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									         The Intermittent Short
  Newsletter of the North Central Biomedical Association                               May/June 1998

                                                                                              a class on Capnography at the 1995
                                                                                    seminar, and has been instrumental in the
    JAMES STRUTHERS                                                                 development and growth of the NCBA.
                BY SUSAN FINNEY

          Jim Struthers is one of us! A hard working BMET,
who was struck down with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
(ALS), more commonly know as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The
members of the North Central Biomedical Association have
chosen to name an award after Jim. The following article was
written by Susan Finney, Vice-President of the NCBA, after a
recent interview with Jim.

"Jim's story"

           In March of 1996 Jim began to have difficulty with
one of his legs, Initially he thought it might have had something
to do with his foot healing from a previous injury. As time went
by his condition continued to deteriorate, Jim's speech became
slurred and his gait was off.
           Although it was unclear for several months what was
happening to Jim, by August he was diagnosed with
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), more commonly known                 By the smile on Jim Struthers’ face as he wheels up to his new
as Lou Gehrig's Disease. This Neuromuscular disease slowly               computer system, you would never realize that he is fighting a
steals muscle strength and function while the mind remains                                courageous battle with ALS.
           Jim has worked at North Memorial Medical Center                      A few words from Jim;
(NMMC) Biomedical Engineering Department for the last 18
years. Jim's work at NMMC has been highly valued. Jim was                         The first problem I had was slurred speech. My co-
responsible for designing and installing the Cardiac Cath Lab          workers at NMMC and friends wondered if I had been drinking.
and was heavily involved with organizing of 37 system                  However I knew I was in trouble. The Neuro Surgeon I worked
installations for the new Patient Care Center. Jim's duties            with was very concerned. I was finally diagnosed with ALS in
included being responsible for the maintenance of all the              August 1996. ALS is a terminal disease with a life expectancy of
Anesthesia Departments equipment. He was clinically involved           3 to 5 years. By January 1997 I was in a wheel chair, now I can
with Dr. Yap assisting in Stereotactic Neuro procedures and in         no longer talk and can only move, my right arm and head a few
the Electro Physiology lab working with Dr. Simonson.                  inches. I was told in October of 1997 I had 6 to 12 months to
           North Memorial Medical Center, Jim's colleagues, and        live, but those Doctors don't know everything!
Courage Center have worked together to provide Jim with a                         Family, friends and co-workers help me cope with day
computer and other special equipment so Jim could continue to          to day struggles. NMMC has been very supportive and helpful; I
be a resource, use his brilliant mind, and find purpose and            still wear scrubs (Jim was wearing scrubs for this interview).
accomplishment while providing valuable expertise to NMMC.                        I am looking forward to the next NCBA seminar!
           Jim was also heavily involved with North Central            Jim Struthers
Biomedical Association. He was on the 1st annual seminar                                     (Continued on page two)
planning committee in 1994 as well as 1995, and 1996, Jim was          If you would like to converse with Jim his E-mail address is
the "Master of Ceremony" at the 1994 seminar, He taught       and his home address is "4604 W. 56th St.
                                                                       Edina, MN. 55424".
  2                                                                                  The Intermittent Short

