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					      HARRIS COUNTY
         INVITATION TO BID                                                                   JOB 97/0052
                                                                              Date Due: February 18, 1997
             Cover Sheet                                                         DUE NO LATER THAN 1:00 P.M.

                                                                              Bids received later than the date and time
                                                                              above will not be considered.

 BID FOR: Term Contract to Furnish and Deliver HVAC Repair Parts and Related Items for
 Harris County (For a period of one year beginning approximately March 1, 1997)
                                                     OFFERORS NOTE!!

Carefully read all instructions, requirements and                       Please return bid in the envelope provided or in a
specifications. Fill out all forms properly and completely.             comparable size envelope. Be sure that return envelope
Submit your bid with all appropriate supplements and/or                 shows the Job Number, Description and is marked
samples.                                                                "SEALED BID."

                                                RETURN BID TO:
                                      HARRIS COUNTY PURCHASING AGENT
                                        1001 PRESTON AVENUE, SUITE 670
                                              HOUSTON, TEXAS 77002

For additional information, contact Mike Perricone at (713) 755-5743

You must sign below in INK; failure to sign WILL disqualify the offer. All prices must be typewritten or written in
                         Total Amount of Bid: $____________________________

Company Name:             _________________________________________________________

Company Address:          _________________________________________________________


Telephone No. __________________________                      FAX No. ____________

Print Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________________________________

[Your signature attests to your offer to provide the goods and/or services in this bid according to the published provisions of this Job.
After Commissioners Court award of bid, a Purchase Order will be issued. Contract is not valid until Purchase Order is issued.]
ACCEPTED BY:_____________________________________________                                             Date:_____________________


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                                                        2. TABLE OF CONTENTS

Items checked below represent components which comprise this bid/proposal package. If the item IS NOT checked, it is NOT
APPLICABLE to this bid/proposal. Offerors are asked to review the package to be sure that all applicable parts are included. If any
portion of the package is missing, notify the Purchasing Department immediately.

It is the Offeror's responsibility to be thoroughly familiar with all Requirements and Specifications. Be sure you understand the following
before you return your bid packet.

__X__ 1.          BF1 Cover Sheet
                  Your company name, address, the total amount of the bid/proposal, and your signature (IN INK) should appear on this

__X__ 2.          BF2 Table of Contents
                  This page is the Table of Contents.

__X___ 3.         BF3 General Requirements
                  You should be familiar with all of the General Requirements.

__X__ 4.          Special Requirements/Instructions
                  is section provides information you must know in order to properly make an offer.

__X__ 5.          Specifications
                  This section contains the detailed description of the product/service sought by the County.

__X___ 6.         Pricing/Delivery Information
                  This form is used to solicit exact pricing of goods/services and delivery costs.

______ 7.         Attachments

                  __X__ a.           BF4 Residence Certification
                                     Be sure to complete this form and return with packet.

                  _____    b.        BF5 Bid Guaranty & Performance Bond Information & Requirements
                                     This form applies only to certain bids/proposals. Please read carefully and fill out completely.

                  _____    c.        BF6 Bid Check Form
                                     This form applies only to certain forms. Please read carefully and fill out completely.

                  _____    d.        BF7 Vehicle Delivery Instructions
                                     Included only when purchasing vehicles

                  _____    e.        BF8 Minimum Insurance Requirements
                                     Included when applicable (does not supersede "Hold Harmless" section of General Requirements).

                  ______ f.          BF9 Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage Rule 110.110
                                     This requirement is applicable for a building or construction contract.

                  ______ g.          Financial Statement
                                     When this information is required, you must use this form.

                  ______ h.          Reference Sheet

                  ______ i.          Other
                                     From time to time other attachments may be included.

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                                                    3. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS


General Requirements apply to all advertised bids, however, these may be superseded, whole or in part, by the SPECIAL
package is complete.

Offerors shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Offeror is further advised that these requirements
shall be fully governed by the laws of the State of Texas and that Harris County may request and rely on advice, decisions and opinions of
the Attorney General of Texas and the County Attorney concerning any portion of these requirements.

Fill out and return to the Harris County Purchasing Department ONE (1) complete bid form, using the envelope provided. An authorized
representative of the offeror should sign the Cover Sheet. The contract will be binding only when signed by Harris County, funds are
certified by the County Auditor and or the Hospital District, as applicable, and a Purchase Order issued.

Offerors must return all completed bids to the Harris County Purchasing Department reception desk at 1001 Preston Avenue, Suite 670,
Houston, Texas before 1:00 P.M. on the date specified. Late bids will not be accepted.

In the event of any conflict between the terms and provisions of these requirements and the specifications, the specifications shall govern.
In the event of any conflict of interpretation of any part of this overall document, Harris County's interpretation shall govern.

When specifications are revised, the Harris County Purchasing Department will issue an addendum addressing the nature of the change.
Offerors must sign and include it in the returned bid package.

Contractor, the successful offeror, shall indemnify and hold Harris County harmless from all claims for personal injury, death and/or
property damage resulting directly or indirectly from contractor's performance. Contractor shall procure and maintain, with respect to the
subject matter of this bid, appropriate insurance coverage including, as a minimum, public liability and property damage with adequate
limits to cover contractor's liability as may arise directly or indirectly from work performed under terms of this bid. Certification of such
coverage must be provided to the County upon request.

Offeror and offeror's insurance carrier waive any and all rights whatsoever with regard to subrogation against Harris County as an indirect
party to any suit arising out of personal or property damages resulting from offeror's performance under this agreement.

If any section, subsection, paragraph, sentence, clause, phrase or word of these requirements or the specifications shall be held invalid, such
holding shall not affect the remaining portions of these requirements and the specifications and it is hereby declared that such remaining
portions would have been included in these requirements and the specifications as though the invalid portion had been omitted.

If this bid requires submission of bid guarantee and performance bond, there will be a separate page explaining those requirements. Bids
submitted without the required bid bond or cashier's check are not acceptable.

Harris County is exempt from all federal excise, state and local taxes unless otherwise stated in this document. Harris County claims
exemption from all sales and/or use taxes under Texas Tax Code §151.309, as amended. Texas Limited Sales Tax Exemption Certificates
will be furnished upon written request to the Harris County Purchasing Agent.


