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Central Times - December 2007 by CentralTimes


									Aurora Central Catholic High School

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Saturday, December 22nd Science and Outdoor Club Brookfield Zoo Trip Thursday, December 27nd Science and Outdoor Club Wilderness Lodge Trip Friday, January 4th 7:30 AM Science and Outdoor Club Meeting (Room 208) Plan Whirlyball trip 7:30 AM SLICK Meeting (Room 226) Plan Bowling trip Tuesday, January 8th 7:00 AM Newspaper Meeting (Room 126) Central Times Online introduction, article assignments Wednesday, January 9th End of Forth Quarter Respect for Life Club Meeting (Library) 7:00 PM SPARCS Meeting (Library) Thursday, January 10th Finals – Blocks 3 & 4 Friday, January 11th Finals – Blocks 1 & 2 11:10 AM Early Dismissal Science and Outdoor Club Whirlyball Trip Sunday, January 13th SLICK Bowling Trip Wednesday, January 16th 3:00 PM Respect for Life Club Meeting (Library) 7:00 PM FORTRESS (Library) Thursday, January 17th 3:00 PM STAND Meeting (Room 201) Character Assignments Friday, January 18th 7:30 AM Science and Outdoor Club Meeting (Room 208) Plan Ski Trip Sunday, January 20th Science and Outdoor Club Wilmont Ski Trip Monday, January 21th No School – Martin Luther King Jr. Day Wednesday, January 23th 3:00 PM Respect for Life Club Meeting (Library) 7:00 PM SPARCS Meeting (Library) Friday, January 25th 7:30 AM NHS Meeting (Library) Discuss February Induction & new service ideas 3:00 PM

Winter Fine Arts Show Draws Masses
Band Program Eyes a Bright Future

Cost: FREE

December, 2007

Mr. Patti directs the growing Advanced Band during one of their early-morning practice sessions.

Photo by Ethan Romba

By Ethan Romba Staff Writer

A staple of ACC's traditional winter activities is the Fine Arts Show held every December. This year's event occurred on Thursday of last week and featured performances by the Jazz Band, chorus, and Advanced Band as well as a gallery of some of the most distinguished works by our school's art students. I had the privilege of performing alongside the rest of the Jazz Band at the show and was able to experience the excitement of the event firsthand. Arriving well before the program commenced, I was amazed by how many people, students and parents alike, were already lined up in the commons, anxious to grab their

precious seats in the cafetorium. I made my way to the stage, where the Jazz Band had already begun their sound check. By 6:45, the Advanced Band had had their chance to warm up, and all systems were go for a seven o'clock start. I got a chance to speak with some of the performers just a few short moments before the show began. The range of emotions was drastic—many of the performers were quite comfortable, while others were nearly rendered speechless by stage fright.

in both bands. His bold stage presence was underlined by a fearless reply when asked about how he would feel after all was said and done: “About the same as I felt before.”

Winter Work in the Offseason
While other fall sports take a rest, the football team is hard at work.

“I'm not really worried...I think we'll be alright,” said junior Robbie Turner, lead guitarist for the Jazz Band. Dusty Lawless, one of the band's two bass players, mentioned that practicing in Robbie's studio paid off. “We got some hardcore practicing done,” Dusty explained, noticeably calm thanks to the extra “I've done this about sixty or seventy times... effort. “I don't have the shakes or anything... after that, it's not a big deal,” admitted a con- [But] I'll definitely be relieved when it's over.” fident senior, Nick Abell. He sung “Johnny B. Goode” for the grand finale of the Jazz Band's Junior Mark Brouch, a pianist for the Jazz performance and lead the trombone section Continued on page 3...

By Daniel Mayen English Student

wise in order to compete at a high level and that we competed with a lot more heart. Inhave a chance to succeed in our tough con- stead of losing games by two to three touchYou may have seen boys running through ference”, said Coach Casey downs we were losing tight games by one the hallways or maybe lifting weights in score. I think that with the right guidthe weight room after school. If you do not This program was started and ance and work ethic our team may be know who they are I will tell you. They are a designed by Coach Casey. able to be successful in the compart of our football teams’ off season condi- Coach Kramer and Coach ing years”, said Coach Casey. tioning, speed and strength program. These Curry help run the program The boys lift weights upstairs are boys who are on the football team and by monitoring the athletes for one hour and then condiare not participating in any winter sports. along with Coach Casey. The tion and work on building This program is designed to help make foot- program runs from three o’ clock speed for one hour downball players better athletes. It is designed to after school until five o’ clock. Alstairs in the freshman and make them faster, stronger and help condi- though the teams’ record may have not senior hallways. The weight tion them into better overall athletes. “ We shown it, Coach Casey says that there need to build strength top to bottom football were some positives that he saw. “I just think Continued on page 6...

In This Issue...

Local and World News

Scientists engineer transparent frog. New word is added to English language. President Bush receives a prank phone call - almost.

Pop Culture

Cullen Rogers previews I Am Legend. Top 5 favorite Christmas songs voted by ACC students.

Charger Sports

Mark Adams leads the Boys’ basketball team to a 10-0 start. Girls’ basketball coaches interviewed.

