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(For complete information on St. Mary’s Residence Life policies, please refer to
and click on “The Handbook”. For more information about general safety and security, please visit the St.
Mary’s University Police website, .)

Hall Security
1.      Residents should always lock their room doors and carry their keys.
2.      To assist in protecting all residents, all exterior building doors are locked 24 hours a
        day. Students found propping doors open will be subject to disciplinary action
        as this behavior endangers all community members.
3.      Other inappropriate behavior includes duplicating or loaning your key. Please refer
        to Article II: Section L in the Residence Life Handbook on keys.
4.      Residents may not use windows as entrances or exits. Safety screens may not be
        opened except in the case of emergency evacuation.
5.      Residents should not display their name or other identifying information on their
        room windows or doors.
6.      University Police and Residence Life staff encourage all students to report any
        suspicious activity in or around the residence halls to the University Police at ext.

Fire or Emergency Safety
The following are guidelines residents should follow as precautions in an emergency or fire:
1.     Know two exits from your hallway. Fire evacuation plans are located on the back of
       your room door in TR, CH, MA, DO, and LO. Notify your RA if this plan is missing.
       This plan should not be covered or removed.
2.     Do not obstruct doors or hallways since it could mean the difference between life
       and death for someone escaping a fire.
3.     Never leave personal belongings or trash in the hallway.
4.     Do not tamper with fire alarms, fire extinguishers or smoke detectors. This is a
       serious crime. Misuse of any fire safety equipment will result in disciplinary action
       and a $200.00 fine.
5.     MANDATORY: In the event of an alarm, all residents must evacuate the
       building through the nearest exit as quickly as possible. Once outside, move
       away from the building to the gathering spot for that building. Failure to comply with
       an alarm or with the instructions of university staff will result in disciplinary action.
6.     Do not return to the building until the University Police or Residence Life staff has
       indicated it is safe to do so.
7.     The lives of community members and your own life depend on the proper operation
       of fire safety equipment. Do not, under any circumstance, tamper with smoke or heat
       detectors, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, or any alarm system.
               Students found tampering with such equipment can be subject to criminal
               prosecution, fines, and disciplinary action. It is a Class C misdemeanor with
               fines up to $2000 to tamper with fire equipment as ref: 1994 Uniform Fire
               Code, Sec. 1001.6.2.

Recommended Appliances and Restricted Items
Cooking is not permitted in lounges, lobbies or hallways, except in a Residence Life
provided microwave oven.
             Never leave an appliance which is in use unattended.
1.   The appliances listed below are always permitted:
     Blenders and mixers
     Hot air popcorn maker
     Microwave ovens (max 1.4 cu. ft.)
     Refrigerators (max. 4.5 cu. ft.)
     Toasters (NOT toaster ovens)
2.   Appliances with exposed heating elements or open flames are not
     permitted. These items include but are not limited to the following:
     Electric Skillets
     Hot plates
     Hot pots
     Popcorn poppers that use oil
     Single burners (w/coil heating element
     Toaster ovens.
3.   Items that are ALWAYS RESTRICTED: The following items have been identified
     as fire hazards due to their exposed heating elements or open flames and therefore
     are never permitted:
     Halogen Light Fixtures
     Potpourri Burners (either with candles or electrical plugs)
     Soldering Irons
     NOTE: If any restricted item is found in a room, that item will be confiscated.