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									Aurora Central Catholic High School

News Tickler

By Lauren Lecco Local and World News Editor

Presidental Election Heats Up!
Here are your presidental candidates for the year 2008:

Final Edition

January, 2008

Put pennies in your class’s jar for positive points! Put nickels, dimes, and quarters in other classes’ jars to give them negative points! $1 bills, $5 bills, etc. count for hundreds of negative points! Thursday, January 31 Back to School Night Friday, February 01 All School Mass 7:30 AM Science and Outdoor Club Meeting (Room 208) Wednesday, February 06 All School Mass 7:00 PM Newspaper Meeting (Room 126) 3:00 PM Respect Life Club Meeting (Library) 7:00 PM SPARCS Meeting (Library) Wednesday, February 13 3:00 PM Respect Life Club Meeting (Library) 7:00 PM FORTRESS Meeting (Library) Thursday, February 14 End of First Quarter 7:30 AM NHS Meeting (Library) Friday, February 15 7:30 AM Science and Outdoor Club Meeting (Room 208) Monday, February 18 No School Science and Outdoor Club Whirly Ball Trip Wednesday, February 20 3:00 PM Respect Life Club Meeting (Library) 7:00 PM SPARCS Meeting (Library) 7:00 PM Spring Sports Meeting Saturday, February 23 7:30 PM Turnabout Dance (Cafetorium) Sunday, February 24 12:00 PM NHS Induction Mass (Cafetorium) 4:45 PM Winter Sports Awards Banquet 7:15 AM

All Students are Called to “Alms” for the NHS Penny War!

As the presidential election comes closer, it’s time for the young population of the world to get involved. Many of our seniors here at Central will be able to vote. This election holds numerous candidates to choose from, and the only way a smart choice can be made is to understand what each candidate truly stands for. This election will not only change for the adults, but it will affect all of the population. It may seem like we cannot truly make a difference, but if we know what we are talking about, we can join the fight to elect a president that will benefit our young population. The only way to make a difference is to act; without action we have no voice.

Hillary Clinton
A senator of New York, she is a Democrat running for president. She is originally from Chappaqua, New York. She attended Yale University. Hillary is seen as a powerful feminist figure. Roe Vs Wade. ( Pro Choice) Death Penalty No child left behind policy Embryonic stem cell research. Immigration (citizen paths for illegal’s) Border Fence Gradual withdraw from Iraq Minimum wage increase Same sex civil Union. Universal Healthcare.

Willard Mitt Romney

• • • • • • • • • •

He is a Republican candidate from Belmont, Massachusetts, where he was the governor from 2002 until 2006. Romney is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is the Mormon religion. His religion has caused much scrutiny of his campaign but is quickly gaining support; he just recently won the state of Michigan. Death Penalty No child left behind policy Border Fence Wants to stay in Iraq Same sex constitutional ban

Rudolph W. Giuliani

• • • • • • •

• • • • •

A former Senator of New York, Giuliani is most known for the amazing resconstructive work he performed for New York after 9/11. Roe Vs Wade (Pro Choice) Death Penalty Embryonic stem cell research. Immigration (citizen paths for illegal’s) Border Fence Same sex Civil Union. Does not want to withdraw from Iraq.

John McCain

Barack Hussein Obama

He is the senator of Arizona, served in Vietnam, and is a Republican.

• • • • • •

Death Penalty No Child Left Behind Embryonic Stem Cell Research Immigration (citizen path for illegals) Border Fence Troop Surge ( Staying in Iraq)

• • • • • • •

A senator of Illinois, he is a Democrat running for president. He is originally from Chicago, Illinois. He attended law school at Harvard University. Although Obama does not have much experience, he has quite the following. Roe V Wade ( Pro choice) Embryonic stem Cell Research Immigration Universal Healthcare Same sex civil Union. Minimum wage increase Gradual withdraw from Iraq

He is a Republican from Texas and is also a member of the house of Representatives. Although his ideas are extremely liberal, he has gathered a large amount of support from teenagers and young adults. • • • • • Being Eneregy Sufficent (energy from our own country) Border Fence Withdrawl From Iraq Tax Cuts Right To Bear Arms

Ron Paul

The bullet points stand for what policy each candidate supports.

Making History?
By Mark Brauweiler Sports Correspondent
The first weekend of January proved to live up to the hype. What the Beacon News characterized as a “Weekend Challenge,” was in no way disappointing. The much publicized Central-Marmion rivalry game was as packed and loud as it is every year. But what could be a newly-developing rival-

ry with Driscoll ended up edging that game out. An offensive struggle would not begin to describe the woes of both Central and Marmion for the first half of Friday the 4th’s rivalry game. As the scoreboard switched from “period 1” to “period 2,” the score read 6-1 in favor of the Chargers. At the end of the first half the score was still only 16-13, Central’s lead. “We really weren’t getting anything to go in the first half,” said senior Mark Adams. “Our defense kept us in it.” Although the Chargers never trailed, they weren’t able to keep the Cadets far enough away to feel comfortable. Marmion switched back and forth from manto-man to a 1-3-1 zone defense in an attempt to

neutralize the Chargers’ big men, Mike Adams and Nick Czaja, and to shut down guard Mark Adams. The Cadets appeared to slow down the Chargers considerably, holding the them to under 50 points for only the second time this season. Even with Marmion’s varied defense, the Chargers still managed to pull out a 46-37 win in front of a cheering crowd. The ending cheer of the game? “Just like football!” Enough said. The Central-Marmion game lived up to the hype; it had rowdy students, intense action, screaming coaches, and spectacular plays. Maybe what no one saw coming was the game the night afContinued on page 6...