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Central Times - Local and World News

December, 2007

Local and World News
By Shannon McDowell Staff Writer

And the Word of 2007 is…
Every three hundred sixty-five days, Merriam-Webster announces a Word of the Year, voted for online by internet users like you and me. This year all those diehard internet gamers and bloggers are sure to show their enthusiasm when they learn the winner. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, “w00t.” This word, spelled with the number zero in the place of the letter “o,” is part of computer hacker dialect referred to as the “l33t,” or “elite,” speak used in competitive online computer game forums. The customized language combines letters and numbers used in harmony. It utilizes similarities such as a number three for the letter “E” or a number four for the letter “A.” “W00t” is described as “expressing joy, possibly after a triumph or for no reason at all” and similar to the word “yay.” An example given by the dictionary is “w00t! I won the contest.” The word is also considered an acronym in the online gaming world for “We owned the other team.” Merriam-Webster’s president, John Morse, said “w00t” was an ideal choice because it “blends whimsy and new technology.” He also said, “It shows a really interesting thing that’s going on in language. It’s a term that’s arrived only because we’re now communicating electronically with each other.”

Tired of Dissection? Transparent Frogs May Be the Solution
By Shannon McDowell Staff Writer

Japanese scientists engineer world’s first transparent frog.

Across the world, millions of high school biology students are rejoicing. Animal rights activists are filled with bliss, and scientists in Japan are literally shouting for joy. What could possibly have happened that seems to have sparked such passion from groups like these? The answer lies in years of painstaking research from a team of scientists at the Institute for Amphibian Biology at Japan’s Hiroshima University. These professors and specialists have bred what appears to be a see-through frog that is morphed from a type of Japanese brown frog, or Rena japonica.

Utilizing two recessive genes that make the lack of skin coloration, Masayuki Sumida, a professor at the school, says this frog was created to be a learning tool. The transpar-

ent amphibian does not require dissection to see its organs, blood vessels, or eggs, which makes research and understanding simple and painless for all. Sumida says, “You can see through the skin how organs grow, how cancer starts and develops. You can watch organs of the same frog over its entire life, as you don’t have to dissect it. The researcher can also observe how toxins affect bones, livers and other organs at lower costs.” Some fish species are also clear, but scientists say this is the first four-legged, see-through animal to be bred by humans. For now, however, only one in sixteen frogs ends up transparent, as Sumida’s team has not yet discovered how to pass on the transparent trait to offspring.

Electronic Christmas Cheap Christmas
By Kevin Iles English Student By Chris Beiriger English Student
With the clangor of bells, sounds of reindeer trampling on top of the roof tops, down the chimney arrives some enjoyable sounds of a new “Bose Home Theatre Speaker System” and the smooth controls of a Playstation 3. The new arrivals of game systems and home entertainment products have become the hottest buys during this year’s Christmas shopping. People are lining up at every Best Buy and Target to get their hands on the new and improved game systems for their children, as well as, the new Sony Plasma Screen Television set for dad’s Sunday afternoon football games. The most frequently purchased products and the most wanted are the game systems, such as Playstation 3, Wii, and the Playstation Portable. During the Christmas season, these new products are making everyone rush to the stores and purchase the new entertainment for their children and even for themselves. These new game systems are some of the most wanted because they have the improved graphics, controls, and durability that no other system has yet been able to acquire. As for the new home entertainment speakers and televisions, there have been the introduction of thinner panels, better graphics that make people think they’re at the movie theatre, and the surround sound that everyone looks forward to when they want to watch Christmas movies, such as Elf, The Christmas Story, and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. These are the newest and best buys that are available at almost every electronic store, which are competing to even fill their shelves with a few limited products they can afford to have. Therefore, when you start to hear the little pitter patter of elfish feet and the trampling of hoofs that is the time when you should consider buying your loved ones something new for the holidays. I came outside because I hear such a low muffled sound. What do I see, but a brand new Lexus? Why do so many people want new cars at Christmas time? Is it the zero percent financing? The cash back? Or is it the chance to get a new car at the end of the year prices? Whatever it may be, this is the time to buy for certain people. A lot goes into buying a new car. The buyer must look at the price, make, model, color, and many other factors. American auto makers sure like to

By Matt Simms English Student

U.S. to lengthen troop’s time in Iraq

Second place in t h e contest went to “facebook.” MerriamWebster defines “facebook” as a verb, as in “to look up someone’s profile on the popular Internet social network Facebook.” Meanwhile, “Facebooking” is a variation that means “to communicate with others through,” as well. Also finishing in the top ten of the competition were “blamestorm” and “sardoodledom,” according to Merriam-Webster. A blamestorm is a verb described as a “group discussion of why a deadline was missed or a project botched and whose fault it was.” Sardoodledom is derived from “English playwright George B. Shaw’s criticism of French peer Victorien Sardou and is used to mean contrived plots or stereotypical characters in dramatic works.” The 2006 pick, “truthiness,” was popularized by Comedy Central satirical political commentator Stephen Colbert. It means “truth that comes from the gut, not books,” and many (especially fans of Mr. Colbert) were not surprised when it was chosen. As we see words becoming revolutionized and gaming-chat turning into normal language used in daily life, we cannot help but wonder what this means to the future of our English vernacular as we know it. It seems like texters are beaming, while English teachers are weeping. Some say language changes over time, so this is all an excellent thing. Others are frightened about what this might mean. I suppose you must derive from yourself what it means to you and act upon what you believe in to decide how to precede. For now, however, enjoy the Word of the Year, and stay tuned to find out next year’s. W00t! W00t!

