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State of the Environment Report
1.0      Introduction

Temora Shire Council last undertook a comprehensive review of the State of the
Environment in 2004/05 and accordingly under the provision on Section 428(2)(c) of the
Local Government Act, 1993 is only required to submit an annual update that addresses
the condition of the Shire’s environment in respect to the previously identified
environmental themes, with particular emphasis placed upon:

      (a) any management plans relating to the environment;
      (b) special Council projects relating to the environment, and
      (c) the environmental impact of Council activities

This update cannot be considered in isolation; rather it continues to build upon the
information presented in the thirteen (13) previous reports/update, with reference
continually made within this document to information previously provided.

2.0      Pressures on the environment

As has been consistently identified within Temora Shire State of Environment reports,
the most significant pressure exerted upon the environment is that associated with the
population growth of the shire and associated human activities.

As populations grow, the demands for infrastructure, such as housing, energy, water,
transport, industry and waste disposal also increase. Supplying this infrastructure results
in land-use changes and other impacts on the environment through the consumption of
natural resources.

The pressure exerted by population growth has been stable as the population of the
Shire has effectively remained neutral. The report “Comparative Information on NSW
Local Government Councils 2003-04” published             by the Department of Local
Government presents a five (5) year averaged marginal growth rate of 0.31%.
Projections for regional population in the Murrumbidgee region, of which Temora shire is
a part, are for an expected to occur primarily in population of about 10,200 through the
period 2004-2031. This growth is expected to occur in the regional cities of Wagga
Wagga and Griffith with the other local government areas expected to experience
declining population. Temora Shire is predicted to have a population total of 6340 in

During the reporting period 110 development applications were approved representing a
value of approximately $8,026,684. Of those applications 19 were for new dwelling
construction and 13 for subdivisions. Subsequent development applications associated
with the uptake of these lots will require appropriate development control to ensure the
potential impact that they have upon the environment is limited.

As highlighted within the State Chapter of this report, the predominantly rural nature of
the Council presents the most significant pressure on the environment. From European
settlement agricultural practices have shaped the historical changes to the environment
experienced within the Temora Shire local government area (LGA). Previous SOE

reports have highlighted these changes and that pressure remains as the environmental
issues such as salinity emerge. The challenge for Council in its environmental
stewardship role is to effectively recognize and act to relieve this pressure.


1.    Stormwater Management Plan
      Number of orders issued
2.     Onsite Sewerage Management Plans
       Number of Conventional Septic Tank Installations Registered           766
       Number of Aerated Wastewater Treatment Devices                        91
       Number of Onsite Sewerage Disposal Unit Inspections in 07/08          2
       Number of Septic Tank Complaints                                      2
3.     Temora Shire Council Management Plan
       Number of orders issued (sewerage compliance)                         4
       Companion Animal Complaints                                           86
            - Abuse/malnourished (referred to RSPCA) (3)
       Companion Animals Impounded                                           134
       Noise Complaints and Inspections                                      21
            - Barking Dogs (16)
            - Loud Music (2)
            - Building/Construction (1)
            - Air Conditioners (2)
       Air Quality Complaints (Burning/Odour)                                8
            - Burning of rubbish (6)
            - Foul smell/odour (2)
       Illegal Dumping/Littering Complaints                                  14
            - Rubbish (12)
            - Tyres (2)
       Pool Fence Compliance Inspections                                     16
       Abandoned Items (Vehicles/Shopping Trolleys)                          134
            - Shopping Trolleys (130)
            - Vehicles (4)
       Impoundments (other than Companion Animals)                           4
            - Vehicles (0)
            - Shopping Trolleys (4)
            - Sheep/Livestock (0)
       Other Environmental Issues                                            6
            - Rubbish from Landfills (2)
            - Odours from Saleyard Waste (4)
       Orders (demolition)                                                    4
            - Dwellings (3)
            - Other (1)
       Fire Hazard Orders                                                    12
       Council Works (Clean Up of Blocks)                                    4

1.   Sewerage Treatment Plant Upgrade

Temora Shire Council has completed the upgrade of the Sewerage Treatment Plant and
has complied with Load Base Licensing Requirements as per the Department of
Environment and Climate Change (DECC) Licensing.

2.     Effluent Recycling Plan – Stage 6

Temora Shire Council has been leader in this field since 1979/80. Long before the
Government sought to remove sewerage effluent from the rivers, creeks and streams of
New South Wales, Temora Shire council embarked on a programme to re-use its
effluent water.