In This Issue...

School News

Aurora Central’s chess team prepares to go down state.

Pop Culture

Jennifer Brouch reviews the new hit musical, Jersey Boys.

Charger Sports

The Boys’ Varsity Basketball team experiences a phenomenal season.

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Central Times - Local and World News

January, 2008

Local and World News
Red Light Violators Gone Too Far
By Alyssa Shaff Staff Writer
More and more cities are using redlight cameras. Aurora is now opting to join cities such as St. Charles and Geneva in using these cameras made by Redflex Traffic Systems. The goal for these cameras is to help crack down on drivers that run red lights. The cities of St. Charles and Geneva have signed five year contacts with Redflex Traffic Systems. Each camera costs $4,395 a month. Aurora’s proposed fine for a red-light violation is currently $75. For every ticket a $4.80 fee is given to Redflex Traffic System. It is said that this plan was proposed nearly a year ago for about twenty city intersections in Aurora. Police are worried that the city may not profit from these cameras. However, Geneva has found that based on a 12 hour Redflex survey at one intersection, the city could generate $50,000 a year per camera with a fine of $100 per violation. St. Charles and Geneva find that with their fine price and an estimated forty to fifty violations, they can cover monthly costs. The only downside of the camera process is the analysis of the camera footage to determine red-light violations. It is expected to take two hours each day. Even though the cameras will cost the city more money and it will be time-consuming to find violators, the police believe it is all worth it to try and stop the violations. marketing opportunity, the managers agreed. Mark moved in on Monday, January 7, 2008, and moved out on Saturday, January 12, 2008. He really enjoyed living in the display, but it also had many negatives. The display contained many things, but most of the items weren’t real. The fake items include the sinks, a toilet, a refrigerator, a flat-screen television, a washer, and a dryer. Also, he had to eat at the staff’s cafeteria and shower in the staff bathrooms. However, Mark enjoyed showing the store’s customers his house, and he even held a housewarming party during the middle of his stay. He also liked hanging out with the staff while the store was closed, during which time there were cart races and laser tag with the night watchmen. Even though he loved living in IKEA, Mark had to leave on Saturday. tors. The beginning of the game was an unexpected victory for the Wolves and close score of the Gators only being defeated by two points. By the first half it was a 28-21 around half time as the odds appeared to be insurmountable and infeasible to come back for a true victory that is worthwhile. Through out the majority of the third and fourth quarter the game was swinging back and forth continuously in terms of score and defense. Only seconds within the game the Wolves were

Remain Calm and Warm
By Marcus Jackson Staff Writer
This winter has been harsh, and as we have seen we obviously need to prepare for the unexpected. Even Mexico, which is near the equator, has proven to be quite dangerous. By the end of last year and the start of the New Year, the fluctuations in the Mexican weather have taken its toll, with over forty-five victims total. After listening to accounts of tornado warnings and real formations of tornados, we have to consider the amount of temperature fluctuation. As we have witnessed, the temperature has been unusually warm the first week of January. The cold air arriving from Canada has proved to be lethal. This in turn may cause a chain

By Kevin Eversole Staff Writer

Living the Good Life at IKEA

By Mark Pfotenhauer Staff Writer

A Last Hurrah for Sir Ed

reaction in the weather patterns and the possibility of the production of hurricanes and tornados. As for Mexico, the cooling point (especially in the northern states, such as Chihuahuas) registered an all time low temperature, which has claimed 20 lives within the past year. The weather continues to lower daily, and we continue to hear of the most horrific stories of people perishing and suffering. In Mexico the more rural areas have no type of heating system that will allow the residents to warm their houses or apartments. In addition, the residents are not prepared for these situations due to the fact that the climate is usually warm and not even brisk. These complications will be noted in the following years. These phenomena are not a stranger to Mexico, as these things have occurred before. Remember, you can stay warm and alive. Everyone should learn a lesson from this deadly report of the situation in Mexico, as well as see how unusually frigid temperatures affect an area.