It's easy to see Jim Struthers as a role model for all Biomeds

          Jim has shown skilled and thoughtful leadership          A LESSON IN HUMILITY
throughout his career. He has devoted his time and energy by
being available for the NCBA. His ethics and character have
always been beyond reproach.
          In recognition of Jim’s contribution to the Biomedical
                                                                   A BMET’S EXPERENCES IN
field, and the North Central Biomedical Association we are
proud to present the first:                                        NICARAGUA
"Struthers Award or Excellence"
                                                                            Sometimes as highly trained individuals, living in
Nominations for the 1998 "Struthers Award of Excellence" are       the “High Tech Land of Plenty”, we lose sight of who we
now being taken.                                                   are, and what we do.
The award will be presented at the 5th annual NCBA seminar
September 11th 1998.                                                        John Francis ,CBMET from Hennepin County
                                                                   Medical Center has not. John was our first speaker for the
Nominees must have demonstrated devoted leadership and             May meeting. John spoke to us about his experiences as a
service to the Biomedical Community. Giving time, energy and       member of the “Healing the Children” organization. A
availability to ensure the growth and development of not only to   group of dedicated healthcare professionals, who
their immediate surroundings, but also to the entire Biomedical    volunteer their time and their professions in assisting
community. This individual will have demonstrated strong           children in need of medical treatment in Nicaragua. This
ethics and character in their day to day actions.
                                                                   particular group is based out of Wisconsin state. John,
If you are interested in nominating someone for the "Struthers     who showed great interest in their cause, was asked to join
Award of Excellence" please submit the following information:      them and contribute his skills in repairing and gathering
                                                                   used medical equipment for “developing countries”.
1. The name, address, phone #, and employers name of your
                                                                           John spoke to us about donating used medical
2. Why you feel this person deserves this award.                   equipment. Types of equipment needed, and steps that
3. Some examples have how they have met the criteria.              should be taken.:
4. Your name, address, phone #, and employers name.                1.   Never send equipment that does not work, or has
5. And the name and phone # of at least one other person who
                                                                        missing parts. It’s very frustrating for these countries
you feel would endorse this nominee.
                                                                        to get ANY medical equipment, much less trying to
To: attn. Sue Finney; HealthEast Biomed, 1645 Energy Park               get repair parts for this older equipment. They will
Drive, St Paul, MN 55108 "".                       gladly except ANYTHING that works .
The "Award Committee" will review the information
                                                                   2.    Try to send an operating and service manual with the
                                                                        equipment if possible. Include any spare parts for
Way up north                                                            this equipment. i.e. send an extra pulse oximeter
                                                                        probe if you can.

Almost, Alaska?                                                    3.    Nicaragua uses 120 VAC, 60Hz, make sure the
                                                                        equipment mains are set correctly.
                                                                   4.    Equipment having detachable power cords, should
The NCBA’s May meeting was hosted by Mr. Jim                            have spares. They are in great need of power
Skipper, at the Virginia Regional Medical Center, in                    receptacles and cord caps, hospital grade or not.
Virginia, MN.. We listened to two very experienced                      Stuff you throw out during a remodel, they value as
individuals in the biomedical field and fellow NCBA                     gold! The preferred way of getting used equipment to
members, Mr. John Francis, CBMET and Mr. Thomas                         these countries, is to contact a healthcare group
O’Dea, PE, CCE . The business meeting followed our
speakers. The NCBA would like to thank Jim for his very                                 (Continued on page 7)
gracious hospitality in hosting our May meeting. Thanks
    3                                                                                The Intermittent Short
Substance and Smoke:                                                Relationship to Actual Practice, and Allows both
                                                                    prediction and evaluation.

The PM Dilemma                                                      Some definitions:
                                                                       Preventative maintenance- (the Hibb’s Criteria)
    A Metric for Quantifying the
                                                                             -Measurable indicator of equipment failure;
      Effectiveness of Planned
                                                                             changes with time
            Maintenance                                                      -Threshold indicating impending failure
         The second speaker at our May meeting was Mr.                       -Procedure to return to original state
Tom O’Dea, PE, CCE of Healthcare Engineering
                                                                    Failure can be prevented, if willing to spend resources
Consulting and the University of Minnesota, Department
of Radiology; Biophysical Sciences and Medical Physics                 Stochastic (statistical) failures
Program. We are fortunate to count Mr. O’Dea as a
long time fellow member.                                                     -Not individually predictable.
                                                                             -Chance of failure in one period of time a
                                                                             constant; does not depend on history
If planned maintenance of clinical
equipment is so important, why hasn’t there                         Failure can not be prevented, but can mitigate effects
been a verified decline in equipment                                   Preventive Maintenance Effectiveness Ratio
reliability and the consequent increase in
                                                                    -Hazard cost without P.M./ hazard cost with P.M.
patient risk as health care resources are
shifted away from clinical equipment                                The denominator can be actual cost or model. The
maintenance programs?                                               numerator can be historical cost or model. The ratio can
                                                                    be used by one or many classes of equipment. The
                                                                    threshold can be set at ant number above 1 to do or not to
         This was the “Statement of Issue” that Tom                 do.
presented as a speaker at our May meeting. The
following is a brief summation of Mr. O’Dea’s beliefs and                          MATHEMATICAL DERIVATION
the content of his talk. The volumes of information                 The Planned Maintenance Effectiveness Index ( PMEI )
presented, can hardly be adequately represented in this
short newsletter.                                                   is defined as the financial value of the risk incurred
                                                                    without a planned maintenance program to that incurred
“Possible Answers to is statement are:                              with a program, including the cost of the program itself. It
       CE’s (includes BMET’s) are incredibly smart and             is obvious that it would not be advantageous to have a
        have compensated for cuts by “Working Smarter” .            program if the PMEI is less than one. In addition, the
        Using their time and resources more efficiently.            issue of assigning dollar value for patient risk is
                                                                    controversial, although widespread. The other possible
       New equipment is far more reliable and safe.                currency of risk, years of useful life, is difficult to
                                                                    translate into program cost. The costs are divided into five
       Planned maintenance was never effective in
        increasing equipment reliability and decreasing
        patient risk.                                               (Formulas and examples are continued on Pages 4,5,6)
       Reliability is decreasing and patient risk is increasing.
        Institutions and programs don’t know it because the
        effect is delayed or tools of measurements aren’t           The fifth annual NCBA Seminar is scheduled
                                                                    for September 11, 1998 at Breezy Point,
        To answer the question, a “metric”
(measurement) is needed to quantify the effect of planned
                                                                    Minnesota. Get your reservations in. Find
maintenance. It needs to have or be: Well-defined,                  details inside
Objective, Measurable, Based on Current Knowledge and
Experience, Allows the Application of Thresholds, Direct
4                    The Intermittent Short

