Awards Night at BV High School
Swim Meets
The Fair Oaks Dolphins Swim Team is part of the Northern California Swim League, which has 26 teams. We swim in
the Eureka Division which has five teams. The fastest swimmers generally swim in the first heat of each event. Points are
awarded as follows:
Place                     Individual Events           Relay Events
1st                       5 points                    7 points
2nd                       3 points                    0 points
3rd                       2 points                    0 points
4th                       1 points                    0 points
All entries from a team entered in the first heat of an individual or relay event shall be eligible to score points.
Team Rules
No points will be awarded in lanes where there is no swimmer. A swimmer who has not registered with the League,
along with a copy of the appropriate birth records, is considered an illegal swimmer for the entire meet and all points
scored by said swimmer, and any relay team upon which the swimmer participated will be withdrawn and slower
swimmers and/or relays will be awarded appropriate points.
     If a swimmer during a meet swims more than the maximum of events allowed, the swimmer shall be automatically
disqualified from all events in which the swimmer participated; and any relay teams upon which the swimmer competed
during the meet shall also be automatically disqualified.
     There will be one false start per event allowed for age groups 6 & Under and 7 - 8. There will be NO false starts
allowed any swimmer for age groups 9 and older. A swimmer who is disqualified for a false start shall not be permitted
to swim the event (not even unofficially).

Meet Schedule
7:00                      Check In
7:15-                     Scratch Time
7:30                      Warm ups begin
8:30                      Meet begins
2:30-3:30                 Meet ends/ Clean up.

Pool Locations

Disciplinary Guidelines
The purpose of these guidelines is to insure everyone has the potential to be a “WINNER”.
1. Parents must read and sign the “Parents Agreement” form prior to the beginning of the season.
2. Swimmers are expected to pay attention to the coaches at all times. Coaches will be explaining to the
   swimmers what is expected from the next swim or ‘set’. Talking, splashing, goofing off etc. causes the
   entire group to be disrupted. Swimmers who are disrupting practice will be asked once to pay attention.
   It will then be up to the discretion of the coach to remove the swimmer from that practice. If problems
   persist, the parents, the child, the coach and the team president or a designee will meet prior to the
   swimmer returning to practice. Ultimately, if a swimmer is unable to control their behavior, the president
   or his designee can remove the swimmer from the team.
3. The use of foul language, derogatory statements towards teammates, coaches, opposing team members or
   parents and/or meet officials, uncooperativeness, inattentiveness, chronic complaining, horseplay that
   endangers other swimmers, or any other unsportsmanlike conduct are grounds for immediate dismissal.
4. Repeated misconduct may result in a suspension from practices and swim meets until a conference is
   arranged with the swimmer, parent(s), coach and member(s) of the Board. The President or his/her
   designee can remove the swimmer from the team.
5. Serious infractions including fighting or illegal behavior will result in immediate suspension. The
   President shall be notified within 24 hours of the incident and will preside and review the matter at a
   special meeting with the Board. The Board has the right to suspend the swimmer until a conference has
   been held between the coach, swimmer, parent and Board member. The President or his/her designee can
   remove the swimmer from the team.

Swimmer Responsibilities
Swimmers shall be properly registered with the Fair Oaks Dolphins Swim Team and be able to swim the
length of the pool by the first practice session (6 & unders are the exception). Swimmers are responsible for
maintaining a COOPERATIVE attitude at all practices, meets and swimming events.
    All Saturday meets begin at 8:30 a.m. Swimmers must check in the Team Parent by 7:00 a.m. and be
ready for Team warm-ups at 7:15 a.m. Coaches have a “Scratch” meeting before the meet starts, if you have
not checked in you will be “scratched” (unable to swim in the meet for that day). After the scratch meeting,
no further changes can be made to the meet line up.

Swimmers Must:
1. Understand and accept the philosophy of the Dolphins, a summer recreation swim team where all
    swimmers should have fun and have an incentive to improve.
2. Understand their responsibilities and disciplinary guidelines of the team.
3. Attend practice regularly.
4. Participate in time trials and all meets and events as assigned.
5. Sign in/out of all meets at least one week before the meet.
6. Remain with their Team Parent in the team area. Swimmers not in their team areas are no longer the
    responsibility of the Team Parent and may miss their race.
7. Discuss problems with the coaching staff.
8. Demonstrate Good Sportsmanship at all times.
9. Keep team areas clean and litter free.
10. Cooperate with coaching staff at all times.
11. Respect all members of our team, teams we are competing against, coaches and parents, at all times.
12. Be ready to begin practices and warm-ups at meets on time.
13. Notify the coach if the swimmer needs to leave early.
14. Listen attentively to coaches.
15. Foul language, horseplay that endangers others, and illegal behavior are grounds for immediate dismissal.

