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									          Pa†hways                                               †ech
                     Board Minutes for December 21, 2009
I.     Meeting Called To Order
       A. 7:30 p.m. - Sandra Cook
       B. Board Attendance Handout Signed by Board Members
       C. Board Members in Attendance: Thomas Bowman, Sandra Cook, and Doreen Strayer
       D. Board Members Absent: Scott Heiland, Board Member & Dr. Doreena Sloan, Legal
          Advisor (Dr. Sloan Telephoned to be “On Call”)
       E. Guests in Attendance: Randy Cook, Mao Nguyen, Carlton Shank, and Nate Weaver
II.    Opening Ceremonies or Exercises
       A. Chorus: Led by Doreen Strayer “O Come Let Us Adore Him”
       B. Devotional by Sandra Cook – “Book – Jesus Calling”
       C. Prayer: Thomas Bowman
       D. Open Floor to Visitors - Introductions
III.   Approval of Minutes – November 16, 2009
       A. Minutes Handouts Approved by Signatures of Board Members
                1. Motion to Approve Minutes
                      a. Doreen Strayer
                      b. Thomas Bowman
                      c. Motion Unanimously Carried
IV.    Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees
       A. President – Sandra Cook
                 1. Business Plan
                        a. In process of being updated
                        b. Sandy researching and gathering data
                 2. Building at 19th & Paxton
                        a. Roofing Bids
                                01. $140,000 to $170,000 (received 2 of 4 bids)
                                02. Carl Shank made recommendation to obtain all bids and share
                                     information with Mr. McGreevy
                                03. Carl Shank expressed concern regarding environmental analysis
                                     pertaining to oil drainage during use as auto service center
                        b. Walk-Thru December 3, 2009
                                01. Attended by David and Carolyn Solomon; Rebecca James,
                                     Executive Director of theConnection Ministries; and Stephen
                                     Virkler, Territory Manager E. PA, NJ, NYC & LI and Brian
                                     Denlinger, VP Eastern US of Precept Marketing Group
                 3. Radio Interview With WDAC Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 9:30 a.m.
                        a. Permission has been granted to place interview on website
                 4. Radio Presentation Scheduled for Saturday, January 2, 2010 – 8:00 to 8:30 a.m.
                        a. 720 “The Rock” Showers of Blessings – Sharon Cash
                        b. Sandra Cook to present short message
                 5. Tracey Hanwell – Is working on Graphic Design for Publications for Pathways
6. ACSI Administrator & Board Member Conference – January 28 & 29, 2010
     a. Early Bird Registration Deadline January 6, 2010
     b. Willow Valley Resort
     c. $72 Registration Plus $14 Per Lunch ($28) = $100
     d. Spouse of Administrator or Board Member – Registration $66 Plus
         Lunches $28
     e. Sandra Cook & Thomas Bowman expressed interest in attending
                7. CHAP Vendor Registration Invitation – Friday & Saturday, May 7-8, 2010
                       a. Registration Deadline April 1, 2010
                       b. Early Bird Price $425 pay by January 31, 2010
                       c. Regular Price after January 31, 2010 - $475 (For Non-Profit Booth)
                8. David Richard Solomon (Auto Technology) – Resume was shared with Board
                9. The Connection Ministries Event – Saturday, November 21, 2009
                       a. Well attended and felt it was successful
                       b. Pathways Tech received the most website hits from event
                10.        The Connection Ministries Event
                       a. Saturday, January 16, 2010 – 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon
                       b. To be held at Lancaster Bible College Chapel
                11.        The Connection Ministries Event – Next Year – February (Christian
                   Education Month)
                12.        Interview Conducted for Victoria Bowman (Paraprofessional & Office
                13.        Staff Interviews Still To Be Scheduled
                       a. Set interview date for Enid Narvaez – Health Aide & Para – Cook &
                       b. Set interview date & interview team for Karen Kibler – Instructor for
                           Veterinary Asst.
                14.        Chairs Donated thru Scott Heiland thru Contact at Members First
                       a. Approximately 72 Office Chairs were donated
                       b. Special Thank-You to Randy Cook for picking up chairs and placing
                           them in storage
                       c. Several Chairs were on display and used by Board Members at Meeting
                15.        Asset-Auctions
                       a. Restaurant Equipment Purchased (Orwigsburg)
                               01. Included a 10-burner 2-oven stove, waffle maker, stainless steel
                                    dish wash table, numerous utensils, and an office desk
                       b. Waffle Maker was used to prepare waffles for those attending the