When most people need to leave the house for a while, they would go to a hotel or a friend’s house, but not Mark Malkoff. Instead, Mark moved into his local IKEA store. Mark is a comedian and film-writer from New York City. His apartment was being fumigated, and he needed somewhere to stay. He was running low on options, but then he remembered the house displays he saw at IKEA. He contacted the store’s owners three weeks before he moved in an asked if could stay there for about a week. Seeing it as a great

“My most worthwhile things have been the building of schools and clinics. That has given me more satisfaction than a footprint on a mountain.” Once said Sir Edmund Hillary. Sir Edmund Hillary has died at the age of 88 years old in January, 2008. Sir Edmund’s health had declined since a fall he suffered in Nepal last April. Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to climb Mount Everest. Although his ascent of Mount Everest made him an icon, he still remained a humble man. What most people do not know about him is that mountaineering was not his true job, but beekeeping. Although later in life he had to give up beekeeping to keep up with his demanding schedule of public speaking and philanthropist work. In all his years of adventure he came to love the people of Nepal more than his down by one point and needed the extra encouragement or a miracle of some sort to make any legitimate come back. Sure enough the wolves were spared another game thanks to TaDarrius Douglas who managed to get his hands around the ball and aided the Wolves in the position of victory. In addition Oswego was barely winning against Crystal Lake within six second remaining on the clock that game that very night. Unfortunately their infamous winning streak is encumbered by

love of climbing. In his life he became more and more adamant in the preservation of Nepal and for the preservation of Mount Everest that has become littered by the debris of climbers. Sir Edmund was a native to New Zealand. The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Ms. Helen Clark, said his adventures “continue to inspire new generations…” Hopefully new generations will be inspired, and what was previously thought as impossible to even insane will become the next great triumphs of our world. obstacles that were marked by the last victory of their foe Plainfield South on the 4th of January. With a 3-1 conference record on their record, Oswego came in that previous game confidant and strong. With creditable score of 66-42 that was lead by Zach Pearson who scored eighteen points along with his duo Lionell Holmes who placed up nineteen points of his own effort. The Oswego East wolves will continue their journey at Streamwood on the 15th of a victorious January.

Oswego East Sustains Luck
By Marcus Jackson Staff Writer
Tuesday, January 8th's game proved to be a one in which luck and chance were imminently present as the Oswego Wolves encountered the Crystal Lake South Ga-

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Central Times - School News

January, 2008


School News
¿Qué Pasa?
By Alyssa Shaff and Vannessa Corral
The new and improved foreign language club has been busy! There have been several outings and cultural experiences. A few of the outings that the club has gone on are: painting pottery and eating at an Irish restaurant, visiting Sunny Acres to go on hay rides, viewing the film “Bella” to learn about the Mexican culture, and bowling at Funway Center in Batavia. All of these outings have been a lot of fun. Our next outing is going to take place the third Sunday of February. The members of S.L.I.C.K. were thinking about going to Benihana’s, a restaurant where Japanese cuisine is served. If you would like to join us and become a member of S.L.I.C.K., this would be a great outing to go on. The cultural experiences that take place after school are also excellent (and fun) ways to learn about different cultures. We experience some of the traditions of the many interesting cultures of our world. For one of the last cultural experiences, we all made the fact that "Night Commutes," in which the children would hide in safe public places to escape capture by the LRA, are slowly becoming extinct. And this difference spurred the United States government to show concern and a desire for peace in Uganda by appointing Tim Shortley as "Senior Advisor on Conflict Resolution." As a school community that has participated in Invisible Children United's campaign, we should be extremely proud of our role in this positive change. With the new year of 2008, Key Club, which sponsors the Invisible Children United campaign at Aurora Central, has decided to take a new direction. Invisible Children United will not disclose its financial reports to the general public, a policy that makes members of the Key Club decidedly "uneasy." With this in mind, as well as many new opportunities for service in the community, Key Club is undertaking several new projects. A "Charter Night", in which the Key Club becomes official and meets our "parent" Kiwanis Club, is poinsettias out of tissue paper. The next cultural experience will take place on Thursday, January 31st, in room 226. Come and By Paige Gruenke learn about the cultures of different people! Staff Writer We are going to play Spanish games, and Scholastic Bowl has had two tournaments since food will be provided. The Central Times' last issue. At the first tournament on January 5, the team had a score of 250, Mrs. Gonzalez’s goals for S.L.I.C.K. this the highest score total ever in ACC Scholastic year include: students participating, hav- Bowl history. The toss-up leaders were Paige ing fun, and learning more about culture. Gruenke with ten and Kelly Vonderhaar with If you would like to talk to someone about six. In the second tournament on January 12 the S.L.I.C.K., or have any questions, the peo- team was competitive. The toss-up leader was ple to talk to would be Ethan or Tori Rom- Jimmy Read. Math Honor Society's math stuba, Alyssa Shaff, Kara McNamara, or Carly dent of the month for December is Paige GruSchroeder. It would be great to have more enke. Student Ambassadors had the final Open members in the new foreign language club, House on Sunday, January 27th, from 9:00 to and if you have any suggestions as far as 11:30 AM. SPARCS/Fortress welcomed alumni outings or cultural experiences go, we would and former SPARCS member Javi Salinas to love for you to share your ideas with us! speak on Wednesday, January16th. planned for early February. However, even before this date, Key Club members are keeping busy. In conjunction with National Honor Society, a donation of $771 is being given the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, an institute known for being on the cutting edge in its field of cancer research. Two club officers, Tori and Ethan Romba, aided at a blood drive sponsored by the Aurora Kiwanis at the Prisco Community Center on January 23rd as well. In the future, Key Club members will also be helping out at the annual Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, attending the Peoria "D-CON" in April, and fulfilling the service hour requirements as Key Club members through other opportunities in the community. I want to once again thank everyone who has participated in both Invisible Children United and Key Club activities. Great changes are happening, and we had a part in them. 2008 is a new beginning, and I hope everyone will take part in the opportunities.

