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Celebrating 40 Years of Aurora Central


October, 2008

By Kara McNamara Content Editor
Leaves are changing with the season, the school is buzzing with activity and busy students, and everything is as it always is at ACC. However, one thing is different, as our school has hit a milestone: its 40th Anniversary. Exactly four decades ago, the newly formed Aurora Central Catholic High School eagerly opened its doors to students. Our current high school is the descendant of Roncalli and Madonna High Schools, who united in 1968 to form a brand new school. The tradition of strong faith, excellent academic achievement, and a warm and friendly atmosphere have been renewed with every generation of Chargers over this time.

Photo by Ethan Romba

ACC is celebrating this tradition, this history, and the people who took part in them over the course of the entire year. A great number of alumni, who still bleed Blue and Gold, will return to both our current campus and to the former building that was Aurora Central Catholic High School to many Chargers. Other events of celebration, including a breakfast for alumni and a time capsule burial, will unite the past and present of Aurora Central, while also celebrating the years of excellence to come in the future. With all of the academic responsibilities, extracurricular activities, and things to do just for fun at Aurora Central, students can sometimes forget how important it is to understand where we have come from. And where have

we come from? I can say, without a doubt, the Aurora Central Catholic High School and its students of today are a direct reflection of what ACC has always been. ACC was the combination of two wonderful schools, Roncalli and Madonna, and it became a school with endless opportunities for excellence for its students. ACC has come from the amazing teachers, the outstanding students, and the strong message of faith. We need to remember this history and tradition in order to continue it as we have. And continue it we will. ACC is committed to excellence, and the success of that committment for the past forty years is what we celebrate. And we celebrate because of the bright future ahead for Aurora Central Catholic High School.

When You Bet Against the Sox...
By Mark Brouch Managing Editor Mrs. Elliott one-ups Mr. Krebs during the post-season.
win the bet. The prize: well, anybody who saw Mr. Krebs two weeks ago knows that. “I lost 1 to nothing,” said a somewhat humiliated Mr. Krebs Wednesday morning. Mrs. Elliott, who has been a Chicago White Sox fan her “whole life and then some” has had this ongoing bet with Mr. Krebs every year for quite some time. She supplied the fabulous White Sox outfit Mr. Krebs sported all day Wednesday, including the hat which she picked up at a garage sale. Had the Sox not outlasted the Cubs this year in the postseason she would have been decked out in

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Nobody expected the Chicago Cubs to be done with the postseason by now, or at least sooner than their south side rivals - especially not Mr. Krebs. But a bet is a bet, and a vice principal must stay true to his word… Each year, Mrs. Elliott and Mr. Krebs have a little bet about which Chicago baseball team will have a better record at the end of the season. With both the Cubs and the Sox in the playoffs together for the first time in over 100 years, they decided to up the ante: whichever team lasted longer in the postseason would

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Local and World News
Hurricane Ike wreaks havoc. The penny gets a facelift. The scoop on the big bailout.

School News

Matt Bravo answers computer questions. Get the latest on school clubs.

Pop Culture

Tokio Hotel releases brand new album. Eagle Eye and Traitor reviewed. Phil Karafiat explores Spore. Alyssa Shaff gives some pointers on dealing with stress.

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Central Times - Local and World News

October, 2008

Local and World News
The Penny Gets A Makeover
For over a hundred years, the penny has had the same design. The one cent legal tender will still be copper and have the same face side. The change is that the “tails side” of it will look completely different. The new tails side will have an Abraham Lincoln theme to it, but it will no longer show the Lincoln Memorial. Instead, there will be four different faces, much like how there are fifty different state quarters. Each face will depict a different time of Abraham Lincoln’s life. The first coin shows a log cabin, much like the one Lincoln lived in when he was born and was a child. The next penny is of Lincoln as a young man, reading a book with an ax next to him. The third coin shows Lincoln in front of the Illinois Capital Building before he was president. The final new penny shows the United States Capital’s dome being finished, during Lincoln’s years as President. A lot of people are probably wondering why the penny is getting so much attention right now. There are several reasons that the U.S. Treasury is redoing the penny. As I said before, the face side will still have the depiction of Lincoln’s face that was designed in 1909. That’s half of the reason for the penny’s new design; it is a hundredth anniversary celebration in a way. The other reason for the new design of the penny is for the bicentennial, two hundred years, anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. The four new pennies are expected to be in circulation in early February of 2009, right in time for Mr. Lincoln’s birthday.


