July 2001

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                      TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2001, 12:00 NOON

12:00 Call meeting to order.

12:02 Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance.

12:04 Approve minutes of the June 12th, June 14th, and July 3rd, 2001 meetings.


       1.      Norma Teaters, Smyth County Youth Office Director, Annual Progress

       2.      Dr. Marvin Winters and Dr. Phillip Hopkins, request for addition
              appropriations for revenue received after 2000 - 2001 Operations Budget
              Approval also for the Capital Outlay and School Debt Budget.
12:30 Approval of Fiscal Year 2001 - 2002 General County Budgets in the            amount
of $63,829,559.00

12.40             Setting of tax levies for Fiscal Year 2001 - 2002 as follows:

               Real estate levy on all taxable real estate located in Smyth County,
               Virginia, including equalized real estate, where applicable, a unit levy of
               $0.70 per $100.00 of assessed valuation; Tax on tangible personal
               property and the tangible personal property of public service corporation,
               except rolling stock of corporations operating railroads, a unit levy of
               $2.25 per $100.00 of assessed valuation, except, pursuant to §58.1-3506
               (A) (3) a unit levy of $1.40 of assessed valuation; Machinery & Tools
               $1.20 per $100.00 of assessed valuation; Tax on Category 23 items
               (trucks used in Interstate Commerce over 10,000 pounds) a unit levy of
               $1.20 per $100.00 of assessed valuation; Tax on Merchants Capital a unit
               levy of $0.40 per $100.00 of assessed valuation.


        General County

        Department of Social Services          $300,000.00


                  Operations                                  $992,209.81
             Textbook                                          -0-

             School Debt & Capital Outlay       $992,924.17


       1.    Request the Board adopt a resolution to place part of Chestnutwood
            Estates in the State Highway System. (Attachment)


       1.    Water/Sewer Committee recommends the Board approve the attached
            agreement with the Town of Chilhowie for water purchase on the Pioneer
            Road Water Project.

       2.   Request the Board approve the following grants:

            (a)     Victim Witness Program in the amount of $44,044.00.

            (b)     Criminal History Record Information Systems in the amount of
                   $183,853.00 (Federal $137,890 Local $45,963).
     (c)     School Resource Manager Program in the amount of $13,750.00.

     (d)     School Resource Officer (02-C3352AD01) in the amount of
            $30,009.00 (Federal $22,507 Local $7502).

     (e)     School Resource Officer (02-B3672FR02) in the amount of
            $31,757.00 (Federal $23,420 Local $8,337).

     (f)     School Resource Officer (02-B3676FR02) in the amount of
            $31,757.00 (Federal $23,420 Local $8,337).

3.    Request the Board approve Pest X Management Contract for the Smyth
     County Jail in the amount of $40.00 per quarter for one (1) year.

4.    Request the Board discharge the water account of Sandra Lynn Moran in
     the amount of $195.49 as per United States Bankruptcy Court notice.

5.    Request the Board approve the attached Sprint Payphone Services, Inc.
     leased pay telephone service agreement for the Smyth County Courthouse.
6.        Request for Approval of On-Site Wastewater Treatment and Disposal
         Loan Program application for a loan in the amount of $6,144.00. ( From
         Loan Review Committee Recommendation)

7.        Request the Board approve a contract with Virginia Department of Health
         for the award of $25,000 Planning grant for Groseclose Water Study
         (Preliminary Engineering Report and Environmental Assessment) under
         the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program. (Attachment)

8.        Request the Board approve advertising for engineering services for
         Groseclose Water and Sewer Combined Design Project from the Tobacco
         Commission Economic Development Initiative Grant for $125,000.

9,       Request the Board appoint a representative to project oversight committee
         with the Town of Marion on the Hungry Mother Bike Trail - Preliminary
                Engineering Study.

10.      Request the Board's direction on possible proposals for the Appalachian
      Regional Commission (ARC) solicitation of Grant Proposals due late August.

11.      Request the Board approve a services agreement between Smyth County
      Board of Supervisors and Mount Rogers Community Services Board
         regarding inmates at the Smyth County Jail. (Copy to be given out on
Continued Board Matters:

1.     Matter of collection of delinquent real estate taxes.

2.     Agreement with Comcast for TV Cable Franchise in Smyth County.

3.     Matter of adoption of a resolution concerning Statewide Mutual Aid for

      Emergency Management.

4.     Matter of installation of a 6" water line on Rocky Hollow Road.

5.     Insurance/Budget Committee recommendation concerning a Wellness


6.     Appointments:

      Youth Services Advisory Board

      Royal Oak - Kelly Owens

      Park - Nina Crabtree

      Northfork - Chris Snider

      Member At Large - Scott Plummer
Rye Valley Water Authority

Carl Parsons, Jr.

Southwest Virginia Community Corrections (Expires 10-31-01)

Roy F. Evans, Jr.



1.   Report of fees collected for the month of May 2001 by the Sheriff's Dept.

2.    Monies collected in May 2001 by the Sheriff's Department for medical
     supplies and doctor visits for inmates currently housed in the Smyth
     County Jail.

3.   1990 - 2000 Census Comparisons.

4.   Mount Rogers Community Mental Health Services Board agenda.

5.   Building Inspection Department - June 2001.

6.   Department of Social Services Board Minutes - June 2001.

7.   Smyth County School Board Minutes - June 2001.

8.   Animal Control reports.