    Your Headline
    Replace this text with the text for your story. Replace this
    text with the text for your story.
    5                                                                                 The Intermittent Short
         Nuts and Bolts
         Minutes form the May 15, 1998 Business Meeting
                                                                        NCBA’s new mailing address. Ken Erickson updated
                                                                         us on the new mailing address. The new mailing
       The May NCBA meeting was called to order at
                                                                         address will be in the Minneapolis area. The new
        Virginia Regional Medical Center, in Virginia, MN.
                                                                         address will begin as soon as the old permit expires in
        at 2:00 p.m. by vice-president, Sue Finney.
       Sue presented the minutes from the March meeting
                                                                        Sue Finney announced the recipient of the NCBA
        for approval. Jim Skipper made a motion to approve
                                                                         Scholarship Award as Mr. John Hendricks.
        the minutes, seconded by John Hendricks, motion
        passed.                                                 New Business:
        Old Business:                                                   Fall Seminar. Sue Finney announced that
                                                                         approximately 40 vendors are slated to attend our
       Educational curriculum concerns for the Biomedical
                                                                         seminar. Some technical and non-technical classes
        Electronic Technician program update by Dave
                                                                         will be presented. Any suggestions or requests for
        Pederson and Vicki Snyder were tabled until the next
                                                                         classes are welcome.
        meeting .
                                                                        NCBA Treasurer’s Report. Ken Erickson announced
       Status of the NCBA Membership Booklet, were
                                                                         that the current balance in the NCBA’s treasury is
        discussed by Ken Erickson and Bill Maras. They are
        working on the format, and will have them
        completed for the fall meeting. Booklets will be made           Sue Finney asked members if they would like to get
        available to current paid members only. A rough draft            involved in aiding organizations involved in assisting
        will be presented before proceeding. Bill presented a            “developing countries” Jim Skipper made a motion
        rough draft of a NCBA Brochure, possibly to be                   that the NCBA should become involved with these
        available by the fall meeting.                                   groups. Providing aid where we can. Seconded by
                                                                         Bill Maras, motion passed. Sue Finney will look into
       NCBA Web Page- Web Master, Ken Erickson is
                                                                         obtaining further information .
        looking into making the NCBA Newsletter available
        via E-mail to those members who would prefer                    Jim Skipper suggested that solicitation of new
        receiving it that way. NCBA E-mail addresses are                 officers be initiated before the fall meeting. The
        available to any paid member. Contact Ken if you                 positions that will opening for 1999 will be for vice-
        would like one set up. A shared equipment database               president and secretary.
        was discussed and is being looked into. A biomedical
        chat room is available for use. Anyone wanting to               3:30 p.m. A motion to conclude the meeting was
        request a topic for membership discussion, should                made by Jim Skipper, seconded by John Francis.
        contact Ken to set one up.                                       Motion passed.