Eversole - Staff Wr iter evin K

By Brendan Bond Local and World News Editor

Meltdown on Wallstreet

Hurricane Ike messes with Texas as it lays a lickin’ on the Lone Star State. By Brendan Bond residents who stay will face “certain Local and World News Editor
During Labor Day weekend in September, the nation’s eyes were watching a potential major hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico and the metropolitan area it seemed destined to destroy. Meanwhile, out in the middle of the Atlantic, a tropical storm was forming. This storm was ignored by everyone except for some meteorologists. Flashforward ten days. That potentially major hurricane, Gustav, weakened and missed a direct hit on New Orleans, sparing everyone from that seemingly destructive blow. However, once again there was a potentially major hurricane lurking in the Gulf of Mexico with a metropolitan area in the line of fire. That little tropical storm, Ike, that no one cared about ten days previously, had grown into a monster storm that would devastate the state of Texas. Ike became a tropical storm in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on September 1. By September 4th, it had intensified into a Category IV storm with wind speeds of 145 mph, making it the strongest storm in the 2008 hurricane season. Ike nailed Cuba as a Category 3 storm beforing entering the Gulf as a Category I. Ike strengthened over the Gulf in terms of atmospheric pressure, but not in terms of wind speed. Instead, Ike grew in size. As it made a beeline for Galveston, Texas, Ike grew to be the size of Texas itself. Hurricane force winds (73+ mph) extended 240 miles out from the center while tropical storm force winds (35+ mph) extended 550 miles from the center making Ike the largest Atlantic Hurricane ever. Ike made landfall in Galveston at 2:10 am CDT on September 13. Over the previous two days, Texas officials had issued mandatory evacuation orders citing that

Who Likes Ike Now?

death”. However, officials estimate that 40 percent of residents did not evacuate. Ike hit as a Category II storm with winds at 110 mph. It missed being classified as a Category III by 1 mph. Still, its storm surge was said to be that of a Category IV at over 20 feet in some spots. The storm crashed into Galveston first, flooding the city and destroying buildings. It then raced on to Houston and dealt America’s fourth-largest city a massive blow, causing flooding and blowing out windows in high-rises with sustained hurricane-force winds. Ike then sped northward through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri before slicing through the Midwest and Canada, leaving more destruction in its path in the from of flooding rains. It’s still early in the estimates, but Ike was projected to have caused $31 billion in damages making it the third costliest storm in American history. Death totals stand at 131 people, with 64 coming from the United States. It is possible though that those totals can still rise since there are still many people who are unaccounted for in coastal areas. At least 13 miilion people lost power during the storm and in many areas, the power is still out. Residents of Galveston are just being allowed to return now to the devastation. The clean-up is going to be ongoing for some time. In fact, the only thing that has somewhat returned to normal from the storm is gas prices which went soaring as Ike struck the US’s main concentration of oil refineries. Many places in Texas have been declared disaster areas and are receiving federal aid in the clean up process.

700 Billion Dollars. That is a nearly impossible amount to fathom. What can anybody do with that much money? How about bailing out the the American economy by buying out bad mortgages. That’s what Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and FED Chairman Ben Bernanke plan to do if Congress grants them access to 700 billion dollars of taxpayer money. AIG, America’s largest insurance company, was the next to go as the government How did this all come to be? It all be- bought it out. Fears that other firms would gan with the housing industry. Interest fall, Wall Street went into a panic as the rates were low, allowing for more sub- Dow Jones dropped 450 points in a single prime borrowers with shaky credit to day. This prompted action from Paulson buy mortgages. These mortgages were and Bernanke, who proposed the $700 bilbundled into securities and are sold to lion bailout plan. The news of this plan banks and Wall Street firms. These se- sent stocks increasing for the moment. curities were traded like stocks as the However, Congress still needs to approve housing industry boomed, leading to even of it. A high-ranking meeting was called riskier mortgages. Eventually, though, at the White House on September 25th to these subprime borrowers can’t pay their try and reach a deal. Both Senator Obama mortgages prompting lenders to panic and Senator McCain were in attendance. and stop loaning money to home buy- At this meeting, a bill was proposed to be ers. The housing industry starts to tank. put before Congress. Howerer, later in the week, the House of Republicans voted Many investment banks and mortgage against the bill, effectively destroying it. companies began to fail due to their in- The Senate then convened and rewrote the vestment in these subprime securities. bill, before passing it with a 74-25 vote. Bear Stearns was the first to go as it was Over the next two days, politicians lobbought up by JPMorgan Chase. Mortgage bied the members of the House to pass the companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bill, which they did with a 228-205 vote. followed suit this summer as the govern- Many representatives that switched their ment bailed them out. Lehman Brothers votes cited the benefits of having an imfiled for bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch perfect plan versus having a finacial crisis is aquired by Bank of America. The as reason for their switch. Still, the Dow same was said for all of them. “They keeps falling as analysts fear the econwere to big to fail”. Yet fail they did. omy careens toward another recession.

Central Times - School News

October, 2008


School News
Club Blotter
Chess Club
Compiled By Shannon McDowell School News Editor
The ACC Chess Team participated in their first tournament on Saturday, October 4th at the Charger Challenge five-person team competition hosted by ACC. Central’s team consisted of in board order: Mark Brouch, Dusty Lawless, Phil Karafiat, Tyler Kennell, and Jake Niemac. The team went 1-3, losing to Hinsdale Central, a top competitor at last year’s state competition, Glenbard South, and Marmion Academy in an extremely close match which came down to the last game. Overall, the team competed very well against tough teams without the help of their lower boards who will surely make the difference in conference play. Board 2 Senior Dusty Lawless stated after the tournament, “We can definitely beat Marmion and teams like Glenbard South this year. This is the best team the school has seen in years, and there is no reason why we won’t be top contenders for the conference title this year.” The Chargers Chess team will start their conference season in a few weeks. —Mark Brouch