draw people in, with even better deals on imports, such as Subaru and Toyota. As people trade their cars in for new ones, they lose money. There are also many hidden expenses in buying cars. Things like spoilers, chrome rims, power seats and other extras, all cost more. When a new car is bought, it may be a “lemon.” This could be a car that cost much more than imagined because of problems, costing the new owner much more to fix. There are lots of things to take into mind when buying a car for yourself or someone else. Just make sure you put a big read bow on it before you give it to that lucky person. secretary, and then he scheduled a call for two days later. The day came, but he did not get what he wanted. A few hours before he was supposed to receive the call from Bush, the Icelandic police showed up at his house. Atlason was taken in for questioning, but he was never punished. They found Atlason because the CIA called the National Commissioner of the Icelandic police to ask if they could find out where he received the White House’s phone number.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates wants to extend active duty troop tours from 12 months to 15. Many Army generals are in outcry that the extra time will be a heavy burden, both physical and psychological. The decision could come in three to four months. Most generals want the tour shortened to twelve months by next summer, but senior commanders in Baghdad appear to be reluctant until the security in Iraq is improved. There are 166,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. By July the number is estimated to be 135,000, but Gates says that 100,000 could be achieved by December. Gates also recently visited Iraq, and was impressed by the improvement in security but he remains cautious about future progress. Soldiers in Iraq have a different view of the situation, and say a 15 month tour would be to long even with the improved security. Soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division who were deployed to Iraq and were told they would stay for 12 months last fall. Then in April the men were told they would stay for 15. Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Richard Cody believes that even a 12 month tour is too long. He believes soldiers should have a 9 month tour. Most Generals believe that the time spent in Iraq will ultimately be decided by the security in Iraq and the quality of the Iraq government and its defense force.

Your 2.5” x 2.5” Advertisement Here!
For just $12.50 you could be showing off your business in this space! For more information, contact Aurora Central Catholic High School and leave a message for a buisness representative. Atlason was unable to remember where he got the phone number, but he knew he had it on his phone card for at least four years. In the end, it turned out the number that Atlason called was the White House’s public line that anyone could call. The Icelandic government was not going to press charges. They decided that it was nothing more than a prank. The United States government has not announced their plan for Atlason, but he is expected to get off without any consequences.

By Kevin Eversole Staff Writer

Prankster on Line One
Vifill Atlason, 16, got closer to talking to the President then most of us ever will. On December first, he called the White House imitating Iceland’s President, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson. His call got transferred until he reached Bush’s

Central Times - School News

December, 2007


School News
SOAR - Summer of Adventurous Reading
By Kara McNamara School News Editor

Plans for a new summer reading program announced
of Aurora Central will each choose a book to be compiled into a list from which students can then select a book to read over the summer. Once the next school year begins, an assembly will be held so that the teachers can lead discussions amongst all who read the book of each teacher’s choice. Questions about the most moving or humorous passage that students found, the most resonating character in one’s book, and the most striking chapter will be asked at this assembly as well. In addition, students who selected a book that has been made into a movie are encouraged to watch the movie in order to make comparisons. Mrs. Griffin is very excited about SOAR. She hopes that in this new summer reading program, students will find more variety in books on a reading list with books updated and interesting to teenagers. I think that’s a very important concept. Sometimes it isn’t the fact that students don’t want to read anything. It’s simply that the book is not interesting or compelling to them. Fiction or nonfiction? Contemporary or historical? Humorous or dramatic? Suspense, romance, biography, classic, inspirational, poetry, fantasy, humor, or myth? There are so many combinations that shape everyone’s literary preferences.

Fine Arts Show
from page 1
Band, couldn’t wait to get his groove on. “We’ve been sounding pretty good in practice...I think we’re gonna be better than last year,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to ‘Take Five.’” However, it was when I asked Mark about the biggest challenge that he faced in preparing for the event that he revealed his inner turmoil. “Getting up every morning, getting my sister up every morning, [and] making it to Jazz Band at 7:15, even though it starts at 7:00 [are the most difficult].” Freshman Jennifer Brouch, his aforementioned sister, was unavailable for comment. “We should be fine. If not, there’s something wrong.” said freshman Paige Gruenke, a clarinet player in the Advanced Band. Freshman flutist McKay Violetto was a little more concerned than her fellow musicians about making a mistake. “My worst fear is that if I go for a high note, it’s not going to come out like a high note— it’s going to sound like a fog horn.” Surprisingly, junior Jeff Johnson, another talented trombonist in both groups, said that Mr. Patti, the band director himself, seemed to be under the most pressure. “[He] appears to be rather tense, but other than that, I think things should be okay.” And so things were. The evening was filled with music, from the upbeat tunes of the Jazz Band to the delightful Christmas songs performed by the Advanced Band and the chorus. Each piece was met with resounding applause from an audience that packed the cafetorium. After the performance, I took the opportunity to speak with Mr. Patti, who seemed quite content. “I’m very pleased,” he said. “And not only that, [but] I think we’ve turned a corner. I think the band program has turned up a notch.” I asked him if he was worried about how the band would perform, to which he replied, “I’m not anxious with this group. The talent has been very enjoyable this semester, so I’ve been fine.” He said that he was able to relax more this year because he had a better idea of what he could expect from the group. “I was able to sleep through the night last night,” he admitted.

Aurora Central is adopting a new summer reading program! SOAR, which stands for “Summer Of Adventurous Reading,” will allow more choice and variety in the books that students can read to fulfill the summer reading program’s purpose: to encourage students to read over the summer and, hopefully, the rest of their lives. Mrs. Griffin, our school librarian, adapted this new plan from St. Pius High School’s ASPIRE (A Summer Program In Reading Enrichment) program in Atlanta Georgia. In past years, Aurora Central students have been assigned a single book to read for the summer. The students would read that book over the summer (or, in the case of having one’s English in the spring, some students waited for Christmas break) in order to be prepared for class discussions, projects, and tests on the book. While effective, this system didn’t always make reading, especially in the summer, attractive to students. There are so many unique tastes in reading, so many elements that a person can appreciate or dislike, that being assigned one book didn’t always expose students to material that was compelling to them.

down the summer reading book. That feeling that you have to read the book, no negotiation. I personally like to read, but just knowing that I had to read the book was frustrating. I will admit that I can see why we had to read the chosen books; I even liked a few of them. But that knowledge didn’t take away from the fact that I had to spend precious time from my summer reading a book that I didn’t want to read, a book I quite possibly would never have chosen on my own. This is not a criticism, only an observation. An observation that leads me to strongly back the SOAR program. The program will allow students to hold a literary discussion with a teacher that they otherwise may not get to. In previous years, only English teachers explored books with students. Now, all teachers will get a chance to share a book that is significant to each of them with students. Conversely, students will get a more personal look into the interests and beliefs of the teacher of whose book the student chose.