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A multi-year lease or lease/purchase arrangement (if requested by the Special Requirements/Instructions), or any contract continuing as a
result of an extension option, must include fiscal funding out. If, for any reason, funds are not appropriated to continue the lease or
contract, said lease or contract shall become null and void on the last day of the current appropriation of funds. After expiration of the
lease, leased equipment shall be removed by the offeror from the using department without penalty of any kind or form to Harris County.
All charges and physical activity related to delivery, installation, removal and redelivery hall be the responsibility of the offeror.

Prices for all goods and/or services shall be firm for the duration of this contract and shall be stated on the Pricing/Delivery Information
form. Prices shall be all inclusive: No price changes, additions, or subsequent qualifications will be honored during the course of
the contract. All prices must be written in ink or typewritten. Pricing on all transportation, freight, drayage and other charges are to be
prepaid by the contractor and included in the bid prices. If there are any additional charges of any kind, other than those mentioned above,
specified or unspecified, offeror MUST indicate the items required and attendant costs or forfeit the right to payment for such items.

The apparent silence of specifications as to any detail, or the apparent omission from it of a detailed description concerning any point, shall
be regarded as meaning that only the best commercial practice is to prevail and that only material and workmanship of the finest quality are
to be used. All interpretations of specifications shall be made on the basis of this statement. The items furnished under this contract shall
be new, unused of the latest product in production to commercial trade and shall be of the highest quality as to materials used and
workmanship. Manufacturer furnishing these items shall be experienced in design and construction of such items and shall be an
established supplier of the item bid.

Offerors are responsible for including all pertinent product data in the returned bid package. Literature, brochures, data sheets,
specification information, completed forms requested as part of the bid package and any other facts which may affect the evaluation and
subsequent contract award should be included. Materials such as legal documents and contractual agreements, which the offeror wishes to
include as a condition of the bid, must also be in the returned bid package. Failure to include all necessary and proper supplemental
materials may be cause to reject the entire bid.

Under the "Hazardous Communication Act", commonly known as the "Texas Right To Know Act", a offeror must provide to the County
with each delivery, material safety data sheets which are applicable to hazardous substances defined in the Act. Failure of the offeror to
furnish this documentation will be cause to reject any bid applying thereto.

Specifications may reference name brands and model numbers. It is not the intent of Harris County to restrict these bids in such cases, but
to establish a desired quality level of merchandise or to meet a pre-established standard due to like existing items. Offerors may offer items
of equal stature and the burden of proof of such stature rests with offerors. Harris County shall act as sole judge in determining equality
and acceptability of products offered.

Determination of colors of materials is a right reserved by the using department unless otherwise specified in the bid. Unspecified colors
shall be quoted as standard colors, NOT colors which require upcharges or special handling. Unspecified fabrics or vinyls should be
construed as medium grade. If offeror fails to get color/material approvals prior to delivery of merchandise, the using department may
refuse to accept the items and demand correct shipment without penalty, subject to other legal remedies.

Evaluation shall be used as a determinant as to which bid items or services are the most efficient and/or most economical for the County. It
shall be based on all factors which have a bearing on price and performance of the items in the user environment. All bids are subject to
tabulation by the Harris County Purchasing Department and recommendation to Harris County Commissioners Court. Compliance with all
bid requirements, delivery and needs of the using department are considerations in evaluating bids. Pricing is NOT the only criteria for
making a recommendation. The Harris County Purchasing Department reserves the right to contact any offeror, at any time, to clarify,
verify or request information with regard to any bid.

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Harris County reserves the right to inspect any item(s) or service location for compliance with specifications and requirements and needs of
the using department. If an offeror cannot furnish a sample of a bid item, where applicable, for review, or fails to satisfactorily show an
ability to perform, the County can reject the bid as inadequate.

Harris County reserves the right to test equipment, supplies, material and goods bid for quality, compliance with specifications and ability
to meet the needs of the user. Demonstration units must be available for review. Should the goods or services fail to meet requirements
and/or be unavailable for evaluation, the bid is subject to rejection.

Upon signing this bid document, an offeror offering to sell supplies, materials, services, or equipment to Harris County certifies that the
offeror has not violated the antitrust laws of this state codified in Texas Business and Commerce Code §15.01, et seq., as amended, or the
federal antitrust laws, and has not communicated directly or indirectly the bid made to any competitor or any other person engaged in such
line of business. Any or all bids may be rejected if the County believes that collusion exists among the offerors. Bids in which the prices
are obviously unbalanced may be rejected. If multiple bids are submitted by a offeror and after the bids are opened, one of the bids is
withdrawn, the result will be that all of the bids submitted by that offeror will be withdrawn, however, nothing herein prohibits a vendor
from submitting multiple bids for different products or services.

Harris County reserves the right to award this contract on the basis of LOWEST AND BEST BID in accordance with the laws of the State
of Texas, to waive any formality or irregularity, to make awards to more than one offeror, to reject any or all bids. In the event the lowest
dollar offeror meeting specifications is not awarded a contract, the offeror may appear before the Commissioners Court or Hospital District
Board of Managers, as applicable, and present evidence concerning his responsibility.

The successful offeror may not assign, sell or otherwise transfer this contract without written permission of Harris County Commissioners

If the contract is intended to cover a specific time period, the term will be given in the specifications under SCOPE.

Maintenance required for equipment bid should be available in Harris County by a manufacturer authorized maintenance facility. Costs for
this service shall be shown on the Pricing/Delivery Information form. If Harris County opts to include maintenance, it shall be so stated in
the purchase order and said cost will be included. Service will commence only upon expiration of applicable warranties and should be
priced accordingly.

Harris County Commissioners Court must award the contract and the County Judge or other person authorized by the Harris County
Commissioners Court must sign the contract before it becomes binding on Harris County or the offerors. Department heads are NOT
authorized to sign agreements for Harris County. Binding agreements shall remain in effect until all products and/or services covered by
this purchase have been satisfactorily delivered and accepted.

Title and Risk of Loss of goods shall not pass to Harris County until Harris County actually receives and takes possession of the goods at
the point or points of delivery. Receiving times may vary with the using department. Generally, deliveries may be made between 8:30
a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Offerors are advised to consult the using department for instructions. The place of delivery
shall be shown under the "Special Requirements/Instructions" section of this bid package and/or on the Purchase Order as a "Deliver To:"

Offerors shall furnish all data pertinent to warranties or guarantees which may apply to items in the bid. Offerors may not limit or exclude
any implied warranties. Offeror warrants that product sold to the County shall conform to the standards established by the U.S.
Department of Labor under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. In the event product does not conform to OSHA Standards,
where applicable, Harris County may return the product for correction or replacement at the offeror's expense. If offeror fails to make the
appropriate correction within a reasonable time, Harris County may correct at the offeror's expense.

