The Essay Body by AdamDurose


									The Essay’s Body  The body of your essay includes the paragraphs from your introduction to your conclusion  This is where you support your thesis with examples  A good way to start the first paragraph of the body is with “To begin,…” This lets the reader know you will now begin to defend your thesis with examples  Another good thing to do when making a point is to use “For example,…”  Relate your examples to your thesis  At the end of a paragraph, a good thing is to remind the reader again of your thesis by stating something akin to “These examples all relate to my thesis”  Your next paragraph could begin with words like: o “Further,…” o “Also,…” o “Another instance…” o “As well,…” These are just some examples of nice transition words.  Remember to think of yourself as a lawyer that has to argue a case. It is not enough to say why your client is innocent; you also have to provide details and examples

Introduction and thesis



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