Game Club

The ACC Game Club meets once a week in room 204 from 3:00 to 5:00 after school. Every first Wednesday of the month, Ryan Trojanowski teaches the participants how to design games. Currently the club is having fun working on Pacman. When this group is not programming, its members are mastering a wide variety of games from Halo to Midtown Madness and more on both the computer and game consoles like X-Box 360, Play Station 2, Play Station 3, Nintendo WII, Game Cube, and others. Interested students are encouraged to join, and are welcome to attend the next two meetings on Friday, October 10, and Thursday, October 16. A schedule is posted on the windows of rooms 204 and 208. Come by and see how much fun you can have with the Game Club! — Ryan Trojanowski & Saleem Touny Aurora Central’s Foreign Language Club, SLICK (Students Learning International Cultural Knowledge), has gotten off to a great start with about twenty members joining at its first meeting. The club hopes to give students a chance to learn about different cultures through various local community activities. The club plans a trip once a month, and holds two monthly meetings in Mrs. Gonzalez’s room 226 (one in which students discuss possible trips and another in which members complete a craft or play a game related to a particular culture). The first planned trip to the Wheaton Public Library for a celebration of Hispanic culture was scheduled for September 13, but was unfortunately missed due to the torrential rains that lasted the entire weekend. However, there are many more fun activities planned, and new members are always welcome! In fact, on Sunday, October 19, the club will be visiting Sonny Acres Farm in West Chicago. So, stop on by to see if SLICK is the right club for you! — Tori Romba

October Birthdays
10-02 10-02 10-06 10-06 10-08 10-09 10-10 10-10 10-11 10-11 10-13 10-13 10-13 10-18 10-22 10-22 10-22 10-25 10-25 10-25 10-25 10-26 10-26 10-26 10-27 10-29 10-29 10-29 10-29 10-30 10-30 10-30 10-30 10-31 10-31 Trevor Dale Patrick Garcia Cheryl Kulakowski Brittany Reier Dale Boedewig Emmanuel Morales William Costigan Michelle Gozner David Cuevas, Jr. Emily Schroeder Kristen Brouch Nicholas Mowka Michael Smoczynski Cullen Rogers Theo Paolo Calicdan Hank Exline Alyssa Holm Brian Droeske Kevin Droeske Isabel Garcia Michael Ryan Alexandra Hupp Nicole Hupp Josue Morales Jazmine Andujar Guy Davis Jessica Farrell Mayra Garcia Emily Kawa Melissa Alger Patricia Guijarro Rachel Mytnik Tyler Simpson Allison Britton Mark Pfotenhauer

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Betting Against the Sox
Cubs apparell “just as any right-thinking American should,” Mr. Krebs was quick to point out. Mrs. Elliott feels no remorse for her part in thourougly humiliating ACC’s beloved vice principal, “except for the poor homeless guy whose hat I got at a garage sale.” When asked if they will be at it again, Mrs. Elliott replied, “Absolutely,” while Mr. Krebs stated, “Any Cubs fan wouldn’t be smart enough not to do it again.” Well, Mr. Krebs, I guess there’s always next year. Thanks for being such a good sport.


Key Club

Key Club International is one of the largest service programs for high school students. This organization teaches about leadership by serving the people within the community and throughout the world. Key Club exists on around 5,000 high school campuses around the globe including the United States, Canada, Central and South America, and recently Asia. Instituted just last year, the ACC Key Club is new to our school but has accomplished many things in a short amount of time. Last year, the club sponsored Have a Heart for the Homeless, and ornament sale, and Santa’s Workshop. The members also participated in Kiwanis One Day and the annual Kiwanis Pancake breakfast. This club meets every Wednesday after school in the li- SPARCS brary, and new members are always welcome. SPARCS is looking forward to another Stop in to see if Key Club is right for you! great year of faith-based ministry at ACC. — Syeeda Khan Fortress is a special program on designated Tuesday evenings each month. All students Science and Outdoor Club are encouraged to attend. At these meetThe Science and Outdoor Club is an out- ings there are games, food, music, prayer, standing Aurora Central organization that and presentations on specific themes. combines and excellent blend of activity, learning, and fun. Members enjoy awesome The SPARCS members were invited to outings planned each month. Currently, the participate in the Centennial Mass at the club has organized a variety of trips includ- Cathedral of St. Peter in Rockford, Iling a canoe trip, a Halloween-themed out- linois on September 23. Tyler Gooding to a haunted corn maze, and a visit to son and Catherine Pauls attended along Vertical Endeavors, an indoor rock climbing with Mrs. Biebel and Deacon Ron Hilt. facility. Meetings are held every first and — Catherine Pauls third Friday of each month in room 208. Join the fun and sign up for a trip today! Drama Club — Mark Pfotenhauer This year’s Drama Club season is off to a great start. Auditions were held in early September Art Club The ACC Art Club is one of the newest edi- under the new leadership of Chorus teacher tions to the school community. In its first year Mr. Nohl. The 2008 fall drama will consist of ever, this club is already off to a great start. two one-act plays, The Real Inspector Hound During Homecoming week, the members by Tom Stoppard and Three Doors to Death sponsored a face painting fundraiser with by Keith Jackson. Both are nail-biting mysplans to eventually go on a field trip to the teries that will constantly keep you guessing Art Institute. This club meets every Wednes- throughout the evening. The performances day after school to encourage creativity and are November 14 and 15. If you would like to involvement in the visual arts. Currently the have fun helping out with performances and members are working on paper mache proj- earn those service hours in the process, talk ects. Students do not have to already be in an to either Mr. Nohl or Mrs. Shroeder-Sears art class to participate, so all are welcome to about being a part of stage crew. Everyone experience what the Art Club has to offer! is looking forward to a fresh, new begin—Jamie Minott ning to the Drama Club this year, so go to a show and support this talented group of kids! — Lauren Schweitzer