SOAR is a great opportunity for students to select a book interesting to them, just as it’s a chance for our faculty to make an impact on students by selecting the book that they feel would be most significant to the student. I hope everyone takes That variety in choices could also help that away from SOAR a rich reading experiI think that SOAR will certainly be different. According to the plan, the teachers feeling you get in summer while staring ence with new perspective and insight. Beginning in December, the club hosted an ornament sale, which raised close to $200 in less than two weeks. On Friday, December 7, By Tori Romba a political event to raise awareness, known as Beginning in October, Aurora Central wel- a Displace Me, was held in the ACC cafeteria. comed a new organization to its extracurricular program. This club, Invisible Chil- While ICU was busy at work, ACC was ofdren United, gave students who were so fered another fantastic opportunity to expand deeply touched by the tragedies suffered in its extracurricular program. Key Club, the war-torn Uganda, a chance to come together high school division of Kiwanis International, and represent our Catholic school commu- is a nationally recognized service oriented nity. The club became the vehicle for the organization. Key Club calls student leadentire student body of ACC to raise aware- ers to unite to sponsor and provide service in ness and funds; funds that would benefit the their homes, schools, and communities. With Schools for Schools program hosted by the such great success of the ICU club and its official Invisible Children organization, and dedicated members, faculty moderator Mrs. awareness that would encourage inspiration Skowronski, knew that forming a Key Club and prayer among youth to make positive would be beneficial not only to our school change. The club, consisting of about thirty community and student leaders, but also to members, took action immediately.& nbsp; the charity organizations that ACC’s Key In October and November, over $600 were Club would sponsor. To take advantage of raised through the IC bracelet campaign. this gre at opportunity, ICU will become and

Aurora Central Welcomes Key Club

be known officially as Aurora Central’s very own Kiwanis (Key) Club in January. After the chartering night in January, ACC’s Key Club will be officially registered, and IC will be one of its sponsored organizations. Key Club offers the student leaders of ACC an opportunity to do what they do best; demonstrate leadership in creating positive change. Information for those interested in joining who are not members of ICU will be distributed in early January prior to the charter night. If you have any questions, feel free to talk with Mrs. Skowronski or the club officers: (President) Tori Romba, (Vice President) Kara McNamara, (Web Ad.) Ethan Romba, (Secretary) Kelli Schmidt, (Treasurer.) Sean Grismer, and (Historian) Catherine Pauls. Many service projects and special events are in the works for this coming year, and the officers of Key Club couldn’t be more excited. We hope you are too! to the plate and got the job done. The cast really was dedicated in deciding what was to be done, and how to go about it. I think the talent will be great in the spring musical so check it out!”

World Affairs - Literally Random Acts II: The By McKay Violetto Musical
Staff Writer
The world was in one cafeteria on Friday! Mrs. Roess’ World Affairs class presented their final projects in the cafetorium. From A to Z, many countries’ cultures were shown to ACC’s students and faculty. Each student brought in a presentation board filled with interesting facts about their country and a tasty treat for the students to enjoy. It all wasn’t fun and games; there were many hours of hard work put into the projects. Every poster was filled with beautiful pictures, interesting facts, and samples of their countries’ native foods. Two examples of the goodies that were given out were teas from Thailand and cookies from Switzerland. Many students were amazed by how wonderful the food was. In the end it was a cultural experience for the student body and a great way for us to understand and learn about many different countries. This year’s Fall Production by the ACC Drama Club was called “Random Acts II: The Musical.” It was a success with a great display of talent! The show contained music from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Wicked”, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat”, “Annie”, “Rent”, and “HAIRSPRAY”. There was also one short skit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail called “The Knights Who Say Ni!” which was quite funny. President of the Drama Club Tegan Rogers commented on the production, “Considering the fact that we had to pull the whole thing together in a short amount of time, everything seemed to go well. The cast stepped up

By Stephanie Schuetz Staff Writer

Mr. Patti sees many possibilities for both bands down the road. “I’m very impressed with the talent that we have here,” he said. “I’m hoping that we can continue to grow. We will be adding more people to the band proMembers of the audience were quoted gram. That’s the important thing.” as saying, “I’m not gonna lie, that was awesome”, “What an impressive per- McKay Violetto said that she would formance organized by some very tal- like to see a broader music selection in ented and dedicated students”, and “I the future. “[I’d like] some more chalcan’t wait for the musical from what I lenging music. Probably some...that heard and saw in the fall drama!” This we can connect to the audience with... year’s Drama Club Senior Board in- that they can feel like they can get up cludes: President Tegan Rogers, Vice and dance to.” Mark Brouch reminds President Stephanie Schuetz, Secretary his fellow musicians, “Keep playing, Katie Allison, Treasurer Liz Schweitzer, even next semester. Just keep coming and Publicity Coordinator Lena Sellen. to practice and we’ll get better and betThere is still talk about what the Spring ter.” With this positive attitude evident Musical will be, but whatever it is, it in all of the performers, the future of should be fun. Everyone is welcome to the band program at ACC is lookcome and tryout, so bring your talent! ing more promising than ever before.