Head’s Up

A Final ICU Update
By Kara McNamara School News Editor
Being involved with the events and fundraisers in connection with Invisible Children United made a tangible difference. The organization has recently sent out an e-mail update to all registered clubs to brief everyone on changes that have occurred in Uganda as a direct result of the work of Invisible Children United. However, a great portion of this organization's success is owed to everyone who participates in the activities for Invisible Children: the fundraisers, Displace Me, and the screening of the movie itself. Funds are always a great aid to the people, to the children of Uganda, but it is the national attention and sympathy that has generated that makes the needed difference. This difference includes peace talks between the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) and the Ugandan government, headed by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. This difference includes

Checkmates Galore: ACC Chess Team Update
By Ethan Romba Staff Writer
ACC's chess team is having one of its best years yet. "We're 2-5 in the conference, but we're 5-10 overall in matches, and we're 70- 88 in games played. So we're actually doing very well," explains ACC's longstanding chess coach, Mr. Scarbeary. As a team, they finished seventh out of nine in the conference. The team currently has eleven players from an interesting spectrum of classes. "We have all sophomores and juniors-no seniors and no freshmen, so it's different," Coach Scarbeary told me. While this "in-between" level of experience has improved upon the underclass-majorities of the past two years, it will show its true strength next year when the players approach their combined pinnacle of experience. Beyond that point, however, things may be rough as the team loses its well-weathered arsenal.

definitely be the Scholar's Mate just because it's only four moves and it's always fun to do that," he says. Many of the players have been busy developing their playing methods. "My strategy has kind of been changing a lot," says Tyler, "but a lot of times I try to focus on the middle of the game and...take out as many pieces as I can." Jacob Niemiec, a junior who's new to the team this year, is similarly experimenting with his tactics. "I've really been in limbo because I've gone through so many different openings," he said. "I'm trying to find one that works." The Ruy Lopez opening, a popular strategy that has been around for centuries, is his current favorite. beary. However, as a whole, the coach has seen a lot of improvement in the players throughout the season. "They're pretty good with time management now, and they're getting out of the opening...[and] into the middle game in a pretty good position. It's just [a matter of whether or not] they can do the end game." Phil, on the other hand, recommends a simple approach: "Keep it even, trade fair trades, and if you get a piece up, trade down."

team since his freshman year, and is now one of its strongest players. But with great power comes tough competition, which he sees plenty of on Board 1. At the match against Glenbard South this past Thursday, he had a nail-bitingly close game that was just a few moves away from an astounding win against one of his most aggressive opponents yet. "He won first place in "As one of the sophomores on the team notic- [our] conference... which is arguably the second many juniors we have on the higher best conference in the state," says Mark of his boards, we really want a lot of new students challenger. and some of the upperclassmen to look into the team," says Tyler Kennel, who returned this It was just a simple oversight in the endgame year to play on Board 4. "Because once all of the that led Mark to this disappointing defeat, but people who are [now] juniors...graduate, we're such mistakes at this stage of the game (no going to be short a lot of people." pun intended) aren't uncommon in the world "That means you...freshmen!" interrupted a of chess. "Unless you play a lot of endgame, it vehement Mark Brouch. Mark has been on the takes a long time to learn it," says Coach Scar-

While the chess season is drawing to a close, know that new members are always welcome. Tyler believes that the team is an appealing alternative to other extracurricular activities. "You're using strategy instead of physical skills," he It's this precarious segment of the game that says, which makes for a unique and ultimately Board 3 player, junior Phil Karafiat, can't get challenging experience. enough of. "I prefer the endgame, when most of the pieces are gone," he explains. "It's more Meanwhile, Coach Scarbeary has high hopes [about] pushing your pawns forward to the for the future. "This year, I'm still hoping for 4-3 other side, [and] upgrading them to whatever at state. And next year, I'm hoping...we'll go 5-2 pieces you might need, like a queen or maybe or 6-1." Time will tell, but no matter what, these a knight." However, that's not to say that he players love what they do, and they definitely particularly enjoys games with long and drawn have some fun times ahead of them. out conclusions. "My favorite endgame would