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The successful offeror shall not deliver products or provide services without a Harris County Purchase Order, signed by an authorized
agent of the Harris County Purchasing Department. The fastest, most reasonable delivery time shall be indicated by the offeror in the
proper place on the Pricing/Delivery Information form. Any special information concerning delivery should also be included, on a
separate sheet, if necessary. All items shall be shipped F.O.B. INSIDE DELIVERY unless otherwise stated in the specifications. This
shall be understood to include bringing merchandise to the appropriate room or place designated by the using department. Every tender or
delivery of goods must fully comply with all provisions of these requirements and the specifications including time, delivery and quality.
Nonconformance shall constitute a breach which must be rectified prior to expiration of the time for performance. Failure to rectify within
the performance period will be considered cause to reject future deliveries and cancellation of the contract by Harris County without
prejudice to other remedies provided by law. Where delivery times are critical, Harris County reserves the right to award

Renewals may be made ONLY by written agreement between Harris County and the offeror. Any price escalations are limited to those
stated by the offeror in the original bid.

Offerors shall submit invoices in duplicate on each purchase order or purchase release after each delivery, indicating the purchase order
number. Invoices must be itemized. Any invoice which cannot be verified by the contract price and/or is otherwise incorrect, will be
returned to the offeror for correction. Under term contracts, when multiple deliveries and/or services are required, the offeror may invoice
following each delivery and the County will pay on invoice. Contracts providing for a monthly charge will be billed and paid on a monthly
basis only.

Harris County reserves the right to terminate the contract for default if offeror breaches any of the terms therein, including warranties of
offeror or if the offeror becomes insolvent or commits acts of bankruptcy. Such right of termination is in addition to and not in lieu of any
other remedies which Harris County may have in law or equity. Default may be construed as, but not limited to, failure to deliver the
proper goods and/or services within the proper amount of time, and/or to properly perform any and all services required to Harris County's
satisfaction and/or to meet all other obligations and requirements. Contracts may be terminated without cause upon thirty (30) days written
notice to either party unless otherwise specified.

Harris County encourages the use of products made of recycled materials and shall give preference in purchasing to products made of
recycled materials if the products meet applicable specifications as to quantity and quality. Harris County will be the sole judge in
determining product preference application.

If in its bid response, offeror either electronically scans, re-types, or in some way reproduces the County's published bid package, then in
event of any conflict between the terms and provisions of the County's published bid specifications, or any portion thereof, and the terms
and provisions of the bid response made by offeror, the County's bid specifications as published shall control. Furthermore, if an alteration
of any kind to the County's published bid specifications is only discovered after the contract is executed and is or is not being performed,
the contract is subject to immediate cancellation.

If offeror obtained the bid specifications on a floppy disk in order to prepare a response, the bid must be submitted in hard copy according
to the instructions contained in this bid package. If, in its bid response, offeror makes any changes whatsoever to the County's published
bid specifications, the County's bid specifications as published shall control. Furthermore, if an alteration of any kind to the County's
published bid specifications is only discovered after the contract is executed and is or is not being performed, the contract is subject to
immediate cancellation.

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                               4. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS

The following requirements/instructions supersede General Requirements where applicable.

1. Nature of Invitation To Bid (ITB)

       This ITB is a competitive bid and as such is governed by the procedures as outlined in the current edition of
       the Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 262. Therefore, bids shall be opened in public on the date and
       time as advertised, unless revised by Commissioners Court, and all bids shall be subsequently available for
       public inspection. Harris County shall not be responsible for any effort or cost expended in the preparation
       of a response to this ITB.

2. Bid Requirements

       A bid must be submitted in the envelope provided, or one of comparable size, clearly indicating on the
       outside the Job Number, Job Description, and marked "SEALED BID". Bids will be firm and effective for
       ninety (90) days after date of submission. Withdrawal of offer after received by Harris County may be
       considered breach of contract.

       Each bidder should include in the return envelope this entire ITB, completed where necessary, for example,
       the ITB cover sheet, the Price Sheets, Residence Certification, etc. The entire ITB, completed as
       required, will be the contract between Harris County and the contractor, if awarded by the Harris County
       Commissioners Court. A purchase order(s) must follow award of bid in commissioners court for contract
       to be valid.

3. Award Criteria

       Price offers are to be made on the attached Price Sheet(s). Award shall be made on the basis of lowest and
       best bid. Award may not necessarily be made to the apparent low bidder.

       The criteria utilized by Harris County in determining the lowest responsible bidder may include, but not be
       limited to, ability to meet specifications, delivery schedule, experience, financial stability, required facilities
       or equipment, and any other factor which could reasonably be considered as relevant to successful
       performance as defined in this ITB. The successful bidder should be an established business for the item(s)

4. General Information

       The specifications of this ITB are not intended to be restrictive to any manufacturer or distributor.
       Technical descriptions or reference to manufacturer’s brand names in the specifications or price sheets do
       not restrict the bidding process, but serve to be instructive as to type and class of goods or services
       acceptable to Harris County. Any product of equal or greater quality will be considered. If an equivalent or
       superior product is bid, evidence of performance, stability, operational efficiency should be included with
       bid. If other than specified type or design of product is bid, bidder must, at request of Harris County and
       within three (3) working of written request, make offered item(s) available in a convenient location for
       inspection and/or demonstration of the merits of the item(s) by a means acceptable to Harris County.

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       Harris County’s judgment as to suitability and equivalency shall be final, and only the item(s) bid and
       accepted shall be furnished, no substitutes shall be accepted.

5. Purchase Order

       A purchase order will be issued by the Harris County Purchasing Department for the product(s) and/or
       service(s) required by this ITB, and Harris County may request to purchase more or less than the
       quantity(ies) estimated in this ITB. Harris County will not be liable for any effort, delivery, or performance
       without having issued a purchase order. Effort, delivery, and/or performance made without a purchase
       order are made at the contractor's risk and, without said purchase order, Harris County maintains the option
       of canceling any contract, whether implied or expressed.

6. Delivery

       Delivery will be made to the address(es) indicated in this ITB unless otherwise indicated on the purchase
       order, and will be made within the time period(s) indicated on the submitted bid, unless subsequently
       agreed to by Harris County and the contractor. All item(s) must be packaged so as to be protected from
       damage during shipping and handling. Any damaged item(s) must be replaced in kind by the contractor at
       no additional charge to Harris County.

