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   Adress: Berendrechtstraat 78, 2020 Antwerp (B)
   Contact: (32) (0)475.98.49.96 |
   Website:
   Marital status: married with daughter

A renewer, flexible, enthusiastic, organised, social, commercial, dynamic, driven, strong
negotiation skills, international, open minded and diplomatic. Excellent experience in sales &
marketing management and development, internal & external communication, brand
management, face2face and online advertising.


- Business Development Manager              (01/2008 – Current)

[1st six months on full-time contract, since 07/2008 acting as advisory consultant to help
maintain relationships with key customers.]

Contracted to set-up the commercial joint-venture between two plastic pallet custom
moulding specialists - IPS (Ieper) and Ribawood (Zaragoza). This included identifying joint
venture partner and all initial commercial and operational activities including sales &
marketing, communication, networking, web development, and the establishment of
business processes.

Key Achievement:
Introducing the use of plastic pallets into the virgin Spanish market, clearly communicating
value and developing extensive network and long-term customer base.

- Sales Manager (08/2006 – 12/2007)
CENTER PARCS (Diegem) []

Commercial and brand development of Center Parcs in Belgium, in the tourism market. This
included developing and running all promotions, internet marketing, above-the-line media
activity, advertising, sales activities, and starting-up B2B2C and B2B partnerships across all
markets, which included working closely with tourism boards in Belgium.
Key Achievements:
 Introducing Center Parcs (bungalow parcs) into the Flemish market through above-the-
   line, niche and cross-channel marketing activities, increasing sales revenue by 15%
   through cross-channel communication.
 Introducing new Center Parcs “Le Lac D‟Ailette” (France) into the Flemish market.
 Acting as advisory consultant in the purchase of Sunparks by the group Pierre et
   Vacances, and the launch of the new website of CenterParcs.

- Tourism Sales Promotor    (05/2004 – 06/2006)
 STARPARKS (Ieper) []

Developing the presence of Bellewaerde Park and Walibi Belgium (theme parks) in the
tourism market in Flanders, Great Britain, Netherlands and France. This included developing
and running promotions, marketing activities, advertising, trade fairs (Flander, northern
France & Great Britian) - targeting B2C and consumers.
[Made redundant when the group was taken over by Comité des Alpes.]

Key Achievement:
Introducing StarParks (7 themed-parks in 4 countries) into the British and northern French
market through sales and cross-channel marketing activities. [This included working closely
with local chambers of commerce and tourism boards in Belgium and other markets;
identifying the needs of the British public and developing targeted packages e.g. for

- ETSINOVA (American Investment group)                           08/2002 – 02/2004

Having met a Board Member of the Etsinova Group while working in „Le Chateau Du
Domaine Saint-Martin‟, I was invited to work in the US on a 6-months working visa and then
on projects within two other organisations related to Etsinova:

        Marketing & Business Development Advisor (08/2003 - 02/2004)
         N.CH KOSHER HOTEL (Torremolinos, Spain)
Responsible for advising on the commercial start-up of one of the few Kosher hotels in
Spain. This included organising local receptions and events, contracting tour operators, and
raising awarenes via networking and international marketing to relevant tourism industry

       Member of European Team advising on European Supermarket Models
        (08/2002 – 02/2003)
       WOODMAN’S FOODMARKETS (Madison, NY, LA, Chicago)
Responsible for providing input on European supermarket models (e.g aisle set-up and
management) for a national start-up of new supermarket franchises in the US. Worked with
contractor suppliers, advertising teams and marketing.
- Reception & Concierge (Summer season) (03/2002 – 08/2002)
LE CHATEAU DU DOMAINE SAINT-MARTIN (a ‘Relais et Châteaux’Hotel, Vence,
Assisted in the organisation of special conferences (IBM-convention) and events, translations
and special events (Grand Prix de Monaco, Festival de Cine de Cannes).

- Reception & Concierge (Winter season) (12/2001 – 03/2002)
HOTEL CHRISTIANIA **** (Val d’Isère, France)
Above duties and worked as ski instructor to hotel guests.

On graduation – traveled globally, working in tourism in different locations around the world.


   Bachelor Teacher PhysEd, option movement recreation (1998)
    [Thesis: Capoeira / specialities: basketball, judo and swimming]
   Human Sciences & Modern Languages - Torhout (1995)
   Spanish Teacher for Foreigners (Universidad de Málaga, Spain) (2000)
   Online web developer: various online courses
   Expert International Trade (LBC-Cevora) (2009-2010)


   Dutch:     Native
   English:   Fluent
   French:    Fluent
   Spanish:   Fluent
   German:    Rusty: Studied at school. Have the ability to quickly become conversational


   References:  Available on request from StarParks Sales Manager, CenterParcs Sales
                 Manager, IPS Sales Manager and others.
   Recommendations: LinkedIn profile:

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