Central Times - Pop Culture

December, 2007

Pop Culture
Top 5 Christmas Songs
By Jennifer Brouch Staff Writer By Cullen Rogers English Student

Movie Preview: I Am Game Time By John Whitney Legend Video Game Columnist
Ryan Trojanowski is a sophomore at Aurora Central who is reviving the I Am Legend, starring Will Smith, comes deceased Video Game Club. I interout December fourteenth. The movie fol- viewed him to find out what he’s up to: lows a growing tradition of science fiction horror movies by playing off the idea of a John Whitney: What made you want virus turning people into zombies. How- to get the Game Club up and running ever, the storyline creatively bypasses the again? usual long-wined story of the virus’s out- Ryan Trojanowski: The fact that I break and cuts right to the post-apocalyptic enjoy games, and know how to create setting in which the movie takes place. games. I would like to teach kids to Smith plays Dr. Robert Neville, a brilliant make their own games. scientist who did all he could to contain the unstoppable, incurable, man-made virus. JW: How did you get the Game Club Neville finds he is somehow immune to the running again? virus, and is forced to watch as the rest of RT: I talked to Father Etheredge, I man kind is taken over by infected, mutated got a few people together, and I wrote humans. Eventually, Neville is the last man out the rules, such as: No hacking, no on earth. Every night cheats, no language, ect. he has to fight for his survival against the JW: Who will be the sponsors? Infected; every day he RT: Mrs. Goldie and Mrs. Elgar. searches hopelessly for other survivors, JW: When will the club start, where accompanied only by will it be held, and how long will it go his faithful dog. Nev- for? ille’s only hope is to RT: It will start on the 1st Friday in find a way to reverse January, after school for about 1 ½ the effects of the virus -2 hours, depending on the teachers’ and revert the Infected plans. We will meet in Mr. Aben’s back to human form. computer room, Room 201, and will I’m really looking last until the end of the school year. forward to this movie. Judging by the trail- JW: What systems will be used? ers, I can say it will be RT: Computers. However, I am consida step up from simi- ering allowing consoles later. lar movies that preceded it, like 28 Days Later. The overall impression I get from JW: What kinds of games will be this film is that it will be at least a mod- available? erate success. The deciding factor, how- RT: Racing, RPG’s, and First-Personever, will have to be the movie’s ending. Shooters. Some examples are Racer, Halo, and Hero. JW: Are there any games that will not be allowed? RT: Most games will be allowed, but it will vary from week to week. JW: What do you hope to develop from this club? RT: I hope to develop a club that is fun, where friends can get together and play different types of computer games. I also want to teach people about video game design and help them design their own games.

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer All I Want For Christmas Is You Jingle Bells

Santa Baby

Merry Christmas Chargers! The big day is almost here and we’re sure that everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit with shopping, decorating, and of course.... listening to Christmas songs! With help from some friends, we were able to get about 100 opinions about the most favored Christmas songs of the season. Since there were so many songs mentioned, we took the top 5. Here they are.

Silent Night

By Ryan Werrline English Student

Movie Preview: The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep was adapted from Dick King-Smith’s popular children’s novel. The movie comes out December 25 and stars Emily Watson, Alex Etel, David Morrissey, and Ben Chaplin. It was directed by Jay W. Russell and is rated PG. Angus MacMarrow (Alex Etel) finds a mysterious egg while walking along the shore of a Scottish loch. Not able to tell what the mysterious egg is, he decides to keep it. The creature, which resembles a miniature Nessy, (“Loch Ness Monster”) hatches from the egg later, becomes known as a Water Horse. Keeping

By Mike Ryan English Student

Movie Review: The Comebacks

it a secret seemed easy until the Water Horse begins to grow at an alarming rate. The government has a particular interest in Angus’ new found friend. Then Captain Hamilton (David Morrissey) of the Royal British Navy transforms the small-town diner run by Angus’ mother Anne (Emily Watson) into his base of operations. The young boy is going to have to do some quick thinking if he wants to keep the wonderful discovery out of the hands of research scientists and back into and aquatic environment in which it thrives. If you like movies the whole family can see or something that will make you feel good, go see the Water Horse opening December, 25, 2007.

A special thank you to:

David Koechner stars as Coach Lambeau Fields, a big, fat, balding loser who takes over a team of misfits and attempts to lead them to a championship. Coach Fields, who seems to be present or responsible for some of sport’s famous disasters (Buckner in ‘86, Zidane’s World Cup head butt), takes a job coaching football in a very small Texas town. The quarterback (Matthew Lawrence) lives in a trailer with a father who bad mouths his skills of carrying a football. The star running back (Jackie Long) is a slick stud who also dates coach’s delinquent gymnast daughter (Brooke Nevin). There’s a love triangle in there somewhere. But she’s just looking to get a rise out of daddy. The team’s kicker is an Indian soccer beauty, and the team mascot is a tubby, mentally challenged black kid called I-Pod. The Director of this film is Tom Brady. No not the Tom Brady, but just a guy with the same name. After watching this movie I could pick out some of the movies they were making fun of like Remember the Titans, Coach Carter, and We Are Marshal. It seemed like they were making the jokes too obvious. They kept elaborationg on each joke. I don’t recommend seeing this movie. It wasn’t as funny as the commercials made the movie seem.

for their generous contribution to the Times.

