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					 Leisure Living Estates Communicator                                                 February 2007
                          Contents approved by Directors: Crisenbery, Meloche, & Smith

       BOARD of DIRECTORS:                                              BOARD of OFFICERS:

              Don Boyland                                             Catherine Smith, President
              Larry Crisenbery                                        Don Boyland, Vice President
              MaryJo Meloche                                          Larry Crisenbery, Vice President
              Hazel Sidaway                                           Hazel Sidaway, Treasurer
              George Walter                                           Janet Hunt, Asst. Treasurer
          Catherine Smith, Chairman                                   MaryJo Meloche, Acting Secretary

              COMMITTEES:                                                        COMMITTEES:

             DISASTER TEAM                                                      BEAUTIFICATION

Don Boyland, Coordinator                                                Irene Eckles, Chair   Norma Dietlin
Pat Goodnough, Asst. Coor.                                              Janet Hunt            Donna Crisenbery
MaryJo Krause              Red Rabitor
Jim Krause                 Irene Eckles
Jim Granger                Bev Irvine                                           ARCHITECTURAL

                                                                        MaryJo MeLoche, Chairperson
                SCREENING                                               Don Boyland, Asst. Chair
                                                                        Bob Sullivan        Bob Thomas
Irene Eckles, Chairperson                                                      Rich VanGuilder
Barb Swanson                Sue Craig                                   Jim Eckles (alt)    Ed Koch (alt)
           Mary Jo Krause (alt)

                                                                                 STORAGE AREA
                                                                        Dave Cook, Chairperson
Sandy Walliczek, Chairperson                                            Bob Sullivan        Irene Eckles
Cora Roucoulet, Norma Dietlin, Irene Eckles,
Joan O‟Malley, Barbara Swanson, Nancy
Harris, Paula Cook and Becky Brown

               SOCIAL CLUB                                              Ernie Meloche     Bob Sullivan
                                                                                 Ray Moorey
       President, Sue Williams
       V. President, Dale McNutt
       Secretary, Donna Crisenbery
       Treasurer, Janet Hunt

 Message from Catherine Smith, President LLEC

        It‟s hard to believe we are in the month of               The Board continues to work on finishing
February and looking to our springtime activities, in    the projects slated for this season; the Clubhouse
particular, the Annual Meeting, March 3rd. Notices       electrical upgrade, painting of the storage building,
have been sent and we look forward to conducting         and the riverbank seating area cement. As stated in
Association business at this membership meeting.         last month‟s newsletter, the Association has run into
                                                         unplanned repairs, such as the roof on the storage
         Please plan on attending or send in your        building. Once these projects have been finished the
proxy, so we may be assured of having the required       BOD will have upheld their responsibility in
quorum of members represented. For those                 maintaining the Association‟s property and will
members attending, there will be a ballot provided at    continue to do so.
the meeting to cast your vote. You may make your
decision at home noting your vote on the proxy                            Balancing Act Two
ballot to use as a reference, your selections may be
transferred to the regular ballot at the meeting.                 As per the attached meeting minutes, the
                                                         Board revisited the general maintenance concerns.
        Why is the proposal and amendments on the        The Board has asked Fairway Management to
ballot? The Board, per our documents, does not           conduct a yearly inspection to take place in the fall.
have the authority to approve alterations over $         A notification letter (not a violation) will be sent out.
1,000.00 (emergency generator proposal), nor to          The Association‟s expectation is owners will address
amend our documents, or author rules and                 the general maintenance of their units at their
regulations that overrule our documents. However,        earliest opportunity.
the Board has presented the proposal and
amendments to the membership so you may exercise                 Please be advised there is a distinct
your rights; it is your vote, your choice, not the       difference in general maintenance versus a broken
Board‟s.                                                 window, as an example.

         In addition, the various actions or inactions           The Association also acknowledges the
of the Board may not make sense to us as residents       evolution of LLEC from a strictly Snowbird
of our community. The way to help remedy this            community to a Park with year-round residents.
confusion is to attend Board meetings, become more       Everyone is asked to keep this in mind, as you may
familiar with our documents, to review the Florida       only be here for a few months, but you are a full-
statutes, or ask our property manager, Jim Kenney        time owner with full-time responsibilities.
@ 777-7575.
                                                                             Kudos Kolumn
         The Association is required to adhere to the
Florida statutes and our documents, which impacts                Once again, the Association would like to
our ability to operate and in some cases, dictates       extend our appreciation to residents who have
certain decisions made by the Board (ie not restoring    volunteered their time and energies towards the
the laundry facilities or changing the storage area      betterment of our community.
usage – the statute requires 100% affirmed votes to
eliminate these amenities). The Florida statutes: 718             Thanks to Sandy Wallizcek and Norma
– The Condominium Act and 61B – Florida                  Dietlin for copying and compiling the newsletter. In
Administrative Code may be found online                  addition, a thank you to the Communications group
( or a hard copy may be borrowed      for distributing the newsletter and the annual
from the Association.                                    meeting notices. Great job, ladies!

