Wish List 2007-dec 3 Version by sofiaie


  PARTNER        ORGANIZATION/LOCATION                               Up to $500                                $500 - 1000                                   Over $1000

        19-Nov Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital    3-5 disc CD player (can use up to 4)       QuarkXpress 7 computer software
1:30-3:00      Greystone, NJ                           $250 each from bestbuy,circuit city        $749 plus shipping from
VE Ralph &                                             or pc richards                             quark.com

       20-Nov Ancora                                  Subscriptions to Newspapers/ Mags          Canon DVD 5.39 MP Camcorder               Digital Baby Grand Piano $2000
5-7:00                                                 Atlantic City Press, Courier Posts,        Best Buy $799.99
Comcast                                                Philadelphia Inquirer, National Geo-                                                Cybex Trazer$7500 flaghouse.com
South Jersey                                           graphic, Discover
                                                      Nordic Track SL710 Recumbent Exee
                                                       Bike NordicTrack.com $429

          24-Nov Trinitas/Kinship                     small 4 seater dining set                 Queen bed (mattress, frame and
12-2:00                                               standard size futon with mattress          box spring $600 from Pitusa furn
                                                      Gift card for family of four - Walmart so  908 527 8100
                                                       they can purchase clothes and bed        Twin bed bedroom set (male teen)
                                                       linens                                    $700 Pitusa furniture 908 517 8100
                                                      Bed linens queen, double and twin         Black love seat $300 IKEA or Pitusa
                                                      Gift cards to Walmart and Old Navy
                                                       Toys R Us, Mandees
                                                      A lot of small items for specific clients
                                                       (ask for details)
                                                      Decorated Christmas Tree

       25-Nov Joan Valentine House                    Tupperware 3 large square containers       Star Bagelfast toaster #QCS1/500B
12:00-2:00    Point Pleasant Beach, NJ                 Passion color $60 + $10 shipping           from Restaurantsource.net $871
Accountants                                           Black & Decker Slice Right Elec
                                                       Knife and storage case
                                                       Item # EK700K from
                                                        Bdappliancestore.com $24.99 +
                                                        $7.95 shipping

                                                      Pillows and covers - standard $500

                                                      DVD/CD/VCR combo player
                                                       #DV220SL8 from target.com

          25-Nov Aslan Youth Ministries               Tickets to Liberty Science Center
12-2:00                                                for exhibits, Imax and 3D movie
                 Red Bank                             in groups of 10 kids & 1 adult
                                                      (up to 4 groups) $176 each group

                                                      Pavillion wooden chess/checkers set
                                                       9.99 from toysrus
                                                      Kickballs $6.99 each
                                                      TKO lt.weight skip rope - 10 feet
                                                       $7.99 sportsauthority

        25-Nov Spring House                           Restaurant quality pots and pans        VC4000-C Steam Cleaner from          Ford Focus Sedan $15000
12-2:00        Eatontown                               6.5, 8.5 and 20 quart sauce pots        refreshyourhome.com $845            Sand Prime and Paint House and
NRG Fitness                                            20 qt. Stock pot, 5 qt saute pan,      Cushions for chairs and couch (14)    Activity Center $6000-9500
                                                       14" frying pan from Johnson's Rest      from ButlerWoodcrafters.com         Furniture for Spring House Classroom
                                                       Supply, Neptune, 800 660 1663                                          $900 Adirondack Direct Training Tables
                                                                                         $500                                       2- 72x27, 4 Rect Tables 63x 27,
                                                      Sony Digital Camera with Memory Stick                                         3 Quarter Round Tables 53 1/2x27
                                                       7.2 mp #DSCH5/B $400                                                         Rectangular Tables and 26 National
                                                      Rubbermaid Storage bins - 25 20-gal.                                          Furniture Heavy Duty Upholstered
                                                       Target $200                                                                  Sled Stack Chairs
                                                                                                                                    tables: AdirondackDirect.com $6000
        25-Nov West Side Christian Academy            Borders Gift Cards $25 increments       Latin I Rosetta Stone CD #64360      HP Pavilion Notebook PC $1935
12-2:00        Red Bank                               Readmaster Plus CD #940015 from          aceministries.com $295               (ask me for details)shoppinghp.com
Barry Pollack                                          aceweb.schooloftomorrow.com/store
                                                       $89.95 x 5 licenses=$449.75 +          World Globe (Floor model)
                                                        $49.47 shipping                        WL13920730 demco.com $450

