NORTH HORSHAM PARISH COUNCIL

                           PROPERTY COMMITTEE – 7th FEBRUARY 2008

                                         COMMITTEE REPORT

        (b)  Fitzalan Road Roundel Poster Point
             Members are reminded that planning permission has been granted for the erection of the
             roundel poster point on the corner of Crawley Road with Fitzalan Road, outside the Co-
             Op shop. Several S106 agreements have been identified by the District Council as
             suitable and an application for funding is being prepared. Requirements include a copy of
             the license from West Sussex County Council, which is currently being sought (informal
             permission had been previously given).

                The application deadline is 4th March for consideration at the 15th April 2008 Panel.

        (c)     Jackdaw Lane Bus Shelter
                Currently, the repair of the vandalised Jackdaw Lane bus shelter is in abeyance, awaiting
                a quote from the contractor for the cost of glazing with high-impact thermoplastic panels
                instead of toughened glass. However, thermoplastic can be scratched permanently and is
                not vandal proof.

                Members may feel that it would be better to relocate the bus shelter altogether to an, as
                yet unidentified, less vulnerable site. This can be considered once the costs are available
                and a possible alternative site is found.

                Members are asked to note both these announcements.

7.      COMMITTEE BUDGET MONITORING 2007/08: to 31.12.2007 (Appendix I)
        7.1 Introduction
            The purpose of this report is to monitor the current year committee budget and covers the
            period ended 31.12.07.

        7.2     Halls – Pages 1-4
                The Summary Schedule (page 1) relates to the total spend for all three halls – actual to
                31.12.07 plus committed and probable expenditure to 31.03.08.

                The Summary on page 1 indicates a net saving of £7280 compared to £7,096 at 30.09.07.
                Significant variations (over £500) are as follows:

Property Committee Report – 07.02.2008                                                                     1
                Savings/Income Surpluses
                1000 Hall Lettings                     £3088 (HTB £6359, RMH £2578 offset by NHH -
                4014 Electricity                         980 HTB &RMH
                4015 Gas                                1439 HTB & RMH
                4025 Insurance                          1412 all 3 halls
                Misc. savings (under £500 each)         2178
                Less Overspends
                4016 Cleaning Materials                 693 all 3 halls
                4034 Maintenance - Electrical           739 HTB
                      Misc                              385
                                                      £7280 NET HALL SAVINGS

        7.3     Amenities & Allotments (page 5)
                Net saving amount to £204 with no movements in excess of £500

        7.4     Revenue Summary (Page 6)
                Overall, the revenue summary, combining Halls and Amenities, shows a net saving/extra
                income of £7484 (30.09.07 saving of £7450).

        7.5     Capital Projects
                The Capital Projects are detailed on page 7. There are no major variations to report.

        7.6     RECOMMENDATION:

                        The Committee is asked to note the report.

        8.1 The Parish Council Representatives for Horsham in Bloom, Cllr Margaret Goard and
            Kim-Jean Farhall have been asked to encourage the Parish Council to play a leading role
            in providing floral decorations this summer. Several suggestions were made it the
            meeting and included:

                       Improving the street scene in Crawley Road around the Roffey Millennium Hall,
                        Godwin Way car park
                       Local shops such as those in North Heath Lane (Coltsfoot Drive)
                       Mount a campaign to ban the use of plastic shopping bags by encouraging
                        retailers to use corn-starch biodegradable bags or reusable jute-type bags

        8.2     It is felt that the gardens and shrub beds at Holbrook Tythe Barn and North Heath Hall
                could be included in any adopted initiative. Currently work is due to start at both these
                locations re clearing of bramble and self-sown ash seedlings. This gives an opportunity
                for possible further ‘beautification’ to be considered. Costs related to work at the two
                halls could be funded from the Open Space Budget Provision of £4,244 (expense code

        8.3     Since likely projects are both on the public highway as well as parish owned sites, the
                responsibility falls to the Planning, Environment & Transport Committee (PE&T) as well
                as the Property Committee.

        8.4     It is suggested that in order to move this forward, that Evan Giles of Horsham District
                Council (and Horsham in Bloom) is invited to address a joint meeting of both
Property Committee Report – 07.02.2008                                                                    2
                committees. This could be arranged as part of either the PE&T meeting of 27th March or
                the next Property Committee of 3rd April.2008.

        8.5     RECOMMENDATION:

                        Members’ views are sought.

  9     BARTHOLOMEW WAY BUS SHELTER: Future Maintenance
        9.1 The District Council has recently made an informal approach to see if the Parish Council
            would be agreeable to taking over the ownership and future maintenance of the
            Bartholomew Way bus shelter. This is the only bus shelter owned by the District Council
            in North Horsham. The Parish Council owns 10 shelters and one is owned by London &
            Quadrant Housing Association (South Holmes). The remainder are owned and
            maintained by JC de Caux – the street-side advertising company.

        9.2     The Bartholomew Way bus shelter was paid for as part of the new surgery, etc about six
                years ago. Unfortunately, the District Council did not successfully secure funds for the
                future maintenance. Had this happened it was the original intention to pass ownership of
                the bus shelter to the Parish Council plus the future maintenance money. Clearly, this did
                not happen.

        9.3     When the Parish Council gains Quality Status, it is envisaged that this type of partnership
                issue would be pursued. However, the advice from the National Association of Local
                Councils (NALC) is that money should follow the switch in service. It is therefore
                suggested that if Members are minded to take up the District Council’s offer it should be
                conditional on, say £500 pa to fund the future maintenance and insurance of this bus

        9.4     RECOMMENDATION:

                        Members’ views are sought.

10      FURNISHING OF KNEPP ROOM (Roffey Millennium Hall)
        10.1 Due to the Christmas/New Year break and staff absences, no further progress has been
             made in obtaining a revised quote for the new furniture for Knepp Room. If quotes are
             received by the time of the meeting, the details will be made available for consideration.

