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					           Vending Companies with Items Meeting Contra Costa’s Vending Machine
                                   Nutrition Standards

The purpose of this list is to provide information on suppliers of healthy vending machine
products so that vending machine operators in Contra Costa County can bring their machines into
compliance with the county’s nutrition standards. This list is not an endorsement of any supplier
or product, and additionally, not all products sold by these companies necessarily meet the
nutrition standards. We recommend that vending machine operators read and understand the
policy requirements prior to contacting these companies.

Services                                                                                    Contact
Action Vending                                                                               Scott Devine                                                                        scottd@actionvendi
Has exclusive contract for City of San Jose healthy vending machines               
Amport Foods                                                                                 Phone: 612-331-                                                                  7000
Amport Foods is a family owned company that has been dedicated to providing quality          Fax: 612-331-1122
dried fruit and snack products for over 50 years. Highest Quality, Lowest Prices!           customers@amportfo
Sunflower Seeds, Soybeans, Trail Mixes, Soy nuts, Banana Chips and more.          
Canteen                                                                                     Randy Morris                                                                   1-800-357-0012
  Balanced Choices vending program                                                          x3286065
•Snack Machine Product Line
–Power Bars                                                                                 Norm Villaraigosa
–Granola Bars
–Cereal (hot and cold)
–Low Fat, Low Sodium Chips
–Dried Fruit and Nuts
–Low Fat, Low Sodium Popcorn
– Low Fat, Low Sodium Beef Jerky
Have to use their vending machines and their product. The Balanced Choice vending
program is usually reserved for larger facilities such as hospitals. Because of the costs
involved, it isn’t monetarily feasible to have the Balanced Choice and the regular
machine side by side unless there is a large customer base. About 80% of the items
available in their regular vending machines are standard stock items-the other 20%
(healthy items) could be tailored by the customer.
Eat Smart Snacks                                                                            Phone: 800-233-                                                              7125
EatSmart All-Natural Snacks are always tastier and always better for you. Now,              Fax: 717-632-7207
reduce carbs with Soy~Teins™, the delicious new low carb seasoned soy crisp loaded          consumeraffairs
with 7 grams of soy protein and 6 grams of net carbs.                             
Healthy-Snack .com is your site to buy healthy snacks online!                               Healthy Snack
Our healthy snacks are Shipped directly to your home or office!                             Vachon Distributors                                                               28 Kenmar Drive Suite

 Supplier List for Healthy Vending Machine Products                                             Page 1 of 1                             270
* FREE SHIPPING ~ Orders over $100.00USD !!           Billerica, MA 01821

                                                      Phone: 1-978-439-0276

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Healthy Options Vending                                                                   Contact: Tery                                                                 Mikolaitis
 Proudly Serving the San Francisco Bay Area                                               1-888-HOV-
 We offer a variety of healthy products as well as favorite brand name snacks and         ONLINE
 sodas for your customers and employees. What we stock in our machines is                 email@HOVonline.
 completely dependent on what you want.                                                   com
 If using their vending machines, they don’t have a minimum order, but if not, it’s
 $500. Items such as Barbara’s cookies and chips, Garden of Good Eatin’ Chips,
 David’s Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds, Clif and Luna Bars, and Newman’s Own
 products are available.
Seasons Snacks                                                                            Contact: Uesi                                                             Phone: 630-628-0211
Season Snacks - Snack Food Products Check out our Soy Chips! Snack foods, low             Fax: 630-628-0385
carb snack products, healthier snack, snack food products, natural snacks, organic        info@seasonssnacks.
snacks, low fat snacks, kettle corn, high protein snack products, caramel corn, and       com
cheese puffs!
No Minimums. Will ship to customer. Because of the cost and sizes of most of their
products, the likely items to be ordered would be the 1.5 potato chips ($11.60 for a 20
case box).
Sensible Foods                                                                            Phone: 888-222-0170                                                             info@sensiblefoods.
100% Crunch Dried™ Fruit and Corn! Healthy pre packaged dried fruits and vegetables!      com
1 case minimum. A case is $34.80 for (24) ¾ oz. bags. Will ship to customer.
Wholesale pricing available.
Snack-Healthy Foods                                                                        contact Tony
                                                                                           Arredondo at
Our mission is to provide consumers with a healthier alternative to candy bars and         Michael H. at
beverages that are full of empty calories. All of the products we sell in our vending      MHamm@Snack-
machines are sampled by the staff to ensure quality products are
being offered to the public.                                                               562-547-5768
                                                                                          Cerritos, CA 90703
Good Health Natural Foods, Inc.                                                            Contact: JB                                                             Phone: 631-261-
Good Health's key products include savory snacks: Peanut Butter PretzelsTM,                5608
popcorn, candy, and crackers.                                                              Fax: 631-261-2147
Minimum order is 50 cases (24 units/case). Will ship to customer.                         info@goodhealth

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