        25-Nov Volunteers of America                  Playstation 2 $129 walmart.com             RCA 25 in HDTV w/DVD $543                 Armoire for TV Raymourflanigan.com
12-2:00                                               Panasonic Mini Stereo $249 walmart          walmart.com                              for RCA TV $1000
Port Newark                                                                                      Polaroid 32 in HDTV w/ DVD $668           Armoire for Polaroid TV $1499
Container                                                                                         walmart.com                                raymourflanigan.com

        25-Nov Horizons                               Funds for Bus transportation of field      Tix to Broadway Play $1000                T-shirts with Horizon Logo for field trip
12-2:00        Rumson                                  trip $500                                                                                                                       $1,600
NRG Fitness                                                                                                                                One full tuition for one student $1800

        25-Nov Epiphany House                         Wooden Sandbox #G31001 from           GE 7 cu ft. countertop microwave               2 Twin beds #07001
12-2:00                                                merrygardeners.com $249               model JES735BJ (up to 15)                      thisendup.com $293 each
Peggy Fallon                                          LittleTikes Ride & Rescue Cozy Coupe homedepot.com $59.99 each                       2 Classic 5-drawer bureaus #09011
                                                       littletykes.com $59.99                                                                thisendup.com $469 each
                                                      Little Tykes II Car, Walmart, target,
                                                       toysrus or littletykes.com $59.99

        25-Nov NJ Blind Citizens Association          Iceberg Folding Tables up to 4             Amigo Portable CCTV for the Blind    Tax Services to prepare annual tax
12 - 2:00      Leonardo                                 Officeworld.com $165.99 ea                Assistive Reading Device for menus, return, financial statements and
Smith Barney                                          Driveway sealcoating $450                   checkbooks, etc from Bernie          charitable registration forms
                                                        A.C. Sealcoating 732 497-0446             Schneider 800 778-8989               currently paying Paduano,
                                                        or other company                         Lucite Collection Boxes $650 - 1500   DiTomasso and Golda $2500
                                                                                                   #2200 and #585 Need at least 50
                                                                                                  and up to 500                       Replace front stairs - Brick/mortar
                                                                                                                                      $3000 estimate from Casper
                                                                                                                                       Development 732 500-5388
                                                                                                                                      New 12-14 Passenger bus with
                                                                                                                                       wheelchair lift. Mid-America Coach
                                                                                                                                       800 821-5451
                                                                                                                                       or other vendor $53,900
25.Nov           Collier School                                                                  HDTV

11/26 noon       Passaic County Elks CP               Wii video game system $200                 Solid Brass performance from Project Theatreworks USA performance
                                                                                                  Impact, Bergen Community College     151 West 26th Street, NY
                                                                                                  201 493-2033 impact@bergen.edu       212 647-1100 x151 attn: Stone
                                                                                                                                $860 Cochran $1700 single show
                                                                                                                                       $2400 double show
                                                                                                                                      Kurzweil 3000 for Windows
                                                                                                                                       www.kurzweiledu.com $2695

       26-Nov Monmouth Medical Behavioral             Meat slicer $320 northerntool.com          Epson Moviemat 305 Projector/Duet         Commercial Mixer Beckel 10 qt
4-5:30        Health Adult unit, Long Branch           item #168870                               Screen Bunkle from circuitcity $650       PM10 galasource.com $1469
McLoone's                                             Commercial blender item#MMT-600            Toshiba Satellite 15.4 Laptop from        Oven/Stove 37" residential range w/
Pier House                                             galasource.com $500                        circuitcity $550                          6 burners IDR-6 galasource.com
                                                      Board games                                Commercial Food Processor                                                             $4,000
                                                      Magazine subscriptions (People,             Item EPWDC galasource.com                Commercial Freezer TSR-4950
                                                       Entertainment mags)                                                       $1,000     galasource.com $2229
                                                      Large TV                                   Energy Star Washing Machine               Books and pamphlets on substance
                                                      Nintendo                                    Item SPW-1103 galasource.com              abuse and diagnosis for library
                                                      Nintendo games                                                               $580     from Hazelton
                                                      Shelving units - mobile & stationary for   Computer
                                                       TV , books and computer
       26-Nov Monmouth Medical Center                                                                                                      Sandbox, waterbox, kitchen playses
6-7:30        Behavioral Health Pediatric Unit        Wii Video Game System and Video          Puppet Theater Stage                         childtherapytoys.com
McLoone's                                              Games                                    selfesteemshop.com                         Wooden swing set (no metal)
Pier House                                            Board Games (Scrabble, Monopoly,         Pinball machine                              rainbowplay.com
                                                       Chess, Boggle, Lepwords                 Kareoke machine
                                                      Art supplies- paint, paper,paint brushes
                                                       glue sticks, markers, pastels, stamps
                                                       and ink pads
                                                       coloring books, workbooks, childrens
                                                      chalk boards (large), felt boards, chalk
                                                       erasers, felt shapes