By Matt Bravo Technology Columnist

The Computer Corner
sic tasks with Windows such as writing documents, browsing the web (sorry, not the My Space or YouTube browsing the web), etc. But if you look at Windows today, you can do pretty much anything you want. You can share digital pictures, talk to someone in a video chat that could be two thousand miles away from you, play games like Halo, listen to music, or perhaps even do all the above simultaneously. Back then, it was really hard or even impossilbe to multitask like that, but thanks to today’s technology, it’s a simple walk in the park. Especially for Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows Vista, you can do even more then you’ve probably ever thought of! And from my own personal experience as an official beta tester and power user of Windows Vista, I think that it’s a very good operating system that includes so many features and extras and is very user-friendly to the average user.

So, has your PC been acting up lately? Do you think you have a virus on your computer? Does your computer make a weird noise? Do you have all the above? Well look no further because the Computer Q&A Corner is here to help! Here, I will answer questions regarding pretty much anything that is computer related such as questions about hardware, software, you name it. All you need to do is submit a question online at www.auroracentral.net. I’ll start by answering a question that I happen to get asked a lot: Q: What exactly is “Windows”? A: Ah, now that’s a pretty good question. Windows is an operating system much like Linux and OS X (on Macs) which basically makes your computer function the way it does and allows you to do what you want it to do. Without an operating system, your computer would pretty much be a big and heavy paperweight! Back in the early days of Windows, you could have only done what we consider today ba-


Central Times - Arts & Entertainment

October, 2008

Arts & Entertainment
Stress In a Teen’s World
By Alyssa Shaff Arts & Entertainment Editor

Stress isn’t healthy. Savor these tips for reducing yours.
Things can get pretty stressful this time of the year. With trying to fill out college applications on time, studying for exams, working, and other chores, you can really build up some major stress without even knowing it. Here are some signs that mean you are way too stressed out: headaches, sore, bleeding gums, memory loss, crazy surreal dreams, insomnia, hives, jaw pain, and drop-dead fatigue. Luckily, there are a couple ways you can relieve your stress. Certain foods have been proven to relieve stress as well. These foods include: fresh One way is by rewriting your internal dialogue. bananas, baked tortilla chips and salsa, Instead of blowing up when someone cuts you off breakfast cereal bars, black bean soup, dewhile driving to school, tell yourself, “It was out caf nonfat lattes, baby carrots with nonof my control, and it really isn’t a big deal.” Also, fat sour cream dip, and raisin bread a high-stress situation such as a big test or inter- with fat-free cream cheese. view may cause you to put pressure on yourself. Exercising and deep breathA good way to ease the stress is to tell yourself, “I ing, of course, relieve will do my best,” or “I can do this.” If something stress too. Meditation is is causing you stress now such as a rough patch also something to conin a relationship, ask yourself, “Will I be stress- sider. It stimulates ing over this next month?” As long as the answer the part of the is no, some stress will be relieved immediately. nervous system that lowers heart Certain conversations can be stressful too. and breath rate When being put on the spot, if you don’t and blood presknow the answer, simply admit it calmly. sure, and it reThe world will not collapse if you don’t laxes muscles. have all the answers. Also, if people ask you questions and you can’t find the right words, say something like, “Let me get back to you on that.” This will prevent you from getting flustered. Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. If your calendar is packed and people ask you for favors, just say, “I’m sorry, but I can’t.” This type of response will save you stress because you are asserting yourself without hurting others’ feelings.

Tokio Hotel Returns with New Album
through the lyrics he co-wrote with band mates and friends. This is a very good CD in my opinion. I would rate it as a 4.5 out A band you may have heard of a couple of of 5. It is something different and not so years ago is back again with a new sound. “cookie cutter” like most music in its genre. Tokio Hotel, a band from Germany, has taken the alternative world by storm. Their latest single, “Monsoon,” has gained incredible recognition here in the U.S. with its newly English translated version. It is only one of the many amazing tracks off their new album, Scream, in stores now. Other well known songs by the fans include “Scream” and “Ready, Set, Go.” This band has an edgy punk sound, but not too hardcore for the more alternative audience. Lead singer, Bill Kaulitz, has one of the most unique voices you’ll ever hear, as well as musical talent that can be discovered