Parent Responsibilities
Parents are responsible for providing a supportive attitude toward all aspects of swimming and ensuring that
their child is in attendance at every practice and all meets entered. Parents are also responsible for the conduct
of their child(ren) while at practice sessions and should make arrangements to be under the supervision of
another parent if they are not present during practices or swim meets.
Parents Must:
1. Understand and accept the philosophy of the Dolphins, a summer recreation swim team where all
    swimmers should have fun and have an incentive to improve.
2. Encourage swimmers to fulfill their team obligations.
3. Sign swimmers in/out of meets at least one week before the meet.
4. Actively participate in meets and team functions. Specifically, each swimmer must be supported by a
    parent or guardian working at meets and special events for the general good of the program.
5. Each parent or guardian MUST volunteer in a least half of each meet your swimmer participates . None of
    the positions are difficult, and different activities can be chosen each meet. Training is not necessary for
    most positions. Please see duties at the end of this section.
6. Every Family must work at least two of the four shifts per day during Championships, and you may be
    asked assist with other special events throughout the swim season.
7. Promptly pay all dues, fees, assessments and monies as levied by the Fair Oaks Dolphins Swim Club.
    Remember that the coaching staff has been trained, interviewed, hired, and directed toward specific goals.
    Each practice contains certain criteria that are intended to improve individual swimming skills and our
    team goals. The swim team box has a folder for each swim team coach where messages may be
    exchanged, and they will respond to you as soon as possible. Parents may also contact the coach after
    swim practice.
9. Encourage swimmers to discuss problems with coaches directly.
10. Let coaches or Board members know as soon as possible of any misconduct among swim team members.
11. If a swimmer or parent is unable to resolve a conflict with the coaching staff, they are invited to contact
    the Board President.
12. Check the family swim files DAILY for swim information located on deck during practices and the
The following duties are necessary for each half of a meet:
Home Meets                                 Away Meets
Announcer                                 Computer Entry
Head Scorer and Reader                    Stroke / Turn Judges
4 Stroke / Turn Judges                    Lane Timers
Ribbon Clerk                              Lane Writers
9 Lane Timers                             Score Keeper
Lane Writers                              Clerk of the Course
Snack Bar Workers                         Scratch Monitor
Setup                                     Age Group Parents:
Hospitality                               One/Two for each age
Cleanup                          group of ~ 6, 7-8, 9-10,
Meet Referee                              11-12, 13-14, and 15-18
Meet Director
2 Runners
Computer Entry
Head Timer
Age Group Parents: One/Two for each age group of ~ 6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18

Coaching Responsibilities
    The philosophy of the coaching staff is that all sports should provide a positive environment for the young
people to develop healthy minds, bodies and spirit. The sport of swimming provides a special arena for
young people to develop self-esteem, self-discipline and other leadership qualities that are so important in
today's society. The coaches shall model positive leadership and sportsmanship to the Fair Oaks Dolphins
and attempt to foster these qualities in the team members.

The Coaches Shall:
1. Understand and accept the philosophy and Mission Statement of the Dolphins, a summer recreation swim
    team where all swimmers should have fun and have an incentive to improve.
2. Understand the Bylaws and policies of the swim team.
3. Respond to parent concerns in a timely manner. Utilize the advice and counsel of the Board Members.
4. Provide active supervision of all practices, meets and swimming events.
5. Maintain an atmosphere at practice conducive to a good instructional program.
6. Familiarize themselves with the swimmers and their abilities. Assist each swimmer to develop individual
    goals for the swim season.
7. Provide instruction in all aspects of competitive swimming: e.g. starts, turns, touches and stroke
    improvement. Individual lessons and swim fundamentals shall be taught outside of team practice.
8. Cooperate with high school swim personnel.
9. Maintain all pertinent records on swimmers including daily attendance.
10. Comply with the rules of the Northern California Swim League and Fair Oaks Dolphins Swim Club.
11. Prepare and deliver all meet entry sheets to the computer representative.
12. Maintain certification in CPR, First Aid and lifeguard certification.

Swim League Guidelines
1. Every eligible swimmer (except 6 & under) who attends practice regularly as required by the coach
   should swim a minimum of two individual events in Dual Meets. The coach may establish minimum
   attendance standards for meets.
2. Time trials should be used to establish a ranking for all swimmers.
3. If an early league meet is not scheduled, provide a non-league meet to be designated as a practice meet.
4. A swimmer cannot be entered in more than two relays and three individual events per Dual Meet.
5. Swimmers may move up in age groups in individual events but MUST stay in that age group for the
   duration of the meet. Swimmers may however, move up to fill up a relay, provided the swimmer has not
   swam that relay in his own age group and then reverts back to their own age group. A younger swimmer
   that moves up an age group and "bumps" an eligible swimmer already in that age group out of an event
   or relay is strictly forbidden.
6. Swimmers can be entered to replace no shows at the scratch meeting prior to the meet.
7. All swimmers meeting the criteria set forth in the League Bylaws will swim at Championship Finals. All
   swimmers shall have two recorded times per event from two League meets prior to the Championship
   Entry deadline.

