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Ethnic Fashion Trends


									Ethnic Fashion Trends

Ethnic Fashion Trends
Now, let's talk fashion, seasons, colors, changes and trends. Spring is around the corner
and I for one will be oh so happy to see it arrive. As we get closer to the nice warm
weather we start seeing more spring and summer fashion before winter is gone for good.
Depending on the type of tore you shop as to what kinds of fashions and trends you will
see popping up.

So exactly what is a trend? Trends are current customs that people follow at any given
time. Fashion Trends included. Style, glamour and beauty come into play here as well as
classy, vogue and chic. Trends dominate the fashion world at all ends. Trends decide
what direction fashion will take for a particular time. It decides color fabric patterns and

Who set the trends in fashion? Fashion trends are set by well known designers, power
houses and celebrities. These people have the power to design and shift fashion in
different directions at a whim. The Red Carpet for instance showcases designer originals
all the time. Even some up and coming designers get to hit the red carpet every now and

How are fashion trends set? Fashion trends are introduced by what is called Fashion
Week. Usually based on spring and Summer; Fall and Winter. Fashion weeks happen
globally in different cities and the ones with the most impact are Paris, Milan, New York
and London. Many other countries and cultures are showcasing their own fashion trends
by having their own fashion weeks too. These places include Los Angeles, Tokyo,
Miami, New Delhi, Mumbai, San Juan and Dubai. There are many more and each one
gains more recognition each year

What are Fashion Weeks? Fashion week is when designers showcase their most recent
designs to the world of buyers and sellers. They are held twice a year in some places and
yearly in others. They usually occur six months ahead of the seasons. Ever wondered why
you see spring and summer fashions in stores before winter is over. Most of the
department stores where you shop have a buyer, a person who buys into the trend for that
retail store. So the next time you buy a dress or handbag or shoes remember fashion week
and see if you can make a connection.

Where are the Fashion Capitols? There are several places that are entering into the market
of showcasing fashion trends. The major cities are Milan, New York, Paris and London.
These cities are considered the fashion capitols of the world. Many up and coming
fashion designers seek to be showcased in these places during fashion week.

Spring and summer is around the corner. Now is the time to watch and observe what's in
and what's not for the season. Look for more articles on Ethnic Fashion Trends and styles
in the coming weeks.
If there is some aspect of fashion you are interested in knowing more about drop me a
line via comment box or post in the community forum for this site.


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