       27-Nov Medallion Care                          Gas Barbecue grill $400-500                Basic Computer (PC)
12:00-2:00    Clifton, NJ                              from Target
Kaskiw Family                                         Winter Coats

        27-Nov Passaic County Elks CP Adult           Sony VCR-DVD #RDRVX555                     Sony Home Theater System                  Wheelchair Seat #410K1 from
12-2:00         Treatment Center                       bestbuy.ocm $259.99 + $28 shipping         #HT7100DH bestbuy.com $499.99             Northshore Care Supply $1099
AGL Welding Clifton                                                                               + 66 shipping                             800 563-0161
Supply                                                Toshiba TV-VCR DVD combo                                                             Walmart Gift Certificate to purchase
                                                       #MD24H63 bestbuy.com $349.99              Gift Certificates to Wendys/Burger         entertainment items, clothes
                                                       + $60 shipping                             King

                                                      Gift Certificates to movie theaters

        28-Nov School for Children                    Story telling kits set 1 & 2: RR640X & Treadmill from Sears with capability          Power wheelchair from Adaptive
9-11:00        Eatontown, NJ                           RR 660 X from lakeshorelearning.com to move .5 mph $800                              Switch Laboratories 830-798-0005
Comcast                                                $299 + $45 shipping                                                                                                             $9,889
Central Jersey                                                                               Cover/awning over swing set
                                                      Big Book Theme Packets LC1470X          swingworks.com $288.51                       Mealtime Partner self feeding device
                                                       lakeshorelearning.com $299 + $45                                                     Easy Eater mealtimepartners.com
                                                       shipping                                                                                                                        $8,000

                                                      Super Switch Ensemble (for Mac)                                                      Dell Projector (1-17) 3400 MP DLP
                                                                                                                                            dell.com $1099

                                                      Switch Jam (for Mac) from
                                                       switchintime.com $75 + $5 shipping

                                                      Computer Desk Mount #ARM837.BK
                                                       ergoindemand.com $284.95

                                                      Dell 15" Black LCD Monitor VA503b
                                                       dell.com $179

                                                      High Striker from enablingdevices.com
                                                       $167.95 +$20 shipping

                                                      Hi Ho Cherry O from
                                                       enablingdevices.com $99.95 + $14

                                                      Living Books $14.95 classsource.com
                                                       (for Mac)

                                                      Magic Touch Add On Touch Screen
                                                       magictouch.com/addon.html $179

                                                      Awning (walkway cover)

        28-Nov Green Brook Regional Center            Retractable Awning #202565 8 ft.     (2)Osim isqueeze C501601                        Party Pavilion C560441 $1650.00
2:30-4:00      Green Brook, NJ                         Green $272.00                         $880 www.brookstone.com                        www.brookstone.com
WCTC-                                                   www.shoppicketfence.com            Weatherproof Table Tennis C561357               Anniversary Pac-Man Cocktail Table
WMGQ Radio                                            (2) Garden Trellises #303522           $1025.00 www.brookstone.com                    #557108 www.brookstone.com
Station                                                                            $217.00                                                                                   $3,120.00
                                                      Solar Birdbath Fountain C534578
                                                        $220. www.brookstone.com

        28-Nov Bonnie Brae                            Ipod and MP3 Players                       Ping pong table T22 Space Saver           Billiard Pool Table Fat Cat 8'
6:00-8:00      Liberty Corner , NJ                      2 GB model MA477LL/A                      Rollaway sportsunlimitedinc.com           modells.com $1299.99 + $399.99
                                                        Best Buy.com $149.99 each                 $769.99 + $190 shipping                   shipping
                                                        plus $5.99 shipping
                                                                                                 Wii Game System from                      Toshiba 50" DLP HDTV with PC input
                                                      Workout benches (Flat) and (Decline)        gamestop.com $524.91 + 13.00              bestbuy.com $1199.99
                                                       and free weights 15, 20 & 25#              shipping
                                                       model 2447133 from modells.com
                                                       $229.99 + 24.99 shipping