7. Payment

       Harris County will pay original invoices that clearly itemize the goods and/or services provided as to
       quantity, part number, description, price, applicable discount (if any), labor charges showing time
       differential, if applicable and if previously agreed to, and delivery, installation, and set-up costs, if
       applicable and if previously agreed to. Only charges stated on the Bid Sheet(s) submitted with the bid will
       be considered for payment.

       In addition, invoices must indicate Harris County or Harris County Hospital District, as applicable, the
       address to which the product(s) and/or service(s) were delivered, and the applicable purchase order number.
       Invoices will be matched to delivery tickets prior to payment, therefore, all delivery tickets should have an
       accurate description of the product(s) and/or service(s) delivered.

       Neither signed receipts nor payments shall be construed as acceptance of any claim for damages and Harris
       Count reserves the right to audit all payments made to the contractor. If overpayment is determined,
       recovery will be sought.

8. Usage Reports

       Harris County reserves the right to request, and receive at no additional cost, up to two (2) times during
       the contract period, a usage report detailing the products and/or services furnished to date under a
       contract resulting from this ITB. The reports must be furnished no later than five (5) working days after
       written request and itemize all purchases to date by Harris County department, description of each item
       purchased, including manufacturer, quantity of each item purchased, per unit and extended price of each
       item purchased, and total amount and price of all items purchased.

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                                     5. SPECIFICATIONS


The intention of this Harris County Invitation To Bid (ITB) is to solicit bids for a term contract to
furnish and deliver repair and/or replacement parts and related items for heating, ventilation, and
air conditioning (HVAC) equipment for Harris County for one year beginning approximately
April 1, 1997, in the quantities estimated herein, to various locations throughout Harris County.

A pre-bid conference is scheduled for Monday, February 10, at 1:00 p.m. in the Conference Room
of the Office of the Purchasing Agent, 1001 Preston Avenue, Suite #670, Houston, Texas.
Attendance is not mandatory but all bidders should attend in order to have a better understanding of
the requirements of this ITB. Persons with disabilities requiring special accommodations should
contact the Purchasing Department at (713) 755-5036 at least two (2) days prior to the conference.

For information regarding the bid process, contact Mike Perricone at (713) 755-5743 or, for
technical information concerning the products and/or services described in this ITB, please
contact Mike Pertl, Harris County Facilities and Property Management Department at (713) 755-


The contractor shall furnish, and deliver as required, if required, repair and/or replacement parts
and related items for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, as detailed in
Section 6., Pricing/Delivery Information, of this ITB. Manufacturers and model numbers are
referenced in order to be instructive as to type, class, etc. acceptable to Harris County. However,
any products of equal or greater quality will be considered. Please see page 7, paragraph 4 for
further information.

Maintenance of the HVAC systems, in approximately one-hundred twenty (120) Harris County
owned buildings throughout Harris County is the primary use for the products to be furnished
under this contract. This is a materials supply contract only. All repairs will be performed by
Harris County personnel.

Bidder may offer for sale additional items related to the scope of goods and/or services described
above and/or listed in the Pricing/Delivery Information Section of this ITB by identifying other
items and/or brands not identified by Harris County in this ITB. Though the “related items”
offered may be considered during the award recommendation, and/or may be made a part of a
subsequent contract, if any, with Harris County, the affect of the related items cannot be extended
and totaled in determining the lowest bidder since an estimated usage is unknown. Purchases by
Harris County of related items should not exceed 20% of the total annual purchases under
the contract.

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Contractor must be an established, full line, stocking supplier of heating, ventilation and air
conditioning (HVAC) equipment and related items, and maintain, at a minimum, normal
working hours of 7:30 to 5:00, Monday through Friday, except for official Harris County
holidays. Contractor must also have walk-in/will call pick up service during normal working

To insure an uninterrupted source of repair parts/, the County reserves the right to award multiple
contracts. Each item may be awarded to a "Primary" and a "Secondary" contractor with the
intention of initially requesting from the “Primary” contractor and only from the “Secondary”
contractor as necessary due to time constraints, availability, etc.

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                                                            6. PRICING/DELIVERY INFORMATION

I. Pricing: Bidder must complete open boxes to right of double vertical lines. Quantities are estimated, Harris County may require more or less. In case
   of discrepancy between unit and extended pricing, unit pricing governs. Harris County reserves the right to award by item, group, overall, or otherwise,
   as best serves the county’s interest.


ITEM              DESCRIPTION                          MFG.               Model #           QTY.             Brand              Model       $/EA.   EXT.$
   1   Motor, 1/3 hp                           A.O. Smith         GF2034                      15
   2   Motor, 1-1/2hp 3 ph., 230/460           A.O. Smith         FC3158                       2
   3   Motor, 1/2 hp., 230v., 1075rpm.         A.O. Smith         FSE10566                     7
   4   Motor, 1hp                              A.O. Smith         RB1104A                      2
   5   Motor, 3/4hp                            A.O. Smith         BK3074                       2
   6   Motor, 1/4hp., 1075/3, 115v.            A.O. Smith         FDL 1026                     6
   7   Motor, 1/2hp, 1spd                      A.O. Smith         FF1056S                      4
   8   Motor, 1/3hp, 460v.                     A.O. Smith         FEH1036S                     2
   9   Motor, 3/4hp, 1spd                      A.O. Smith         FE1076S                      2
  10   Motor, 1/3hp, 8 pol                     A.O. Smith         FSE1038S                     2
  11   Motor, 1/3, 115/230                     A.O. Smith         RS1030A                      2
  12   Motor, 230/460/30 1725rpm               A.O. Smith         BK3104                       1
  13   Motor, Blower 1/4 hp., 1625/3, 230v.    A.O. Smith         FD1024                       2
  14   Motor, Blower, 1/2 hp., 1075/3, 115v.   A.O. Smith         FDL1056                      2
  15   Motor, 1/2 hp                           A.O. Smith         GE2054                       2
  16   Motor, 1/3hp, 1 spd                     A.O. Smith         FE1036S                      2
  17   Motor, Blower, 1/3 hp., 1075/3, 230v.   A.O. Smith         FD1036                       2
  18   Motor, 6hp, fan motor                   A.O. Smith         FC1066                       1
  19   Motor, 1/2hp, 460v                      A.O. Smith         FEH1056S                     1
  20   Motor, 3/4 1075 ds                      A.O. Smith         RA1076                       1
  21   Motor, 1/2hp, 230v                      A.O. Smith         F1056                        1
  22   Motor, 1/2hp, 115/230                   A.O. Smith         RS1051A                      1
  23   Motor, 1/3 hp., 1075, 230v.             A.O. Smith         FSE1036S                     2
  24   Accumulator, 2 1/8 v.                   AC & R             S 7721                       1
  25   3 Ton TXV A/C Evap.                     ADP                HH45336-A225A170200          1
  26   Coil, 3 Ton, DX Coil                    ADP                HH45236                      1
  27   Phase Protector                         Air Condex         SEN-1509                     1

