June 13 2006 agenda

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               Tuesday, June 13, 2006 12:00 NOON


12:00 Call the meeting to order.

   •   Invocation to be lead by Rev. Kevin Elswick.

   •   Pledge of allegiance to be led by Shirley Spencer.

   •   Request the Board adopt the agenda as to form.

   •   Request the Board approve the minutes of May 9 and 25, 2006 (pg. 9-26).

   •   Request the Board approve the following:

       General County                                            $1,150,000

       Animal Control (office supplies)                          $140

       Allison Gap                                               $34,053.91

       Department of Social Services (June 14-30, 2006)          $320,000
             (July 1-11, 2006)                                   $50,000

       Schools       Operating Fund                              $9,293,299

       Accounts payable listing                                  $591,240.71


   Robert Vinyard

   H.H. Copenhaver

12:30 New Business
      1.   Request the Board approve payment of bills twice in the month of June.

      2.    Request the Board approve a 2004 personal property tax refund to John
            Timothy Peachey in the amount of $1,011.19 (pg. 27-32).

      3.    Sally Morgan

            a.      Request the Board approve a resolution in support of a Mount
                    Rogers Planning District Commission Water Supply Planning Grant
                    (pg. 33-35).

            b.      Allison Gap School/Housing Planning Grant Update

4.   Water Committee recommendations (Clark, Committee Chair, pg. 36-38)

     a.    The committee recommends that $7,387.49 in uncollectible water
           bills be written off due to no forwarding address or information.

     b.    Equipment List (Scott Simpson)

     c.    Route 107 pipeline bids (Scott Simpson)

5.   Animal Control Committee recommendations (Blevins, Committee Chair,
     pg. 39).

     Request the Board approve the following claims:

     Charlie Atkins (2 claims)   23 hens       by dog      $230

     J.S. Staley                 1 bull calf   by coyote   $200

     Kim Gollehon                1 bull calf   by coyote   $375
     (approved by attorney)      250lbs.
                                 1 bull calf   by dog      $395

                                               Total       $1200

6.   Planning Commission recommendation:

     Subdivision ordinance committee report: Mr. Owens stated that he
     passed out copies of draft revisions to the subdivision ordinance at the last
     meeting. Mr. Blevins polled the panel and asked for their comments.
     After discussion, Ms. Tuell made a motion to forward the revisions to the
     subdivision ordinance to the Board of Supervisors and Mr. Kalber
     seconded it. Mr. Davidson, Mr. Atwell, Mr. Blevins, Mr. Kalber and Ms.
     Tuell were all in favor and Mr. McClure voted against. Motion passed.
     (Subdivision Ordinance was included in the Board packet)

7.   Reappointments:

     CDI-Community Correction Resource Board (2 year term)
     Michael Roberts                   6-30-2006
     Sheriff, R. David Bradley         6-30-2006

     Community Policy Management Team (1 year term)
     Sabrina Rose-2185 Red Stone Road, Marion, 24354 (783-8812)
     (Parent Representative)                          6-30-2006
     Penny Dixon–PO Box 305, Marion, 24354 (783-8920)
     (Private Provider Representative)                6-30-2006
     Marvin Perry                                     6-30-2006
     (Code requires a Board member to be on the team)

     Department of Social Services Board (4 year term, district specific)
     Vicki Ward–1459 Tattlebranch Road, Chilhowie (646-2129) 6-30-2006

     Industrial Development Authority (4 year term, district specific)
     Jimmie Stamper–591 Cleghorn Valley Road, Marion (646-8670)
     Larry E. Wyatt-PO Box 1880, Chilhowie, (783-8161)                 6-30-2006

             Marion Downtown Revitalization Committee (1 Year Term)
             Harold Slemp                                           6-30-2006

             Southwest Virginia Community Corrections (2 year term)
             Sheriff, R. David Bradley                                     6-30-2006
             Michael Roberts                                               6-30-2006

2:00   Virginia Department of Transportation

             Request the Board approve a resolution in support of additions and
             abandonments on the Rout 600 Project (pg. 40-41).

2:30   Zoning Department – Clegg Williams

       The following is a recommendation from the Planning Commission on the
       application heard at the joint public hearing held Thursday, May 25, 2006:

             Mr. McClure made a motion to recommend to the Board of Supervisors to
             approve the Rouse application for a map amendment to rezone from
             Commercial to Industrial. The property is located at 154 Lee Highway,
             Chilhowie and the motion was seconded by Mr. Davidson. Vote was
             taken and all were in favor.

3:30   William King Regional Arts Center – Betsy White (pg. 42)

3:45 Nikki Wyatt/Gregg Cross/Carol Doss – Litter Control, Recycling Programs,
     Update from Litter Control Summit

4:00 Public Hearing – To Adopt Amendments to the Personal Property Tax
     Relief Act (pg. 43)

4:30   Request the Board enter into closed session as allowed by Code of Virginia,
       Section 2.2-3711(A) 5 for report on business prospect (s) not previously
       announced publicly and (A) 7 for pending litigation and legal briefing.


Old Business
      1.   Collection of delinquent taxes (Mr. Whitmore has contacted the attorneys

      2.     Marevine Slemp, request for water service on Fox Valley Road

      3.     Request for tax exempt status for the Smyth County Community

      4.     Courthouse Renovation.

      5.     Request the Board nominate a Workforce Investment Board Replacement
             for Joseph Ellis (7-12-2005).

      6.     Request the Board vote on the public hearing held Wednesday, November
             9, 2005 on imposing a processing fee not to exceed $25 for any person
             admitted to the County or Regional Jail following conviction (11-9-2005).

      7.     Geographical Information Systems (GIS) on the Smyth County website

      8.     Request for tax exempt status for the Lincoln Theatre (12-13-2005).

      9.     Colecrest Drive refunds because of over estimate of project cost

      10.    Re-codifying of the Smyth County Code (1-10-2006).

      11.    Ordinance Committee recommendation to merge the manufactured home
             ordinance into the zoning ordinance as proposed in the zoning
             amendments present to the Board in January 2005 (4-11-2006).

      12.    Radio Communications Project (5-9-2006).

      13.    Smyth County Fire & Rescue Association request for release of $50,000

Other Business

  •   Marion Downtown has requested the Board help serve food at Lunch Time on
      the Lawn on Friday, June 30, 2006, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

 Request the Board continue the meeting until Thursday, June 22 at
          7:00 p.m. for a joint public hearing with the Planning
            Commission and any other issues that may arise.


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