Swim Meet Information

Swim Meet Eligibility
1. A list of events and swimmers (meet sheet schedule) may be available the Thursday prior to the meet at
2. It is the swimmer’s responsibility to check with the team parent when they arrive at the meet.
3. The team parent will be provided with a list of swimmers and events.
4. Parents are expected to assist their young swimmers in checking events.
5. The coach must be notified at least one week in advance if a swimmer is unable to attend a meet (record
   in Meet Sign In Binder).
6. Relays are a team event. The relay teams for finals are based on best times or coaches’ discretion.

Swim Meet Activities
1. Swimmers are expected to be at the meet location at the time designated by the coach (usually 7 a.m.).
2. Swimmers must locate their team area and check in with the Team Parent. Swimmers should check the
    list of events to see what events they are to swim. Many swimmers bring a sleeping bag, and two towels
    are recommended.
3. The team will warm up in the pool prior to the start of the meet. Warm ups begin at 7:30 a.m.
4. Team Parents must provide the coach with the list of swimmers present that day to swim at 7:15
    a.m.(Scratch Time)
5. Swimmers must remain in the designated team area and must be alert as to which events are being swum
    so they can be ready when their turn arrives. Team Parents will help young swimmers get to the ready
    area at the proper time as long as these swimmers are in their team area.
6. Swimmers must be at the Ready Bench at least one event prior to the event in which they are swimming.
7. After their event, swimmers are to return to the team area. ALL swimmers (except 6 & Unders) are asked
    to remain for the entire meet. Meets generally end around 2 -3 p.m.
8. Boys and girls compete separately except for 6 & under relays.
9. Age group is determined based on age on June 1st.
10. The 6 & Under age group compete in freestyle relay, freestyle, and backstroke.
11. The two categories of races are individual and relay events. All relay races involve four swimmers on
    each team. In the medley relay, each of the four swimmers swims an equal distance in a different stroke.
    The first swimmer swims backstroke, the second breaststroke, the third butterfly and the fourth freestyle.
    A relay team will be disqualified if a swimmer leaves the block before the preceding swimmer has
    touched or if any swimmer violates the rules governing the stroke.
12. The individual races are divided into five categories: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and
    individual medley. The individual medley (IM) consists of equal lengths of the four strokes in the
    following order: butterfly (fly), backstroke (back), breaststroke (breast) and freestyle (free).

Order of Events
Event Nos.   Event            Age         Gender
1            100 Free Relay   6 & Under   Co-ed
2            100 Med Relay    7-8         G
3            100 Med Relay    7-8         B
4            100 Med Relay    9-10        G
5            100 Med Relay    9-10        B
6            200 Med Relay    11-12       G
7            200 Med Relay    11-12       B
8            200 Med Relay    13-14       G
9            200 Med Relay    13-14       B
10           200 Med Relay    15-18       G
11           200 Med Relay    15-18       B
12           100 IM           9-10        G
13           100 IM           9-10        B
14           100 IM           11-12       G
15           100 IM           11-12       B
16           100 IM           13-14       G
17           100 IM           13-14       B
18           100 IM           15-18       G
19           100 IM           15-18       B
20           25 Free          6 & Under   G
21           25 Free          6 & Under   B
22           25 Free          7-8         G
23           25 Free          7-8         B
24           25 Free          9-10        G
25           25 Free          9-10        B
26           50 Free          11-12       G
27           50 Free          11-12       B
28           50 Free          13-14       G
29           50 Free          13-14       B
30           50 Free          15-18       G
31           50 Free          15-18       B
32           25 Back          6 & Under   G
33           25 Back          6 & Under   B
34           25 Back          7-8         G
35           25 Back          7-8         B
36           25 Back          9-10        G
37           25 Back          9-10        B
38           50 Back          11-12       G
39           50 Back          11-12       B
40           50 Back          13-14       G
41           50 Back          13-14       B
42           100 Back         15-18       G
43           100 Back         15-18       B
44           50 Free          7-8         G
45           50 Free          7-8         B
46           50 Free          9-10        G
47           50 Free          9-10        B
48           100 Free         11-12       G
49           100 Free         11-12       B
50           100 Free         13-14       G
51           100 Free         13-14       B
52           100 Free         15-18       G
53           100 Free         15-18       B
54           25 Breast        7-8         G
55           25 Breast        7-8         B
56           25 Breast             9-10              G
57           25 Breast             9-10              B
58           50 Breast             11-12             G
59           50 Breast             11-12             B
60           50 Breast             13-14             G
61           50 Breast             13-14             B
62           100 Breast            15-18             G
63           100 Breast            15-18             B
64           25 Fly                7-8               G
65           25 Fly                7-8               B
66           25 Fly                9-10              G
67           25 Fly                9-10              B
68           50 Fly                11-12             G
69           50 Fly                11-12             B
70           50 Fly                13-14             G
71           50 Fly                13-14             B
72           50 Fly                15-18             G
73           50 Fly                15-18             B
74           100 Free Relay        7-8               G
75           100 Free Relay        7-8               B
76           100 Free Relay        9-10              G
77           100 Free Relay        9-10              B
78           200 Free Relay        11-12             G
79           200 Free Relay        11-12             B
80           200 Free Relay        13-14             G
81           200 Free Relay        13-14             B
82           200 Free Relay        15-18             G
83           200 Free Relay        15-18             B

