A bomb threat could be written, recorded or communicated verbally. Most bomb
      threats, however, are delivered by telephone. Generally, a bomb threat call is made
      for one of two reasons:
      1. The caller knows or believes an explosive or incendiary device has been, or will
         be placed and wants to minimize personal injuries and/or property damage (the
         caller may or may not be the person who placed the device).
      2. The caller wants to disrupt normal activities by creating anxiety and panic.

      Response of Staff Receiving a Bomb Threat Phone Call:
      The call recipient must remember to do many things, all of which will aid in the
      search for the device and provide authorities with as much information as possible
      for their later investigation. A copy of the Bomb Threat Telephone form should be
      kept by every phone to guide the call recipient (see next page).

         When a bomb threat call is received, remain calm and be courteous. Listen and
         do not interrupt the caller. Follow the questions on the Bomb Threat Telephone
         Immediately following the call, initiate call trace by dialing *57.
         Notify school Principal/Vice-Principal immediately.

      School Response:
         Call 911 for police assistance. (Report the threat from a different telephone line.)
         Principal/Vice-Principal, with assistance of police, to assess level of threat by
         specificity of information:
         • How much time do you have to make your decision to evacuate or not?
         • Do you have time to wait for the police to arrive?
         • Can the students remain in the classrooms while a reasonable search is
         If high risk – immediate evacuation
         If low risk – conduct Security Drill (see next page)

      The police advise that the more specific the information and/or the location of a
      package, raises the risk of a bomb threat.

         Principal/Vice-Principal contacts the District Switchboard at 604-517-6240. The
         information will be relayed to the Superintendent or designate.
         Principal/Vice-Principal requests all staff to conduct Security Drill immediately.
         Principal/Vice-Principal/Custodian search common areas and ‘unused’/empty
         classrooms. All teaching/support staff are asked to conduct search of immediate
         and/or assigned areas.

      Security Drill:

      A “Security Drill” command is issued by the Principal/Vice-Principal to request staff to
      search their rooms for suspicious packages after a bomb threat has been received.
      Principal/Vice-Principal/Custodian search common areas and ‘unused’/empty
      classrooms. All staff are asked to conduct a search of immediate and/or assigned

      Search Guidelines:
           Search your immediate or assigned areas.
           Search all unlocked cupboards, drawers, shelving and flooring.
           Do not touch any suspicious objects.
           Report any suspicious packages to Principal/Vice-Principal immediately.
           Staff member sees suspicious package:
           • Staff moves his/her students to a safe area and assigns supervision of
              students to a staff
           • Staff member immediately and personally reports package details to
           Principal/Vice-Principal assess suspicious package information, and
           • order immediate evacuation based on verbal report of staff member, or
           • Principal/Vice-Principal personally investigate and assess package.
           If package suspicious – enact immediate evacuation by Fire Alarm and call 911
           (if emergency services not on site).


           Initiate evacuation by PA announcement:
           •   “Security Evacuation immediately. Avoid the following areas…
               [name specific area(s) of danger]. Then sound Fire Alarm
           Students/staff evacuate school with immediately retrievable personal belongings
           and marshal according to usual procedures or specific directions announced on
           PA. Do not allow students to go to their lockers.

      Post Event – it is advised that School Administrators take appropriate steps to
      communicate key details of the bomb threat event to school staff, students and
      parents at the earliest possible time.

Date: _____________________           Name: _______________________________________
Position: _________________________________               Phone: _______________________

Call Recipient:
   Be courteous and calm
   Do not interrupt the caller.
   Obtain as much information as you can.
   Notify the Principal/Vice-Principal and/or other staff by pre-arranged signal when caller
   is on the line.
   Time of the call. _________ am          pm
   Time the call was terminated. __________ am            pm
   Exact words of the caller, if possible.

Questions to Ask:
   What time is the bomb set to explode? __________ am             pm
   Where is the bomb located? ___________ Floor? ___________ Area? ____________
   Is it in the           Open?       Concealed?      Disguised?
   What kind of bomb is it? __________________________________________________
   What does it look like? ____________________________________________________
   Why was it placed in the school? ____________________________________________
   How did it get in the school? _______________________________________________
   Where are you calling from? _______________________________________________
   What is your name? ______________________________________________________

Description of Caller:
Is the caller:
   Male          Female
   Child         Youth        Adult
   Calm          Frightened
   Does the caller speak with an accent?        No    Yes      What type? _________________
   Does the caller use slang expressions? No Yes
   What are they? _________________________________________________________
   Does the caller sound articulate/educated?        No     Yes
   Is there background noise?         No     Yes
   What does it sound like? __________________________________________________
   Note any other clues.

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