                                                      Xbox 360 from toysrus.com
                                                       $479.99 +$4.84 shipping

          29-Nov Institute of Applied Human Dynamics CNS-27L Functional Words Software    Hamilton Dig Camera Kit              Paletto Plus 1-09878-116 - speech
1-2:30           Bronx, NY                            Series www.attainmentcompany.com     #59180243, #59196454 $488.09         enhancing device $1449.99 + $218
                                                                                     $500 highsmith.com                         shipping speechbin.com
                                                     JL100Language Audio Card Reader      Digital Camcorder Kit highsmith.com Wall mounted Paletto Base $2551 +
                                                                                     $270                                 $708 $382 shipping speechbin.com
                                                     JL1500 Beginning Reading Series      Sharp 32: DVD widescreen LCD TV
                                                                                     $190 highsmith.com $1055

        29-Nov Bowery Residents'Committee
4:30-6:30      New York, NY

       30-Nov Millburn Regional Day School                                                                                                 Cash donation towards cost of year
11:30-1:00                                                                                                                                  book
North Jersey

        1-Dec New Lisbon Developmental Center         Tennis table and 2 paddle sets $350     Sanyo 42" HDTV from walmart.com      Water Misters 530 SM from
12-2:00                                                                                                                     $1,056 mostdependable.com $1995
Comcast                                               Fun net soccer goals Item 1150032                                            Water Misters 533 SM $1450
South Jersey                                          from Levy's sports, Inc 201 861-7100 $2 Wii video game with remote control   Water Misters 515 SM $1995
                                                                                       $200                                   $440
                                                                                              Carnival Games $40
                                                      Kilpatrick Lane 12' x 12' Rome Post     SuperMario game $50
                                                       Canopy walmart.com $315                 all from amazom.com

                                                                                                 Bose Acoustic Home Theater $1000

        1-Dec Woodbine Developmental Center                                                      Yamaha VL70-M Virtual Acoustic            Permanent Stage Lighting
1-2:30                                                                                            Tone Generator $600
Comcast                                                                                           musiciansfriend.com
South Jersey

        2-Dec Vineland Developmental Center           Nine-in-one gmetable BGK-W7636             Panasonic Palmcorder VDR-D310             Popcorn Maker twin bowl $1114
12-2:00                                                from S&S 800 243-9232                      bestbuy.com                               from gmpopcorn.com $2795
Comcast                                                $369.88 + 15% shipping
South Jersey                                                                                     Outdoor Basketball Pole & Hoop            Frozen Custard Machine from Sentry
                                                                                                                                            Equipment model CS2
                                                                                                                                            836-853-1967 $8000
                                                                                                                                           Golf or Utility Cart

         2-Dec Hunterdon Dev Center                   Wii Console $250 Wii games: Happy                                                    Vision fitness E3700HRT Exer Bike
1:00-3:30      Hunterdon, NJ                           Feet $16.99, Ice Age 2 $16.99,                                                       repsfitnesssupply.com $1600
RK Johns &                                             Shrek 3 $49.99
                                                      #1203 Shave-a-Duo SnoCone Machine
                                                       Drip tray and counter Tray $620

                                                      Giftcard to Amazon.com for music

         3-Dec A. Harry Moore School                                                             Intellikeys USB Software-Intellitools-$595 Single Musical Waterbed-TFH Co.-$2,599.00
10:00 -12:00 Jersey City                                                                                                                    Head Mouse Extreme-Origin Instruments-$1,320.00
North Jersey

         3-Dec Eva's Village                          Printers, Fax Machines, Kitchen            Heavy Duty Shredder                       Large screen TV sets
6:00-8:00      Paterson, NJ                            Supplies (pots, pans, dishes,             Exercise Equipment                        Computers
AG Edwards                                             flatware), Household items (twin          Tickets to Recreational Events
                                                       sheets, bath towels and facecloths)

           4-Dec Somerset Hills School                Playstation 2 Kids Play Bundle 2007        DMIFT500 Foosball Table                   12 Latitude D531 Laptop Computers
12-2:00                                                target.com $179.99                          Silver Medal $680 from                   dell.com $1657 each
                                                      Classroom jeopardy $380 from                sportsauthority.com (includes
                                                       thetoyhunt.com/geo.7910html                shipping                                 CP-X268 Hitachi Digital Projector
                                                                                                                                            cartserver.com/sc/cart.cgi $1995
                                                                                                 Bretford LapTG15E-GM Laptop
                                                                                                  Storage Cart w/15-outlet Electric
                                                                                                  unit $1094.95 schooloutfitters.com