Michael E. Bond, DDS and Cherie Bond

Movie Review: Rocky Balboa
By Ryan Sobucki English Student

Rocky Balboa is a retired membered as one of the ing champions in the entire world. He now lives back in Philadelphia, but he manages a good normal everyday human life. This includes running Adrian’s, his restaurant, and saying hello at any opportunity to his son Robert who he is on bad terms with. After seeing a virtual fight of Rocky at his best vs. heavyweight champion Mason “the Line” Dixon, Rocky Balboa’s is interested in fighting again and he begins to fight in local clubs. Mason Dixon and his managers have different plans though, with ideas to pit Rocky vs. Mason in real life for a publicity act and extra attention to regain Dixon’s

respect from his fans, which has been lost over the years. Finally, after tying things back up with his son, Rocky, Duke (his trainer back in his fighting days), Paulie, and his son get to work training the still in shape former two boxer and re- time heavy weight champion of the greatest box- world and therefore agreeing to Mason From what I learned, it sounds like Ryan Dixon’s offer. Rocky has a good thing going here. You can be prepares to step in the sure that I will try it out; will you be there? ring for one last time. It becomes a hard-hitting, forceful, thrilling battle of the ages.

Central Times - Editorials

December, 2007


A Day in the Life...
By Megan Frey Staff Writer
1) Your parents or alarm clock wake you up at 2 a.m. (or so it seems) after having gotten 2 hours of sleep, since you had to finish a 14 page essay with a detailed bibliography attached. 2) You run a brush through your hair, eat 1 bite of whatever food you find, only to make it to early morning band 5 minutes late. 3) As you yawn through the day, teachers pile on homework to be done by (you guessed it) the next day. 4) From 3:00-5:00 is a drama club rehearsal or sports practice. Then you have to eat, shower, and do your homework while still going to bed at a respectable hour (or at least trying.) This doesn’t even take into account longterm projects or driving time. Fortunately I only live about 5 minutes away, but I know some people who travel 3045 minutes one way!! I can only imagine how stressed they get sometimes. While some of the above scenario is exaggerated, I’m sure many of you will agree that high-schoolers are pretty busy. For seniors, top this all off with applying for colleges and scholarships, and it’s a wonder we haven’t all gone crazy by now! As much as some weeks seem to drag on and last for two, I must admit high school has gone pretty fast. I vividly remember the first day of freshman year, when Ashley pointed out to me that my skirt was on backward (In my defense, I’d never worn a uniform before. How was I supposed to know?!) I remember the first class I took, my first Daddy-Daughter Dance, and the first musical I was in. All of this seems like yesterday and yet it was 3 years ago. Pretty soon my time to do these things will be up. I’ve already attended my last home football game, at which I played for the last time during football season with the pep band. I danced my heart out at my last Homecoming, and went to my 4th and final Daddy-Daughter Dance. Even though I’ve been busy with schoolwork, I’ve carved out time to do several fun clubs and activities. To me, it breaks up the monotony; I would hate it if all I did was go to school and do homework! High school really does speed by, and I encourage you to get involved. You’ll look back on these years as being fun and productive, rather than just tedious. There’s still time to join this year, and if you don’t, there’s always next year. It’s never too late to participate.

Editorial - Why We Need School Spirit
By Anna Scott Content Editor
Around this time last year, I attended the West Aurora vs. Batavia basketball game at the Sears Centre. The arena was packed with fans completely decked out in school colors. Mascots, painted chests, and waving flags basically characterized the entire crowd. As enthralled as I was in the basketball game, what really caught my attention throughout the game was the manner of the fans. I had honthis year’s season, I am hoping that we at Aurora Central will be able to show the optimism and excitement that those fans showed that night. It is simply not enough that everyone decides to come to the Marmion game twice a year to give our team support. I’m not characterizing everyone, but I’m challenging our school community as a whole to really show our school spirit this year. The stands should be packed with fans every game. We have a great team this year, and they will only be strengthened if that our student section is only about a quarter of the bleachers. We should have more pride in our school than parents or alumni, because it’s our peers who are competing out there. At least half of those bleachers belong to us, and that would only require a mere half of our school community to attend each game. As a senior, I think it would be really great if this year was the year that our school lost its reputation for a lack of school spirit. Our basketball team has done excellent so far this year, and their hard work deserves the support of our entire school community. This need not just apply to the basketball team; we should really try t o support all of our sports. What’s the solution? Next time you’re looking for something to do on a weekend night, come out to the game. When you get there, don’t engage in conversation with your friends by the concessions the whole time. Actually watch the game and cheer loud for our team. We really

Advice from Gigi

gym floor. It’s honestly a bit pathetic


By Gigi Serrano Advice Columnist

I’ve been friends with this guy for a long time, but he doesn’t realize that I really like him. It’s like all the songs and quotes you read: “He’s the one I think about at night,” “I can’t stand to see him with another girl,” and “He’s the one all those love songs remind me of.” I want to tell him everything, but I know that if things go wrong, our friendship will never be the same. Should I tell him or just let these feelings go? You’re right. Once you tell him, your friendship never will be the same. That could be a good thing, because he may like you back. Unfortunately, there’s a chance he won’t like you in that way. In that case, no matter how hard either of you try, the relationship will be awkward. It could be for a little while, or things may never be the same.

estly never seen such devout school spirit. Now, as we come into


roaring fans are vibrating the

Heartfelt Christmas Giving
By Wonder Woman English Student
Christmas is coming right around the corner and everyone is in the Christmas mood. I bet no one ever takes a minute to pray for the dead or missing. Everyone is too caught up in gifts and laughter. This year take just five minutes to pray for the dead and missing people somewhere out there having no Christmas. Better yet, keep your eye open for these people. An easy way to keep on top of the missing people is to check your local newspaper under the missing section. Just think the world would be a better place with these people home for the holidays. We could all also lend a hand to the families and friends of these people. Just by sending a tin of cook-

Mrs. Goldie Mark Brouch

Central Times Editors, et. al.

