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A Publication for NMMC Employees                                   Volume 15, Number 20                  October 5, 2007

                               Logistics Center Will Save Time, Money
                                        orth Mississippi Medical                     of goods down the aisle. The goods are

                                        Center’s new Logistics Center at             transported in plastic reusable totes to
                                        518 Weaver Rd. opened on Sept.               cut down on cardboard and cellulose in
                               5. The 28,000-square-foot building took               the hospitals. Plastic reusable pallets
                               almost 18 months to complete and now                  are also used to transport the goods to
      hat’s                    provides goods throughout the organiza-               the hospitals. The plastic pallets will
                               tion.                                                 save on wear and tear on the hospital
 Inside…                          According to Mike Switzer, corpo-                  floors and can be cleaned.
 Backpacks ....p. 2/3          rate supply chain officer, more than                     The building is heated and cooled by
                               700 line items were added to the                      a Johnson Air Rotation System, which
 Service                       inventory in the new facility, bringing               operates without ductwork and main-
 Pins ..................p. 4
                               the total to more than 2,000 line items.              tains a constant 69-degree temperature.
 EOM ................p. 5      The building is located near the inter-               The system moves air 24 hours a day
                               section of Green Street and Day-Brite                 and adds up to eight stages of cooling
 Safety ..............p. 6
                               Drive.                                                or heating as needed. “In a typical air
                                  The center keeps a 15- to 30- day                  conditioned warehouse there is a 15- to
 Job Transfer                  supply of most items in stock, plus                   20-degree difference from the floor to
 Seminar............p. 7       lead time. A pair of wire-guided fork-                the ceiling,” Switzer said. “In our
 Woodstock ......p. 7          lifts are available so the operator does              building there is a 1½ - 2 degree differ-
                               not need to steer while driving a load                                      Continued on page 7
 Pharmacists......p. 8

 Ice Cream Month
 Celebration ......p. 8

                               Kenneth Fields (center) of NMMC’s Supply Processing Distribution, demonstrates the TecSys ware-
                               house management system to Wanda Della Calce (left), service line administrator for Emergency
                               Services, and Mike Denham, service line administrator for Surgical Services.
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           NMMC Provides Area K-3 Students With Backpacks
NMMC distributed backpacks filled with school supplies to all students in grades K-3 in the Tupelo
Public School District. In addition packets were given to elementary students in the Lee County and
Nettleton school districts and the city and county schools served by NMMCs’ community hospitals in
Eupora, Iuka, Pontotoc and West Point, Miss., and Hamilton, Ala. Approximately 9,500 packets were
distributed this year.

                                                                              Dr. Randy McCoy, superin-
                                                                              tendent of the Tupelo
                                                                              Public School District,
                                                                              along with NMMC repre-
                                                                              sentatives Chuck Stokes
                                                                              and John Heer distribute
                                                                              backpacks to students at
                                                                              Lawndale Elementary
                                                                              School on the first day of

Kent Rogers, admin-
istrator of NMMC-
West Point, and the
hospital staff cele-
brated the start of a
new school year by
donating backpacks
filled with supplies
to Church Hill
Elementary School
first-graders Brittany
Bensend and
Summer Smith and
principal Jane
Tackett. NMMC-
West Point donated
950 backpacks, to
students at Church
Hill, East Side and
West Clay elemen-
tary schools.
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(Front row, from left) Will Cooper, Addison Mason, Andy Cooper, Hannah Smith, Darius Brown,
Conner Hood and Peyton Orr; (second row, from left) Bob Jones, James Rico, Madison Crowell,
Eupora Elementary School principal Dr. Wanda Porter, Hannah Ashley, Hallie Ashley, Frances
Hyde and Harold Whitaker; (back row, from left) William Mixon, Madeline Mixon, Mason
Powell, Christiana Boren and Lindsey Boren.