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ITEM              DESCRIPTION                         MFG.              Model #      QTY.   Brand   Model   $/EA.   EXT.$
 28    Furnace, 4 Ton Drive, Gas              Air Star         SGH-080-HD-40R           2
 29    Furnace, 3.5 Ton Drive, Gas            Air Star         SGH-060-ND-35R           1
 30    Furnace, 3 Ton Drive, Gas              Air Star         SGH-040-ND-30R           1
 31    Digital Thermometer                    Amprobe          Py20                    12
 32    Meter                                  Amprobe          ACD11                    4
 33    Pan Tablets, 100/btl.                  Aqua Soft        510491                  10
 34    Psychrometer                           Bacharach        12-7011                  2
 35    Air Dryer, 105 CFM, 3/8, In/Out, 1/6   Barber-Coleman   K8010                    2
 36    By-Pass, 3/8, Air Dryer                Barber-Coleman   K1701-2                  2
 37    Drain Trap, air Dryer                  Barber-Coleman   21-476                   2
 38    Final Filter                           Barber-Coleman   K-335                   50
 39    Pressure Gauge, 0-30 P.S.I.            Barber-Coleman   A-201                   14
 40    Pneumatic, phn. 1/4 X 5/32             Barber-Coleman   B-261                  304
 41    Relay, 120v.                           Barber-Coleman   AL181                    5
 42    Thermostat                             Barber-Coleman   TKR1101                 11
 43    Thermostat                             Barber-Coleman   TK2001                   3
 44    Wall Mount A/C, 230/3ph                Bard             WA361-B00                1
 45    Teflon Cond. Stat Wire                 Belden           18 AWG-6               500
 46    Thermostat Wire                        Belden           18AWG-6               1000
 47    Air Vent                               Bell & Gossett   #7                      10
 48    Air vent                               Bell & Gossett   87                       4
 49    Bearing                                Bell & Gossett   186863                   3
 50    Bearing                                Bell & Gossett   118844                   2
 51    Duel Unit                              Bell & Gossett   #8                       5
 52    Expansion Tank                         Bell & Gossett   15Gal. ASME Tank         1
 53    Pump                                   Bell & Gossett   100NFI                   3
 54    Pump                                   Bell & Gossett   #100 Bronze              1
 55    Drain Pan                              Bohn             C25928AZ                 1
 56    Evaperator Motor                       Bohn             5008S                    5
 57    M.T. Evaperator, 115/1                 Bohn             ADT156AWGJ               2
 58    Stapler                                Bostich          T5-80C                   3
 59    Compressor, 230/3                      Bristol          H25D42QDBLL              3
 60    Compressor, 460/3                      Bristol          H23A563DBEA              2
 61    Compressor, 460/3                      Bristol          H25D92QDBEL              1
 62    Canned Foam, 12oz.                     C&R              01714                   66

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ITEM              DESCRIPTION                      MFG.           Model #      QTY.   Brand   Model   $/EA.   EXT.$
 63    Cleaner, Ice Machine, 1 gal.      Calgon           4287-08                4
 64    Cleaner, Cond. Coil, 2-1/2 gal.   Calgon           4120-05                8
 65    Contact Cleaner                   Calgon           4082-03               16
 66    Leak Detector                     Calgon           4184-24               16
 67    Tape-Foam Insulation              Calgon           4218-12               17
 68    Tape-Cork Insulation              Calgon           4217-W3               14
 69    Refrig. Oil                       Calgon           4603-07               25
 70    Sprayer, Foam                     Calgon           4774-0                 2
 71    Blower Wheel                      Carrier          LA22LA123              1
 72    Flex Duct Connector, 50 pcs.      Catamount        L-36-175-50           38
 73    Tie Strad, 50 pcs.                Catamount        L48-175                6
 74    Pocket Thermometer                Cooper           DPS300                24
 75    Compressor, 460/3                 Copeland         CRN5-0500-tfd          1
 76    Compressor, 230/3                 Copeland         BRE2-0750-TFC          3
 77    Compressor, 230/3                 Copeland         BRH2-1000 TFC          1
 78    Compressor, 460/3                 Copeland         BRH2-1000 TFD          1
 79    Compressor, 230/1                 Copeland         CRK3-0325-PFV          1
 80    Compressor, 230/3                 Copeland         CRH3-0275 TF5          1
 81    Compressor, 460/3                 Copeland         CRH3-0275 TFD          1
 82    Hand Cleaner, 1 gal.              D&L              1 gal.                 9
 83    Phase Monitor                     Diversified      SLA440ASA              4
 84    Time Delay                        Diversified      AC2020                24
 85    Time Delay                        Diversified      AC-503                16
 86    Clear Silicone Sealer, 11oz       Dow              Trademate             36
 87    Refrig. Recovery Cyl.             DuPont           #100                   1
 88    Refrigerant, R-22 30#             DuPont           R2230                  3
 89    Duct Connector                    Duro-Dyne        10003-MFN4-100         3
 90    Air Freshener                     Easton Air       100                   16
 91    Foil Duct Tape, 3"                Fasson           0821-3" FSK           46
 92    Smacna Tape, 2-1/2"               Fasson           H0810                 80
 93    Digital Clamp Meter               Fluke            #30                    2
 94    Meter, Thermo Converter           Fluke            80TK                   3
 95    Meter, Imm. Thermo Probe          Fluke            80PK-2A                3
 96    Multimeter                        Fluke            29-2                   5
 97    Probe, A/C Clamp-On               Fluke            80i-400                4
 98    Window A/C, 8000/115v             Friedrich        KQ08J10                1

