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					       Fact sheet

    bomb threat assessment
    just this easy!

       Anyone, with a quarter to make a telephone call, can
       disrupt the operations of business, government, schools
       or any other facility. The use of explosives or the threat
       to use explosives is becoming more prevalent.

    bomb threat contingency                      Information such as a description of the     There are three factors that must be
    planning                                     device, the exact location, the time it is   addressed in order to respond safely
    The protection of life and property is       to function, the reason it was placed,       and efficiently to any critical incident,
    the responsibility of law enforcement        or a genuine concern for life, may be        namely: policy, procedures and
    agencies and the communities which           provided; the more information, the          physical security. Police are tasked
    they serve.                                  greater the likelihood that an explosive     with investigating the bomb threat and
                                                 device has been placed.                      responding to any suspicious packages
    Keeping this in mind, the purpose                                                         or explosive devices, as these result
    of this document is to assist you in         Example:                                     directly from criminal activity.
    preparing a contingency plan for               “There is a bomb in locker #54 at
    reacting effectively to a bomb threat.                                                    Searching a building as a result of a
                                                   the bus station; it is set to go off       bomb threat is a “victim” respons-
    This document will examine:                    at 2:30 p.m. Get everybody out!            ibility; searching should be carried out
                                                   I am serious! Call the police and          by trained personnel only.
           the threat and its assessment;         have them shut down the traffic on
           proper search procedures;              Queen St. in front of the station.         In every corporation, educational
           evacuation; and,                       There’s a suitcase full of dynamite        facility, health care centre, government
           the response to suspicious             in the locker and I don’t want             office or business facility, there
            packages.                              anybody to get hurt.”                      should be someone tasked with the
                                                                                              responsibility of preparing plans for
    Bomb threats are delivered in a variety
                                                                                              every emergency condition including
    of forms, but the most common threat
                                                 non-speciFic threat                          bomb threats. The following elements
    is delivered by telephone in a direct call
                                                 The caller wants to create an                should be considered for responding to
    or left on voice mail or a fax machine.
                                                 atmosphere of anxiety and panic which        bomb threats:
    Basically, there are two types of calls,
    each with a different purpose:               will possibly result in the disruption
                                                 of normal activities at the location to
                                                 which the threat is directed.                   For more inFormation on
    speciFic threat
    This occurs when the caller has definite     Generally, the caller provides no              this subject, please contact:
    knowledge or states that an explosive        specific information other than the
    or incendiary device has been placed at      threat itself.                                  peel regional police
    the target area and wants to minimize                                                          crime prevention services
    personal injury; the caller may be the                                                            7750 Hurontario Street
    person who made the device, placed             “There’s a bomb in the school!”
                                                                                                        Brampton, Ontario
    the device or became aware of specific                                                                  L6V 3W6
    details. In addition, the caller may be                                                         Tel. 905-453-2121 ext. 4021
    providing this information as a result       In either case, there is a responsibility                Fax 905-456-6106
    of a device that has failed to function      to react effectively to these threats.
    as intended.                                                                               You may also want to examine our
                                                                                               Internet site at:
PRP 52
ReVISed – May 2008
  bomb threat assessment                                                                                  Fact sheet

   Develop a company policy                If a caller provides specific details as to the location of the explosive device,
       with clear levels of authority       then the initial search should entail a cursory examination of the target area,
       and responsibility.                  with an evacuation plan effected as soon as a package is located. Police should
                                            be notified immediately utilizing the 9-1-1 emergency number. If the threat is not
   Develop procedures for
                                            specific, police should be notified, but the search procedures should be enacted
       responding to these
                                            immediately using the team approach. In most jurisdictions the police response
                                            will be in the investigative mode.
   Select and train personnel to
       perform specific tasks such
       as searching and evacuating          preventive measures
       people.                              Protective security measures should be designed to prevent bombing incidents.
                                            Experience has shown that not only will such measures mitigate the effects
   Establish evacuation                    of bombing incidents, but will also reduce the frequency of bomb threats. In
       centres.                             conclusion, three issues must always be considered in your contingency plan:
   Provide annual exercises
       to tes t th e p o licy an d                                     Building Security
       procedures.                                                     Personnel Security
   Set guidelines for handling                                        Preventive Education
       media attention.

responding to bomb                                                            notes
In the event a bomb threat is received,
there are basically three alternatives:
   Ignore the threat,
   Search the premises, or
   Evacuate the premises only
       after the evacuation route has
       been searched and secured.

searching procedures
The most efficient method of searching
is to have people familiar with the area
undertake a search of that area for any
suspicious or unusual items. Areas of
public access such as reception areas,
washrooms, entrances, exits, etc.
should be searched first. Remember,
these are usually the evacuation
routes also; never evacuate without
searching first.
The team search is the safest, and most
thorough technique for bomb searches.
Team members must be familiar with
search techniques, descriptions of
explosives and improvised explosive
devices. A well-trained search team           information for the preparation of this document was obtained from a
should be able to search any premise          variety of sources, including the experience of the peel regional police.
in less than one hour; any longer             should you require additional information, you may contact the explosives
search usually becomes ineffective.           disposal unit at (905) 453-2121, ext. 3690. evaluation of your policy and
The critical issue to an effective search     procedures can be provided, as well as training in threat assessment,
centres around good “housekeeping”            search procedures and responding to suspicious packages.
practices and a secure premise.