By Vanessa Corral Music Critic

How Will You Create The Universe?
By Phil Karafiat Video Game Columnist
The newest game by EA Games to be released for the PC is Spore. This game takes the imagination of the player to create his or her own universe from single-celled creatures to intergallactic space ships. As your species advances through evolution you decide whether to be a carnivore or herbivore, to befriend your fellow species or destroy them, to buy planets or force them into extinction. The game took three years to develop, and it shows. The graphics are impressive, no matter how weird you may make your creature it always moves in a realistic manner. There are five different stages to this game: cell, creature, tribal, civilization, and space. Each stage has its unique style of play and different objectives. In the cell stage you eat either plants or other cells to grow and evolve your cell into a more adapt species. As you advance you evolve enough to enter the creature stage. In the creature stage you develop legs and a means to communicate with other species. Your objective is to wipe out other species or befriend them. As you develop and evolve you soon enter the tribal stage. In the tribal stage your objective is to gather food for your tribe and to befriend the other tribes or destroy them. After that comes the civilization stage. You grow technologically enough to build cities and vehicles. Your objective is to destroy or convert all the cities on your planet to your way of thinking. After this comes the space stage. In the space stage your objective is to trade with other planets, and to eventually buy or convert them using religious means. Also in the space stage you can colonize other planets and make them more livable by adding plants and animals into the ecosystem. Overall Spore is a very good game and I would recomend it to anyone who would enjoy expressing their creative side and ruling their own galaxy.

The Buzz on Eagle Eye
By Grace Kirkpatrick Movie Critic
For all of you big action movie buffs out there this is the film for you. The newest movie in Shia LeBeouf’s rise to fame was a thrilling sci-fi epic that captures the heart of the audience. The story takes place in modern day America where part time copy worker Jerry Shaw (Shia Lebeouf) and mom, Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan) are cast as two absolute strangers who are thrown together by an unknown assailant. Forced to commit multiple criminal offenses and to aid in the demise of the government and possibly the assassination of our country’s great leaders, but to find out if they can really save the day or if the world will come to a horrible yet breathtaking demise, you’re just going to have to spend the five bucks and find out for yourself. The film also casts Billy Bob Thornton and many other noted stars. Directed by D.J. Caruso, and produced by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, and Patrick Crowley, the film is full of thrilling action, suspense, and a great whizz-bang ending. Though the film did not get the very best ratings, I myself thought that it was completely worth the money to go see and would encourage others to do so. in the middle of an arms deal, when he and his customers are captured and thrown in jail (I don’t want to ruin how he escapes). In jail he develops a close friendship with an agent from Nathir, the local terrorist group. Later on he supplies Nathir with explosives to be used in a plot against the U.S. There is a big twist half-way through the movie that really surprised me: it turns out that Horn is an undercover spy with the U.S. government trying to destroy Nathir from the inside. Traitor follows the same plot as Catch Me If You Can; a guy threatens the U.S. and is chased all over the world until he is cornered by federal agents. Throughout the movie you will be taken from Sudan to Spain, France, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C..

You Are a Traitor!
By Mark Clough Movie Critic
Imagine the best movie you have ever seen with no major flaws and lots of suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. Traitor is that movie. Traitor is about an ex-U.S. military soldier who becomes a terrorist and flees the FBI with enough action to make you want more by the time the movie ends. The main character is Samir Horn, played by Ocean 11’s Don Cheadle. He is a Sudanese American and was once a soldier of the U.S. Army Special Forces. He remained in Sudan to connect with his religion. There he becomes an armsdealerthatisbeingchasedallovertheworld.

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There was only minor confusion but The movie begins in Sudan where Horn is it was all cleared up moments later.

Central Times - Editorials

October, 2008


High School Is Nothing Like The Movies...
By Tori Romba Staff Writer

…and it Sure as Shootin’ Ain’t No Musical!
taste in clothes, their attitudes, and their behavior —even the kind of energy drink they buy at lunch— just as these media has influenced youth since the beginning of time (okay, since the beginning of TV, but seriously, how many of you didn’t even know there was a difference). Now if I was the CEO of Gatorade, I’d be making friends with Miley and her dad, like yesterday. So, I have to admit that I could honestly write a novel about this; I could write a bible of teen movies, but our lunches are only so long, and it’s only a few seconds before the teacher will turn around and tell you to put the newspaper away. With that, let’s take a look back at some of the best (oh yes, don’t deny it, but you do have a list of the best teen movies ever made), and some of the worst. When we’re done, let’s see if we can honestly differentiate between the two. It all started with Molly. Technically Mr. Hughes, Mr. John Hughes, who then discovered Molly Ringwald. Regardless, it was the brat pack movies of the glorious 1980s that catapulted this idea of teen royalty into being. Out of reverence, I mention Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club (I know there were a number of teen flicks form decades earlier, but again for this generation of current teens, it all started in the 80s). And, I must pay homage to the Cusak duo— Say Anything. Then the companies got a little braver and we saw films such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Risky Business among others that were much raunchier. Again, I could elaborate to no end, but we must move on. Now the oh-so fashionable 90s. Really, why won’t they bring back the flannel shirt/ leather jacket combo? I digress. So, with the end of the 1900s in sight, the American youth at the time is given representation in films such as She’s All That (Freddie, Freddie, Freddie), of course, Clueless, and the unforgettable classic, TEN Things I Hate About You. Heath, it’s just not the same without you. It never will be. Ever again. All right, the advent of the new millennium were not present during the