Aurora University
• • • • •

Now, what you have to ask yourself is whether or not your friendship is worth risking. Sometimes you just have to step back have something to be proud and observe everything. You may see that of at Aurora Central, and I think things are perfect just the way they are. Oththat it’s about time that we showed it. erwise maybe, just maybe, you feel things could be better if taken to another level. It comes down to whether or not you want to ies or a warm hug, you could make their day. live out your life asking yourself, “What Not only should we do this, but we need to think if...?” and wondering what could have been. of the homeless out there also. This season why not go digging through your clothes and donate I can’t seem to get anything done them. Homeless people could always use a on time. Every time I get a report or warm jacket or pants, or even socks. We compresentation for a class, daily homework, or plain all the time when we are outside without chores I always find myself doing everything our jackets for two minutes, so imagine how at the last minute. Even when I try to start they are living. Food drives and gift drives are things early, time seems to move faster. Before also great ideas to help low-income families I know it, it’s the night before the task is due, during the holidays. Every kid deserves a gift and I have yet to even start. Is there anyway on Christmas even if it is a little hot wheel car. to defeat this procrastination that plagues me? So this season take the time to think about people that are not as fortunate as you are Believe it or not, I have the same proband give a little piece of your heart to them. lem. In fact, I missed out on having this column in this year’s first issue due to my pesEditor’s Note: You may have noticed that several articles in ky procrastination habits. Unfortunately, prothis issue of the Central Times were written crastinating is a very tough habit to break. No by English students from Mr. Stallon’s and matter how hard you try, that TV, internet, video Mrs. Goldie’s English classes. I would like game, or other form of distraction will always to thank these students and their teachers be more appealing than the task at hand. Howfor helping piece together this issue of the Times. I encourage ever, I’ve come across a few ways to nip this all students to contribute ideas habit in the behind and get my projects done and articles to the newspaper. on time without cramming on the last night.



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The most helpful thing for me is telling my mom the projects that I have and when they are due. If your mom is anything like mine, she’ll nag you politely, yet constantly, until you get it done. Whenever she sees you flip on that TV or get on the computer, she’ll be right in your ear to remind you that you have a project to be working on. This may become slightly annoying, but it’s pretty efficient in making sure the work gets done. Sometimes I just do the work so that my mom will stop nagging me. If you’re not too turned on by the idea of having your mom help you out, try a little will power. Set a personal due date for yourself, maybe a few days to a week before the actual due date and start working the very first day you receive the assignment. Even if you don’t work on it every night, you’ll at least have that jumpstart. If you’re like me, you will probably miss the personal due date, but it is still good to have some work done ahead of time. Turning off that video game or signing off that computer may be tough, but it sure beats the lower grade that you’ll receive for turning in late work.

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Central Times - Charger Sports

December, 2007

Charger Sports
Football Offseason
from page 1
lifting and running is designed to make the athletes more explosive and build speed. “I think that we need to build explosiveness and team speed in order to replace some of the seniors that our team will be losing to graduation”, said Coach Casey. The Chargers will be losing speedy seniors like Mark Adams, Chad Roscoe, Kyle Edwards and Nick Puscas to graduation. Coach Casey believes that in order to succeed they will need to find some players that will bring speed back to a Chargers team that will be losing a lot of it. Many of the athletes participating in the off season program think that it is having a positive effect on the team and on the individual athletes. “I think that overall this will help us make large strides in our effort to become a winning successful football team”, said Andrew Scott, a participant in the off season program. The Chargers are hoping that this hard work and dedication will show on the field and help improve the team. So if you ever see the boys lifting weights or running just stop and say hello.

Charger Wrestling

“The wrestling team has been working really hard. And it’s been showing,” said sophomore Paul Tanner. “Everyone has done well individually, and we expect it to continue.” The wrestling team is coached by Justen Lehr, Ricky Howell, and Tim Kramer. They are led this year by senior captains Adam Blatner and Kevin Iles. The Chargers key returnees this year are, junior Francisco Carmona, sophomore Dakota Lewis, and sophomore Cullen Rogers. They are leading the Chargers this

year along with a few promising newcomers. Senior Chad Roscoe, sophomore Paul Tanner, and freshmen Thomas Webster are doing well for their first season wrestling. The Chargers have been doing well in all the weight classes they have wrestlers in and are continuing to work hard. The Charger boys wrestle in the following weight classes this year. Cullen Rogers; 171, Paul Tanner; 171, Kevin Iles; 160, Chad Roscoe; 152, Francisco Carmona; 145, Dakota Lewis; 125, Adam Blatner; 112, and Thomas Webster; 103.

One of the School’s Best
By Mark Brauweiler Sports Correspondent

touchdowns in IHSA history. The mod- he will again be the starting shortstop, est start as quarterback turned out to be and again be the leadoff man on a team a record-breaking career at wide receiver. that will return more than half the roster. As a sophomore on varsity, many baseball fans may have expected low numbers from Mark Adams. Mark didn’t necessarily have to agree with those fans. His sophomore year Adams started at shortstop-- arguably the most important and difficult infield position-- and batted leadoff. He batted .326 from that leadoff

Dance Team Off to Amazing Start
By Andrew Scott Sports Correspondent
The ACC Dance Team had a great start to their season. The JV and Varsity had been working hard for two months in preparation for their summer dance camp. The Varsity was able to qualify with their hip-hop routine Nationals in Florida. JV also competed well with their jazz routine. Over the summer they worked on their halftime routines for the football season. In only one month Varsity had learned and prepared another routine for competition. The JV also learned a pom routine to “Straight Down” by Halifax. In November, Varsity had their first competition. Although they competed in the single A category, their hip-hop score was the highest overall for any team that was competing. In addition to the first place in hip-hop, they also took home a trophy in the lyrical category. At their second competition at Batavia High School, both Varsity and JV competed. JV took their jazz and pom routines while Varsity took hip-hop, lyrical and modern. JV placed fifth in jazz and second in pom. Varsity placed first in all three categories and also earned placement at state for hip-hop and modern. The Varsity has recently decided to move up to double A competition. Coach Holly Poss said, “I know that the girls are nervous, but they have been working too hard to not be able to be strong contenders in Double A.” Varsity is currently cleaning up their hip-hop routine for Nationals. They leave on January 31st – be sure to wish them luck!