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ITEM               DESCRIPTION                             MFG.              Model #             QTY.   Brand   Model   $/EA.   EXT.$
 99    Window A/C, 5600/115v                     Friedrich          KQ05J10                         1
100    Window A/C, 230v w/4.0kw                  Friedrich          EM18J34                         1
101    Hose, Hot Water, 5/8" x 50'               Gates              5/8" x 50'                     13
102    Hose, Hot Water, 5/8" x 50'               Gates              5/8" x 50'                      7
103    Control, 10/120                           General            K3A462S                         1
104    Control Valve                             General            AH2B101A4                       1
105    Auxilary Contact Kit, 305x100 a g.e.      General Electric   CR305x100A                      4
106    Heater-Electric Fuse                      General Electric   CR306c104                       1
107    Heater-Electric Fuse                      General Electric   CR306B102                       1
108    Light Kit, Red                            General Electric   CR305X150N                      1
109    Starter, NEMA-1                           General Electric   DR306B104                       1
110    Portable Lift, 20' Height                 Genie              SL20                            1
111    Duct Fiber Tape, 3" x 100 yd. Cotton      Hardcast           DT5300                         11
112    Duct Sealant, 1 gal.                      Hardcast           IG-601-4                       16
113    Duct Sealant, 1 gal.                      Hardcast           102-4                          14
114    Silver Solder, .050x1/81#15%              Harris             61035                          32
115    Solder, 1/16"                             Harris             Eutectic Stick 1030FC 1/16     69
116    Aluminum Flex Duct, 3"x10'                Hart & Cooley      3"x10'                        640
117    Filter Grill, 24 x 24                     Hart & Cooley      673                             7
118    Flex Duct, 8" x 25'                       Hart & Cooley      F244 8"x25' Foil             2100
119    Flex Duct, 10" x 25'                      Hart & Cooley      F214 10"x25                   700
120    Flex duct, 6" x 25'                       Hart & Cooley      F214 6"x25                   1025
121    Flex duct, 7" x 25'                       Hart & Cooley      F214 - 7"x 25'                825
122    Flex Duct, 9"x25'                         Hart & Cooley      F214 - 9"x25"                 500
123    Flex Duct, 12" x 25'                      Hart & Cooley      F214 -12'x25'                 325
124    Grill, 24 x 24                            Hart & Cooley      24x24 RENPS S/R               199
125    Grill, 24 x 24                            Hart & Cooley      24x24 PD Per Face Only         64
126    Grill, 12 x 12, 4-way                     Hart & Cooley      12 x 12 - 684                  11
127    Return Air filter Grill, 20" x 20" x 1"   Hart & Cooley      659TI 20x20 TBAR FG w/IN       18
128    Ball Valve, 7/8"                          Henry              903307A                         4
129    Check Valve, 1-5/8"                       Henry              #205                            1
130    Air vent, Hot/Cold Main Water             Hoffman            #79                            13
131    Air vent, Hot/Cold Main Water             Hoffman            791                             8
132    Wire Nuts, 10-103, 100 pk                 Holub              10-103                         34

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ITEM             DESCRIPTION                      MFG.             Model #      QTY.   Brand   Model   $/EA.   EXT.$
133    Thermostat                        Honewell          T834C1541              6
134    Thermostat                        Honewell          T874C1018              2
135    Contactor, dp2030, 24v            Honeywell         DP2030A5004           13
136    Control Valve, 1/2"               Honeywell         V5013F1079             1
137    Control Valve, 1"                 Honeywell         V5011F1154             1
138    Switch-Electric Pneumatic         Honeywell         P658B1012             10
139    Switch-Electric Pneumatic         Honeywell         P658A1013              6
140    MOD Motor, Damper, 24v.           Honeywell         M961D1009              1
141    MOD Motor, Reverse Acting Valve   Honeywell         MP953D1107             1
142    Module, Primary Burner Control    Honeywell         RM7890A1015            1
143    Pilot Assy.                       Honeywell         Q179A1050              1
144    PRV Statition                     Honeywell         PP901B1002             1
145    Relay                             Honeywell         RA-890FL346            2
146    Sensor                            Honeywell         T7047C1025            22
147    Spark Module                      Honeywell         S8610U1003             4
148    Subbase                           Honeywell         Q674B1075             13
149    Thermostat                        Honeywell         W7400A1001            22
150    Thermostat                        Honeywell         T874D1165             12
151    Thermostat                        Honeywell         TP972A2028             7
152    Thermostat                        Honeywell         T92E 1029              2
153    Thermostat                        Honeywell         T921A1191              3
154    Thermostat                        Honeywell         T678A1437              3
155    Thermostat                        Honeywell         TP970A2145             4
156    Thermostat                        Honeywell         T87F2873              10
157    Thermostat                        Honeywell         TB74B1019              3
158    Thermostat                        Honeywell         T8621D7022             1
159    Thermostat                        Honeywell         T991A1244              1
160    Thermostat                        Honeywell         T8602C1046             1
161    Thermostat Guard                  Honeywell         TG521A1009             9
162    Valve Operator                    Honeywell         MP953E1319             1
163    Valve                             Jackes Evans      GP607                  2
164    Transformer, 120/208/240/48       Jard              7541C                  5
165    Pressure Control                  Johnson           P70MA-1                3
166    Control                           Johnson Control   P99V-2C                1
167    Control Valve                     Johnson Control   VTM-TM047-394          1