For the ladies reading this, it was probably at one of the many all-girl sleepovers held during junior high at which you and your friends stayed up all night to talk about how cute Adrian Grenier and Shane West were, or how you couldn’t have been more disgusted with the nasty nose-picking boys that sat next to you (sorry guys, we know you’re working on it). For the guys, it was probably due to a momentary lapse of judgment, or you were forced by your sister, or you had a serious crush on Kirsten Dunst and thought “Dude, she is soo hot,” in your super cool self-righteous preadolescent mind. Maybe, however, I am turning the clock back a little too far. Maybe for many (although I’m sure quite a few won’t admit it) it was only within this past year or so that you witnessed the latest installment(s) of film entertainment supposedly based on the high school experience and just couldn’t resist because “OH MY GAWD, ZAC EFRON!” or, just maybe, “Dude , Ashley Tisdale is like 24, seriously man, and that Vanessa chick, dude, she’s I mean, you know.” (No translation necessary). Oh yes, for whatever reason we have all at one point or another seen at least one of these cinematic treasures. I’m willing to bet even Mr. Drye has seen one or two (hmmm, that would make for a good interview topic). I’m sure you’ve gathered by now from the title of this little article and verbose intro that I am referring to those teen movies about the phenomenon that is high school. Film production companies were pushing these into movie theaters at the turn of the millennium as if they were coming off a Ford assembly line. In fact, it was no concern if the screenplays of all the films were identical. And now, there’s a whole new collection of cinematic milestones being introduced to the next generation of ‘tweens’ by the same companies. It is no doubt that these glorious displays of talent, time, and money, (did I mention money?) will inevitably turn into an integral part of this generation’s cultural identity, influencing their

is upon us, what better time than now to refresh the image and priorities of the younger generations by revamping the media? Well, according to the big shot advertisers —who can’t really get effective product placement in, say, a documentary about the underprivileged living in our own communities, or a period piece about the President Teddy Roosevelt, as they could in, say, Prom Night (take a look at the Midol scene)— there is a better time. That time would be never. Quickly, the 2000s allow Bring It On, Van Wilder, and of course, Crossroads to grace the big screen (Crossroads— I will never get those two hours back). How can I not mention HSM1-3? Classics among more classics that shall not be named. Now that we’ve taken a brief glance into the past generations of teens through film, the realities of high school seem to hit us like a ton of bricks. So, prom really isn’t held at the Drake Hotel downtown? Wait, Freddie Prinz Jr. was supposed to be a senior in high school? There’s real homework? You’re telling me that teachers like Mr. Drye aren’t going to burst into song and dance while teaching or coaching basketball? Wait, WHAT?! This is supposed to be “the best time of my life!” Your telling me that thinking for myself is actually way easier than how its depicted in the movies where the protagonist is subject to a social crucifixion after doing something remotely independent-minded? Oh, yes. And the biggest realization of them all, is that high school is not always, in fact not ever, as dramatic or heartbreaking as it’s often portrayed. Yes. Again, I could go on. And on. On about high school, and on about the media, and on about my own really lame expectations of high school that I formed on my own and with the help of certain gems within the art of film. However, I must stop ranting. I will leave you with this final thought— high school doesn’t have to be like any movie to be worthwhile, and even though there are quite a few nondescript days that seem to last for an eternity, just imagining Mr. Drye bursting into a choreographed musical number while coaching really helps those slower moments pass in the blink of an eye. “Getcha’ head in the game!”

Mrs. Goldie Mark Brouch

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For just $12.50 you could be showing off your business in this space! For more information, visit our website at www.aruroracentral.net and send our Business Manager an e-mail through our easy to use contact form. back, please. Who in the world plays two slow songs in a row, or how about two Michael Jackson songs in a row? I can only handle so much “Thriller.” On the whole, homecoming week seemed to be a success. Thanks to student council and everyone who helped coordinate this dance!

Homecoming 2008
By Lizzy Crandall Staff Writer
Homecoming week began at Aurora Central Catholic on Monday, September 22, 2008. Although the seniors’ outdoor decorating was definitely less “extravagant” than last year’s seniors, it had class. Let’s face it; none of us wanted a repeat of last year’s cancellations, and not to mention the walk up that long front sidewalk while stepping in ketchup and flour (yuck). Seniors were the only ones who decorated their hallways, although sophomores eventually decided to have some school spirit. Monday was superhero day. There were a lot of mixed feelings towards this new day. Some people absolutely loved it, while others were not so sure. Some people went with the famous superheroes, while others made one up themselves. Monday night was king volleyball where the seniors beat the juniors. Tuesday there was no school. This is why gutter sundae and sports day