Council now has in place a system of recycling all water used within the town of Temora
so that final sewerage effluent does not cause environmental damage to our creeks and
river catchments. All of the towns major sporting and passive recreation area are spray-
irrigated with treated effluent. The scheme also extends to the Lawn Cemetery and the
Golf Course. Expenditure on the scheme for 2006/2007 was $114, 829.
3.      Recycling Facilities

Temora Shire currently has many recycling facilities available and conducts many
recycling activities. Recycling within the shire includes:
        Green waste – mulched and made available to residents of the Shire at a
        minimum cost to encourage the use of this recyclable material;
        Glass – collected by Apex Services Club;
        Aluminium cans – collected by the Ambulance Auxiliary
        Paper/cardboard – collected by Lions Service Club;
        Scrap metal – collected by McShane’s scrapmetal
        Plastic Bags – Eluora Recyclers (Cootamundra)

The paper/cardboard recycling by the Lions Club is a free kerbside recycling activity,
while the others involve drop off centres including the Temora Landfill site.

In 2007/2008 the Council spent $13,143 assisting the clubs in providing recycling

4.     Environmental Education

Council in conjunction with REROC (Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of
Councils), have been undertaking several waste strategy initiatives aimed at minimizing
waste throughout the region. The following programmes have been conducted in

    • Plastic Bag Exchange Program
In May 2008, REROC held a ‘plastic bag free month’ where residents were invited to
hand in 20 plastic bags to Council and receive a reusable shopping bag in return. TYRO
members launched the program, distributing bags to customers of Woolworths and Supa
IGA one afternoon. The program has continued after the targeted month, with almost
800 reusable bags being given away. The program has occurred for a number of years
with each occasion proving very successful. Since 2004, REROC Member Councils
have distributed almost 29,000 reusable shopping bags across the region and collected
580,000 plastic bags for recycling. The plastic bags were collected by Temora Shire

Council and picked up by Eluora Recyclers in Cootamundra for recycling.

    • Kindergarten Orientation Project
The REROC Waste Forum joined forces with the regional Road Safety Officers to
implement this project (now in its fourth year). Approximately 2,000 kindergarten
children were given library bags in February 2008 that contained information and
activities about reducing waste at school and at home and also about road safety.
Parents were asked to enter a competition about reducing waste in their homes and
school for the chance to win a regional prize.

   • WRAP (Waste as Recycled Art Project)
The REROC Waste Forum’s WRAP project continued to be a success when the project
was held for a fourth time in 2007. WRAP aims to encourage primary school students to
consider the environment and the benefits of recycling and re-use. Participating Years 3
and 4 school students were invited to create an artwork from a small box of clean waste.
This year 35 primary schools from 12 local government areas (including St. Anne’s
Central School in Temora) participated in the project, creating 1,491 artworks.

    • Yours2Take website
Yours2Take is a web-based exchange that allows users to advertise products that have
a re-use capability which they wish to give away to someone who is able to use them.
The aim of the project is to increase waste diversion from landfill by making it easier to
dispose of items by giving them away rather than throwing them away. The project was
launched in March 2008 and has since attracted over 1,500 registered users, almost 300
items have been exchanged and around 10,000 new visitors view the website each

     • Use Oil Collection
In 2003, eleven REROC Waste Forum Member Councils (including Temora Shire)
purchased waste oil collection facilities for use at their local landfill sites. Residents living
in the region can now dispose of their used oil in an environmentally responsible way. In
2007/2008 a total of 3,700litres was collected by Nationwide Oil Pty Ltd with a total of
7,100litres collected since its installation in 2003.

   • DrumMUSTER
Temora Shire offers the local farming community the opportunity to dispose of clean
chemical drums at the Landfill through the DrumMUSTER program, approximately 6,348
drums were collected in Temora during 2007-2008.

    • Tidy Towns
In November 2007, Temora received a highly commended award in the Cultural
Heritage Conservation category for the population category D (4,001 – 10,000) for the
many heritage activities carried out by the Heritage Committee and Rural Museum in the
preceding 12-18 months. Temora Tidy Towns Committee also entered in the Best
Western Friendly Town Award, Tony McGrane Civic Partnership Award (Temora Shire
Council and Temora and District Sports Council) and the Overall Town Entry Category,
but unfortunately were unsuccessful in these awards.

A Tidy Town Assessment Report was forwarded to Council following the awards
ceremony which provided comments and thoughts from the assessor on the submission

and town visit. The Overall Category was assessed in the areas of
Beautification/General Appearance, Community Awareness, Community Participation,
Environmental Initiatives and Management of Volunteer Activities.

