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					ORIGIN COFFEE                                  TEA

                                         ZAR                                              ZAR

Single Estate Filter Coffee               29   English Breakfast Blend                     22
Artisan roasted by Origin Coffee               A full-bodied, aromatic tea
Roasting, a selection of micro-lots            with sweet, fruity notes.
of beans are freshly prepared                  A wonderful tea to start the day
by our baristas
                                               Earl Grey with Blue Flower                  25
Espresso                                  18   Chinese tea flavoured with bergamot
A complex blend of beans a few                 oil and blended with blue cornflowers
Days from roasting carefully extracted
to present maximum complexity
in the cup                                     Kuan Yin                                    25
                                               A fine, dark Chinese tea from Fujian
                                               Province that produces an infusion
Macchiato                                 18   with a sweet flavour and long aftertaste
Macchiato means ‘spotted’
and refers to steamed milk
added to the espresso                          Organic Rooibos                             22
                                               Ultra-high grade, pure rooibos tea.
                                               The red gold of South Africa
All’ Americana                            26
Hot water topped with
a shot of espresso                             Pure Chamomile                              25
                                               A mild, caffeine free infusion
                                               considered to be very healthy
Cappuccino                                26   and relaxing
Micro-textured milk artistically
layered over our espresso, rich
and complex with a caramel,
lingering after taste                          JUICES                                      26

Latte                                     28   Watermelon
Similar to our cappuccino                      Carrot
 with a little more milk, softer               Grapefruit
and more approachable                          Pink grapefruit
Hot chocolate                             30   Celery and cucumber
Served with steamed milk                       Smoothie of the day
A LA CARTE BREAKFAST                                EGG SELECTIONS

                                            ZAR                                                     ZAR

Selection of tropical                         55    Scrambled eggs on toasted sourdough             75
and Cape fruit                                      with shaved pancetta

Fresh fruit salad                             55    Scrambled eggs on a toasted bagel                75
with daily choice of                                with smoked salmon & chives
fruit yoghurt and berries
                                                    Eggs Benedict with cape ham                      75
Homemade granola,                             40
Bircher muesli, corn flakes, all bran,              Eggs Florentine with spinach                    75
weetabix, coco pops or rice crispies
served with full-fat milk, skimmed milk,            Eggs Royale with spinach &                      80
soya milk or yoghurt                                smoked salmon

Bakery basket                                 45    Kippers with spinach & lemon butter             65
House-made jams, preserves
and local organic honey                             Vegetarian Kedgeree                             60
                                                    Peppers, tomato, onion, mushrooms & coriander

SPECIALS                                            OMELETTES                                        90
                                                    Organic whole egg or egg whites

American pancakes,                            60    Zevenwacht cheddar & tomato
homemade waffles or brioche French toast
with bananas, berries & marscarpone or bacon &      Peppers, mushrooms, tomato, onion & chives
maple syrup
                                                    Smoked salmon, mozzarella & chives
Maize-meal or Oatmeal porridge                55
with organic honey                                  Open omelette with ham, mushroom, tomato,
                                                    cheese & chives
Full English breakfast                         95
oak-smoked streaky bacon, beef sausage, marinated
mushrooms, black pudding, beans & two organic
eggs any style
                                                    HOT BREAKFAST
South African breakfast                        95   INCLUDING BUFFET                                250
Minute steak, beef sausage, marinated mushroom,
tomato, beans & two organic eggs and style