Central Times - Pop Culture

January, 2008

Pop Culture
2007: A Year of Quotes
By Shannon McDowell Staff Writer
Time magazine created a top ten list reviewing several significant quotes of 2007. Here are some interesting excerpts: "I really am not the kind of guy that sits here and says, 'Oh gosh, I'm worried about my legacy.’” — President GEORGE W. BUSH, when asked about his falling approval numbers and mounting criticism of the Iraq War during an interview with CBS' 60 Minutes (January 14, 2007).v "This record is not tainted at all. At all. Period.” — San Francisco Giants slugger BARRY BONDS, after breaking Hank Aaron's Major League Baseball all-time home-run record with his 756th career homer amid rampant speculation that he has used steroids. Bonds has always denied that he ever "knowingly" used performance-enhancing substances, but he was indicted in November for allegedly lying to a federal grand jury about using them (August 7, 2007). "This is it. This is where it all ends. End of the road. What a life it was. Some life." — Virginia Tech gunman CHO SEUNG-HUI, in a chilling video he made and sent to NBC News before killing 32 people and committing suicide in the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history (April 16, 2007). "I don't think they're piling on because I'm a woman. I think they're piling on because I'm winning." — HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, on intensifying criticism by rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination (November 2, 2007). "The planet is in distress and all of the attention is on Paris Hilton. We have to ask ourselves what is going on here?" — AL GORE, in an interview with the British paper The Sun, before adding that he believes in 10 years it will be too late to save the planet (June 18, 2007). "Hello, Condoleezza Rice? You have me to deal with now." — A MASKED HAMAS GUNMAN, joking into the telephone of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after taking control of his government compound (June 15, 2007). "Why don't you just shut up?" — KING JUAN CARLOS, of Spain, to Hugo Chávez at a summit in Chile after the Venezuelan President called former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar a fascist (November 10, 2007).

Golden Globes

Jersey Boys Draws Crowds
By Jennifer Brouch Staff Writer
Jersey Boys is a thrilling Broadway musical about how the Four Seasons, a talented quartet made up of a crook, a writer, a teen, and a friend, came to be. The crook in this story was Tommy DeVito, who was the first member and the one who started the whole group. DeVito was often in and out of jail due to various crimes, including robbery and drug dealing. He and his friend and brother, Nick DeVito, were singing at a club where they picked up Frankie Castelluccio, who later changed his name to Frankie Valli. With Valli's beautiful tenor voice, and a new member and song writer, Bob Gaudio, the group was able to create their first hit, "Sherry." Although the life of fame seems glamorous and exciting, Jersey Boys takes you behind the scenes of this early 1960's rock/pop band to reveal the obstacles that the Four Seasons faced. The greed that came with the group’s fame led to alcohol, which led to debts, gambling, and disputes among the group members. As the years went on, some of the members of the Four Seasons left to go back to their families. DeVito left and led a low profile because of all the money he owed people. Frankie Valli, the youngest of the group, continued his career and eventually was able to pay off the money that DeVito had so carelessly spent. The end of the play is where it all comes together. The Four Seasons, played by J. Robert Spencer, John Lloyd Young, Daniel Reichard, and Christian Hoff, perform "Who Loves You." They then give a brief summary of what each member ended up doing for the rest of his life. The singing and music was spectacular, although I prefer Wicked's storyline above Jersey Boys. Therefore, I give it a well-deserved rating of four out of five stars.

The Show Must Go On...Sort Of
By Shannon McDowell Staff Writer
Golden Globes fans across the country and around the world were weeping Sunday, January 13, as they flipped on their TVs to watch the popular awards show on NBC. The normally glitzy and glamorous ceremony was transformed into a simple, severely condensed and celebrity-free event due to circumstances concerning the Writers Guild of America strike. This two-and-a-half month strike resulted in the Screen Actors Guild deciding to show its support by asking its nominated members not to cross the planned picket line at the Golden Globe Awards. Unlike the writers' strike, the Golden Globe Awards, Hollywood’s first big awards show, was over in a flash. The one-hour announcement-style broadcast, hosted by Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush and Nancy O’Dell, bored viewers to tears and delivered the show’s lowest ratings in thirteen years, with NBC’s viewers declining 71% from last year’s Globes. The absence of celebration and celebrities also accounted for about $80 million in lost revenue for the Los Angeles economy through the estimated costs of hairstylists, limo drivers, party caterers, gown designers, and of course the much loved blingjewelry renters. Though the Golden Globes honored such films as the tragic romance Atonement, the crime saga No Country for Old Men, and the bloody musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, viewers and critics wonder what this all means for the ever-popular Academy Awards show in February. No matter what happens in labor talks, the Oscars will still be given, although not necessarily on February 24, the scheduled date for the ceremony. Postponement remains one option. Hopefully Hollywood’s derailed awards season can get back on track and continue moving forward to pick up the famous awards shows that so many look forward to each year. new Adventure Mode, called "The Subspace Emissary" which contains storylines for each character as they fight the evil Subspace Army. Concepts in the story mode incorporate other characters that join and leave your team over time, and the ability to develop your character. Special Brawl, an upgraded version of the last game's Special Melee, allows you to pick more than one option for each fight. For example, you could make yourself big, made of metal, and fight in slow motion at the same time. I think that is pretty sweet, don't you? I also got a look at some of the movies from "The Subspace Emissary" story mode, and I have to say, I was not disappointed! The graphics are sweet, and it's cool to see characters from various games interact with each other; for example, Fox saving Diddy Kong from the Poke'mon Rayquaza. Overall, I think this is going to be a great game, and I will definitely be checking it out. You should too, and be sure to take a look at these and other features I didn't mention here. Good luck and good gaming!