       National Biomedical/ Clinical Engineering Week
        Petition. Sue Finney announced that according to the        1.     Blamestorming: Sitting around in a group discussing why a
        organizers, support for the petition is growing very               deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible.
        rapidly at the national level. The organizers are           2.     Alpha Geek: The most knowledgeable, technically proficient
        waiting until after the AAMI convention to present                 person in a office or work group. “Ask Larry, he’s our Alpha
                                                                           Geek around here.”
        the petition to the President, House and Senate.
       James Struther’s “Award of Excellence” Sue Finney
        updated us on the award. The Board of Selection for
        the Struther’s Award is made up of Jim Skipper,
        Vicki Snyder and Sue Finney. Sue told us that Jim
        was very honored to be center of this award.
       November 1998 NCBA meeting site. President Vicki
        Synder was not present for the update. Discussion
        was tabled until the next meeting.
6                                                                                  The Intermittent Short
        We are the North Central Biomedical Association, providing a form for medical professionals on the
Biomedical Engineering and Technician levels, who are involved with Biomedical Equipment Management.
We strive to promote cooperation, education, formal/ informal exchange of ideas and cost effectiveness for the
Healthcare Provider.

                                           1998 Officers of the NCBA

        President, Vicki Snyder                                 Vice-President, Sue Finney
        HealthEast Biomedical Services                           HealthEast Biomedical Services
        612-232-2938                                            612-232-2938                         

       Secretary and Newsletter, Bill Maras                      Treasurer, Ken Erickson
       Univ. Medical Center - Mesabi                             Hennepin Co. Medical Center
       218-362-6722                                             612-347-3389 (fax: 218-362-6700)          
Membership is open to all persons that have an interest in the Biomedical field.
Membership dues are $15.00 per year for an individual membership.

                                     MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
                                    (Complete and return along with your payment.)

Name: *_____________________________________________________

Dept.: *_________________________________________________

Facility/ Organization:* ________________________________________

Mailing Address: *____________________________________________                * required


City: *____________________________ State:* _____ Zip:* _____________

E-mail Address: *_______________________ Phone: *___________________                Fax: _____________________
Would you prefer to receive your NCBA Newsletter : (Check one)

  [ ] By regular mail               -OR-

  [ ] Notified by E-mail. (include your E-mail address above).
      You will be receive an E-mail notifying you when the Newsletter is posted on our website:

Make check or money order payable to: North Central Biomedical Association (NCBA), send application to:
NCBA, PO Box 141073, Minneapolis, MN. 55114
  7                                                                           The Intermittent Short
Continued from Page 2                                          latest, greatest gizmos, thing-a-ma-bobs, flumbarts!
                                                               (what’s a flumbart??) and possibly someone with X-
Equipment “shipped” there going to that country. is            ray vision. There will also be many major
usually stolen, and sold, never making it to it’s needed       manufacture representatives, with some of the finest
destination.                                                   medical, and test equipment in the world.
          John’s group , made up of doctors, nurses and                This year we have decided to keep our key
support staff, wore blue polo shirts with their logo on the    note speakers’ subject matter of interest to all areas
pockets. The locals affectionately referred to the group as    of the medical community and not just for us
“The Blue Shirts”- “ the people who come to help our           technical geeks (well, do you wear a pocket
children” They were applauded on the streets by the            protector?). In fact, any area of business or industry
locals. The Blue shirts, cut a lot of Red tape! John told us   would find these people interesting.
that this was a very humbling experience for him and
other’s in his group. If you have an interest in                        Our first speaker, Mr. Tom Nicoud will
humanitarian aid, and would like to contribute to this         discuss the coming year 2000 problem, that many of
organization , please contact John Francis at                  us are already trying to address. (Less than 600 days
                                                               to the next millennium!)
 he may be able to help you                   The next speaker, Ms. Nancy Henning will
get in touch with the right people.                            speak to us about creating and projecting our
                                                               positive self images.
                                                                        Ms. Ruth Rounds help us to build “Power
                                                               Skills” and how to use and understand our strengths
                                                               to lead by example and minimize any weaknesses
                                                               in working with others
                                                                       None of these people should be missed!
                                                               September 11 . will be a interesting day with some
                                                               good people. There will be fun things for you and
                                                               your families to do before and after.
                                                                        We are planning a pizza party for early
                                                               arrivals on Thursday the 10 . So get your
                                                               reservations in to Breezy Point, before August 10,
                                                               1998. Regrets only!
       Breezy Point, Minnesota
               Fifth Annual NCBA
             September 11, 1998
        Did you know that Breezy Point Resort on
Pelican Lake was home to playboys, movie starts,
and comic book publishing magnates? Okay, okay
so that was seventy years ago. When the likes of
movie stars Clark Gable, Carole Lombard and
Captain Billy Fawcett of Whiz-Bang Comics fame
came up here to Breezy Point and God’s country to
get away from it all. But it still is one of the oldest,
and nicest resorts here in Minnesota.
                                                               Figure 1 Was Captain Marvel really a meek and mild
        On September 11, the North Central                             mannered BMET from the Midwest?
Biomedical Association will be holding our Fifth
Annual Fall Seminar here at Breezy Point. We will
have a full day of interesting guest keynote
speakers, Technical/Clinical classes to attend, and
of course a large Vendor’s Exhibit Hall with all the
  8                                                                            The Intermittent Short

