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					                             Bring-A-Friend To The
                             2007 Rescue Institute
Wouldn’t it be great if all people in your community had the opportunity to experience
the fun, friendship and new adventures that can be found in the Rescue Institute?
Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they could discover for themselves the opportunities for
leadership and personal development that can be gained while doing very worthwhile
activities with the Rescue Institute?

This April, we’re launching Bring-A-Friend to the Rescue Institute. It’s your chance to
showcase what EMS has to offer friends in your community. We hope you will take part
this April at the 5th Annual Rescue Institute.

To assist you with the recruitment of a friend, we will allow every registered student at
the 5th Annual Rescue Institute to bring a friend at no charge. This will hopefully entice
your friend to become a member within our EMS family. This gives them an opportunity
to be exposed to EMS and find out if this is something they would be interested in.

The planning is all done for you, so you can concentrate on making your friend have
fun, participate and learn about EMS at the 4th Annual Rescue Institute.

Sharing the Rescue Institute experience with friends is so much fun. It's the "show and
tell" of the rescue services community. It's having the giggles when replaying the day.
It's spending quality time by being together. It's just what we all need to re-energize our
rescue passions.

Here's How The Bring-A-Friend Program Works:

You and your friend must both pre-register for the Rescue Institute by filling out
applications and mailing them together to:

                              Bedford County Fire & Rescue
                                1305 Falling Creek Road
                                 Bedford, Virginia 24523

Note: On your application there is a place to list your friend’s name and phone
number. You and your friend must attend the same classes. Once you're at the Rescue
Institute, you and your friend will sign-in together at the Registration Desk.

Things To Remember:

   •   The Bring-A-Friend must be pre-registered.
   •   The Bring-A-Friend will not be required to pay the $10 registration fee.
   •   The Bring-a-Friend should bring an open mind and an interest in participating in
       the Rescue Institute.