Pontotoc Elementary Students Start School Year With Backpacks

                                                                                              Pictured are (front row,
                                                                                              from left) Anna Bailey,
                                                                                              Kelli Carter, Landon
                                                                                              Roye and Lauren Heath.
                                                                                              (Back row, from left)
                                                                                              Larry Jones, NMMC-
                                                                                              Pontotoc Facility
                                                                                              Operations director;
                                                                                              Anna Guntharp, South
                                                                                              Pontotoc Elementary
                                                                                              School principal; and
                                                                                              Darla Heath, RN,
                                                                                              NMMC-Pontotoc educa-
                                                                                              tion coordinator.
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                                      Service Pins Awarded
               he below employees recently                               NMHS
               received service pins in recognition   Glenda Smith
               of service milestones.                                  NMMC
                       Five Years
                Behavioral Health Center              Mimi Cleveland, Daphne Deaton, Tammy
                                                      Howell, Catherine Miller, Mary Shaffer
         Samantha Kelly
                      NMMC-West Point
                                                      Ruby Sutton
         Jeanette Brown
                                                                      Fifteen Years
                           Clinics                                       NMHS
         Shelley Glenn, Linda Miller, Corey Scott     Sally Dabbs, Clara Hurd, Dorris Ryan
                        NMMC-Iuka                                       NMMC
         Sabrina Borden, Steven Brown, Danny          Sandra Chambers, Theresa Jenkins,
         Jobe, Tracey Moreland, Roy Stephens          Barbara Johnsey, Nancy Lytal, Bill Stone,
                           NMHS                       Tammy Wilson
         Stephanie Griffin, Evelyn Harris                          Women’s Hospital
                           NMMC                       Lisa Wise
         Carolyn Bogan, Shirley Coleman,                             Twenty Years
         Margaret Ellis, Nivia Ligon, Janice                       NMMC-West Point
         Maxwell, William May, Susan McNutt,          Marguerite Campbell
         Kayla Orman, Marion Sykes, Jason
         Thomas                                                         NMMC
                      NMMC-Pontotoc                   Laura Brower, Robert Mansell, Carolyn
         Carroll Knight, Wanda Tyes
                                                                   Twenty-Five Years
                        NMMC-Eupora                                NMMC-West Point
         Amy Booth, Ralph Cain                        Rita Coggins
                      Women’s Hospital                                  NMMC
         Ashley Williams                              David Cleveland, Ronnie Crosswhite
                      Ten Years                                   Thirty Years
                Baldwyn Nursing Facility                     Baldwyn Nursing Facility
         Judy Petty                                   Lyle Bullock
                      NMMC-West Point                                   NMMC
         Teresa Avant, Cathylean Darby                Rhonda Martin, Ramona Phillips
                           Clinics                                 Thirty-Five Years
         Shannon Moore                                               NMMC-Iuka
                        Home Health                   Wanda Gortney, Elizabeth McDuffy
         Beverly Lott                                                 Forty Years
                     NMMC-Iuka                                         NMMC
         Gaylena Rhodes                               Jacky Goff
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Coworkers, Patients Are Best Part Of Job
       inda Shields, RN, a staff nurse                  Shields, an Itawamba Agricultural
       with North Mississippi Medical                High School honor graduate, earned
       Center’s Home Health Agency,                  her associate’s degree from Itawamba
has been named Employee of the                       Community College in Fulton in 1990.
Month for August.                                    She worked for 12 years as an RN in
   Shields joined NMMC as a nurse’s                  neurology and neurosurgery, serving as
aide in 1988. She said the best parts of             a charge nurse for four years. Shields
her job are the people she works with                joined the Fulton branch of NMMC’s
and the patients she helps treat.                    Home Health Agency in 2002.
   In her nomination, coworkers                         Shields was also lauded for going
praised Shields for her patient care.                the extra mile for her patients. She,
“Linda is a very compassionate nurse,”               with her family’s help, has used her
one coworker said in her nomination.                 own time and resources to build ramps
“She truly cares about her patients,                 for wheelchair bound patients. She also
families and coworkers.”                             gives of her time and resources to vari-
   “Linda has a positive attitude that               ous local charities, including United
makes her teammates feel they are her                Way and Project Hope.
No. 1 priority, therefore providing an                  Shields has three children – sons
excellent working atmosphere,” anoth-                Nick, 24; and Cole, 21; and daughter
er coworker wrote.                                   Lindsey, 14.   