       The NCBA is accepting nominations for the offices of Secretary and Vice-President for the
upcoming 1999 term. The nominee must be a NCBA member. Each individual making the
nomination should ask their nominee for their approval before making the nomination.
       The office of Secretary is a one year term. The office of Vice-President is a two year term,
where the Vice-President, becomes the president-elect for the year 2000.

Officers Duties:

Vice-President: Assume the duties of the President as necessary. Assume the office of the President
if vacated or if the President is unable to serve. Serve one year term, serve for the balance of the term
as President (as acting President) and succeeds to the office of the President for a one year term.

Secretary: Records minutes of the meetings. Prepare and mails all notices for the meetings, and the
other duties assigned. Maintaining listing of membership and distribute. One year term.

I, ________________________ nominate, ____________________________

from (company):_____________________________________                         for the office of:

_____________________________. I have asked the nominee, their permission to do so.

The nominee should prepare a short biography, and provide a picture of themselves to be presented
at the September meeting.

If you would like to be nominated for one of these offices, please contact one of the NCBA officers.

Send this nomination form to: NCBA, PO Box 141073, Minneapolis, MN. 55114

                                                           the Minneapolis Community College. This
                                                           program consists of seven courses for 25 credits.
                                                           Congratulations John, from the NCBA!
        It was announced by Vice-President Sue
Finney that the recipient of the 1998 North
Central Biomedical Association Scholarship
Award is Mr. John Hendricks.
        John is a CBMET working at Hennepin
County Medical Center in Minneapolis. He is a              1.   Assmosis: The process by which some people seem to absorb
                                                                success and advancement by kissing up to the boss rather than
supervisor in the Bioelectronic Department.                     working hard.
John will apply his $250.00 scholarship toward             2.   Beepilepsy: The brief seizure people sometimes have when their
further manager certificate classes he is taking at             beeper goes off (especially in vibrator mode). Characterized by
  9                                                                                       The Intermittent Short
      physical spasms, goofy facial expressions and interruption of
      speech in mid-sentence.

                    FOR SALE                                                            ATTENTION
                                                                               As of the 1st. of July, the North Central
       Yep, we got some left.                                         Biomedical Association will have a new mailing
          Really cool NCBA SHIRTS                                     North Central Biomedical Association
These pull-over polo’s have the NCBA                                  PO Box 141073
Logo embroidered in multi-color on the front                          Minneapolis, MN. 55114
left chest area. They are very well made.
Colors: Biomed Gray only.                                             Write this address down for future reference.
                                                                      Remember AFTER July 1st, 1998
Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL ONLY $16.00 ea.
Contact Vicki Snyder, HealthEast
1645 Energy Park Drive, St. Paul, MN. 55108
Make checks out NCBA.