     B.   Vice-President -- Thomas Bowman
                1. Frank Kibler has 10 business desks that he is holding and plans to donate to
     C.   Secretary – Doreen Strayer
                1. No Report
     D.   Treasurer’s Report - Sandra Cook, Acting Treasurer
                1. Paypal (Does Work) & Counter (at 184 on 12/17/09)
                2. Current Monthly Pledges - $1,510
                3. A Donation Form has been Created by Tracey Hanwell and was Distributed
                4. Sandra Cook - Treasurer’s Report – Attachment #5
                       a. Motion to Approve Treasurer’s Report
                               01. Thomas Bowman
                               02. Doreen Strayer
                               03. Motion Unanimously Carried
     E.   Scott Heiland – Board Member (absent-no report)
                1. Currently leasing Brenner Bldg. (showroom) monthly thru City of Refuge
V.   Reports of Special Committees
A. Fundraising
        1. Karns
               a. Currently __10__
               b. Total Earned thru December 15, 2009: $29.53
        2. Giant A+ School Rewards
               a. Currently _57__ Sign-Ups!
               b. Total Earned up thru October: $149.62
               c. Vicki Bowman, Coordinator
         3.       Target - Investigating
VI.     Unfinished Business and General Orders
        A. No Unfinished Business
VII.    Announcements
        A. Prayer meetings will remain Monday evenings except for Board meeting week
        B. Time – 7:00 p.m. Monday – Currently held at Word of Grace Church on N. Progress
        C. Fasting & Prayer as determined by each individual
VIII.   New Business
        A. Approval to Approve offer of position to Victoria Bowman (Paraprofessional &
           Office Clerk)
                1.       Motion to Approve
                      a. Sandra Cook
                      b. Doreen Strayer
                      c. Motion Unanimously Carried (Thomas Bowman Abstained/Conflict of
                          Interest as husband of Victoria Bowman)
        B. Approval to Send Board Members to ACSI Conference January 28 & 29, 2010 ($100
                 1.        Motion to Approve
                      a. Doreen Strayer
                      b. Sandra Cook
                      c. Motion Unanimously Carried
        C. Approval to Register as Vendor at Chap Convention May 7-8, 2010 ($425/Early Bird or
                 1.        Motion to Approve
                      a. Thomas Bowman
                      b. Doreen Strayer
                      c. Motion Unanimously Carried
        D. Continued Discussion on negotiations for 19th & Paxton Streets
                1. Need Decision from Board on next step: Motion(s) were made as follows:
                      a. Wait on God
                      b. Board unanimously agreed and feels confidant that God has impressed
                          upon each of the Board Members’ hearts that in order to proceed with
                          negotiations for the Brenner Building that all decision-makers must be
                          present. Since that is not at present happening, the Board has peace to
                          look and investigate other properties.
                      c. Based upon the Brenner Family’s cooperation with us to obtain roofing
                          bids we are comfortable to give them the estimates as it may be valuable
                          to them for the future plans for their building.
                 2.        Motion to Approve Motion(s)
                       a. Thomas Bowman
                       b. Sandra Cook
                       c. Motion Unanimously Carried
        E. Statements
                 1. Grants – to begin reapplying when a building is acquired
                 2. Statements to Continue to Develop
                        a. Update Business Plan Packets (In Process) – Mr. Shank to Assist
                        b. Parent/Student Handbook (Tracey Hanwell is reformatting)
                        c. Teacher Handbook (Continue to Incorporate Additions as Available)
                        d. Administrative Policies and Procedures (Continue With All)
                         e. New Curriculum Developed for Newly Added Programs
          F. Tithing to Other Ministries – Selection of Ministry for November - $150
                   1. Motion to approve The Connection Ministries
                         a. Sandra Cook
                         b. Doreen Strayer
                         c. Motion Unanimously Carried
          G. Board Concerns
                  1. Need for Treasurer
                  2. Need for Business Manager/Treasurer
                  3. Need for Coordinator for Publications/Fund-Raising
   IX.    Other New Business
                   1. None

   X.     Next Board Meeting in January - Monday, January 18, 2010
   XI.    Meeting Adjourn – Thomas Bowman

Minutes Respectfully Submitted
  Minutes Notes Taken By Doreen Strayer/Secretary
  Minutes Transcribed and Formatted by Sandra Cook/President

                                                              (Signature – Thomas Bowman)

                                                              (Signature – Sandra Lee Cook)

                                                               (Signature – Scott T. Heiland)

                                                           (Signature – Doreen Anna Strayer)

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