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									PAGE 4D                                                                                     Laredo Morning Times                                                                  Sunday, February 17, 2002

                                                                                          Local News

  School lunch menus                                                                                           Latin Music
   United Independent School District Food Service
    Department Menu Week of Feb. 18 – Feb. 22
  Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with biscuit or warm
                                                       A half-pint whole or low fat milk is served with all
                                                     breakfasts and lunches. Chocolate milk offered
                                                     when available. Subject to change without notice.
                                                                                                              Grupo Vida is life of the party
tortillas.                                             Laredo Independent School District Food                BY RAMIRO BURR                                         indoor setting presents some limitations.
  Lunch: Corn dog, chili-n-beans, seasoned corn      Service Department Menu Week Feb. 18 – Feb.
                                                                                                                                                                       “There are a lot of things they‘re not going to
and chilled fruit.                                   22
                       Tuesday                                              Monday                              Videos, Gameboys, DVDs, 500 channels and             allow us to do, like pyro, confetti,” he said. “But
  Breakfast: Ham and egg breakfast tacos or            Breakfast: Cereal, toast/sausage patty, orange         the Internet are some of the many entertain-           we‘re going to compensate for that with differ-
breakfast pastry.                                    juice/jelly                                              ment choices in the new millennium.                    ent video feeds. We‘ll integrate the songs into
  Lunch: Italian spaghetti sauce, meatballs and        Lunch: Chicken patty, dinner roll, mashed pota-          To survive in this bold new world, Grupo Vida        the videos and have a good time with it.”
warm Italian bread, lettuce and tomato salad, sea-   toes, sliced pears and ketchup                           lead singer Art Tigerina(cq) believes it‘s not           One highlight of recent shows has been the
soned green beans and sugar cookie.                    Tuesday                                                enough to just play music — a band needs to            band‘s take on Freddy Fender‘s “Wasted Days
                     Wednesday                         Breakfast: Cereal, breakfast pocket/applesauce                            entertain.                          and Wasted Nights.” With the band heading in
  Breakfast: Waffles with syrup or breakfast           Lunch: Burrito, Mexican rice, French fries, fruit                           “We put ourselves in our          a Tex-Mex/country direction, the choice was
pastry.                                              cocktail, cheese sauce and ketchup                                          fans‘ shoes,” he said recently.     logical.
  Lunch: Deli turkey and cheese sandwich, bag of       Wednesday                                                                 “Do we want to come and see           But in typical Vida fashion, the song is turned
chips, lettuce, tomato and pickle salad and Jell-o     Breakfast: Cereal, potato and chorizo mariachi                            a band that‘s just playing? You     inside out with jazzy drumming and Sauceda‘s
jewels with fruit.                                   and fresh banana                                                            can put a CD on in your car         accordion riffs.
                       Thursday                        Lunch: Pizza, toss salad, corn, Rice Krispy                               and hear the group. We want           The group was established in 1997 after
  Breakfast: Scrambled egg breakfast tacos or        treats and salad dressing                                                   them to wonder what Grupo           backing Eddie Gonzalez for three years. The
breakfast pastry.                                      Thursday                                                                  Vida is going to do now, leave      camps split acrimoniously, but Vida barely
  Lunch: Chicken nuggets with hot roll, macaroni       Breakfast: Cereal, super doughnut, sliced pears
                                                                                                                                 them with the anticipation.”        missed a beat thanks to Tigerina‘s capable
and cheese, steamed broccoli and white cake with       Lunch: Cheeseburger, shredded lettuce, sliced
                                                                                                                                   So the San Antonio-based          vocals and the group‘s overall cohesiveness.
chocolate frosting. BBQ sauce/ketchup/cheese         tomatoes, corn chips, ice cream and mustard.              RAMIRO BURR
sauce.                                                                       Friday                                              band chucked the cowboy               Vida‘s signature hits include “Vueltas y
                        Friday                                             HOLIDAY                            hats and starched shirts and adopted an atten-         Vueltas” and “Sin Buenas Condiciones.”