                                                                           Membership Renewal
  422 4TH. Street                                                     It’s time to renew your membership.
  Mt. Iron, MN. 55768-9519                                            The year your membership is paid up           for is listed to the right of your name
           1-218-740-6558 Voice/Fax                                   on the address label. 0000, means
                                                                      you are inactive and have to renew
DEALER FOR:                                                           your membership as soon as
  AND TESTING EQUIPMENT                                               EXAMPLE:
  TESTING EQUIPMENT                                                   Any Technician 1999
                                                                      123 Pill Hill Place
  IMAGING TEST EQUIPMENT                                              Almost Anywhere, MN. 12345
 ZETRON: CELLULARPHONE (RF)                                          1.   Cube Farm: An office filled with cubicles.
  DETECTOR                                                            2.   Prairie Dogging: When someone yells or drops something loudly
                                                                           in a Cube Farm, and people’s heads pop up over the walls to see
                                                                           what’s going on.
 Sales (New and Used), Repairs, Calibration Services,                 3.   Square-headed Girlfriend: Another word for a computer. The
and Rentals                                                                victim of a square-headed girlfriend is a “computer widow."
                                                                      4.   Perot: To quit unexpectedly, as in “My cellular phone just
                                                                      5.   SITCOMs: What yuppies turn into when they have children and
                                                                           one of them stops working to stay home with the kids. Stands for
                                                                           Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage.
10   The Intermittent Short
    11                                                                                 The Intermittent Short
                                                                    Vice-President -              Assume the duties of President as
                                                                                                  necessary. Assume the office of
                                                                                                  President if vacated or if President
                                                                                                  if unable to serve. Serve one-year
                                                                                                  term, serve for the balance of the
At the September 11th. Meeting, there will be some                                                term if the President (as acting
proposed changes to the NCBA Bylaws to be                                                         President) and succeeds to the
voted on. The following copy of the Bylaws shows                                                  office of President for a one-year
the changes to ARTICLE I and ARTICLE VIII                           Secretary-                    Records minutes of the meetings.
                                                                                                  Prepare and mails all notices for
                                                                                                  meetings, and the other duties
         North Central Biomedical Association Bylaws                                              assigned. Maintaining listing of
                                                                                                  membership and distribute.
                                                                    Treasurer-                    Verify the operating budget of the
We are the North Central Biomedical Association, providing a                                      association including all revenues
forum for medical professionals on the biomedical engineering                                     and expenses accounted for.
and technician levels, who are involved with biomedical
equipment management. We strive to promote cooperation,               ARTICLE IV - TEMPORARY COMMITTEES (AD HOC)
education, formal/informal exchange of ideas and technical
information related to the health care industry. Thus, helping to   Authority to establish an ad hoc committee is vested in the
assure quality patient care and cost effectiveness for the health   President. The President appoints the committee members, all
care provider.                                                      members serve at the pleasure of the President. Appointed
                                                                    positions shall include the following: Newsletter, Program
                           ARTICLE I                                Director, Committee Chairpersons.

Meetings will be held four times a year on a Friday (which                    ARTICLE V - STANDING COMMITTEES
Friday is up to the hosting facility). Meetings will be held        A membership committee shall be a standing committee and
between the hours of 1:00 P.M. to 4 P.M.                            chaired by the secretary of the association.

    ARTICLE I will be amended to read: “Meetings will be                          ARTICLE VI - EQUIPMENT LIST
     held four times a year, usually on a Friday (which day is up   A list of our organization’s equipment that our Biomedical
     to the hosting facility). Meetings will usually be held        technicians have expertise in maintaining. This list is made
     between the hours of 1 P.M. to 4 P.M..                         available for all members to use as a reference tool for solutions
                                                                    to equipment problems. This list may also be used as a reference
                                                                    source if an organization is interested in purchasing some
                                                                    equipment and would like some information from another
                                                                    organization that may already have this piece of equipment.
                          ARTICLE II
                                                                                   ARTICLE VII - AMENDMENTS
The elected officers and serving terms shall be as follows:         The bylaws may be amended or added to if the amendment or
President - one year                                        Vice-   addition is submitted in writing to the membership via the
President - one year, then succeed to President                     newsletter. Previous to the regular business meetings then these
Secretary - one year                                                bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority of those voting
Treasure - two years                                                members present and by proxy votes sent to a NCBA officer.
An elected officer of the NCBA may be removed from office for       The amendment must be approved as presented, if it is altered in
performing unlawful acts or wrong doing. An officer may be          any way the same process must be followed.
impeached by written request of one-third of the voting
members. The officer is removed from office by a two-thirds            ARTICLE VIII -ELECTIONS : The following article
majority vote of the members present at a specific meeting          would be amended to read:
called to consider the question of impeachment.
                                                                                     ARTICLE VIII - ELECTIONS
          ARTICLE III - DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES                       Elections will be held annually at the third quarterly meeting.