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ITEM               DESCRIPTION                                MFG.               Model #     QTY.   Brand   Model   $/EA.   EXT.$
168    Oil Protection                                Johnson Control    P28AA-1                3
169    Pressure Control                              Johnson Control    P70AB-2                5
170    Pressure Control                              Johnson Control    P70CA-1                4
171    Presure Control                               Johnson Control    P70AA-118              5
172    Hose, Refrrigerant, 36"                       Johnson Control    H270AB-36              5
173    p32ac-2 johnson ctrl press swc                Johnson Control    P32AC-2                3
174    Switch, DPST Dual Press. Control              Johnson Control    P72MA-1                1
175    Thermometer                                   Johnson Control    A19ABC-24              6
176    Thermostat                                    Johnson Control    T-4002-201            14
177    Thermostat                                    Johnson Control    T4002-202              8
178    Valve Actuator                                Johnson Control    V-3000-1               3
179    Kickstart                                     Kickstart          TO-6                  12
180    Duct Liner Adhesive, red, 1 gal               Kingo              15-128                40
181    Duct Liner Glue, red, 1 gal                   Kingo              15-128 Red             3
182    Pulley Puller                                 Lau                052141-0/FB2           3
183    Fab Blade, 30"-27-cw                          LAV                60-8332                1
184    Hole Saw Kit                                  Lennox             30820-1200L            1
185    Gasket Sealant                                Lotite             515-31                22
186    Aluminum Flex, 4"x10'                         M & M MFG.         4"x10"               290
187    Drain Valve                                   MAC                314319                 3
188    Drill, Electric, 3/8", 9.6v., w/extra batt.   Makita             6095DWE                2
189    Duct Hole Cutter                              Malco              HCI                    5
190    Screws, 10x1/2z, 1000/pk.                     Malco              HWIDx1/2 Z-1000        5
191    Screws, 3/4 x 1/4hs 500pk                     Malco              BT233-500              6
192    Tension Tool, Cable Tie                       Malco              TY6                    3
193    Screws-Sheet Metal, 8x1/2, 1000/pk.           Malco Zip-In       HW8x1/2 Z 1000        13
194    Thermometer, Superheat                        Marsh              Y1070                  2
195    Vibration Pad, 18" x 18" x 3/4"               Mason              Super W                6
196    Feeder, Boiler Water                          McDonnel Miller    126800                 1
197    Cut Off Switch                                McDonnell/Miller   #150                   1
198    Air Flow Switch                               McDonnell/Miller   FS4-3                  2
199    Duct collar, 12" collar w/dmpr duct pipe      Metal Fab          12" Collar W/D        37
200    Duct Collar, 9" collar w/dmpr duct pipe       Metal Fab          9" Collar W/D         41

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ITEM               DESCRIPTION                                  MFG.              Model #      QTY.   Brand   Model   $/EA.   EXT.$
201    Duct Collar, 7" collar w/dmpr duct pipe      Metal Fab          7" Collar W/D            43
202    Duct Collar, 6" collar w/dmpr duct pipe      Metal Fab          6" Collar W/D            46
203    Duct Collar, 10" collar w/dmpr duct          Metal Fab          10" Collar W/D           26
204    Duct Pipe, 12' x 5"                          Metal Fab          12x5                    265
205    Duct Pipe, 8' x 5"                           Metal Fab          8x5                     465
206    Duct Pipe, 10" x 5"                          Metal Fab          10x5                    300
207    Duct Pipe Fitting, 12 "x 12" x 10" ins       Metal Fab          12 x 12 x 10 Ins. Box    15
208    Duct Pipe Fitting, 12" adjustable ell duct   Metal Fab          12" Adj. ELL             26
209    Duct Pipe fitting, 10" x 6" x 7" ins box     Metal Fab          12 x 6 x 7 Ins. Box      19
210    Metal Duct Collar                            Metal Fab          8" Collar W/D           129
211    Copper Tube, 1-5/8"                          Mueller            1-5/8 ACR               260
212    Copper Tube, 5/8"                            Mueller            5/8' ACR                240
213    Copper Tube, 1-1/8"                          Mueller            1-1/8" ACR              100
214    Copper Tube, 2/5/8"                          Mueller            2-5/8" ACR               20
215    Copper Tube, 2-1/8"                          Mueller            2-1/8" ACR               20
216    Copper fitting, 7/8 lr 90 sweat ell          Mueller            7/8" LR90                81
217    Copper fitting, 3/8 lr 90 sweat ell          Mueller            3/8" LR90               106
218    Copper Fitting, 1-3/8" lr 90 sweat ell       Mueller            1-3/8" LR90              29
219    Copper Tube Roll, 3/8" x 50'                 Mueller            3/8"x50'                  8
220    Copper Tube Roll, 7/8" x 50'                 Mueller            7/8" x 50'                2
221    Copper Fitting, 1-1/8" lr 90 sweat ell       Mueller            1-1/8 LR90              107
222    Copper Fitting, 1- 5/8" lr 90 sweat ell      Mueller            1-5/8 LR90               48
223    Copper fitting, 2 5/8" lr 90 sweat ell       Mueller            2-5/8 LR90 Degree         9
224    Duct Tape -Black, 2"                         Nashua             #253-2" BLACK           151
225    Duct Tape -Silver 2"                         Nashua             253/2 " Silver           54
226    Unit Pad, 3"x36x36                           Nutek              2" x 36" x 36"            5
227    Defrost Control                              Paragon            8141-20                   1
228    Scale, Heavy Duty                            Pelouse            P250                      6
229    Grease Gun                                   Plews              30-120                    6
230    Pocket Thermometer                           PSG                PAD 160                  16
231    Thermostat                                   PSG                UM-A1                    14

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ITEM              DESCRIPTION                           MFG.                      Model #     QTY.   Brand   Model   $/EA.   EXT.$
232    Control, 24v. de-ice                    Ranco                    E15-256                  1
233    E-Prom, Microchip                       Rapid Advance            382652                   1
234    Battery, D Cell                         Rayovac                  AL-D                    90
235    Relay                                   RBM                      90-340                  23
236    Accumlator                              Refrigeration Research   3873                     1
237    Charging Hose, 60"                      Ritchie                  HA60                    25
238    Charging Hose, 72"                      Ritchie                  HA72                    16
239    Calibration Kit                         Robertshaw               900-002                  5
240    Diff. Press. Switch                     Robertshaw               2374-410                 6
241    Pneumatic Receiver                      Robertshaw               2341-522                 1
242    Smoke Detector                          Robertshaw               2650-450                 8
243    Thermostat                              Robertshaw               2212-119                 8
244    Thermostat                              Robertshaw               2212-1118                4
245    Board Kit                               Robinair                 RA19045                  1
246    Charging Hose, 60"                      Robinair                 68160                    6
247    Gauge & Manifold Set                    Robinair                 416000                   7
248    Gauge & Manifold Set                    Robinair                 40153                    6
249    Oil Pump                                Robinair                 14388                    2
250    Refrigerant Recovery, Recover/Recycle   Robinair                 25200B                   1
251    Vacuum Pump, 6-cfm, 2-stage             Robinair                 15600                    4
252    Pipe Insulation, 36' x 48" x 1/2"       Rubatek                  86x48x1/2              372
253    Adhesive, white coating gal             Rubatex                  374                      5
254    Adhesive, spray                         Rubatex                  27782                   21
255    Insulation Tape                         Rubatex                  R-1800-FS               72
256    Pipe Insulation, 1-5/8" x 3/4"          Rubatex                  1-5/8" x 3/4'          120
257    Pipe Insulation, 1-3/8" x 1/2"          Rubatex                  1-3/8" x 1/2"          288
258    Pipe Insulation, 5/8" x 1/2"            Rubatex                  5/8" x 1/2"            330
259    Pipe Insulation, 1-3/8" x 3/4"          Rubatex                  1-3/8" x 3/4"          120
260    Pipe Insulation, 1-1/8" x 1/2"          Rubatex                  1-1/8" x 1/2"          246
261    Duct Board, 1 x 48 x 120                Schuller                 1x48x120              1120
262    Duct Liner, 1x47 1/2x100 1.5 Density    Schuller                 1x47.5x100/1.5          10
263    Duct Wrap, l-1/2" x 48" x 100 j/m       Schuller                 R-6FSKL                 10
264    Tape- Electrical, 3/4" x 66'            Scotch                   #33+                    91
265    Wire Nuts, 100/pk.                      Scotch                   R-1ooo                  10
266    Leak Detector, 8oz.                     Snoop                    510505                  20
267    Acid Test, one time                     Sporlan                  AK-1                    22