Temora Tidy Towns Committee decided not to enter the 2008 NSW Keep Australia
Beautiful Tidy Towns Competition, but rather focus on carrying out local activities.

   • Junee Road Salinity Site
Temora Shire Council in mid 2007 was successful in obtaining funding from the Lachlan
Catchment Management Authority under the Bland Incentives Grants (BIG) Scheme, to
undertake works to improve a salinity-plagued area of land approximately 10 kilometers
south of Temora on Goldfields Way.

The site, which was formerly part of the road to Wagga Wagga has been badly eroded
by poor surface drainage and runoff and also suffers from a high water table and salinity.
The Department of Lands coordinated the on-ground works to the site, including the
drainage earthworks, removal of existing bitumen road base, ripping and mounding and
the construction of a rock flume to reduce erosion and create better removal of surface
water on the site.

In September 2007, students from Temora High School and members of the Friday
Men’s Group carried out the planting of 200 native salt-tolerant plant species on the site
including River Red Gums, Bull Oak, River Cooba and Belah. The trees will not only
improve the aesthetic qualities of the site but will also provide a habitat for many native
animal and bird species and in the long term when trees are well established, will
contribute to a reduction in the water table levels, ultimately improving the saline nature
of the site.

The site has had a major educational focus with signage being installed to inform people
of the nature of the site and salinity, information on each of the tree species, how a
piezometer works and also how a rock flume works. Additionally, funding was obtained
to allow students from Temora High School to monitor and maintain the site monthly in
2008 and allows the students to learn about salinity, test the water and soil pH, measure
the water table level and carry out maintenance activities such as tree replacement,
weeding and watering.

    • Environmental Liaison Committee
In mid 2008 the Environmental Liaison Committee was reformed with the first meeting
held on the 2nd July 2008. The Committee became inactive approximately two (2) years
ago, but has been reinvigorated by Temora Shire Council, Lachlan Catchment
Management Authority and Bland Creek Catchment Committee (BCCC). The
reformation of the committee hope to build upon what the past group has achieved.
Changes to the revitalized group include less frequent meetings (to meet only three (3)
times a year) and the establishment of the Temora Shire Small Projects Fund, where as
many as five $2,000 grants for groups actively participating in the committee would be
eligible to apply for. Council’s Management Plan provided $10,000 budget towards grant
opportunities which allows committee participants to use the grant funding (up to $2000)
for on-ground works or environmental education.

5.     Heritage Conservation

Due to the formation of the Temora Heritage Committee and with the help of a NSW
Heritage Office approved advisor the existing heritage buildings are currently being
maintained and conserved by owners. The Temora Rural Museum provides a living
reminder of the early 1900’s in Temora and contains many artifacts, relics and other
heritage items of significance to the town. The Temora Aviation Museum also provides a
great source of heritage, being based at the aerodrome which was once used to train
pilots (No. 10EFTS) for World War II.

Due to the combined efforts of the Temora Shire Council, Heritage Committee and NSW
Heritage Office, Temora Shire residents are becoming much more aware of our shires
heritage and grants of up to $1,000 can be obtained through the heritage committee for
conservation of heritage buildings.

The work of the Temora Heritage Committee has also branched off into other
committees being formed including the Friends of the Temora Shire Cemeteries, the
Trungley Hall History Group and Combaning/Springdale History Group.

In 2007/2008, 13 heritage projects were funded with a total project value of $94,836.57
of which the local heritage fund contributed a total of $13,570.29.


All State and Regional Roadwork is required to be undertaken in accordance with
Temora Shire Councils, Corporate Environmental Management Plan which has been
prepared to help RTA and Council Staff undertake work in a manner that minimizes any
impact on the road reserve within the Shire.

The plan incorporates all conditions resulting from a “Review of Environmental Factors”
(REF) which is carried out for every works site.

State Roads

MR 57 – Roadside Rest Areas – Gravelling
MR 84 – Roadside Tree Trimming
MR 57 – Roadside Tree Trimming
MR 84 – Roadside Vegetation Slashing
MR 57 – Roadside Vegetation Slashing
MR 84 – Heavy Patching – Seg 27, 31, 33, 37
MR 57 – Heavy Patching – Seg 8, 25, 30, 31, 32
MR 84 – Reseals – Seg 24, 27, 40, 44
MR 57 – Reseals – Seg 1, 7, 8
MR 84 – Reinstate Flood Damage – Seg 31
MR 57 – Reinstate Flood Damage – Seg 28 (Greens Creek)
MR 84 – Hot Mix – Intersection (Waratah Street)