President -                   To preside at all meetings, enforce                       (Continued on Page 11)
                              and adhere to bylaws. Serve a one-
                              year term. Vote on all motions or                         (Article VIII- Continued)
                              amendments when the association
                              is equally divided.                   Written notice shall appear in the newsletter not less than thirty
                                                                    (30) days prior to all elections to each member entitled to vote in
  12                                                                                     The Intermittent Short
such elections. Only NCBA members in good standing are                1.9 Members shall not promote anyone’s personal business:
eligible to be a candidate to hold office. Elections for officers     however announcements pertaining to members’ personal
require a two-third majority of those voting members present.         business may be made with special permission.
Each voting member has one vote. Officers may be reelected as
often as the group desires. Newly elected officers will begin                             MEMBERSHIP LISTS
their term in office following the election.
                                                                      2.1 The NCBA will not release its membership list to any
                 ARTICLE IX - RESTRICTIONS                            outside individual or organization for any purpose.
The names of group members will not be used by any group
member for any solicitation for any purpose. Presentations                             FINANCIAL PROCEDURES
directed towards solicitation of business will be made solely at
the invitation of the board of directors (officers).                  3.1 All disbursements shall be supported by voucher or receipt,
                                                                      and all disbursements over fifty dollars shall be by check. All
                ARTICLE X - DUES AND FEES                             checks shall be signed by any two officers of the four.
The NCBA shall conduct an ongoing enrollment of members               3.2 Annually the treasurer shall prepare and present a report and
and persons may be admitted to membership at any time. Dues           budget forecast at the third quarterly meeting.
and fees are set by the board of directors, with approval by a
two-thirds majority vote of the current members at the third
quarterly meeting. The dues year shall run from January 1 of the
current year the member joins, to January 1 of each following
year. Any dues paying member is a current member. NCBA
                                                                                 Letter from the President
cannot borrow funds from any source for any purpose. In the
event of group dissolution, funds remaining in the treasury after     It is that time of the year to begin taking nominations for
all obligations have been satisfied will be donated to a local
charity selected by the current board.
                                                                      the following offices:
                                                                                1. Vice-President
          ARTICLE X1 - PROPERTY AND INCOME                                      2. Secretary
      All property of the NCBA shall be used to promote the           There is a form for nominating an individual in this
organizations purpose and objectives. All property shall be used      newsletter. The candidate must be a current member in good
 for the personal benefit of the members or officers. The NCBA
 may elect to provide reasonable compensation to non-members
                                                                      standing and their permission to be nominated must be
for services considered necessary. The NCBA shall conduct and         given. We would like to see many candidates nominated for
              carry on its business without profit to                 the coming elections. If you are interested in the office and
                                                                      are not sure what the duties are for the positions, call me at
                       CODE OF ETHICS                                 (612) 232-2967.
1.1 All members shall conduct themselves and their activities in
                                                                                The other update I wanted to mention was the
a professional manner.                                                “Petition for National Biomed Week”. The petition is
1.2 Members shall refrain from engaging in any activity which         gaining a lot of support across the nation. If you are
would violate the proprietary rights of their employers.
1.3 Members shall not engage in sales activity, including direct      interested in signing the petition and you do not have a
or indirect solicitation, or conduct any other activity contrary to   copy, call me, or look on the NCBA Web Page
the purpose of the NCBA.
1.4 Members shall not distribute any materials or post displays
                                                             and file the petition.
of any kind at NCBA functions or activities without prior                       As for other news, the seminar is coming up in
approval of the board.                                                September. I hope to see a lot of you there!
1.5 Members shall not engage in any form of personal recruiting
at NCBA functions or activities.
1.6 Members shall not use the NCBA membership list or any             Vicki Snyder, President
part thereof except in the conduct of NCBA business as
determined by the board.
                                                                      North Central Biomedical Association
1.7 Members shall restrict the use of NCBA documents and
other data to the purpose defined in the bylaws.
1.8 Members shall keep confidential anything of a sensitive
nature mentioned in the NCBA meetings (or written in the
meeting notes). The nature of the topics implies that there must
be a high level of trust and that private business information will
not be misused.
13   The Intermittent Short
  14   The Intermittent Short


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