New Super Smash Bros. Crashes the Competition
By John Whitney Staff Writer
Saddle up your couch cushions, Nintendo's tough guys are back, and they brought some friends! Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the third game in the series, is coming out for the Nintendo Wii on February 10, 2008. In addition to a lot of the old favorites, such as Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, Link, Fox, and Samus, several new characters make their appearance, including Diddy Kong, Wario, and even nonNintendo characters Sonic the Hedgehog and Solid Snake! Also included are some new features, consisting of online multiplayer (using Nintendo WI-FI Connection), and an all-

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Central Times - Editorials

January, 2008


By Megan Frey Staff Writer

Pale is Pretty Too
applying sunscreen and yet go tanning; to me this seems ignorant. Why subject yourself needlessly to the same dangerous rays you hope to deflect with sunscreen?! My other objection to tanning is that it can easily look overdone. Maybe you know somebody who is “tanorexic.” This is someone who is addicted to tanning. He/she goes all the time and thinks it improves his/her image. However, a little goes a long way, and I’ve seen people who should lay off of it for awhile. Sometimes excessive tanning makes people look orange; why look like a tiger instead of a teen? If you’re suffering from pesky paleness, brush some blush on your cheeks and you’re good to go. Another option is putting on sunless tanning lotion. Both options are a lot safer than tanning, and you’ll look better in the process. Be proud to be pale!! able to speak for days. What made this game even better was the fact we hadn’t won against Marmion in six years. I also had the opportunity to join drama club this year and participate in the recent production. Doing the production was a whole new thing for me, because I’ve never done an actual stage production before. When it came to having auditions, I was so nervous because I had never auditioned before. I had no idea what to do, but luckily a friend and I were able to get through it together. Watching her audition somehow made my nerves mostly go away. When I found out I was Edna from Hairspray, I was so happy because I honestly thought I wouldn’t get anything. I have benefited so much from doing drama and the production, because now I know what to do next year to make my audition even better. I also met many people who were in the production and made some new friends. One observation I’ve made is that the freshmen seem more zealous then the other grade levels. This is probably because everything is so new to us, and for the other grades the newness has faded away. Another fun and exciting experience was when I went to homecoming with a group of friends. When I got home my feet felt like they were going to fall off because of all the dancing I did. Overall, I’ve met many people and made lots of new friends. So far I’ve had lots of fun, and I’m looking forward to what else my freshman year will bring.

Outside the world is quite drab these days, and on the surface most people look similar. The days have long past when people had a “healthy glow” to their complexions, and many are trying to recapture that look. I am not one of the throngs of people who swear by tanning; in fact, I am quite opposed to it. My main issue with it is safety. I’m all for being “bronze,” but tanning has some risks I don’t feel are worth taking. As most of you probably know, it can cause skin cancer. For me this hits close to home; my mom has had several spots of very early-stage skin cancer removed. Thankfully it was very minor, but she attributes this to spending tons of time in the sun as a kid, hoping to get “sunkissed.” Some people are very vigilant about

Garbage, Garbage Everywhere
By Mark Pfotenhauer Staff Writer
On garbage day have you ever looked around at all the garbage there is? Garbage stacked in neat bags, in large cans, and bursting out of recycling bins. There really is a lot of garbage produced. Just imagine how much of that garbage is going into landfills, and that is just the garbage that makes it to the dumps. What about all the litter that gets left on the ground? How much does it take to produce all this garbage? For instance, how many trees go into making all those paper bags? Here is another question: what do we use those bags for? Well, we can carry groceries, carry fast food, and just about anything. They are pretty handy when you think about it, but how long can we keep using natural resources? Even if we could for awhile, we should still be asking ourselves the environmental impact of deforestation. What is the alternative to using paper bags? Well, we could use cloth bags. Cloth bags are reusable, and if you get one dirty you can rewash it. If the cloth bag gets a hole in it, you just stitch a patch on. How much plastic do we use just for bottled water? Probably a lot. How much of that water is just tap water? Probably a lot. So why not just drink tap water and spare the packaging? If one is on the go, one can get reusable bottles and spare all that packaging. So what would happen if everybody stopped using paper bags and bottled water? I wonder how many resources we could conserve, and those are just two examples of so many things we can do to help preserve the environment and make a better future.

Freshman 101
As a freshman this year, I thought I’d give everyone the freshman perspective. When I first entered the school during the summer work program, I was overwhelmed, very overwhelmed, at how big the school seemed to be. My old school was really small, so even ACC was a big step. I was actually excited that it was my first day of work. Working at school was a great experience, because I met some of the teachers that I was going to have during the school year. It also gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. When I knew I was going to ACC, I was so happy that I was finally moving on to high school from middle school. However, on the first day of classes I was nervous because I hadn’t the slightest clue as to where I was going. Another great experience was going to all the football games, because my brother who plays on varsity. The football games for me were a great way to talk to all the people I’m not able to talk to during the school day as much. The best football game was Central vs. Marmion game. I remember a bunch of people from school were there, and when the game came down to the end, I was screaming so loud that I thought I wouldn’t be


By Jessica Wesley Staff Writer

By Joe Gendusa English Student
“College” is the one word that you are going to hear most often during your high school career. That is because it is the most important. Class rank, ACT score, and overall grades determine what colleges you are accepted to and how much scholarship money you receive. Aurora Central graduates earn a lot of scholarship money each year because they are well prepared. You will also be prepared for college because ACC offers many ACT courses. You are given six practice ACT’s before you actually take the real thing. There are also ACT prep classes that you can attend to prepare you better for the actual test. If your class rank is not as high as you would like it to be, start studying harder and paying attention more. Your counselor is a big part of getting you into the college that you desire. He or she will help you pick classes that would help you get into the college that you want. The counselor also tells you which college he or she thinks is best for you. Just remember, it’s never too late to take an ACT prep class or to start taking more pride in your work. After all, college is right around the corner.

