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A Strong Song of Holistic Healing 1


									A Strong Song of Holistic Healing 1
2 Aboriginal Health Services
Aboriginal Health Services
This booklet has been designed to     · help you talk to doctors,
give you the information you need       nurses, social workers, and
so you can get the best possible        other health care workers;
health care whether you live on         and
or off reserve on southern            · provide information on health
Vancouver Island. All services          issues and concerns, such as
listed in this book are provided by     HIV/AIDS and Fetal Alcohol
the Vancouver Island Health             Syndrome.
Authority.                          To talk to an Aboriginal Health
                                    Outreach Worker, call 384-3211.
Your Health Team
Aboriginal Health Care Workers      Aboriginal Diabetes Outreach
understand that aboriginal people   Workers
often face special health care      These workers help our people
challenges. Their job is to make    with diabetes to understand and
sure that you and your family get   manage their disease.
the right kind of health care
advice, equipment and services.     They can:
                                      · screen you or other family
Aboriginal Health Outreach              members for diabetes;
Workers                               · teach glucose monitoring;
These workers can:                    · hold workshops and provide
 · book health appointments for         information on diabetes and
   you and help you get to them;        nutrition; and
 · help you get federal funding       · teach you how to plan healthy
   for the services, equipment,         meals for diabetic diets.
   and medication you need;         To talk to a Diabetes Outreach
                                    Worker, call 384-3211.

                                          A Strong Song of Holistic Healing 3
Aboriginal Health Nutritionist         · arrange any care or follow up
The nutritionist helps our people        services you may need after
who need nutritional counselling         you leave hospital.
in their own homes or in             To speak to the Aboriginal Health
community settings.                  Nurse, call 727-4236.

This person can:                     Aboriginal Wellness Worker
  · teach you about meal             The Wellness Worker can help
    planning and preparation for     you or your family understand
    special diets;                   and deal with mental illnesses.
  · give nutritional advice; and
  · offer nutrition workshops and    This worker can:
    education to single people,        · teach your community about
    families or entire                   mental health issues;
    communities.                       · give you or your family
To speak to the nutritionist, call       materials on mental health
727-4011.                                services;
                                       · schedule appointments for
Aboriginal Health Liaison                people who need mental
Nurse                                    health services;
The Aboriginal Liaison Nurse           · refer you or your family
helps our people who have been           members to appropriate care
admitted to hospitals on southern        providers;
Vancouver Island.                      · provide counselling and
                                         support for your family
This nurse can:                          regarding mental illness; and
 · help you or your family talk        · assist you or your family
   to hospital staff;                    members in dealing with the
 · help you get your non-insured         mental health system.
   federal health benefits; and      To speak to the Aboriginal
                                     Wellness Worker, call 384-3211.

4 Aboriginal Health Services
Public Health Nurses                 information. (Phone numbers are
Public Health Nurses offer the       listed at the back of this booklet).
following services to assist
individuals, families, groups and    Regional Contract Advisor for
communities off reserve:             Aboriginal Health
  · prenatal education for women     The Regional Contract Advisor
     who are pregnant and their      manages contracts awarded
     families;                       through the Aboriginal Health
  · postnatal follow-up for new      Initiative Program to promote
     Moms, their babies and          health and prevent disease in
     families;                       aboriginal communities.
  · support for Moms who are
     breastfeeding;                  The Advisor can:
  · classes to help people improve     · teach your community and
     their parenting skills              local organization about the
  · school health programs for           Logic Model— the preferred
     preschool and school aged           method of writing proposals
     children;                           for the Aboriginal Health
  · immunizations for infants,           Initiative Program;
     children and adults;              · help you write proposals for
  · nursing support for children         funding from the Aboriginal
     with special health needs           Health Initiative Program;
     (birth to 19 years); and            and
  · stop smoking programs for          · help you submit any reports
     women who are pregnant or           required if you received
     who have young children.            funding from this program.
                                     To speak to the Regional Contract
The public health nurses may         Advisor for Aboriginal Health, call
also provide some on-reserve         727-4236.
services. Check with the health
unit in your area for more

