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Nuremberg, Germany
13 – 16.5.2010

31. International Trade Fair for Pet Supplies

Interzoo 2010:
Fresh ideas for your business!

Welcome to Interzoo!

It’s time again in May, when the pet industry presents
its varied product spectrum for four days at Interzoo
2010. Some 1,400 exhibitors from more than 50
countries showcase new and established products and
the latest trends – an ideal opportunity for visitors from
the trade to obtain comprehensive information, make
interesting contacts and track down fresh ideas for their
own business!

Interzoo has long been the established international
forum for professional pet supplies and the meeting-
place for decision-makers from the pet supply trade as
well as veterinarians or owners of boarding kennels and
grooming salons. Visit Interzoo 2010 in the Exhibition
Centre Nuremberg and be inspired by the unique
spectrum of products – we look forward to seeing you!

Herbert Bollhöfer
Managing Director WZF
Zoologischer Fachbetriebe GmbH
The industry get-together

Overview of themes
Everything from A to Z:
Interzoo 2010 offers you a comprehensive world of themes.

Ornamental fish · Aquariums, furniture · Illumination · Aerators,
filters, pumps · Heaters, regulators · Measuring instruments ·
Equipment, ornaments · Plants · Food · Health, treatment ·

Reptiles and amphibia · Terrariums, furniture · Heating systems ·
Lighting systems · Food · Health, treatment · Equipment,
ornaments · Accessories

Articles for dogs, cats
Food · Chew toys · Grooming · Health, treatment · Litter · Pet
burial · Accessories

Articles for small animals, rodents
Small animals · Cages · Food · Grooming · Health, treatment ·
Litter · Accessories

Articles for birds
Cage and aviary birds · Cages, aviaries · Food · Health, treatment ·
Litter · Accessories

Articles for animals in the garden
Cold-water fish · Pond plants · Garden pond films, filters,
pumps · Fountains · Pond fish food · Garden ceramics · Pond
care requisites · Pond accessories · Bird protection equipment ·
Winter food · Winter feeders and tables · Nesting boxes
 Equestrian sports
 Food supplements for horses · Halters, blankets, gaiters, band-
 ages · Reins, crops, whips · Hooks, belts, ropes, chains · Toys for
 horses · Western articles · Horse and art · Clothing

 Boutique and gift articles relating to pets · Plants, decoratives

 Animals and plants in the home
 House plants, potted plants, hydroponics · Plant containers,
 hanging baskets, mini greenhouses · Dried flowers, potpourris ·
 Wind chimes, chimes · Indoor fountains, water features, etc. ·
 Decorative articles, accessories

 Trade literature, multimedia
 Pet and aquatic books · Trade magazines · Animal calendars ·
 Animal films (video, DVD, etc.) · Other media

 Shop fittings, packing
 Fixtures, equipment · Display shelves · Decoration, advertising
 material · Packing equipment and machinery · Packing material ·
 Special packing · Marking, labels · Accessories

 Pet food technology
 Raw materials · Processing technology · Canning, preservation ·
 Hygiene, environmental protection · Packing materials and sup-
 plies · Processing machinery · Packing machinery

 Other protection equipment · Veterinary instruments · Informa-
 tion and communication technology · Point of sale and inventory
 control systems · Transport services · E-commerce · Trading and
 sales systems · Services

Hall plan and Interzoo Party

                                               Eingang Entrance

                                                            S 12.0

                                                                                        CCN West             Franken
Interzoo at a glance



                                                                          n er

n Exhibition                                                                                      Entrance

n Service

The Interzoo exhibition catalogue is                                                      U-Bahn / Subway
also on the Internet from the end of
March 2010.

With extensive search functions for
products, other exhibitor data and links
to the exhibitors’ Internet sites (if return
link available).
                                                                                                                                               Parkhaus                    Ost


1                       10                                              8                                     7                                   7A
                              S 10
                                                    9                       S 8/9
                                                                                    S 6/7
                                                                                                                                                                 Ost 1
11         CCN
           Mitte                                    S9
                                                                                                      6                                                                  Ost
                                                                                                AusstellerShop                                                           Eingang
                                                                                                                      S 5/6                   CCN Ost                    Entrance

                  Center                                 S1
                  Mitte S 1 Mitte                                                                                                                                          VIP
                                                                                                                                   S4                                     Ost 2
                               Funktions                                                S 4/5
                                                         1                      S 1/2

                                                                                                                  4                              4A

                                                                                            S 2/3/4                       S 3/4


                                     West / Mitte




                                              West / Mitte


                                                                  Süd                                                                          Süd-Ost

                                        Karl-Schönleben-Straße                                              West                        Karl-Schönleben-Straße           Ost
                                                                                                      Einfahrt . Access                                            Einfahrt . Access

                     Interzoo Party – in the
                     right mood!
                     The perfect way to round off an eventful visit to the exhibition
                     is an entertaining evening at the traditional Interzoo Party.

                     Here you can switch off and spoil yourself at the rich buffet of
                     international delicacies and enjoy fruit cocktails or a cool beer
                     at the bar.