Regional Roads

MR 241 – Reconstruct Part Seg 5 & 6
MR 398 – Morangarell – Install Culvert for By-Pass Road (New Bridge)
MR 241 – Culvert Widening & Widen Shoulder – Seg 9, 10

MR 241 – Roadside Vegetation Slashing
MR 398 – Roadside Vegetation Slashing
MR 241 – Shape Correction – Seg 9, 10
MR 398 – Clear Suckers & Table Drains
MR 241 – Removal of Tree (Hazard) 5Km East

The Temora Shire Council Engineering Department’s corporate objective is to ensure
that the impact of its operations on the human, natural and built environments will be a
primary focus in the management of all its activities. The Department is committed to
applying the appropriate standards of environmental performance and respond to
incidents arising from our operations in a timely and effective manner. It supports the
principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development.

The Department is committed to planning, conducting and monitoring its operations, in
order to:
• Comply with any Environment Protection Authority (EPA), or other Government
   agency, regulations, any State, Regional, or Local planning consent conditions and
   any additional customer requirements relating to the environment.

•   Communicate the Departments environmental policies and procedures to all
    employees, subcontractors and consultants, where appropriate to ensure they are
    aware of their obligations in relation to Councils operations.

•   Establish and maintain a program of continual improvement in the environmental
    management of and prevention of pollution from our works and activities.

•   Progressively develop and maintain environmental objectives, targets and
    performance indicators.

•   Maintain environmental risk management systems and procedures appropriate to
    the nature and scale of the work undertaken and regularly audit performance.

•   Minimise waste through efficient material and plant utilisation, plus re-use or
    recycling of material.

•   Dispose of waste appropriately.

•   Respond promptly to any emergency situation causing adverse environmental

Appropriate training and instruction is provided to ensure that project staff understand
how to implement the Environmental Policy. Staff are encouraged to offer suggestions
about how environmental protection measures can be improved. Such suggestions are
assessed by management and implemented as appropriate.

Shire Roads

Grading – Back Mimosa, Glynburn, News, Schlunkes, Boundary, Bartondale, Goeschs,
Reynolds, Davidsons, Leonard’s, Donaldsons, McDougall’s, Pine Lodge, Fergusons,
Clear Hills, Dinga Dingi, Sinclairs, Trigalong-Sebastopol, Trungley-Gidginbung, Keith’s,
Bundawarrah, Brays, Bakers, Moroneys, Webster’s, Garvin’s, Nesses, Morton’s,
Cronin’s, Wynd’s, Camps, Boyd’s, Quandary, Walkers, Bryce’s Hill, Research Station,
Bundawarrah, Traegar’s, Pringles, Quade’s, Trevaskis, Thanowring School, Slingers,
Doolans, Baldwin’s, Maxwell’s, Yarranjerry, Bennett’s, Golders, Tyndalls, Wieses,
Cedar, Tidd’s, Giles, Gummers, Oliver’s, Rogers, Combaning-School, Gardner’s,
Quandary Bectric, Cantys, Wells, McLeod’s, Gaunts, Wienckes, Grogan-Morangarell,
Fraters Speedway, Springdale-Wallundry, Byrnes, Longs, Smiths.
Gravel Resheets – Mimosa Station Road, Altus Road.
Gravel Patch – Boundary, Glynburn, Trungley Post Office, Reynolds, Back Mimosa,
Goeschs, Trungley Road Shoulders, News, Taylors, Harpers, Davey’s, Back Ariah Park,
Ariah Park Tip, Fergusons, Cronin’s, Walkers, Quandary, Bakers, Bray, Dinga Dingi,
Repairs (reconstruct, widen shoulders, gravel shoulders, causeway repairs, widen
causeways, culvert extension, table drain, clearing vegetation – Old Cootamundra,
Trungley, Dirnaseer, Junee-Combaning, Mimosa Station, Mirrool, Tara-Bectric,
Thanowring, Old Wagga, Coolamon, Haddrills, Morangarell,
Other Works
Aerodrome Estate
   – Fence
   – NDB removed
   – Install Sewer Line to Treatment Works
   – Caravan Park Construction
   – Trenching for Power & Sewer
   – Install Dump Ezy at Aerodrome Road
   – Irrigation System for Park Area
   – Drainage Works
   – Camp Kitchen

   – Upgrade Taxiway – TAM
   – Final Seal to Hardstand Area - TAM
   – Grade & Roll Dirt Runway
   – Reseal 18-36 Runway

Upgrade Springdale Rest Area Drainage

Desilt Gardner Street Dam and Install Aerator

New Depot
  – Construction of Bulk Materials Area
  – Civil Works (concrete & gravel accesses)