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									Residence Life Rules and Regulations                                        COOKING                                                                        Fire Equipment:
                                                                            Guests are permitted to bring a U.L. approved hot pot, popcorn maker,          Unauthorized use or tampering with emergency or safety equipment is
                                                                            coffeemaker or microwave. Items not permitted due to safety concerns           strictly prohibited. Illegal use of fire alarms, fire hoses, extinguishers,
All individuals are responsible for the policies published by the Office
                                                                            include (but are not limited to): electric frying pans, toasters, toaster      trouble detectors, and fire doors is a violation of state and local law
of Residence Life. The University reserves the right to change rules and
                                                                            ovens, sandwich makers, grills, hot plates and immersion coils. ALL            which jeopardizes the safety of other residents. Violation of any of the
regulations as it may deem appropriate and timely. Each individual
                                                                            non-approved items may be confiscated by the Office of Residence               above will result in disciplinary action, including a fine.
agrees to observe all rules and regulations affecting his/her stay with
                                                                            Life staff.
the University.
                                                                            DAMAGES                                                                        Over night guests may arrange furniture within their room in any
                                                                            The guest shall be responsible and pay for any damages and the                 reasonable manner. Furniture must remain in the room, rest on the
All matters relating to alcohol are governed by the Pennsylvania Liquor
                                                                            damages of their guest’s or invitees to the living quarters, furnishings       floor, and may not be suspended or placed on supports. Furniture must
Code and related state statutes. As members of the general public of the
                                                                            or to any other area of the Living/Learning Center or its equipment. At        be reassembled and closets placed against a wall prior to departure. It
Commonwealth, guests are expected to have a full knowledge of these
                                                                            the expiration of this agreement, the guest shall leave his/her living         may not be moved from one room to another. Each piece of furniture in
laws. All individuals are required to observe Pennsylvania laws.
                                                                            quarters in the same order and condition of repair as when he/she took         your room is inventoried and you are responsible for it. All provided
                                                                            occupancy, reasonable wear and tear excepted.                                  furniture must remain in the room. Furniture provided for lounges and
The drinking age in this state is 21 years or over. No person under 21
                                                                                                                                                           recreational areas MAY NOT be moved into individual rooms. A fine
years of age is permitted to consume, transport, possess, or be in the
                                                                            DRUGS                                                                          will be assessed for each prohibited piece of furniture found in your
presence of any alcoholic beverage. Failure to comply will result in
                                                                            The University strictly adheres to the federal and state laws, which           room.
disciplinary action.
                                                                            prohibit the distribution or use of controlled substances. Guests
                                                                            illegally possessing illicit drugs or paraphernalia, distributing or using a   HARASSMENT/ ABUSE
                                                                            controlled substance will be subject to disciplinary action and possible       Physical abuse, verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation, invasion of
Setting any materials on fire will result in severe disciplinary action
                                                                            criminal prosecution.                                                          privacy of any person, or conduct which threatens to endanger the
which may include suspension or expulsion from the Living/Learning
                                                                                                                                                           health, safety, or well-being of any person is expressly forbidden and
Centers and possibly criminal prosecution.
                                                                            DU CARDS (CAMPUS IDENTIFICATION)                                               will result in appropriate disciplinary action, including possible
                                                                            Guests must carry their DU Card at all times. All Living/Learning              suspension/expulsion and/or legal action. Harassment of or lack of
                                                                            Centers are equipped with electronic card readers. Building security           cooperation with University personnel (i.e. Resident Assistants,
No bicycles are allowed to be attached to railings outside of the
                                                                            regulations require that DU Cards be swiped and displayed to gain              University Police, or student aides, etc.) will not be tolerated and full
Living/Learning Centers, as they block fire escapes and sidewalks.
                                                                            access to the Living/Learning Center. You will also need to present            disciplinary action will be taken. Use of telephones or e-mail to
They will be removed if secured there. Bicycle racks are provided in
                                                                            your DU Card to enter the Dining Halls, computer labs, swimming                communicate harassment or threats, or to intimidate another person, is
front of Towers and St. Ann's Living/Learning Centers.
                                                                            pool, and to check out books at the Library.                                   likewise prohibited.
