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                                                12890 Yonge Street
                                             Richmond Hill, ON L4E 1A5
                                               Phone: (289)234-0965
                                                Fax: (289) 234-0975

                                                  Store Hours
                                               Monday to Friday 10 -7
                                                  Saturday 10 - 6

                                                                                           October 2009 Newsletter
                                         Thank you to our loyal customers!
                    Our gratitude to all our business colleagues who assisted us this month!
                    Open House at Store - November 7th. 2009 - 10:00 am until 2:00 pm
       New Website Refer A Business Free Shipping Special Discounts Choosing A Printer Charitable Donation Sale

New Website & Open House: for product search and online purchases. New email address for online
contact -
Open house at the store, details will be sent out by the end of October, 2009.

Refer A Business:
Refer a business which is not already on our customer database. When they purchase $ 100 worth of
product, receive a $ 25.00 gift certificate. Offer valid for 1 month. Email your referrals to with your name and email address. We will notify you when your gift
certificate is available, this certificate must be used within 1 month of receiving it. Not valid with other
offers. <top newsletter>

Free Delivery or Shipping:
From now until December 31st, 2009 call or email us for the details.               <top newsletter>

Special Discounts:
Seniors special discount on Wednesdays. Board of Trade & Chamber of Commerce members get special
discounts with proof of membership. Teachers and students receive special discounts with proof of eligibility.
 <top newsletter>

Choosing a Printer - Can be very challenging!
Are you buying someone a printer as a Christmas present? Perhaps you are upgrading your printer to take
advantage of year end specials! Whatever the reason, choosing a printer can be very challenging and we at
Green Toner Solutions are prepared to help you. We do not sell printers but we sell printer supplies and we
want you to have the advice up front, avoiding surprises when you come to purchase refills. Or worst yet,
having to face the fact that you might have to buy another printer as the one you purchased will not meet
your needs.

There are many choices for consideration. Below are a list of common      printer features:
 • Laser or Inkjet                • Color or Monachrome                   • High or Low Resolution
 • Ethernet Networking and
                                  • Standard and optional memory          • Print languages standard
   Wireless Networking
 • Typefaces                      • Quiet or noisy                        • Duplex or single printing
 • Dimensions                     • Weight                                • Warranty
 • Compatible operating systems   • Software included                     • System connectivity
 • Print Drivers                  • Minimum system requirements
Confused? You can narrow your selection by identifying your requirements.
  1. How often will you be printing?
  2. How many pages will you be printing monthly?
  3. Will you be printing in colour or monochrome?
  4. Is printing speed important?
  5. Will the printer be part of a shared network or single use?
  6. Do you have other funtional requirements such as faxing, scanning, or copying?
  7. What is your printer budget?
  8. What is your ink/toner budget?
  9. What is the desirable monthly life cycle of the printer?
 10. Is the intended use of the printer for personal, business, or student?

Colour inkjets use 2 cartridges of liquid ink. Colour laser printers use 4 toner cartridges containing powder.
Powder can last longer than ink.
The cost of replacement cartridges are not normally listed and are a significant expense.
Printers come with `starter` cartridges containing a minimum amount of ink or toner. Standard
replacement cartridges will be required quickly.
The Green Toner Solutions staff would be happy to answer any question you may still have about your
printer selection.               <top newsletter>

Charitable Donations:
Green Toner Solutions will deduct 5% from your purchases and donate those funds to your favourite charity
when you submit a charitable donation form signed by an officer of your favourite charity. For forms please
visit the website           <top newsletter>

Printer for Sale:
                     Green Toner Solutions has an HP Color Laser Printer CP 1215 for sale.
                                Price this month $230.00 regularly $304.96.