week. pulled it off and ended up winning the game (two years in a row, might I add). Wednesday was dress-up day. People looked extra sharp in their fancy clothes. School Friday was blue and gold—oh I’m sorry—I administration please note: mass in the mean “ACC apparel” day. Since when do we bleachers just doesn’t seem to be working. need to spend an extra 50 dollars for an out Not only did the Eucharist take forever, but of uniform day? Can you say lame? On the also people were getting trampled on. No other hand, the pep rally seemed to be a hit. one seemed to take the Mass as seriously as People seemed to they should have either. Also, those bleach- love all the extra ers hurt! Who wants to sit in those for an activities put into hour and a half with no back to lean on? I play. Thanks Mr. actually looked forward to standing up. On Casey! The game another note, Wednesday night was Mr. was Friday night ACC. Dale Boedwig took the crown with where we played his performance, although there were some St. Francis. The amazing acts that were tough to beat. Russell boys played a Wegman won Mr. Congeniality by a clear good game. Satshowing of peer support and enthusiasm. urday’s dance had the theme “Music Thursday was twins day. Zach Babbe and of the Night.” The Mark Brauweiler looked awesome dressed decorations were but up like Mr. Curry. Thursday night was the gorgeous, the DJ seemed intense game of powder puff with the seniors vs. the juniors. In the fourth quar- to be a failure. ter the game was tied, but the seniors We want Alfred


Central Times - Charger Sports

October, 2008

Charger Sports
ACC Cross Country Team Looks Forward to a Promising Season
By Max Gilbert Sports Writer
The ACC cross country team has always been one of the school’s most prosperous programs. As some have said, it seems to be a cult obsession— like football. The athletes have a specific diet and intense training, along with much mental and physical preparation in order to perform their best. ACC’s cross country boys’ team returns six varsity runners from the 2007 team. The boys’ varsity top six runners are Max Gilbert, Jimmy Spencer, Garrett McCarthy, Danny Kottcamp, John Cisneros, and Jonathan Jochum, with runners Ben Garcia, Adam Miller, and Alex Duncun battling for the number seven top spot. Girls’ varsity returns four varsity runners from the 2007 team. Girls’ varsity runners are Jacquelyn Nagel, Allison Alosio, Natalie Perry, Meghan Kelly, Alexis Anthony, Melissa Lindsay, and Alyssa Shaff, with Jessica Nagel often breaking into the varsity top seven.

By Brendan Bond Sports Writer

Young Charger Squad Starting to Gain Momentum
on a Steve Kuk goal in the Driscoll contest. Steve Kuk scored on a Hank Exline assist against Elgin Academy in a game where the Chargers lost due to a controversial call on a would-be game tying goal in the closing seconds of the game. The team played three games during Homecoming week and started it off with a 1-1 tie against Indian Creek. Freshman Kevin Bond scored off of a Hank Exline assist. The Chargers then defeated Plano for their second win of the season, 1-0. Brian O’Donnell picked up the shutout and also recorded an assist on an Eric Anaya goal. A hard-fought 2-0 loss at St. Edward’s closed out the week. The Chargers dropped their next contest 1-0 to Newark, but came back the very next day with a 2-1 win over Paw Paw. Shane Samuels recorded a goal and as an assist with Steven Jones picking up an assist and Steven Kuk netting the game-winner. The Chargers lost 2-1 at IMSA to drop their record to 3-10-2 as Hank Exline recorded the goal on a header off of a cross by Steven Kuk. With momentum picking up, the Chargers are looking to make a splash come tournament time.

The key for any team is to gain momentum heading into the postseason. The ACC boys soccer team is working towards that goal as they head toward the last couple of weeks in the regular season. After a slow start to the season, this young team With the recent weather conditions, the (half of the 24-man roster is underclassteam has had to reschedule some of their men) has started to play better with a meets; but these disappointments can not win and a tie during homecoming week. stop these runners from training. As many runners say, “If you fail to prepare, then The Chargers started off the season with prepare to fail.” The ACC cross country losses to very good Marmion and Timothy teams feel they will have a very strong Christian squads. The team then turned it season. These Chargers are hoping to be around with a second-place finish at the the first boys’ and/or girls’ team to qual- Somonauk Invitational. Game one against ify for the state competition in Class 2A. Reed-Custer resulted in a 0-0 tie as keeper Brian O’Donnell recorded the shutout. The offense got going in the next game as Controversial decision ends the dance team’s representation at Nationals. Hank Exline netted two goals. Shane Samseason progressed, the dance team was noti- uels chipped in a goal and an assist along By Jessica Ramirez fied that they were not going to be allowed with a Steve Kuk assist as ACC beat Plano Sports Writer to attend nationals this year. This crushed the 3-1. The Chargers then dropped the third The dance team’s year starts the same as ev- dance team members’ hopes, dreams, and en- game to host Somonauk to finish second. ery year. They begin with try-outs in April, thusiasm for the year. All seven seniors were and once the teams are chosen, they begin depressed that their final year would not be Unfortunately, the Chargers then entered practices. They began to prepare a home as special. Also, other members who have a mid-season funk dropping consecutive hip hop routine that they take to camp to never attended nationals were disappointed contests to an unbeaten Hinckley-Big qualify for nationals in Orlando. This year that their opportunity was taken away from Rock team, Driscoll Catholic, Elgin Acboth Varsity and JV teams did very well at them. When asked to share their feelings adamy, and Nazareth Academy. Shane camp. Both teams won superior trophies about the school administration’s deci- Samuels had a goal as well as an assist with numerous blue ribbons. Varsity’s sion to cancel the team’s trip to Nationals, home routine placed first, earning them an dancers respectfully opted to not comment. By Joe Gendusa automatic qualification for nationals. The Varsity team was also given the Leader- Although this great experience was taken Sports Writer ship Award which is voted on by all other away, the Varsity members still have to The Chargers Golf team got off to a great start dance teams and all UDA staff members. be prepared mentally and physically for this season with a tournament win. The team other events that are yet to come. Even won Aurora Christian’s Early Bird Scramble The dance team returned home to start their though this year won’t be the same, the by one stroke. This was ACC’s first golf tournormal routine of practices. They learned dance team members are focused on nament win in 23 years, according to assistant new dances to perform at football games and making special memories, performing coach Mr. Stallons. The Chargers soon thereperfected their national routine. As the fall new routines, and reaching new goals. after took second place out of approcimately