                     Super live music from a band creates the right mood – and
                     dancing is naturally allowed too! Whether lively partying or
                     a relaxed evening, the Interzoo Party in the Exhibition Centre
                     Nuremberg has something for everyone. We sincerely invite you
                     to thoroughly enjoy yourself!

ZZF – The German Pet Trade & Industry
The honorary sponsor of Interzoo is the German Pet Trade &
Industry Association, abbreviated to ZZF. The ZZF stand in hall
4 provides information about the association’s activities and
current services again this year.
                               Admission and presale tickets

 Admission for trade visitors only
 Admission to the Interzoo 2010 exhibition is restricted solely to
 the supply trade, veterinarians, official agencies and commercial
 users, such as veterinary clinics, boarding kennels and grooming
 salons. This is the only way we can ensure the quality and ex-
 pertise of Interzoo and a successful visit for you.

 For questions concerning your proof of eligibility as a trade
 visitor, please contact VisitorService at NürnbergMesse:
 +49 (0) 9 11. 86 06 – 49 69

 Get your entrance ticket in advance
 For fast admission to Interzoo, get your entrance ticket in ad-
 vance using the online ticket shop at:
 ticketshop or ask the VisitorService team at NürnbergMesse
 for an order form, which you can then return by fax. Your tickets
 are sent to you by post in good time before the exhibition.

and presale tickets
Leisure and service information

Nuremberg – always worth a trip!
The Franconian metropolis fascinates with a history that is rich
in tradition and still vivid today. Nuremberg spoils its visitors
with sophisticated culture, colourful entertainment and pure
relaxation. Culinary treats are assured by the region’s typical
specialities. The hospitable and friendly atmosphere makes
every stay in Nuremberg an unforgettable experience.

                                  Hotel accommodation
                                  Congress- und Tourismus-
                                  Zentrale Nürnberg
                                  Tel +49 (0) 9 11. 23 36-0
                                  Fax +49 (0) 9 11. 23 36-1 66
Travel packages         
Our partner “Business und
Service” offers you attractive
travel packages for Interzoo.     Nearby
                                  shopping centre
Tel + 49 (0) 9 11. 8 60 76-0      The “Franken-Center” – only a
Fax + 49 (0) 9 11. 8 60 76-11     few minutes away by under-      ground or car – offers over 100                 shops, department stores, super-
travelpackages                    markets and services from A–Z.
                                  Or enjoy the special shopping
Information and service           atmosphere in the redesigned
counters                          Nuremberg rail station, where
Exhibition visitors travelling    some 60 shops are open for you
by air or rail should contact     7 days a week.
the information and service
counters at Nuremberg airport
or rail station.

Private accommodation
bed & breakfast
Tel +49 (0) 9 11. 98 33 39 45
Fax +49 (0) 9 11. 98 33 39 46

Easy access by car
Direct feeder roads connect the motorways, city and region
to the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg – and the electronic traffic
guidance system brings you to the exhibition quickly and

Your navigation system will find NürnbergMesse if you
enter “Karl-Schönleben-Strasse” as address or “exhibition
centre” as a special destination.

Individual travel by taxi
Journey time from airport to exhibition approx. 25 minutes
Journey time from main rail station to exhibition
approx. 15 minutes

Fast travel by public transport
Own underground station for quick access to the exhibition

from the airport
U2 line in direction of Röthenbach to main rail station, then U1
or U11 line to “Messe” station. Journey time approx. 20 min.

from main rail station
U1 or U11 line in direction of Langwasser Süd as far as “Messe”
station. Journey time approx. 8 min.

More transfer information
  At a glance

Venue and date                                  Honorary sponsor
Exhibition Centre Nuremberg                     ZZF – German Pet Trade & Industry
Thu–Sun, 13–16 May 2010                         Association

Opening times                                   Promoter
Thursday–Saturday 9 a.m.–6 p.m.                 WZF – Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft
Sunday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.                            Zoologischer Fachbetriebe GmbH
                                                Mainzer Straße 10
Admission for trade visitors only!              65185 Wiesbaden
Please show a copy of your business
registration document or other offi-            Organization on behalf
cial document as proof of eligibility.          of promoter
See page 9 for details.                         NürnbergMesse GmbH
Entrance tickets and catalogue                  90471 Nürnberg
1-day ticket             EUR 18
Permanent ticket         EUR 30                 VisitorService
                                                Tel + 49 (0) 9 11. 86 06 - 49 69
Official exhibition catalogue                   Fax + 49 (0) 9 11. 86 06 - 49 68
from 13 April 2010            EUR 15  

Plus post & packing:
• within Germany                    EUR 4

• European-wide                     EUR 12
• worldwide                         EUR 22

All prices include VAT at the statutory rate.

Presale tickets
For fast admission to the exhibition,
you can order entrance tickets and
catalogues in advance starting in
mid March 2010.                                   The best way to
The Interzoo online ticket shop is                prepare for your visit
open at
ticketshop (closes on 28 April          
No responsibility accepted for errors.          This brochure is also available in German,
Subject to change.                              French and Italian.