                                                                                                 Virtual Ink Mimio Board Interactive
                                                                                                  White Board $990 techedu.com

         4-Dec Hagerdorn Psychiatric Hospital         Abdominal Crunch Bench #G14343      BiFolkal Kit #HM115 "Home" and                   Video Projector #T45U Toshiba TDP
3:30-5:00      Glen Gardner, NJ                        www.flaghouse.com $249. +            #BD115 "Birthdays" (DVDs)                       Walmart $998.
                                                        $175. Shipping                      BiFolkal Productions 800-568-5357              Bifolkal Kits #AA115 "African-Amer
                                                      Sony Video Camera DCR-DVD308          $300 each = $600                                 Lives", #FS115 "Fashions" and
                                                        with 25x zoom $500                Bifolkal Kit #MV115 "Music" and                    #HF115 "Homefront"
                                                      TicTacToe Beanie Putt#9715943C        #PT115 "Pets" 800-568-5357                       800-568-5357 $300 each=$900
                                                                                  $107.95   $300 each = $600

        5-Dec Trenton Area Soup Kitchen               Deoderant and shampoo or other             HP Color Laserjet 3600dn printer         Adobe Photo Shop CS3 from
11-1:00       Trenton                                  hygiene items (300-500 bottles)            tigerdirect.com or hp.com                Adobe.com $999
Comcast                                               Large Flat-Panel LCD Monitor                                                   $800 Passenger minivan
South Jersey                                           L1733TR-SF bestbuy.com $219.99
                                                      200 pairs reading glasses strength
                                                       1.0-3.5 from dollar store $200

         5-Dec Trenton Psychiatric Hospital           Mobile TV Cart w/ locking cabinet$500      Foosball table brunswickbilliards.com     Tahoe 7 ft pool table $1669 + $200
2:00-4:00      Trenton                                 schooloutfitters.com                       $449 + $150 shipping and setup            shipping brunswickbilliards.com
Comcast                                               32" standard def Digital TV (Dynex)        Sony 880 watt 3 disc Compact              Sony Wega 55" 1080P Rear
South Jersey                                           bestbuy.com $329.99 + $60 shipping         Shelf System bestbuy.com                  Projection Strd HDTV bestbuy.com
                                                                                                   $699 + tax + $18 shipping                                                           $2,300

        6-Dec Easter Seals                            Tickets to Count Basie show "A             BlueClaws Picnic and game tickets         1 year membership to "Color Me
11-1:00                                                Season of Miracles" 12/11/07 10am          40 tix @ $24.95 ea = $998                 Mine Ceramics" $1200
McLoone's                                              25 tix at $7 ea =$175                      blueclaws.com Apr 17 or May 21 at         732 864-9300
Rum Runner                                             countbasie.org                             11:00 am                                 20 Great Adventure Tickets for
                                                      Tickets to Strand Theater show "On                                                    summer 2008 sixflags.com $1200
                                                       Top of Spaghetti" 25 tix @$8 ea=
                                                       $200 strandlakewood.com

         7-Dec Lakeview School                        Wii by Nintendo from bestbuy.com     Canon ZR850 MiniDv Camcorder                    Support structure of a swing system
12:30-2:30     Edison                                                                 $250 bestbuy.com $324.98                                                                         $2,499
                                                      Switch Pod #593 enablingdevices.com                                                   southpawenterprises.com
                                                      $209.05 + $20 shipping

           9-Dec Matheny Medical and Educational      Canon Powershot 8.0 Mp Dig Camera          grab n go Visual sensory kit $899         Samsung 40"Flat Panel LCD HDTV
12-2:00           Center, Peapack, NJ                 bestbuy.com $499.99                         specialneedtoys.com                       bestbuy.com $1599.99
                                                      Bose soundock Digital Music System
                                                       for apple ipod $299.99 bestbuy.com

         9-Dec Crystal Lake Healthcare & Rehab        Samsung Video Camera SCD173                Dell Dimension Computer E521              Multi-Passenger (8-10) Handicapped
1:30-3:30      Bayville, NJ                             DVD Camcorder w/ 34X optical              Desktop $698 and HP Photo Smart           Van Wheelchair Accessible
Comcast                                                 zoom $286.54 Walmart                      Printer C3135 $69 Walmart                 Any Ford Dealer
Central Jersey