Mark’s best sport-- and the sport he is probably best well known for-- is in full When someone in the Aurora area hears swing. The boys’ basketball team is off to the name “Mark Adams,” different peoan 10-0 start; Mark is a team captain for ple think different things. Teammates get the second year in a row. As a freshman, the sense of a great athlete; fans get a Mark’s career started off with little time sense of a highlight reel; opponents hear to transition from 8th grade basketball to the name and immediately think of Cenhigh school basketball, as he was immetral’s biggest threat. Whether it diately brought up to the varsity be football, basketball, or basesquad by coach Nate Drye. That ball, Mark Adams seems to be first year, he averaged a humble this season’s biggest athlete. 5 points per game. His sophomore year, he improved to 11 Adams’ career at Central bepoints per game. And last year he gan modestly enough as the exploded for 17 points per game, sophomore football team starttops on a team that took second ing quarterback. On a strugin regionals. His senior year, gling team, Adams was clearly Mark is averaging 13.4 points the most athletic player. Though per game, but has been able to be his quarterbacking days ended more of a utility man-- reboundas a sophomore, things only ing, blocking shots, passing, and looked up for Adams. His sophof course, scoring. Though his omore year started with him as scoring numbers might be down, the go-to wideout for the new his confidence and ability has sophomore quarterback, brother not. “Whenever we need points, Mike Adams. As the season prohe always scores,” said younger gressed, however, Adams’ talent brother Mike. Mark has amassed level was too much for Coach accolade after accolade. In only Curry to deny, and Mark was his junior year, he eclipsed the taken from the sophomore team 1,000 point mark. He has been to join the varsity team. As a juon virtually every all-tournament nior and then again as a senior team, and he has been named to the Mark Adams leads the Chargers in their game against his football career was much the all-conference and all-area teams. Montini, taking them to a perfect record of 8-0. same; he was brother Mike’s faPhoto by The Beacon News So whether it be racking up touchvorite target. Before his career at Central was finished, Mark down after touchdown, dunk after would amass 1,541 receiving yards, 19 spot, and that number would only go up dunk, or stolen base after stolen base, Mark touchdowns, and 113 passes caught-- all his junior year. His junior year, he batted Adams seems to be the season’s best player tops in Aurora Central Catholic Charger above .400 and lead the team in stolen in the entire surrounding area. Who knew the Football history. Those numbers would bases-- he was only caught stealing once humble beginnings as quarterback would put Adams 32nd in pass receptions the entire year. His numbers will again lead to record-breaking performances. But and put him tied for 37th for receiving look to improve his senior year where the greatest part: there’s more to come.

Girls’ Basketball Coaching
The Aurora Central Catholic Girls’ Basketball has started almost from scratch this year. The girls have two new coaches and one returning coach from last year. Coach Ella Fay Griffin leads the Varsity Chargers. Coach Kevin Steder is the coach for the sophomores and is the assistant Varsity coach. Coach Jose C makes his debut as an ACC coach with his freshmen team. Each coach brings something valuable, and they all look forward to this season. The Varsity girls work hard under the leadership of Coach Griffin. Griffin stresses the importance of fundamentals and teamwork. She believes defense wins games and attitudes are just as important. Coach also believes

players on the sophomore team and the freshmen team should be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the team with the chance to play on Varsity. Coach Griffin has coached basketball for youth leagues and church leagues. She went to Catholic schools and believes in the atmosphere they create. Coach Steder is heading up the sophomore team this year. He was the freshmen coach last year. However, he doesn’t limit his coaching abilities to just basketball. He has also coached softball, track-sprints and jumping, cross country, chess, and football. He is a math teacher at Rosary High School when he isn’t leading his team. On the court, he says he looks forward for his team to improve as the season progresses. “We struggled our first two games; however, the team has looked good in practice when scrimmaging the Varsity,” he says. He plans

on stressing fundamentals and preparing the girls for Varsity. What brought Coach Steder to Central? “I have always followed the Catholic schools in the area since I moved here in 1991. Especially since Sonya [his daughter] was interested in attending here.” When asked what he loved most about coaching and the game of basketball, he said, “I enjoy the spirit the girls have. I also enjoy watching them improve their game and become successful.” Unfortunately, Coach Jose was unavailable for an interview. The Girls’ basketball program is looking forward to this season. As of December 10, the freshmen girls won two games, one against St. Edward High School and the other against Montini Catholic High School. Both sophomores and Varsity boast a win against Illinois Math and Science Academy. All three teams have great potential for their upcoming season.

Exclusive Interview with Coach Griffin
By Vannessa Corral Sports Correspondent
The Girls’ Basketball teams are doing very well this season. The Central Times caught up with the head basketball coach, Ella Griffin and asked her about the season. CT- What made you decide to coach here at Aurora Central? EG-“I like knowledge-sharing and building new relationships with new people.” CT- What are your thoughts on the season so far? EG- “I’m ecstatic about the opportunities that ACC has given me.” CT- What is your coaching philosophy? EG- “I want to provide a safe and loving environment for all of our participants as well as maintain open and honest communication.”

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