Each of the four strokes has rules governing the proper way the stroke is to be swum. At every meet, stroke
and turn judges will be posted on each side of the pool checking each swimmer to make sure the stroke rules
are being followed. Should a swimmer violate these rules in a race, he or she will be disqualified (DQ) from
the race.
BACKSTROKE - The prime rule is that the competitor must be on his/her back. This stroke starts with the
swimmers in the water, gripping the pool edge or part of the diving block with part of each foot in the water
(the league has a pending rule change that may require the entire foot (both of them) to be UNDER water at
the start of the race). The swimmer may start with a back dive and remain underwater for up to 16.4 yards
before surfacing. He/she may do any sort of stroke or kick that does not turn him/her over the vertical
position, except as part of a turn, before the wall is touched. On turns and at the finish, the swimmer’s hand,
head, foot or shoulder must touch the wall.
BREASTSTROKE - This stroke is the most formalized of the four. The swimmer may pull in any fashion
that keeps the arms under water at all times and with a simultaneous "frog kick" motion of both legs with the
toes pointing outward. The swimmer is not allowed to flutter or dolphin kick (up and down motions with the
feet). On starts and turns, the swimmer is allowed to take one pull and one kick underwater. When touching
the wall for turns and when finishing, both hands must touch at the same time.
BUTTERFLY - The butterfly is similar to the breaststroke in that all movements must be simultaneous. The
arms and legs must move together. The swimmer must bring his/her arms over the top of the water when
recovering from the previous pull. The kick must be simultaneous, up and down movements of the legs
(dolphin kick). As is the case with breaststroke, when turning and upon finishing, both hands must touch the
wall at the same time. When finishing, both hands must also touch the wall at the same level.
FREESTYLE - In a freestyle event the swimmer may do anything he/she likes to get from one end of the
pool to the other. Nothing is barred, except for pulling along the ropes or grabbing another swimmer for a
free ride. When touching the wall, any part of the body may be used. The swimmer need not touch with the
hand. In a freestyle relay, the conventional freestyle stroke must be used.

     Place   Date   Stroke   Distance   Time   Place

     Distance   Time   Place   Date   Stroke   Distance   Time
     Date   Stroke   Distance   Time   Place   Date   Stroke

Swim Championships
The Northern California Swim League’s Championship meet is held at the end of each swim season. Each
team has a specific responsibility (Ready Bench, Hospitality, etc.). Parent volunteers are needed to fill
operational needs as well as team needs.
    In order to swim in a League Championship, a league participant must swim in at least two Dual Meets
during the regular season. The swimmer may swim in a relay or individual event. For championships, a
swimmer may enter all of the individual events in their age group, and may participate in one freestyle relay
and one medley relay. The 1st freestyle relay team is usually made up of the four fastest freestyle swimmers in
each age group (at the coaches’ discretion). The Medley Relay team is usually made up of the four fastest
swimmers of each stroke.
 This meet lasts for two days, Saturday and Sunday. Preliminary heats are conducted in the morning with
    the ten finalists competing in the afternoon. Saturday’s events include the individual medley, short
    freestyle, backstroke, medley relay and 6 & Under freestyle relay. Sunday’s events include long freestyle,
    breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle relay. Parents should come prepared for a long hot day.
 All Finals participants shall receive place medals. Each member of a relay team that competes in finals
    shall receive a place medal. A high-point trophy will be awarded to the high-point boy and girl in each
    age group. Team trophies shall be given to the teams placing first, second and third at championships.
 More detailed information regarding the finals will be available prior to the meet.

Awards Night and Banquet
   The Awards Night Banquet is held the week following Championships. In order to be eligible for any
award, swimmers must swim in a minimum of two league sanctioned meets. Please check the website or
weekly newsletters for dates and times.



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