                                            A Strong Song of Holistic Healing 5
Aboriginal Volunteers                    · Victoria General Hospital
Aboriginal volunteers help our             727-4134
people feel at home when they are        · Royal Jubilee Hospital
receiving care at the Royal                 370-8407
Jubilee or Victoria General
hospitals in Victoria.                  CLINICS AND SERVICES

They can:                               Aboriginal Health Clinic
   · take you to the cafeteria or   The Aboriginal Health Clinic
     other areas;                   serves our people who may wish
   · take you or your family        to see an Aboriginal doctor about
     members for walks;             their health concerns. The clinic
   · listen and talk to you;        is mobile and will come out to the
                                    reserves. It is also open every
   · help you talk to hospital staff;
   · help with ceremonies or        Wednesday at the Victoria Native
                                    Friendship Centre at 610 Johnson
     spiritual care in the hospitals;
     and                            Street (check for the hours and
   · put you in contact with the    location on the Wednesday you
     rest of the Aboriginal Health  wish to attend). The doctor can
     Team.                          provide advice on all health
If you would like to speak to an    concerns, including:
Aboriginal Volunteer, call             · pre-natal and maternal health;
727-4134.                              · HIV/AIDS and Hep C;
                                       · diabetes and diabetic
We are always looking for                medication;
Aboriginal volunteers!                 · mental health and wellness;
If you would like to help serve our    · addictions; and
people in the hospital please call     · arthritis.
the following Volunteer              To make appointments or find
Resources departments:              out about drop-in times, call

6 Aboriginal Health Services
Cool-Aid Community Dental             · substance abuse problems;
Clinic and Health Centre                 and
Dental Clinic                         · HIV infections.
The Cool-Aid Community Dental        To set up an appointment call
Clinic provides compassionate,      388-1466 or drop by the health
quality dental care to our people   centre.
and other patients who could not
otherwise afford treatment.         (Include Map).
Located at 469 Swift Street in
downtown Victoria, the clinic is    Community Rehabilitation
open Monday to Friday, 8:45 a.m.    The Community Rehabilitation
to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.      team provides occupational and
Emergency walk-ins are 9 a.m. to    physical therapy services to our
1 p.m.                              people in their own homes or in
For an appointment call 383-5957    community settings.
or drop by the clinic.
                                    The team can:
Health Centre                       · help with safe bathing
The Cool-Aid Community Health techniques and equipment;
Centre provides free medical and · assess needs for walking aids
psychiatric services for people     (such as walkers and canes);
who do not want to use the          · recommend and prescribe
mainstream health care system.      wheelchairs;
The clinic is open from 9 a.m. to 4 · recommend home renovations
p.m., Monday to Friday, at 469      for health and safety reasons to
Swift Street in downtown            Band Councils; and
Victoria.                           · assess needs for kitchen and
The staff provide non-              dressing aids and physical therapy
judgemental services and are        (education and exercise).
skilled in treating clients with:
  · mental illnesses;

                                          A Strong Song of Holistic Healing 7
To find out more about Community     your area. Health unit phone
Rehabilitation Services, call:       numbers are listed on page X.
Yolande Marshall, Physiotherapist
544-2534 or Sharyle Jewett,          Long-Term Care
Occupational Therapist 391-4743,     The Long-Term Care Program
ext. 228.                            provides assistance to people who
                                     have chronic and progressive
Home Care                            illnesses so that they can continue
Home Care Nurses provide             to live safely in their own homes.
health services for our people in
their own homes.                       The long-term care staff can
                                       assist with:
The nurses can:                          · bathing and
  · monitor your medications and         · dressing and personal care.
     prescribe medical treatments;
  · provide skin and wound care; When you need a higher level of
  · teach you how to test blood        care, the Long-Term Care Case
     glucose levels and inject         Managers can help you move into
     insulin;                          a long-term care facility.
  · monitor your daily living          To find out more about the
     activities as required; and       Long-Term Care Program, call:
  · refer you to other service         388-2273.
     providers such as
     rehabilitation therapists,        Palliative Care
     nutritionists, social workers,    This program helps people who
     and long-term care case           are dying to live the last part of
     managers.                         their lives to the fullest while
To find out more about Home Care,      helping their family members to
please call the General Inquiries line cope with the situation.
at 388- 2273 or the health unit in     Services include:

