sunday Brunch by lifemate


									                                                                                        weekend Brunch                                                                   no. 50

brunch starters                                                                         brunch drinks
          artisan pastry                                                                     hand-crushed pomegranate & fresh squeezed orange juice
          handcrafted from our bakery, presented by your server
                                                                                             fresh squeezed texas valley orange juice
          seasonal fruit & créme fraiche
          medley of seasonal fruit & berries from the market                                 fresh squeezed texas ruby red grapefruit juice

          prosciutto & melon                                                                 veronica’s mimosa
          razored prosciutto de parma, eggplant caponata, parmigiano reggiano,               sparkling wine, triple sec, fresh orange juice
          crostini, honeydew melon                                                           hubbell & hudson house bloody mary
          tarte flambée                                                                      skyy vodka, zing zang juice, garlic, pepper, hubbell & hudson mango
          thin pastry, young leeks, applewood smoked bacon, crème fraiche,                   hot sauce, olives, pickled green beans
          aged cheddar, le blanc pistachio oil                                               marchesi sant’emiliano barbera d’asti - italy 2005

                                                                                             deep ruby red, violet reflections, intense, complex, hints of red berries
                                                                                             & spices, jordan almonds & licorice, long, elegant white pepper finish

          crème brulee dipped brioche french toast
          house made brioche bread, sugar in the raw crust                              martinis
          & pancakes                                                                         twilight martini
          plugra butter, powdered sugar, organic maple syrup, as sold in the market          grey goose l’orange vodka, domaine de canton ginger liqueur,
          banana foster pancakes                                                             fresh pressed rising c ranch blood orange & lime juice
          house pancakes, flamed caramel bananas, cocoa coulis, crème chantilly              french pear
          belgian iron waffle                                                                grey goose la poire vodka, st. germain elderflower liquor, sparkling wine,
          fresh blueberries, powdered sugar, organic maple syrup,                            bartlett pear scoops
          as sold in the market
                                                                                             the retreat

benedicts                                                                                    hendricks gin, fresh squeezed grapefruit, lime muddled
                                                                                             with fresh basil, cointreau
          hubbell & hudson truffled benedict                                                 texas ruby red
          truffle hollandaise, prosciutto de parma, poached eggs,                            ketel one vodka, fresh squeezed texas ruby red grapefruit,
          toasted english muffin, house breakfast potatoes                                   agave nectar, sugar rim
          sirloin benedict
          dry aged certified angus sirloin, poached eggs, spinach, béarnaise,
          toasted english muffin, house breakfast potatoes
                                                                                             cherry’s margarita
          ham & cheese benedict                                                              jose cuervo tequila, grand marnier, fresh squeezed valencia orange juice,
          french ham, vermont cheddar, poached eggs, classic hollandaise,                    fresh squeezed lime juice, volcanic red hawaiian sea salt
          toasted english muffin, house breakfast potatoes
                                                                                             strawberry basil mash

omelets & eggs                                                                               skyy vodka, bacardi dragonberry, fresh driscoll strawberry, basil, agave
                                                                                             nectar, cranberry juice, fresh lemon, hawaiian cane sugar rim
served with house-made wheat toast & fire roasted salsa                                      porch swing
preserves & butter served on request                                                         stolichnaya orange vodka, ginger syrup, cranberry juice,
          european style soft scramble                                                       lemonade, ginger ale

                                                                                        wines by the glass
          soft scrambled eggs, parmigiano reggiano cheese, tomatoes, grilled bread
          truffle supplement $3
          bistro breakfast
          2 cage free eggs any style, applewood smoked bacon,
                                                                                             taittinger domaine carneros brut - carneros 2006
          house breakfast potatoes
                                                                                             carpené malvolti prosecco di conegliano - italy n.v.
          spanish potato torta
          eggs, spanish dry chorizo, pecorino romano, tomatoes, fines herbs,                 sauvignon blanc
          potatoes, micro greens                                                             geyser peak - geyserville 2007
          four cheese chipotle omelet                                                        pinot grigio
          maytag blue, swiss, fresh mozzarella, white cheddar, chipolte pepper               cabert - italy 2008
          lobster club omelet                                                                riesling
          maine lobster, avocado, applewood smoked bacon, arugula                            louis guntrum - nierstein, germany 2007
          oyster mushroom omelet                                                             rose
          spinach, california goat cheese, red onion confit                                  etude - carneros 2008
          steak & eggs                                                                       bonny doon vin gris de cigare - santa cruz 2008
          fajita-style tenderloin tips, scrambled eggs, flour tortillas, guacamole,          chardonnay
          sour cream, cheddar cheese                                                         jeriko - mendocino 2006