        As everyone is aware, each spring the                     The ongoing project at the river seating area
numerous committees are re-established at the            definitely has been a community effort. Thanks to
Board‟s organizational meeting. Please seriously         Pete Newman and Bob Evans for contributing some
consider volunteering to serve your community;           of the materials for the forms and wire
contact any of the Directors at your earliest            reinforcements.
convenience to help keep our Association a viable                 Also, our appreciation goes out to Mike
entity.                                                  Dietlin, Ernie Meloche, and Len Linhares for the
                                                         grading and setting of the forms in preparation for
                                                         the cement work. Last, but not least, a thank you to
Nancy Harris for keeping the Crew, as well as, the                    Condo Documents Available
forms in line!
        In finishing the project, our thanks goes to               Additional copies are now available at the
Leo, a guest at Unit 109, who helped remove the           office, contact Catherine Smith @ 724-0397 if you
forms and spread loam to fill in the areas. As with       would like to purchase a new set.
the Clubhouse interior facelift, the community
volunteers performing these tasks saved the                                  “Fun and Frolics”
Association many dollars.                                           For those of you who did not attend
                                                          Saturday‟s performance of our talented Leisure
         The pelicans have returned! The entrance         Living Players – you really missed a “Night to
sign lost one pelican during the hurricanes and its       Remember”!
mate was in need of some TLC. Our paint vendor                      The antics of Chuck Williams, the voices of
cutout new birds and a thank you to Sandy                 John Karwacinski, George Deacon, and Barb
Wallizcek for the nice paint job! Lookin‟ good and        Swanson, as well as the acting per-formances of
flyin‟ high.                                              Mary Jo Meloche and Janet Hunt are deserving of
                                                          Grammys and Oscars.
        A thank you to Ernie Meloche and Dallas                     The show opened with a wonderful chorus
Hunt for getting the rear laundry room operational        (costumed in their Leisure Living t-shirts) singing
by installing the door knob.                              “Happy Days Are Here Again”, with the entire cast:
                                                          George Deacon, Norma Dietlin, Nancy Harris, Janet
              FYI for the Honey-Do’s                      Hunt, John Karcawinski, Beverly Irvine, Alan
        When you have those projects on your              MacFarlane, Ernie Meloche, Mary Jo Meloche,
homes that require equipment you may not have,            Anne Moorey, Joan O‟Malley, Barb Swanson, and
please check the storage building (irrigation room)       Chuck Williams.
for such items as ladders, saw horses, wheelbarrows,                There were 18 acts, each participant
sledge hammer, or shovels, etc.                           performing in several acts. Highlights of the
                                                          evening were a Poker Scene, played by George,
        Many of our owners have donated these             Ernie, Alan, and Chuck, whose prolonged demise
items for use by the community. Please return             was hilarious, as well as the confrontation between
borrowed equipment to the storage building as soon        the wife, Stella (Janet) and the bearer (Ernie) of bad
as you have completed your project, so it may be          tidings was truly comical.
available for others to use.                                        Another hilarious act “Don‟t Jump to
                                                          Conclusions”, played by Janet, Ernie, and Chuck,
                 Need a Handyman?                         with subtle innuendos, brought the house down.
        Fairway Management has a list of trusted                    Four very talented vocalists: George, Anne,
qualified individuals to help with repairs or             John, and Barb singing a lovely rendition of “These
maintenance, call Jim Kenney @ 777-7575.                  Are a Few of Our Favorite Things” was well
                 Lawn Maintenance                                   The act “Wedding Plans” played by Anne,
         Our current vendor is very conscious of          John, and George was also a hit.
doing a good job and needs feedback in order to                     A dramatic performance by Mary Jo, as the
meet our exceptions. Please notify Jim Kenney             repentant wife, and Chuck‟s jealous husband act had
immediately @ 777-7575 if you have a concern or           the audience rolling in the aisles.
better yet, a compliment!                                           Five great models played by Janet, Bev,
                                                          Joan, Norma, and Nancy in “It‟s Hats, Hats, Hats”
                   Please Be Advised                      was a totally unexpected surprise, and an instant hit.
         For clarification purposes, the descriptor       The antics and costumes of the models were a
“mobile home unit” in our documents is not just           delight to all. Barb Swanson, the vocalist of “Hats,
your manufactured home; this term encompasses the         Hats, Hats”, and subsequent “Easter Parade” brought
entire lot, property line to property line.               it all together with her beautiful contralto voice.