8 Aboriginal Health Services
  · professional medical care for           kindergarten and new parent
     people in their own homes, on          groups about dental hygiene;
     and off the reserve (this            · helping parents and
     includes care from doctors,            caregivers find dentists and
     nurses, counsellors, home              funding for dental care;
     support workers and the              · providing in-home care for
     Victoria Hospice 24-hour               persons with developmental
     crisis team);                          disabilities; and
  · pain and symptom control;             · teaching people with
  · emotional and spiritual                 developmental disabilities and
     support; and                           their caregivers about daily
  · arrangements and support for            mouth care.
     in-hospital care at Saanich        For more information, call the
     Peninsula Hospital, or at the      Saanich Health Unit at 744-5100.
     Victoria Hospice Unit at the
     Royal Jubilee Hospital.            Hearing Services
For more information, callGeneral      This program provides the
Inquiries at 388-2273. Saanich          following free hearing services to
residents can also call Saanich First   children and eligible adults:
Nations Adult Care Society at             · hearing tests;
544-1672.                                 · help in getting funding for
                                             hearing aids.
Dental Services                           · fitting and repairing hearing
The health authority provides                aids;
free dental services for children         · screening programs for babies
and for persons with                         and young children;
developmental disabilities.               · support and special equipment
Services include:                            for children with hearing loss;
  · checking groups of young                 and
    children for tooth decay;             · support groups for families of
  · teaching some preschool,                 children with hearing loss.

                                               A Strong Song of Holistic Healing 9
For more information about hearing        Speech Services are offered at
services, call the Victoria Health Unit   the following community health
at 388-2250 or the Western Comm-          clinics:
unities Health Unit at 474-2433.          Victoria ....................... 388-2250
                                          Esquimalt .................... 360-5600
Speech Services                           Peninsula ..................... 544-2400
Eligible children (under 4 years 8        Western Communities ... 478-1757
months of age) can benefit from           Saanich ....................... 744-5100
the health authority’s speech             Children with multiple disabilities
services program.                         and/or developmental delays can
Services include:                         also get speech services at Queen
  · checking preschool children           Alexandra Centre for Children’s
    for speech and language               Health. For more information
    problems;                             about these services call 477-
  · giving speech therapy to pre-         1826.
    school children with speech
    and/or language delay or
    disorders; and
  · educational workshops for
    parents about children’s
    speech and language

                                          To learn more about aboriginal
                                          health services available on and off
                                          reserve, contact the Vancouver
                                          Island Health Authority General
                                          Inquiries Line at 388-CARE (2273)
                                          or your local public health unit.

10 Aboriginal Health Services
PUBLIC HEALTH UNITS          Outer Gulf Islands
                             (c/o Peninsula Health Unit)
Esquimalt Health Unit        Phone: 539-3099 (toll free)
530 Fraser St.
Victoria, BC V9A 6H7         Salt Spring Island Health Unit
Phone: 360-5600              #1 – 137 Crofton Rd.
                             Salt Spring Island, BC V0S 1E0
Peninsula Health Unit        Phone: 538-4880
2170 Mt. Newton X Rd.
Saanichton, BC V8M 2B2       Sooke Health Unit
Phone: 544-2400              2215 Otter Point Rd.
                             Sooke, BC V0S 1N0
Saanich Health Unit          Phone: 642-1600
3995 Quadra St., 2 Flr.

Victoria, BC V8X 1J8         Victoria Health Unit
Phone: 744-5100              1947 Cook St.
                             Victoria, BC V8T 3P7
Western Communities Health   Phone: 388-2200
2782 Millstream Rd.          For more information check out
Victoria, BC V9B 3S6         our web site at:
Phone: 478-1757              www/

                                  A Strong Song of Holistic Healing 11
12 Aboriginal Health Services

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