Administration Ends Tradition

Golf Team Stays Hot
20 teams in the Sandwich Tournament. The Chargers are expected to continue their great golf throughout the season, with captain Jeff Hund leading the team and sophomores Taylor Nelson and Ryan Harreld playing varsity as well. Coach Jim Parker is very proud of his golf team, saying that this is the best team he has had since he has been at Central.

Some people count this year’s ACC Varsity Football Team as down-and-out. But the Chargers seem to embrace their newfound role as playoff spoiler. With a minimum reCT: How long have you played football? cord of 5-4 to make the playoffs, the Chargers MA: Since fifth grade are mathematically ruled out for playoff contention. But with a strong showing against CT: What’s your favorite sport? CT: What do you consider the strong points of the perennial SCC powerhouse Marian Central MA: Football team? Catholic, the Chargers’ confidence has grown. MA: “I think we are a pretty physical team with CT: How do you see your team this year? the ability to defend the run and the pass, too. Our After shutting out the Hurricanes in the first receivers are able to get open pretty well and can MA: “I think we have a lot of potential. As long quarter, the Chargers drove down the field make some big plays.” as we can get some good drives on offense, down 14-0 in the second quarter with the and make some solid stops on defense and get clock winding down. On a fourth and goal turnovers, I think we have a shot to end up with a CT: What do you consider the weak points of the from the two yard line, Mike Adams attemptteam? few wins.” ed a sneak up the middle. A largely controMA: “We give up way too many big plays on versial call resulted in a turnover on downs CT: How do you think this year’s team compares defense. I feel like teams can’t pound on us but on what many of the players and fans thought with last year’s? they can beat us with that big play. Our offensive was a touchdown. “It looked to us like Mike as well as defensive lines need to tighten up their MA: “Last year we had a lot of speed and a reached over and got the ball across,” said play. When plays are there, we need to make stronger offense; but I think we are stronger this senior Adrian Mendez. That wasn’t the year on defense. We have kids on both sides of the them— whether it’s a receiver, a defensive back, a case, however, and the Chargers went into lineman, linebacker, or whoever.” ball that can make plays.” the half having had a solid defensive first half surrendering only two fluke, big plays. CT: What is the most memorable moment in your CT: What are the strong points of your game? MA: “I feel comfortable rolling out and throwing season so far? In the second half, the Chargers continued MA: “We’ve almost pulled out a few comebacks their defensive prowess, and forced Marian the long ball, and pulling it down, finding a hole and upsets like Marian, but I think the most and running in it. On defense, I feel comfortable to punt on multiple occasions. Matt Waggoing wherever I need to play— whether it’s memorable moment is yet to come.” ner (2 receptions, 31 yards) then scored on

Mike Adams proves to be a do-it-all athlete for the Chargers this year on offense, defense, and special teams. By Andrew Scott defensive end, linebacker, or even safety.” Sports Writer
Central Times: What grade school did you go to? Mike Adams: St. Joes and Washington CT: What do you consider the weak points of your game? MA: “Sometimes I feel like I need to be able to step up in the pocket and get through my progression more effectively. I feel like I need to tighten up my coverage a little bit on passing downs too.”

Athlete of the Month: Mike Adams

Football Team Looks to Play Roll of Spoiler

The Chargers may be out of playoff contention— but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to play for. a 10-yard fade from Mike Adams late in the By Mark Brauweiler third quarter. Going into the fourth quarter, Sports Editor

down by only two scores, Adams connected with senior wide out Mark Brauweiler (10 catches, 87 yards) on two consecutive plays; one a 60-yard completion down the right sideline to set up a first and goal on the 8-yard line, and the next a slant for a touchdown. After the Chargers recovered the onside kick, they couldn’t pull out a victory despite a 152-yard passing and a 105-yard rushing performance from Mike Adams. “That game really put some life into us, though,” said junior linebacker Tyler Scott. With their best showing since the second half against Mendota, Central is looking forward to being a spoiler for any potential playoff teams— like Driscoll Catholic, Immaculate Conception, and Marmion Academy. “We kinda thought we would be better this year,” said junior running back Andrew Scott. “But it didn’t happen like we thought so we’re looking to ruin some other teams’ hopes for playoffs—we’re spoilers now.” And spoilers they will be. With playoff-regular Driscoll coming up next, and teams like Marmion and IC who have serious playoff thoughts, the Chargers are looking to do just that— do what they can to ruin everybody’s season.

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