        10-Dec University Behavioral Health
12:00- 2:00    Piscataway, NJ

       10-Dec St. Paul's Men's Shelter                (2) 14" frying Pans All Clad Non stick     $500 gift certificate to Sears            Commercial Ice Cube Maker Q210
6-8:00        Paterson NJ                              $155 each Chef Central 2015760100                                                    Manitowoc Restaurant Equip
Frank and                                               SKU 1164471141                           (2) 4 drawer vertical file Cabinets w/     kitchen.com $1400
Linda Belmont                                         Bread/Bagel 4 slice Toaster                 locks                                    Wide Screen TV 55-60 inch
                                                       Dr. Weil Brand Macy's #9808 $99            Staples item #643751 model 16254

       11-Dec Woodbridge Dev Center                   10 DVDs - Chair Dancing through the        Juke Box from S&S PRimeLife               Gold Medal Stainless Steel Tornado
6-8:00                                                 Decades HMJ-16424 $230                     800 2439232 $799                         Popcorn Maker # 3005SS $1220
Comcast                                                S&S Primelife 800 243 9232                Saratoga Cycle SKU SC71 from               popcornsupply.com
North Jersey                                          10DVDs -Chair Dancing New Concept           Access to Recreation 800 6344351         Gold Medal Bliz Whiz SnoCone Mach
                                                       in Aerobic Fitness HMJ-16425 $230                                                    $1036 popcornsupply.com
                                                       S&S Primelife 800 243 9232
                                                      Mini Cycle HMJ-13551 $85 S&S
                                                       PrimeLIfe 800 243 9232

       12-Dec CPC Behavioral Healthcare               Gift cards for Michael's Craft             Gift cards for Shoprite up to             Gazebo from Home Depot or Loew's
11:30-1:30    Aberdeen, NJ                             Store, Best Buy $500                                                       $1,000
                                                                                                 Sturdy Chairs - Non cloth                 Gift Certificates for Plants/Flowers/
                                                                                                                                            Shrubs for Client Gardening from
                                                                                                                                            HomeDepot or Bayshore Nursery,
                                                                                                                                            Beers Street, Holmdel $1000
                                                                                                                                           12-Passenger Van $40,000

        12-Dec Special Olympics Staten Island         Swimming goggles                           six 10' x 10' Pop Up Tents from a         Treadmill
6:00-8:00                                             Softballs and Softball Bats                 sporting goods store or costco
Athletes' Alley                                       Left hand Catchers Mitt
                                                      Bowling Ball with handle (no holes)
                                                      Medium Size Tote Bags

        13-Dec Gateway School, Carteret, NJ           2 Yamaha Classical Guitar Packs            Suzuki Tone Chimes $822                   Wrangler Tricycle -Adaptive Bike
11 - 1:00                                              C40 #300924 $299.98 plus $27               from www.westmusic.com                    $1540 plus shipping from
                                                       shipping from www.westmusic.com           Yamaha P70 Digital Piano $750 from         www.rifton.com
                                                      SMG900 Kareoke System #241720               www.westmusic.com                        Smart 128 Bundle Kit - communication
                                                       from www.musiciansfriend.com/lmi          Cuff weights ankle, wrist & thigh and      device $1600 from www.amdi.net
                                                       $179.99 plus shipping                      rack $550 www.abilitations.com           Pool table
                                                      Mobile Music Chalkaboard $329.00           15 Stackable slantboards 12 x 12          Shuffleboard Table
                                                       from www.musiciansfriend.com/lmi           $577 from Therapro 800 257-5376          Functional Life Skills Bundle - 19
                                                      Writing with Symbols Computer              Techspeak - 6 levels; Augmentative         program package $1700 from
                                                       program $199 from                          speech device $905 from                   www.conovercompany.com
                                                       www.mayerjohnson.com                       www.amdi.net
                                                      Tabletennis table                          Air Hockey Table
                                                      Assorted Games                             Foosball Table

          13-Dec North Jersey Developmental Center    Large Party Tent                           2 Picnic Tables 07GW1121 $800
6-8:00           Totowa NJ                            3 Large "Swing" Chairs                      Barco Products 800 338-2392