Rodger Brown, vice president of Human Resources, congratulates Linda Shields on her selection as Employee of the Month.
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                      New Software Enhances Medication Safety
                              urses now have instant access               new medication that I’m not familiar
                              to information about thou-                  with, I simply type in the name of the
                              sands of medications, thanks                medication and the information
                      to new software on the Pyxis dispens-               comes up,” explained Kaye Duncan,
                      ing system throughout North                         NMMC nursing education coordina-
                      Mississippi Medical Center.                         tor. “Then I can dispense the medica-
                         NMMC has used Pyxis equipment                    tion from the same machine. Now
                      since 1999, and its new Lexi-Comp                   when we educate nurses, we educate
                      drug information database enhances                  them to use it.”
                      patient safety. Nurses have long had                   Lexi-Comp offers quick reference
                      access to MICROMEDIX, a similar                     about drug compatibility, contraindi-
                      software available through NMMC’s                   cations, brand name, IV compatibili-
                      Intranet, but Lexi-Comp makes Pyxis                 ty, dosing for various ages, sound
                      a one-stop shop. “If I am to give a                 alike/look alike drugs, dietary consid-
                                                                                             erations and more.
                                                                                             “The information is
                                                                                             updated quarterly,
                                                                                             so nurses know
                                                                                             they are getting the
                                                                                             latest information,”
                                                                                             added Ronnie
                                                                                             NMMC Pharmacy
                                                                                             assistant director.
                                                                                               Duncan noted
                                                                                             that the feature is
                                                                                             extremely valuable
                                                                                             to new graduates,
                                                                                             nurses who float
                                                                                             from unit to unit or
                                                                                             pick up extra shifts
                                                                                             outside their main
                                                                                             department, as well
                                                                                             as those who
                                                                                             haven’t worked as
                                                                                             patient caregivers
                                                                                               “There is no way
                                                                                             you can put all of
                                                                                             this information
                                                                                             into someone’s
                                                                                             head – it’s just too
                                                                                             much,” she said.
                                                                                             “We needed this
                                                                                             this software.”
NMMC Nursing Education Coordinator Kaye Duncan, RN (right), and Ronnie Crosswhite, assistant
director of NMMC Pharmacy, train 5S’s Amy Seymore, RN, to use the new Lexi-Comp software.
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                        Job Transfer Seminar Scheduled For October 10
                                ll employees are invited to              well as steps in the transfer process.
                                attend “Tips for a Successful               The program is the first in the
                                Job Transfer,” a free program            Excelling in the Workplace series of
                        to be held from 11:30 a.m.-noon                  30-minute sessions designed to help
                        Wednesday, Oct. 10, in Room 6 of the             employees develop to their full poten-
                        North Education Center.                          tial.
                           “Tips for a Successful Job Transfer”             Participants are welcome to bring
                        will cover where to find NMMC’s job              their lunch. For more information, call
                        postings and necessary paperwork, as             Rosalyn Campbell at 377-3245 or
                                                                         Stephanie Griffin at 377-4179.  
Cancer Center Staff Flashes Back to Woodstock

August 16 was a groovy day
when North Mississippi
Medical Center’s Cancer
Center employees including
(front) Cindy Edwards, (from
left) Cindy Smith, Kelly
Glover, Priscilla Eddie, Art
Pinkerton, Steve Hersey and
Dawn Ward celebrated the
anniversary of Woodstock by
dressing the part. Events cul-
minated with a staff cookout
that day. The original
Woodstock took place Aug.
15-17, 1969.

                        Logistics Center         Continued from page 1
                        ence from the floor to the ceiling. This         directs the picker through the ware-
                        is very important for goods like IV flu-         house in the most efficient route to
                        ids, which should never be stored above          each item’s location; the item is then
                        77 degrees.”                                     double checked by scanning the bar-
                           To avoid mispicking of goods, no              code to confirm that the correct item
                        two like items are placed beside, above          is being picked. The wrist computers
                        or below the other. In addition, the             are wireless and send their signal back
                        building has a warehouse management              in real time so the device does not
                        system called TecSys that allows goods           have to be docked for a download.
                        to be tracked from the moment they are              Switzer believes the Logistics
                        received until they are shipped out. The         Center will pay for itself in less than
                        system also tracks items’ expiration             two years through cost savings by
                        dates and lot numbers.                           buying directly from the manufacturer
                           Order pickers wear a wrist computer           and taking advantage of buying in
                        with a laser ring reader. This device            bulk and economic order quantities.   
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            Pharmacists Live Up To ‘All Our Best’ Standard
                    MMC’s Department of                             Department of Pharmacy is moving
                    Pharmacy implemented a new                      toward having one pharmacist on
                    policy Aug. 13 to better serve                  every floor to perform patient inter-
            patients.                                               views and patient care as needed.
               As NMMC serves many patients                            Pharmacy services will remain the
            and families, pharmacists interact in                   same: medication histories, anticoagu-
            several ways: medication histories,                     lation, nutrition support, pain, phar-
            medication dosing, monitoring med-                      macokinetic dose adjustments,
            ication effects and evaluating respons-                 adverse drug reaction screening, IV-
            es to medication.                                       PO conversions, QCCRs/med error
               Effective Aug. 13, pharmacists                       analysis, drug information, etc.
            decentralized to better provide com-                    However, the model is changing to
            prehensive medication therapy man-                      insure Pharmacy lives up to NMMC’s
            agement from start to finish. The                       standard of providing “All our best.” 

Ice Cream

            NMMC’s Rehabilitation Services celebrated National Ice Cream Month by hosting an ice cream social
            recently. Patients and therapists made various flavors of ice cream using both hand crank and electric
            ice cream makers. Patient Thelma Dean (left) of Iuka is shown using a hand crank machine with the
            aid of occupational therapist Kelly Lamb. The activity helps Dean work on standing balance, upper
            body strength and endurance.

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