  Breakfast: Potato and eggs with toast or warm        A half-pint whole or low fat milk is served with all   tion-grabbing look — Tigerina shaved his head,           Vida‘s upcoming release, the follow-up to
tortillas or breakfast pastry.                       breakfasts and lunches. Chocolate milk offered           and gonzo accordionist Sonny Sauceda                   “Sangre Para Ti,” continues in the group‘s sig-
  Lunch: Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza, baked fries,     when available. Subject to change without notice.        donned flashy pants.                                   nature hypercaffeinated Tejano mold, throwing
lettuce and tomato salad, chilled fruit, and salad                                                              The group recently performed at the Freeman          in for good measure an accordion-abuse cover
                                                                                                              Coliseum for the San Antonio Stock Show &              of the Who‘s tongue-in-cheek 1970s hit
                                                                                                              Rodeo.                                                 “Squeeze Box.”
                                                                                                                Tigerina said lessons learned during the band‘s        Music news: Techno-pop trio Moenia is
                                                                                                              opening slot on the Dixie Chicks‘ 2001 “Fly” tour      scheduled to perform tonight (2/17) at bongos,
                                                                                                              also inspired improvements to the show.                818 Travis. The Mexico City-based group is
                                                                                                                “It‘s like you‘re playing in the minor leagues       touring behind “Le Modular,” their latest CD
                                                                                                              and then you go to the majors,” he said. “The          Monterrey-based norteño outfit Pesado follows
                                                                                                              crowds are larger and everything‘s on a larger         up its 2001 hit CD “Todo Tuyo” with a 12-track
                                                                                                              scale. Even in the small shows, it‘s helped us.        album of new material titled “Pesado,
                                                                                                              We can‘t do all the pyrotechnics and lights, but       Presente, Futuro.”
                                                                                                              it helped us see how to fit a big show into a            Paco Barron y sus Norteños Clan, also based
                                                                                                              small show.                                            in Monterrey, just released “Pídeme.”
                                                                                                                “Rather than just playing straightforward, we          Freddie Records recently released the compila-
                                                                                                              incorporate little skits into the songs. For           tion “Señora Libertad: Unidos Para Siempre” CD
                                                                                                              instance, on ‘Cumbia Carrito,‘ we ask if people        to raise funds for victims of the 9-11 attacks.
                                                                                                              have had problems with an old car, we do a skit          An all-star lineup off Ramon Ayala, Jimmy
                                                                                                              and incorporate a storyline.”                          Gonzalez y Mazz and The Legends sing the
                                                                                                                Vida continues to make forays into the main-         patriotic title track written by Laredoan
                                                                                                              stream country music market with some                  Humberto Ramon.
                                                                                                              Minnesota fairground gigs scheduled for May.             The rest of the CD contains hits from
                                                                                                                “We just want to show versatility,” he said.         Freddie‘s roster, including Gonzalez‘s “A Pesar
                                                                                                              “We don‘t want to do a full country set. We            de Todo,” Solido‘s “Hasta La Cima Del Cielo,”
                                                                                                              want to do Tex-Mex, with the accordion feel,           and Jaime y Los Chamacos‘ “Como Te Llamas
                                                                                                              like what the Texas Tornados did.”                     Paloma?”
                                                                                                                Of course, lots of bands claim versatility. But        Yet another Monterrey group, the alterna-
                                                                                                              what other group could have opened for Jo Dee          rockers and Watcha tour veterans Verbena
                                                                                                              Messina in Twin Lakes, Wis., and Los Tigrillos in      Popular, released its major-label debut “El
                                                                                                              Monterrey, Mexico, in the same month, as Vida          Canto Que Espanta” on EMI.
                                                                                                              did last July? In April last year, Vida performed at     Other new releases include Mocedades,
                                                                                                              the Country Thunder Festival in Tucson, Ariz.,         “Todo Exitos De”; Cadetes de Linares, “Boleros
                                                                                                              opening for Clay Walker.                               de Siempre”; and Luis Vargas, “Yo Soy Así.”
                                                                                                                The group took another step toward nation-             (Ramiro Burr covers the Latin music scene
                                                                                                              wide touring last October by playing the influ-        each week. Burr is also the author of “The
                                                                                                              ential International Entertainment Buyers              Billboard Guide to Tejano and Regional
                                                                                                              Association Conference in Nashville, where             Mexican Music,” on Billboard Books. For ques-
                                                                                                              fair promoters scout talent.                           tions or comments call Burr at (800) 555-1551,
                                                                                                                Landing the prestigious coliseum gig for the         Ext. 3429, or
                                                                                                              first time was an honor for the band, but the

                                                                                                              Market Talk

                                                                                                              A void investment bandwagons
                                                                                                              BY ARCHIE RICHARDS                   wagon would be left behind.         is falling, another may be ris-
                                                                                                                                                     In the late-1990s, investors      ing. This reduces risk.