Mrs. Goldie Mark Brouch

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Central Times - Charger Sports

January, 2008

Charger Sports
Nick Czaja
By Vannessa Corral Sports Correspondent
This year so far, the Boys’ Varsity basketball team has had an outstanding season. This is not only the result of practice and talent, but a change in the attitudes of all those involved. Nick Czaja, a junior, has shown great sportsmanship and has contributed greatly to the team we admire. This is why we have chosen him as “Athlete of the Month.” He is a talented indiviual who strives for the best of himself and his teammates, as well as helping keep has brought them so Athlete of the Month: the positive attitude thatcaught up with Nick far. The Central Times to ask him a few questions so we can get to know him a little better as athlete of the month. Q: What are the goals you hope to accomplish this season? A: “State!” Q: What are the major differnces between this year and last year? A: “We have our classes together now, higher goals, and better talent. We’re just really excited this year.” Q: What has been the biggest change within the team itself? A: “The overall attitude of the team. Now we have winning attitudes.” Q: Any predictions for the season? college-bound senior from Driscoll point for point and rebound for rebound, and finished with 29 points and 12 boards. He got help, however, from an unexpected teammate: Joey Guth. The relatively unheralded sophomore came through big for the Chargers with a career-high 14 points on 4 for 6 shooting from behind the arc. “The intensity was high,” is all the sharp-shooting reserve could say about the game. Mark Adam’s said what Guth couldn’t: “That was the most intense game we’ve ever played here.” But even with Joey and Mark coming up big for the Chargers, they couldn’t quell a Highlander comeback to send the game into overtime on a Jake Lindfors buzzer-beating half court shot. “We were all pretty stunned when the shot went in,” said Coach Drye. It was the Chargers, however, that would have the last cheer of the game. Mark Adams scored eight points in overtime to give the Chargers a 7773 overtime victory over the favored Highlanders. A: “We’re gonna bring home state!” Q: When did you first start playing basketball? A: “In 5th grade.” Q: What position do you play? A: “I play center.” Q: What’s your jersey number? A: “33.” Q: What’s your preferred shoe brand? A: “My preferred shoe brand would be Nike.” Q: Who’s your favorite athlete” A: “Michael Jordan.” Q: What’s your favorite sport? A: “My favorite sport is baseball.” Q: What’s your favorite TV show? A: “Home Improvement.” Q: What’s your favorite movie? A: “Hmm....I dont know.” Q: What’s your favorite type of music? A: “Hip-hop.” Q: Who’s your favorite artist? A: “My favorite artist is Kanye West.” Q: Favorite Color? A: “Blue.” Q: Where’s your favorite place to eat? A: “Panda Express.” Q: What’s your favorite class? A: “Gym is my favorite class.” Q: Who’s your favorite teacher? A: “Mr. Drye.” Q: Do you have any pets? A: “A dog named Nike.” Q: What kind of car do you drive? A: “A Pontiac Grand Prix.” Youth Sports at Michigan State University, teens who participate in organized sports do better in school, have better interpersonal skills, are more team-oriented, and are generally healthier. But wait, there’s more… Kids who play sports develop general physical fitness in a way that’s fun, and they establish lifelong habits for good health. Sports increase an awareness of one’s body, so participation in sports not only helps to keep your weight in check, sports also help prevent drug and alcohol abuse. What’s the first step? The Spring sports season is coming, and you can find a sport that is right for you. ACC offers track, softball, baseball, boys’ tennis, and girls’ soccer. Not sure? Talk to a coach or talk to your friends, but JUST DO IT! lead the team as being the only seniors. “It would be great to leave after this year knowing that we were competitive and things turned around for us.” said Stephanie Schuetz. “We were competitive the first half, hopefully the wins will start coming.” The girls have been working very hard this year. They have become very good friends and have a lot of fun together. They have been competitive in every game that they have played in. The seniors, Nydia and Stephanie, will be missed next year. They are great leaders and friends. The sophomore and freshman girls also have been working very hard this year. The sophomore team consists of Blythe Nelson, Lauren Schweitzer, Marsella Fonseca, Miriam Fonseca, Katie Miller, Kayla Miller, Nicole Carrol, Kendra Bradley, Elizabeth Eversole, and Lorena Arriaga, and Monica Padilla. The freshman team consists of Katherine Chandler, Alyssa Fonseca, Rachel Miller, Taylor Lavoy, Jenny Taptitch, Crysta Hoffman, Alexia Gobblet, and Natalie Steinwart. The freshman team is doing very well. Their record is 7-1, and they’re battling for conference. h t t p : / / w w w. a u r o r a c e n t r a l . n e t / f i l e s / node_images/basketball_002.jpg The girls basketball team is very fun to watch. The next varsity and sophomore game is on Friday, January 25, at home against Marian Catholic, so come and watch! be a great day! Competing in the AA Open Dance category against St. Francis they won first place, qualifying their routine for TDI State! In the AA Lyrical category they were up against four other schools and won first place. They qualified the routine for state as well! The AA Hip-Hop category had 14 teams in it and our girls came out on top with another first place and placement at state! The team was thrilled that they came out of there with three first places - their first competition as a AA school.