       14-Dec Alpha School                            Acrobat Swing $295 + $50 shipping      Speech items from Soft Touch                  SRA Horizons Learning to Read
11-12:30      Lakewood                                 southpaw enterprises 800 228-1698      (Please ask for list) $702                    Grades 1-2 Level A, Grades 1-2
Cowan                                                 Discrete Trial Trainor Home Bundle      877 763-8868                                  Level B $2630.88 SRA/McGraw Hill
Gunteski                                               software $99 + $6.50 shipping         Wilson Language Training Kits:                 800 SRA-4543
                                                       Different Roads to Learning            Fundation Teachers Kit 1 $409                Sony Handycam HDR-SR5 Hi Def
                                                       800 853-1057                           Fundation Student Kit 1 $230                  HDD video camera $1000
                                                      Hand tools for woodworking: saws,       800 899-8454 wilsonlanguage.com               circuitcity.com
                                                       hammer,squares, files, clamps,rulers,
                                                       screwdrivers (please ask for detailed
                                                       list) Lowes $546

        15-Dec Eastern Christian Children's Retreat   Canon Powershot Digital Elph               Rectangular Wheelchair                    Zevex EnteraLite Pump Kit
1:00-3:00      Wyckoff, NJ                             Model SD850IS $399.99 at                   Accessible Picnic Table                   Z-11583-1 (feeding pump)
Burrell                                                www.bestbuy.com                            $1000.00 check requested                  from www.zevex.com $1500.00
Regenstreich                                          10 Panasonic Pro-Curve 2                    so table can be purchased                 plus shipping
LLC                                                    Electric Shavers ES4026                    by facility                              Trendelenberg Stretcher from
                                                       $399.99 at drugstore.com                  Bench seat - $750.00 check                 www.tskproducts.com $1450.00
                                                                                                  requested so bench can be                 plus $120 shipping
                                                                                                  purchased by facility for                Savin 8020D Digital Copy Machine
                                                                                                  Parents' Memorial Park                   for nursing dept $3100 plus

       17-Dec Jean Webster's Kitchen                  Commercial coffee brewer $350-500          Stock Pots and Pans - commercial          Hobart Dishwasher $6000 from
12:30-2:30    Atlantic City                            from Concors Kitchen Supply                grade from Concors Supply                 Steins Foodservice Equipment
Comcast                                                609 344-2805                                                                         609 646 0115
South Jersey                                                                                                                               Carpeting - commercial grade 2400
                                                                                                                                            sq. ft. From Baumgardner 609 645-
                                                                                                                                           2808                         $5850

        17-Dec CPC Residential, Aberdeen, NJ          Mattresses from Walt's Sleep            Mattresses from Walt's Sleep                 Furniture - couches, tables, chairs
5:30-7:30                                               Shop, Eatontown,                       Shop 732 389-2055                            Jason's Furniture or Value City
                                                        732 389-2055                                                                        Furniture
                                                      Household items - lamps, TV's,
                                                        carpets, bedding, microwaves,
                                                        etc. Or gift cards for these items
                                                        at Target, Bed,Bath & Beyond
France Family Community Connections                   Books and Videos (List will be provided
              MMC outpt psychiatric clinic            to giving partner

       18-Dec Ladacin Network                         32 " TV bestbuy $350                       Infocus Computer Projector Model          7 Digital Cameras $1000-1500
11:00-1:00                                                                                         #IN24EP and carrying case from
HFMA                                                  DVD Burner Walmart $150                      infocus.com 800-294-6400 price          Roeder Manipulative Aptitude Test
Accountants                                                                                        quoted by Paul Rover $552 + $55          sammonspreston.com
                                                      Wall/Ceiling Projector Screen (up to         for carrying case                        6 @$350 plus $50 shipping=$2150
                                                       10) from ejschuster.com $118.47 ea
                                                       (to be used with Infocus Projector(s))    Resonance Relaxer from tfhusa.com    Sensory Stimulation Activities Kit
                                                                                                                                 $975 sammonspreston.com 3@$410
                                                                                                 (2) "Foundations" 4-passenger         +$50 shipping=$1280
                                                                                                  Stroller with Dual Canopy $980
                                                                                                  from factoryselectonline.com