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ITEM             DESCRIPTION                          MFG.            Model #             QTY.   Brand   Model   $/EA.   EXT.$
268    Filter Core, rcw-48, high capacity    Sporlan         RCW-48                         5
269    Contactor, DPA43v14                   Square D        DPA43V14                       8
270    Contactor, DP32v14                    Square D        DP32V14                       20
271    Contactor, DPA53V09                   Square D        DPA53V09                       2
272    Chiller, 40 ton                       Standard        FSK-40-2                       1
273    Receiver, R-22, 227#                  Standard        RVB-60122                      1
274    Condenser Coil Cleaner, 1 gal.        Stewart Hall    0523G                        165
275    Channel , 10"                         Superstrut      A1200HS                      100
276    Compressor, 460/3                     Tecumseh        AG5561EXG                      1
277    Compressor, 230/208-1                 Tecumseh        AGA5561EXN                     1
278    Compressor, 230/208-1                 Tecumseh        AHA2445 AXD                    1
279    Compressor, 460/3                     Tecumseh        AVA5538EX                      1
280    Compressor, 230/208-1                 Tecumseh        AWA5519EXD                     1
281    Compressor, 277/1                     Tecumseh        AW5520E                        1
282    Thermometer, 9", 0"-100"              Terice          BX91403-1/2                    6
283    Micron Gauge, Digital                 TIF             TIF9450D                       1
284    Acytelene Ony Torch                   Turbo Torch     X4b                            1
285    Pump Sprayer, 1 gal.                  Universal       1000P                          7
286    Gauge & Manifold                      Uniweld         QAL353M                        4
287    Oxy./AC Welding Reg.                  Uniweld         KL550-4                        1
288    Sandcloth, 25yd.                      Wagner          SC-25                         19
289    Duct Heater, 15kw, 460/3              Warren          SL15TX                         2
290    Duct Heater, 13x14, 10 kw             Warren          SL10TX                         1
291    Duct Heater, 15kw, 460/3              Warren          SL15TK                         1
292    Duct Heater, 10kw, 16x16, 240/1       Warren          SL10A                          1
293    Solvent, 112oz, spray                 WD40            12oz.                         63
294    Thermometer, 9vs-120 weiss 0/120 9"   Weiss           9VS-120                        6
295    Thermostat                            White Rodgers   IF90-71                        1
296    Thermostat Guard                      White Rodgers   F29-0193                       6
297    Thermostat                            White Rogers    1F56-444                      20
298    Thermostat                            White Rogers    IF95-71                        2
299    Recovery Cylinder, 200#, & 3/4 plg    Worthing        200#R/CYL W/L-V & 3/4 Plug     2
300    Recovery Cylinder, 50#, & 3/4 plg     Worthington     627010                        21

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II. Related Items: Identify a specific document and pricing reference, for example, ABC, Inc. 10/1/96 Fall
    Catalog list price column, or XYZ Co. 1/1/96 Jobber Price Sheet wholesale price column, etc., and a
    multiplier thereto, for example, 75% to indicate a 25% discount, or 110% to indicate a 10% premium. The
    purchases by Harris County of these related items should not exceed 20% of the total annual purchases
    under the contract.

   1. Document and pricing reference: ____________________________________________
      _________________________________________ Multiplier: ____________________

   2. Document and pricing reference: ____________________________________________
      _________________________________________ Multiplier: ____________________

   3. Document and pricing reference: ____________________________________________
      _________________________________________ Multiplier: ____________________

III. Pick up/delivery: It is anticipated that the following locations will require the product and/or service
    described in this ITB. However, other locations may also have needs. Bidder should indicate the
    approximate mileage from the most likely point of available product/service to each of the following
    locations as if traveled over major thoroughfares that result in the safest, yet fastest, available direct route.

                   Location(s)                                               Mileage

                   1. Facilities & Property Management
                      49 San Jacinto, Houston, TX                            __________ miles

IV. Payment Discount: Indicate the payment discount(s) available depending on the when invoices are paid.
    For example, 1/30 means a 1% discount if paid within 30 days, 2/15 means a 2% discount if paid within 15
    days, etc.

V. Renewal: If requested by the Office of the Purchasing Agent, and approved by Harris County
   Commissioners Court, contractor agrees to renew the original contract, as amended from time to time, at the
   same terms, conditions, and pricing for the following periods:

       Renewal Year #1: ______ yes, _____ no;         Renewal Year #2: _____ yes, _____ no;

       Renewal Year #3: ______ yes, _____ no;         Renewal Year #4: _____ yes, _____ no.

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                                                                                                                      Attachment a.
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                                             RESIDENCE CERTIFICATION

Pursuant to Texas Government Code §2252.001 et seq., as amended, Harris County requests Residence Certification.
§2252.001 et seq. of the Government Code provides some restrictions on the awarding of governmental contracts; pertinent
provisions of §2252.001 are stated below:

        (3)     "Nonresident bidder" refers to a person who is not a resident.

        (4)     "Resident bidder" refers to a person whose principal place of business is in this state, including a contractor
                whose ultimate parent company or majority owner has its principal place of business in this state.

       I certify that ______________________________________ is a Resident Bidder of Texas as defined in
                         [Company Name]
        Government Code §2252.001.

       I certify that ______________________________________ is a Nonresident Bidder as defined in Government
                         [Company Name]
        Code §2252.001 and our principal place of business is __________________________________.
                                                                        [City and State]

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