Making History?
By Mark Brauweiler Sports Correspondent

By Katherine Chandler Sports Correspondent
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now estimate that approximately 17 percent of adolescents (ages 12-19) are considered overweight. This number has nearly quadrupled among adolescents during the last 25 years. Researchers predict that nearly half the children in North America will be overweight by 2010, and data indicates that 80 percent of these children will likely be overweight as adults, placing them at a higher risk of developing health problems such as high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes. What’s a teenager to do? PLAY SPORTS! According to researchers at the Institute for the Study of

ter the Marmion game. Anyone who knows anything about the Suburban Catholic Conference would be able to tell you that the Driscoll Catholic Highlanders were a good team. Those who read the paper would tell you they were favored to win the SCC outright. Those who follow the SCC would be able to tell you that Driscoll has a 6’9” senior in Jake Lindfors who is headed off to the University of Albany to play college ball. The Chargers didn’t seem to care much. Coming off their nine point victory over rival Marmion, Central had every right to come out a little sluggish the following night. That wasn’t the case, though. It was the opposite for Central as they jumped out to an early lead and and lost it only once when they were briefly The two wins in the down 33-32 in the third “Weekend Challenge” and quarter. The game was wins against St. Edward’s exciting from the start. and Immaculate ConcepDriscoll looked for outtion [and Newark] gave side shots against Centhe Chargers a record of tral’s stifling 2-3 zone 18-1 (8-0 in SCC) headas the Chargers looked ing into their game with to fast-break for easy St. Francis on the 18th, buckets. ACC pushed as well as sole possession The Beacon News and bodied up Driscoll’s of first place in the SCC. star player every time They were predicted to he came through the zone, holding Lind- finish third. “It’s huge. It puts us in first place fors to only four points in the entire first half. where everyone has to chase us,” said Drye. The Chargers are looking to make history: to be The Chargers had help from their own star, the first boys’ team to bring home a first place Mark Adams. Adams matched the Division-1 crown in the SCC. History never looked so fun.

Girls' Basketball Hopes to turnSeason Around
By Kristin Brouch Sports Correspondent
With the season half way done already, many people would look at the girls’ basketball team as having a very unsuccessful season. However, anyone who thinks that obviously hasn’t been out to see a game yet this season. The girls’ varsity team consists of 4 captains. These captains are seniors Nydia Griffin and Stephanie Schuetz, and junior captains Stephanie Pogwidz and Sonya Steder. Other members of the varsity team are juniors Brooke Frantzen, Jo Jo Sanchez, Kristin Brouch, and sophomore Natalie Perry. These girls have been working extremely hard in hopes that they will be able to turn around the second half of their season. “I really think that we’ll be able to get a couple of more wins this half of the season. We’ve been starting to play more like a team.” said Stephanie Pogwidz. “We’ve been working hard, and it’s bound to pay off. It’s going to be really hard without Nydia next year. She has been my inspiration.” Nydia Griffin and Stephanie Schuetz

The Unstoppable Coach Drye and His Boys
By Stephanie Schuetz Sports Correspondent
Some know him as Mr. Drye, others as Coach, but no matter what you call him, you know he’s into basketball. After being the sophomore coach for three years, Coach Drye moved on to coaching the Boys’ Varsity basketball team. He has coached this team for the past four years here at Aurora Central Catholic. He previously had coached a girls’ team in central Illinois for two years before coming to ACC. In high school, Mr. Drye played for Normal U-High where his team finished second in state his sophomore year, and lost in the state quarterfinals his junior year. When asked about his goals and expectations for the year’s team, Coach Drye

seemed very enthusiastic. He said he had very high expectations, including winning the conference for the first time, winning a regional title, and beating Chicago Marshall in the sectionals. Coach Drye’s team this year has already proved to be a very promising one. With a record of 18-1, and 8-0 in the conference, these boys might just be able to grab a first place trophy for the conference. The varsity boys have already won the Sandwich Thanksgiving Tournament, and finished 3-1 at the Waubonsie Valley Christmas Tournament (taking third place) where they lost only to Waubonsie Valley. Some of Coach Drye’s favorite moments from this year so far have been, “The game at home versus Driscoll because it was great to beat a good team in front of a packed gym,” and “giving St. Francis a beat down at their place was pretty enjoyable as well.” Good luck to Coach Drye and his Varsity Boys’ basketball team for the rest of their season! The boys usually play on Friday and Saturday nights, so stop by to see a well-coached team!

Dancing To the Top
By Missy Talkington Sports Correspondent
The Varsity Dance Team kicked off their season of competition, now as a AA school, on Sunday, January 13. Although they were extremely nervous, it turned out to

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