build your own omelet                     & choose from below
                                                                                             fritz - russian river valley 2008
                                                                                             terra robles - paso robles 2007
      served with house-made wheat toast & fire roasted salsa                                pinot noir
      preserves & butter served on request                                                   gauthier - sonoma 2007
          $.50 each               $1 each                     $1.5 each                      hubbell & hudson anniversary edition - willamette valley 2007
          asparagus               artichokes                  apple wood smoked bacon        ramspeck - napa 2007
          button mushroom         california goat cheese      chipotle chicken
          fines herbs             cheddar                     chorizo                        murphy-goode - alexander valley 2007
          onions                  fresh mozzarella            french ham
          potatoes                guacamole                   oyster mushrooms               malbec
                                                                                             luigi bosca - argentina 2006
          roasted red peppers     maytag blue                 prosciutto
          scallions               parmigiano reggiano                                        cabernet
                                                              gulf shrimp 5
          spinach                 pecorino romano                                            mettler - lodi 2007
                                                              jumbo lump crab 7              12 gauge - napa 2006
          tomatoes                swiss cheese                lobster 12
                                                                                             red blend

                                                              truffle 3
                                                                                             orin swift “the prisoner” - napa 2008
                                                                                             cellar piñol ludovicus - spain 2008
                                                                                                                                                gluten free        dairy free
          applewood smoked bacon, breakfast sausage, house breakfast potatoes,                                                catering, wine lockers & private rooms available
          pancake, house-made whole wheat texas toast, english muffin                                                        281.203.5641 •
                                                                                           weekend Brunch
fire it up       serving all-natural hormone & antibiotic-free beef, grilled over live oak

1. choose a meat                              2. choose a rub                       3. choose a sauce                    4. choose two sides
        sirloin                                    cajun                                  bbq sauce                             haricot verts
        10 oz house dry aged                       green peppercorn                       béarnaise                             asparagus
        new york strip                             h-1 rub                                chimichurri
        12 oz house dry aged                                                                                                    baby spinach
                                                   herbes de provence                     chipotle butter                       bistro salad
        8 oz tenderloin
        100% certified natural angus               jamaican jerk                          green peppercorn sauce
                                                                                                                                parmigiano reggiano mac & cheese
        6 oz tenderloin                            lemon pepper                           maitre D’ butter
                                                                                                                                truffle mascarpone soft polenta supplement $2
        100% certified natural angus               southwestern                           stilton blue cheese demi
                                                                                                                                braised lentils
        kansas city strip, bone-in
        16 oz house dry aged                                                                                                    double dip frites
        rib eye                                                                                                                 organic house-made spaghetti
        14 oz house dry aged                                                                                                    & parmesan cream
        add crab cake to any item                                                                                               crushed plugra butter yukon potatoes
                                                                                                                                thick cut onion rings
                                                                                                                                maple pecan chipotle butternut squash
                                                                            all fire it up meats are
                                                                                                                                sautèed mushrooms & fresh herbs
                                                                         available in our butcher shop