                                                                            Guests who lose their DU Card must go directly to the DU Card Center           Duquesne University and the Office of Residence Life will not accept
Cable Television
                                                                            in the Duquesne Union. Normal office hours are 8:30 - 4:30 p.m.,               any harassment of an individual based upon his or her race, color,
In order to take advantage of the cable television service provided in
                                                                            Monday - Friday. If you lose your DU Card over the weekend, you may            gender, age, creed, religion, marital status or physical or mental
the Living/Learning Center rooms, each guest is encouraged to furnish
                                                                            stop by the Public Safety Office to receive a temporary card which is          disability. Such harassment is unacceptable and will result in judicial
his/her own cable television cord that connects his/her television to the
                                                                            valid for three (3) days. If you have been unable to locate your card          action against the offender.
cable jack at the wall.
                                                                            after the temporary card expires, you must purchase a new one.
                                                                                                                                                           ILLEGAL ENTRY AND EXIT
Computer Connection
                                                                            FIGHTING                                                                       No individual may enter or exit a Living/Learning Center through fire
Each Living Learning Center room is equipped with a network port for
                                                                            Any individual(s) engaged in a physical fight in or near any building          doors or windows. No individual may enter a building with forged or
each resident of the room. These ports enable residents to connect with
                                                                            with another individual(s) will at minimum have their visitation rights        altered identification. No individual may enter without showing proper
the University's network and the internet.
                                                                            suspended and may face judicial action. Conference Sponsors will be            identification. Any individual found illegally entering or exiting a
                                                                            monetarily accountable for any physical damages or bills related to the        building will lose his/her visitation privileges and faces additional
                                                                            incident.                                                                      judicial action.
A time frame will be allocated for each conference to check-out of the
Residence Halls. Special arrangements can be made through your
                                                                            FIRE ALARMS                                                                    LOCKOUTS
conference sponsor for early check-out. The conference sponsor will
                                                                            Fire alarm boxes and smoke detectors are located on each                       When locked out of his/her room, a guest should contact front desk
coordinate all arrangements with Duquesne University Conference
                                                                            Living/Learning Center hallway. In the event of an alarm, all residents        personnel for assistance. The fine for a lock-out is $2.00 from 8:00 a.m.
Services. No arrangements can be made for departures later than that
                                                                            and guests must evacuate the Living/Learning Center. Tampering with            to midnight, and $5.00 from 12:01 a.m. to 7:59 a.m. HOUSING
same day unless the individual is 21 years of age or older.
                                                                            or setting off an alarm will result in severe disciplinary action which        GUEST SHOULD CARRY THEIR KEY WITH THEM AT ALL
                                                                            may include suspension, expulsion and/or a fine. Refusal to evacuate           TIMES. Individuals may have to wait until a Residence Life staff
When an individual departs he/she must:
                                                                            also jeopardizes the safety of police/fire personnel and will result in        member is available to address the lockout. A Resident must his/her
Make sure all personal belongings have been packed and are taken with
                                                                            disciplinary action. Residence Life staff reserves the right to enter          present DU Card before a lockout is completed.
you. Leave linens, blankets and pillows in the room. Do not leave any
                                                                            rooms to insure that all have evacuated. Applicable local, state and
towels, etc in the bathrooms. Any missing linens are subject to
                                                                            federal laws apply to tampering with fire equipment or failure to              NOISE
replacement costs. Lock door upon departure and return key to the
                                                                            evacuate.                                                                      Excessive noise or behavior that disturbs others, endangers personal
appropriate residence life staff member.
                                                                            All individuals are required to vacate the living area immediately at the      safety, or violates the desired standards of quiet conducive to study or
                                                                            sound of an alarm. Guests must respond to every alarm as if an                 sleep is not permitted. Accordingly, the unsafe and/or irresponsible use
The conference contract is in effect until the room key is returned to an
                                                                            emergency situation exists. During fire alarms the City of Pittsburgh          of electronic equipment - radios, stereos, video games, etc. - may be
appropriate residence life staff member and the room or common area
                                                                            Fire Department takes charge of the living area. Guests must comply            ample reason for confiscation of such equipment until judicial review.
has been assessed for damages.
                                                                            with any request from Residence Life, the fire department, or police           Sanctions are at the discretion of the Resident Director and may result
                                                                            personnel, without discussion, during any fire alarm.                          in a fine.
                                                                            Visitation Hours
PERSONAL PROPERTY                                                           No guests are permitted between midnight and 8:00 a.m.