         This is not an interpretation from the current             The “piece de resistance” came at the end
Board, but a clarification from our legal counsel.        with the Leisure Living Rockettes („a la Radio City
With this in mind, a for sale or rent sign, the           Rockettes) doing the “Charleston”, complete with
appropriate size, may be placed on your mobile            tutus and leis. The audience‟s tears of laughter
home unit (property line to property line).               continued well after John, Ernie, Alan, George, and
           Please reference the Covenants, Conditions     Chuck kicked their way to fame!
and Restrictions, Article 4.13, pge 6.
         The entire cast closed with a rendition of              These residents (and guests) did our Park
“Thanks for the Memories”. To fill in the time            proud! Thank you again.
needed for costume and scenery changes, Ann
Isacoff entertained with a few jokes the audience                                 Yard Sale
loved. Ann as the writer and director of the                       A special thanks to the numerous residents
production began work on “Fun and Frolics” last           who worked so hard in making this year‟s yard sale
summer, spending many hours and much energy in            such a success.
setting her original lyrics to the music and basing the            The many hands in helping bring the
skits on life at Leisure Living.                          donated items out of storage, the setting up and
         Acknowledgements are due to the behind           pricing, and working on a most miserable day is
the scenes participants: Sue Williams, Marguerite         more appreciated.
Fagerburg, Dorothy Selvidio, Pat Goodnough, Mike                   From everyone‟s efforts the Social Club was
Dietlin, Fergie Dickey, Barb Yandel, and Cathie           able to clear a total of $ 795.00.
Smith. This production could not have been the                     Many thanks from Norma Dietlin, Chair.
roaring success without their assistance.
         In addition to the fun and laughs from the on                      Social Activities
stage performances, the cast was involved in their                  The Social Club Meeting was held Monday,
own melodrama behind the scenes. Unbeknownst to           Feb. 5, 2007 at the Clubhouse. February has been a
the Director and audience, Joan O‟Malley (during a        busy month.
costume change) became stuck in the men‟s                           We started out with our yard sale; which
restroom when the door knob/lock could not be             was very successful. We would like to thank Norma
turned properly. Fellow cast members came to the          Dietlin for chairing the event, as well as, temporarily
rescue and the show continued on without a beat           filling in for our officers. Norma is always one of
being missed.                                             the first to volunteer and we greatly appreciate her
         Space does not allow for the listing of all 18   continuing efforts.
acts and the first rate performances, including pianist             Another outstanding volunteer is Ann
Kathy Hunner, however, everyone left with a smile         Isacoff, our “director”. Ann, once again, produced a
on their face and a song in their heart.                  great play that was allot of laughs and fun for
                                                          everyone. We hope to see another performance next
                 Park Beautification                      year.
                                                                    The Social Club recently purchased a
         On Feb. 22nd several members of our              popcorn machine to be used for club activities
community led by Irene Eckles (Beautification             through out the year.
Committee Chair) and Donna Crisenbery spent the                     On Sunday, March 18th we will hosting our
morning sprucing up the entrance and Clubhouse            Anniversary party. We hope everyone will come
yard.                                                     and enjoy the night. Bruce Baker will again play
         A variety of plants including geraniums,         music and entertain us; and it should be most
cactus, Hawthorne shrubs were placed at the               enjoyable.
entrance and in front of the Clubhouse.                             The next meeting is scheduled for Monday,
         A special thank you goes out to the              March 5th at 9:30 a.m. in our clubhouse. It is “your”
following members, who contributed their time and         Social Club and we need everyone‟s participation.
labor: (Drill Sgt.) Sue Craig leading the charge on       There are a few important items we need to consider
the entrance way along with Irene, Donna, Sue             on our agenda.
Williams, Jim Eckles, Pete Newman, Mike and                         Thank you, Sue Williams, President.
Norma Dietlin with their guests.
         Additional thanks to Ed Koch for the muscle        Weekly activities:
power in loading and unloading 60 bags of mulch             Monday – Poker Night
along with John Karwarcinski and the use of John‟s          Tuesday -- Bingo (The progessive pot is still
truck and gas to pickup the supplies.                     growing)
         Special thanks for the time and labor goes to      Wednesday – Game Night
the Crew at the Clubhouse: Larry Crisenbery, Sue          March:
Shannon, Peggy Newman, Donna Maike, Anne                    Annual Meeting: Saturday, March 3rd
Moorey, and Cathie Smith. A special                         Social Club Meeting – March 5th
acknowledgement to Bob Evans for donating not               Anniversary Party – March 18th
only his time and talent (sawing blocks in half to fit      Snowbird Party – March 31st
the planting area), but the pavers for the entrance

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