start                                                                                          main
        snow crab claws tempura style                                                                   spaghetti carbonara
        pickled cucumber, spicy raspberry sauce                                                         organic house-made spaghetti, carbonara style, poached egg,
        risotto                                                                                         lardons, jambon de paris, parmigiano reggiano, spinach julienne
        jumbo lump crab, sweet potato, plantain, mascarpone, onion sprouts                              loch duart scottish salmon
        crisp buffalo texas quail                                                                       all-natural, sustainably raised, oak grilled scottish salmon,
        thai chili sauce, celery remoulade, roquefort dip                                               wild mushroom parfait, braised baby fennel, spicy shiitake salad,
                                                                                                        sweet & sour cabernet reduction
        pan seared foie gras
        brioche french toast, grapes, marcona almonds, roquefort, cassis coulis                         diver scallops
                                                                                                        caramelized diver scallops, truffled soft polenta,
        tarte flambée                                                                                   maple-pinot noir glaze, braised shiitake mushrooms
        thin pastry, young leeks, applewood smoked bacon, crème fraiche,
        aged cheddar, le blanc pistachio oil                                                            7 spice braised pork osso bucco
                                                                                                        risotto milanese, sautèed rapinis, gremolata
        asian shrimp satay
        thai peanut sauce, chili oil, asian slaw                                                        crab cake
                                                                                                        pan seared maryland jumbo lump crab cake, cayenne remoulade,
        seared sashimi tuna                                                                             spanish chorizo, marinated shaved fennel & red onion, micro greens
        ahi tuna, penja pepper, seaweed salad, avocado, spicy mango habanero salsa
        prosciutto board (without cheese)                                                               pan seared, ginger glazed, baby bok choy, wasabi parsnip purée
        razored prosciutto de parma, eggplant caponata, parmigiano reggiano, crostini
                                                                                                        free range chicken breast
        flatbread                                                                                       corn-fed, all-natural bryan’s chicken breast, rustic vegetables,
        grilled pizza, house tomato sauce, baby arugula, shaved pecorino,                               applewood smoked bacon, garden herbs
         hubbell & hudson evoo
                                                                                                        pad thai
        humboldt fog goat cheese & avocado (without crostini)                                           house-made flat noodles, shrimp, scallions, bean sprouts,
        roasted pepper emulsion, evoo, micro greens, peppered crostini                                  roasted peanuts, lime

soup                                                                                                    add small bistro salad to any main

        soup of the day
        tomato basil soup
                                                                                               sandwiches              served with house-cut double dip fries
        house-made ricotta ravioli pesto, hubbell & hudson evoo, miniature croutons                     grilled chicken breast

entrée salads
                                                                                                        thin-sliced, all-natural bryan’s chicken breast, gruyere cheese, prosciutto,
                                                                                                        spinach remoulade, sweet & sour onions, multigrain bread
                                                                                                        warm cuban
        loch duart salmon salad
                                                                                                        all-natural pork roast, french ham, swiss, pickle, mango chili mustard, pineapple
        mesclun, raspberry vinaigrette, lemon marinated shallots, fried garbanzo beans,
        capers, asparagus                                                                               panini
                                                                                                        prosciutto di parma, grilled piquillos, house-made mozzarella, basil pesto, ciabatta
        steak salad
        h-1 rubbed beef tenderloin tips, baby greens, blue cheese, white mushrooms,                     cheese
        cranberries, celery, honey spicy walnuts, sherry vinaigrette                                    vermont cheddar, plugra butter, pullman long loaf, grey sea salt, tomato soup dip
        grilled chipotle chicken                                                                        hubbell & hudson burger
        free range grilled chicken breast, field mesclun, tortillas, honey-lime vinaigrette,            house dry-aged sirloin, applewood smoked bacon, white cheddar,
        peanut sauce                                                                                    grilled onions, herb roasted tomatoes, pickles, pain au lait bun,
                                                                                                        swiss, cheddar also available, maytag blue - supplement $1
        cobb       (without cheese)
        romaine heart, roasted turkey, applewood smoked bacon, eggs, maytag blue,                       lobster club
        avocado, tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette                                                         maine lobster, avocado, arugula, chipotle aioli, plugra butter, applewood smoked
                                                                                                        bacon, texas cut pullman loaf
        baby spinach         (without cheese)
        texas pecan crusted goat cheese, raw shaved artichokes, oven dried tomatoes,                    vegetarian
        roast shallots, red wine vinaigrette                                                            grilled portobello, house-made mozzarella, cucumber, red onion,
                                                                                                        tomato, multigrain
        chop shop
        iceberg, maple applewood smoked bacon, swiss cheese, plum tomatoes,
        hubbell & hudson ranch, mini croutons                                                                                                             gluten free         dairy free

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