Duquesne University is not responsible for any loss of any individual’s
personal property. Individuals are advised to seek protection for their     Family Member
property at all times. Please remember to always lock your doors at all     Same-sex siblings between the ages of 5 and 16 are permitted to stay as
times.                                                                      overnight guests. Opposite-sex siblings over the age of 5 require an
                                                                            overnight guest pass to be filled out in the presence of the Resident
PETS                                                                        Director during regular office hours.
No animals are permitted in Duquesne University Living/Learning
Centers.                                                                    Signing in a Guest
                                                                            Guests must present a photo ID when signing into a residence hall.
POSTING SIGNS                                                               Hosts must present a valid DU Card when signing in a guest. Desk
No flyers or posters are permitted to be taped on walls unless approved     personnel will keep the host's ID at the front desk of St. Ann, St.
prior to the conference. Flyers, posters or signs must not use offensive    Martin, Assumption and Vickroy halls until the host properly escorts
language or be sexist or racist in nature. Also, they must not promote      his/her guest to be signed out. The host must escort all guests at all
the use of alcohol or other drugs. All signs must be posted on bulletin     times while in the Living/Learning Center and accept responsibility for
boards only. Signs posted in other areas will be removed and may be         the guest's behavior.
subjected to a damage cost if paint has been removed from the area.
                                                                            Overnight Guest
The group, individual, or organization posting the signs is responsible     The host must obtain an overnight guest pass. Overnight guest passes
for their removal within 4 hours after the time of the scheduled event.     are available at each Living Learning Center front desk.

QUIET HOURS                                                                 Actions of guests are the direct responsibility of the host. Guests are
All guests must observe quiet hour regulations. The hours between 8:00      responsible for all policies and procedures as outlined in both the
p.m. and 8:00 a.m., Sunday through Thursday; and midnight through           Student Code and this publication. Guests may be asked to leave the
8:00 a.m. on the weekends are to be reserved for quiet study and sleep.     residence halls at any time should they violate a policy or disrupt in any
Quiet hours must also be observed in common areas and lounges.              manner either the residential or campus communities. Permission to
                                                                            house overnight guests is always subject to the approval of the Office
REFRIGERATOR RENTAL                                                         of Residence Life.
Various types of refrigerators and microwaves can be rented to guests
who are staying longer than one week in the Living Learning Centers.        WINDOWS                                                                      Residence Life Rules
If an individual wishes to provide his/her own refrigerator, it must meet   Anyone caught throwing an object(s) out a window, into a window,
the University standard (no bigger than 3 cubic feet).                      hanging items from or leaning out a window will be subject to
                                                                            restitution for damage and/or clean up expenses, a fine and possible          and Regulations
ROOFS                                                                       judicial action if the screens are not properly kept in the window.
Individuals are not permitted on the roofs of any of the Living/Learning    Shouting out the windows will also result in disciplinary action.
Centers. Violators are subject to disciplinary action.                      Individuals are not permitted to enter or exit a Living/Learning Center
                                                                            through a window. Individuals entering the room through a window or
ROOM ENTRY                                                                  bringing items through a window, as well as the resident of the room
The University and the staff of the Office of Residence Life reserve the    that was entered, will face judicial action.
right to enter guest’s rooms for maintenance repairs, during an
emergency, to protect life or property from imminent injury, if there is    WEAPONS/FIREARMS
sufficient reason to believe that a violation of University policy is       Guests are not permitted to keep weapons in the Living/Learning
occurring in the room or for any other reasonable purpose.                  Centers. Weapons include but are not limited to firearms, knives
                                                                            (except small utility knives), water, pellet or BB guns, martial arts
ROOM KEYS                                                                   weapons, and whips. The University reserves the right of confiscation
Room keys are assigned to guests upon checking into their                   pending judicial review.
Living/Learning Center. They are not to be duplicated. Individuals are
urged to exercise caution in safeguarding their key. INDIVIDUALS
SHOULD CARRY THEIR ROOM KEY WITH THEM AT ALL                                                                                                                Conference Services
TIMES. Individuals who lose a key or return a key that is damaged or
unusable are billed for the cost of a replacement.                                                                                                         Revised: May 11, 2009
All Living Learning Centers are smoke free.

Visitation is defined as the time period that residents are permitted to
have guests visit their room or living areas. Housing guests who are
housed at Duquesne University for more than two weeks may follow
the guest guidelines below:

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