April 27 2005 National Post “Harper Visits Hindu Temple” by housework


									April 27 2005

National Post

“Harper Visits Hindu Temple”

There has been a lot of media coverage regarding Stephen Harper's visit to the Sikh Vaisakhi
celebrations this weekend. What has been omitted is that Mr Harper also visited the Hindu Sabha
temple in Brampton on Sunday, where he received applause and welcome from the Hindu

The Hindu community in Canada is 700,000 strong and shares many conservative principles
such as family values and strong anti-terrorist legislation. Mr Harper's swift call for an inquiry into
the Air India tragedy is an example of how he is generating goodwill with this important ethnic
group. We encourage him to continue to do so.

Ron Banerjee
Director, Hindu Conference of Canada

492 Parliament St
Toronto M4X 1P2

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