       18-Dec Harbor School                           Balance kit from Abilitations.com       Tumbleforms Jettmobile $538.29               New Balance Treadmill 1800
11:00-1:00                                             #2-92979-994                $399.99     abilitations.com                             Sports Authority $1299.99
Morton Family                                         Octavius the Octupus from
                                                        Abilitations.com #1-93006-994         Med Weigh MS-2500 Digital Handrail
                                                                                       $49.99 Scale $650 from
                                                      Turt-L-shell #2-05201-994 from           healthchecksystems.com
                                                        Abilitations.com           $67.99
                                                      Big Talk Triple Play $149.95
                                                      up to 12 two-3octave keyboards
                                                       Casio SA75 musiciansfriend.com
                                                       $38.24 each
                                                      DVD Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey $21.95
                                                      Reading Rainbow DVDs $39.95 ea:
                                                       Barn Dance, Berlioz the Bear, HipCat,
                                                       Mama Don't Allow, Mufaro's Beautiful
                                                       Daughters, Rumpelstiltskin, Silent
                                                       Lotus, When Aunt Lena did theRumba
                                                      Basic Cash Register from Staples

        19-Dec Rivington House Health Care            Nintendo DS Lite   EBGames.com         The Journey to Wild Divine Bundle             Apple MB06211/a macbook notebook
1:00-3:00                                                                            $129.99 Pack & Healing Rhythms Guided                  computer from jr.com $1294
                                                                                              Training Program from                         + $46.97 shipping (ask for specs)
                                                      Photo Printer HP Photosmart             wilddivine.com $498.95 + $24.64
                                                      jr.com $139.99 + $7.10 shippin          shipping                                     Aviaruim Bird cage $3400 from
                                                                                                                                            www.aviariums.com (ask for specs)

        19-Dec Friends House in Rosehill, NYC, NY     Clothes dryer, automatic, electric         Washing machine -front loading            LG 42" Plasma HDTV (42PC5D)
5:00-7:00                                              $329.99 from Sears                         LG 3.5 cu.ft. Sears#02627402000           $1439.99 from CircuitCity.com
Sonntag                                                #02667422000 Mfr model #67422             Mfr. Model # WM2016CW $760.00
Family                                                                                $329.00    (White)
                                                      Warranty plan for dryer                    Warranty plan for Washing machine
                                                       $70-110                                    $170-260

       20-Dec Blythedale Children's Hospital          Digital Camera $400 bestbuy                Video Camera $650 - 1100                  Vibro Music Beanbag $1169 flaghouse.com
6:30-11:00 am Valhalla, NY                            Stroller Grago $199 amazon.com
APM                                                   Kidzmouse "Dora the Explorer" Mouse                                                  XLT Jr. Handcycle with all accessories
Terminals                                              $19.96 with CCT Funkeyboard                                                          $1765 Invacare- Topend sports/recreation
                                                       Funhouse Bundle $49,95 from                                                          Products 4501 63rd Circle North, Pinellas
                                                       kidcomputers.com                                                                    Park, FL 33781-5914 800 532-8677

       21-Dec CVR                                     Arts & Crafts supplies or gift card to     Large canopy for picnic tables            Commercial Grade Picnic Tables
12:00-2:00    Eatontown,NJ                             Staples for these items                    Costco or BJs                             6 if possible
The Totland

        22-Dec Eliza Shirley House                    Pillows, blankets, twin white sheets,      Computer desk, Computer with              Flat Screen TVs (up to 3)
12-2:00        Philadelphia                            Ironing board, Towels, wash rags,          Printer, Educational Games
The Denny                                              Personal Hygeine items, ie toothbrush      Programs for Youth/children
Family                                                 small and large toothpaste, shampoo       Wii game system
                                                       conditioner, deodorant, childrens and     Couch and love seat covers from
                                                       babies games, board games,                 Jess distributors
                                                       "Picture painting" for women, air         High chairs
                                                       hockey table, large chalk board, chalk    Table benches for dining room
                                                       large cardboard blocks                    Wooden toy chest
                                                       Dress up clothes for kids                 Toy cabinet
                                                       Princess clothes and items for girls      Dressers, bureaus
                                                       Spiderman or other character clothes
                                                        for boys, DVD movies, Stereo, R&B
                                                       CDs, Designed mats for playroom,
                                                       Diapers, Baby formula, bottles
                                                       Umbrella strollers, Playpen, Playroom
                                                       slide, Kitchen set

        24-Dec St. John's Soup Kitchen                                                           Handtruck #7121100 $246
11-1:00        Newark                                                                            Handtruck #7121500 $252
Ansell, Zaro,                                                                                     C&H Distributors 800 558 9966
Grimm &Aaron                                                                                     Up to 4 canopies - Bravo Marketplace
                                                                                                  10 x 10 Blue $199.99 each

       24-Dec Trinity Church Soup Kitchen
11:30-1:30    Asbury Park,NJ

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