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									                              Minnesota CEA
             2010 Regional Conference Planning Meeting NOTES
                               July 20, 2009
       Minnesota will host the 2010 CEA Region IV conference (Region III will also be invited)
       Ruth Stadhiem and AnDee Flohr will co-chair the event
       Dates: April 8-9, 2010 (TOY interviews and meetings will begin on Wednesday, April 6)
       Location: Ramada MOA (same location as 2008 regional conference)
       Keynote/closing speakers Mike Kutzke and Scott Larson have been contacted to speak.
            o Marcie will provide money for Kutzke. A professional contract will be needed.
            o Ruth has applied for a grant for Larson and is checking on topics for him
            o In 2008, Kutzke spoke on "Dealing with Change & Negativity" and "Why is
                Everyone so Different." Other topics include:
             Emotional Intelligence               Customer Service: What's Your Roll
             Diversity Training                   Self-Protection & Personal Safety
             Organization & Prioritization        Unlocking Potential: Keys to Productivity
     The Hat Lady (retired CEA member from North Dakota) is interested in speaking during
        the TOY recognition
     Suggested to ask Sharon Abel (CEA member from WI) to give motivational talk during
        other meal
       Theme suggestions (need wording and vision, ML will create logo) NEEDS TO BE POSITIVE
            o Positively… (Jennifer Boe came up with a list for each letter of the alphabet)
            o Accentuate the Positive (use traditional smiley face for logo??)
     Thursday entertainment –DJ (Randy will contact Dean Downs to check availability and
        fee; possibly find vendor to sponsor the event??) Will have a theme for the evening (70s,
        Hawaiian, ugliest outfit, etc.)
     Bags – Reusable shopping bag (like Cub or Target) was suggested; Marcie and Shirley
        will do some preliminary checking for donations.
     New CEA website – update from Michelle; would like to see all “handouts” posted on
        the website rather than paper copies at the conference
     Huge THANK YOU for the volunteering committee chairs!!! Please start finding co-
        workers to assist you
               Committee                                            Chair
 Conference Chairs                         Ruth Stadheim and AnDee Flohr
 Breakout Sessions                         Melissa Callahan (juvenile)/Jon Garbacz (voc)/Shirley
                                           Ingebritson (ABE)
 Door Prizes                               Jennifer Boe/Randy Feldsien
 Hospitality and Honor Guard               Chad Schmidt
 Program Design and Printing               AnDee Flohr and Jerry Webinger
 Promotion                                 Michelle Malley
 Registration                              Sheri Thelemann
 Silent Auction                            Marcie Koetke/Ed. Directors
 Teacher of the Year Program               Jennifer Boe
 Tour to OPH                               Jeanne Michels
 Vendors                                   Shakopee staff
AnDee Flohr (SHK)                 Shirley Ingebritson (STW)          Marcie Koetke (CO)
Jennifer Boe (ML)                 Jon Garbacz (RC)                   Chad Schmidt (RC)
Marty Scofield (RC)               Vickie McDougall (RC)              Korpi, Douglas (SC)
Sheri Thelemann (SHK)             Randy Feldsien (SHK)               Michels, Jeanne (OPH)
Kim Schueller (LL)                Michelle Malley (RC)               Walczynski, Heather (ML)

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