        10.2    RECOMMENDATIONS:

                        Members are asked to note this report.

11      FURNISHING OF RECEPTION AREA (Roffey Millennium Hall)
        11.1 Due to the Christmas/New Year break and staff absences, no further progress has been
             made in obtaining a revised quote to include a worktop hinged counter in addition to the
             new furniture for the reception area at Roffey Millennium Hall. If quotes are received by
             the time of the meeting, the details will be made available for consideration.

        11.2    RECOMMENDATIONS:

                        Members are asked to note this report.

Property Committee Report – 07.02.2008                                                                    3
        12.1 The purpose of this report is to advise Members that there were no additional sites
             identified from the one late response received since the last Committee meeting. Progress
             on the topics and sites previously reported is as follows:

        12.2    Bus Shelters – Local consultations will be conducted in the following areas:

                       Outside Grace Court, Crawley Road
                       Entrance to South Holmes Road, by Gillett House
                       Beech Road, Roffey

                It is planned that the consultation is delivered by hand to 50-100 households near to each
                potential site.

        12.3    Street Seating - Local consultations will be conducted in the following areas:

                       Manor Fields, near Parish owned bus stop
                       Roffey Corner, opposite the bus shelter – NOTE: Members’ views are sought on
                        the suitability of this site, as there is some concern about vehicular fumes from
                        queuing from the traffic lights.

                District Councillor Andrew Baldwin is pursuing provision of seating at the Bartholomew
                Way bus shelter via a Section 106 application. If this is successful, there will be no need
                for the Parish Council to pursue this any further.

        12.4    RECOMMENDATION:

                        Members are invited to comment where indicated and otherwise note the report.

        13.1 The purpose of this report is to keep track of on-going issues through to completion.

        13.2    Cycle Rack at North Heath Hall – The site has been CAT scanned from underground
                services and none have been found. A quote is being obtained currently. It is not expected
                to be costly and the work will be undertaken as soon as possible.

        13.3    Winter Hanging Baskets – Due to continuing staff shortages and the fact that spring is
                nearly upon us, the additional hanging baskets have not been pursued. It is intended to
                now progress with spring/summer hanging baskets.

        13.4    Tree Surgery: various sites – Quotes have been obtained and an order placed for tree
                works at five sites on council owned land. These are as follows:

                       North Heath Hall – reduce height of conifers and trim one side (nearest St Marks
                       Holbrook Tythe Barn – take down on burnt conifer and grind out stump (result of
                       7 Cherry Tree Walk – Cut back hornbeam causing damage to guttering
                       Earles Meadow – Grind out stump of fallen tree
                       73 Earles Meadow – Cut back tree/shrub screen from footpath and reduce height
                        so lamppost no longer obscured.

Property Committee Report – 07.02.2008                                                                   4
                    Other sites inspected by tree surgeon but no work considered necessary:

                           Rear of 5 Park Farm Road (in top right corner of Holbrook Recreation
                           Rear of 5 Earles Meadow – alleged overhanging pf oak trees

        13.5    A Member has suggested a seat at Owlbeech Way on the site of the District owned
                recreation area. This has been referred to Horsham District Council to consider.

        13.6    RECOMMENDATION:

                        Members are asked to note the report.

        14.1 There has been little activity since the report to Council on 17th January 2008 apart from
             recent activities of the newly formed Friends of Earles Meadow Group. Cllrs Peter
             Crawford and Alan Britten may wish to give an oral update and indicate actions that will
             need the Parish Council’s involvement – e.g. major clearance of bramble, etc

        14.2    RECOMMENDATION:

                        Members are asked to note the report.

        15.1 A request has been received from Holbrook Kindergarten, the main daytime user of
              Holbrook Tythe Barn, for permission to install a washing machine. This would address
              several issues for the Kindergarten:

                       The ability to wash nappies and therefore reduce the need for disposable nappies,
                        which are considered environmentally unfriendly.
                       Wash tea towels on-site thus relieving staff from taking them home to launder.
                       Wash, from time to time, dressing-up clothes – again saving staff from taking
                        them home to launder.

        15.2    The Kindergarten would pay for the washing machine and to have it plumbed in. The
                Kindergarten has identified a suitable gap under the kitchen counter for a washing
                machine to fit.

        15.3    There are currently two pre-school users at North Heath Hall and until about two years
                ago a large pre-school group hired part of Roffey Millennium Hall. There have been no
                previous requests for washing machines at any of the three community halls. A brief
                survey has revealed that some village halls have dishwashers and microwave ovens – but
                not washing machines. Whilst the installation of washing machines is unusual Members
                may feel it is desirable. However, the following points should be considered:

                       How to restrict use to the Kindergarten only – a notice may not deter other users
                        from thinking it is for all hirers to use.
                       Insurance cover.
                       The washing machine will consume potentially a significant amount of water. The
                        premises are metered and usage would be a ‘guesstimate’. The same applies to

Property Committee Report – 07.02.2008                                                                 5
                       Where will wet clothes be hung out to dry or will a tumble dryer be subsequently
                       Future renewal of the kitchen may incur additional costs regarding the re-
                        plumbing of the washing machine.
                       What happens if and when the Kindergarten ceases to hire the premises?

        15.4    On consideration of the limited benefits to the user and the difficulty in determining
                accurate running costs for water and electricity and the potential of misuse by other hirers
                it is advised that Members decline the request.

        15.5    RECOMMENDATION:

                        That the request to install a washing machine at Holbrook Tythe Barn is declined.

16      DATE OF NEXT MEETING - Thursday 3rd APRIL 2008 at 7.30pm

Property Committee Report – 07.02.2008                                                                    6

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