                                                                                                                Dan writes, “I have $30,000        swarmed into large-growth             Whatever cash you have
                                                                                                              saved and would like to know         stocks. After those bit the         available for long-term invest-
                                                                                                              if I should pay off a car loan or    dust, investors piled into          ment, get it working. I think a
                                                                                                              invest the money in mutual           small-value stocks. If history      new bull market began on
                                                                                                              funds with returns of 20 per-        is any guide, the small value       Sept. 24, 2001, six trading
                                                                                                                               cent.”              variety will become slow            days after the World Trade
                                                                                                                                  Nice      car,   movers. After a certain             Center attack. It looks to me
                                                                                                                               Dan.                investment type rises enough        like we‘re in a bull market
                                                                                                                                  I take it you    to be considered a bandwag-         now. Yes, I know, it doesn‘t
                                                                                                                               mean that the       on, it usually becomes a slow       feel like it. But bull markets
                                                                                                                               mutual funds        mover.                              always begin in an atmos-
                                                                                                                               have returned         If you intend to concentrate      phere of fear.
                                                                                                                               20 percent in       on last year‘s winners, Dan,          Asset allocation requires
                                                                                                                               the past. No        forget it. Just pay off your car    regular rebalancing. Every 13
                                                                                                                               one knows           loan instead. But if you intend     months or so (long-term gain
                                                                                                                               the       future.   to invest your money in sev-        apply to investments held for
                                                                                                              Archie Richards B e s i d e s ,      eral investment groups, I‘d         a year and a day), shave off a
                                                                                                              studies show that funds that         say, keep the car loan and          portion of those holdings that
                                                                                                              do especially well one year          invest the money instead.           have significantly outper-
                                                                                                              often do poorly for a while            Don‘t try to guess which          formed and add to those that
                                                                                                              thereafter.                          segment will outdo the oth-         have underperformed. You
                                                                                                                Gains of 20 percent a year         ers. Instead, spread your           would automatically be selling
                                                                                                              are too high to shoot for, any-      money       among       different   high and buying low.
                                                                                                              way. Some investors say to           investment groups.                    Keep doing this for 30
                                                                                                              themselves, “Maybe those               Here‘s the allocation pro-        years. Add money to your
                                                                                                              other suckers are satisfied          gram I favor:                       investments whenever you
                                                                                                              with the 10 percent to 12 per-         Less than 30 percent: The         can. You‘ll be special, all
                                                                                                              cent the stock market returns        iShares Russell 3000 Index          right; you‘ll be especially
                                                                                                              over the years. Not me; I‘m          Fund. This exchange-traded          prosperous.
                                                                                                              special. I‘m looking for 20          fund holds 3,000 U.S. stocks.
                                                                                                              percent a year, more if I can        (Exchange-traded           funds
                                                                                                              get it.”                             resemble mutual funds, but
                                                                                                                In the last two years, the         can be bought and sold
                                                                                                              values of most U.S. and for-         through brokers like individual
                                                                                                              eign stocks performed poorly.        stocks.)
                                                                                                              But the price of gold went up          Less than 30 percent:
                                                                                                              last year, and so did the            Vanguard Total International
                                                                                                              stocks of gold-mining compa-         Stock Market Index Fund,
                                                                                                              nies. A person might say,            which holds about 3,000 for-
                                                                                                              “Never mind 2-year losers; I         eign stocks.
                                                                                                              want winners! I‘m jumping on           Less than 20 percent:
                                                                                                              the gold-stock bandwagon.”           streetTRACKS Wilshire REIT
                                                                                                              Those who think they‘re real-        Index Fund. This exchange-
                                                                                                              ly special borrow to buy addi-       traded fund tracks most of
                                                                                                              tional shares on margin. If          America‘s real estate invest-
                                                                                                              you do these things, you‘ll be       ment trusts.
                                                                                                              special, all right; you‘ll be          Less than 20 percent:
                                                                                                              especially poor.                     Vanguard            Long-Term
                                                                                                                Let‘s say the economy              Corporate Fund Investor
                                                                                                              comes out of its doldrums.           Shares, which holds long-
                                                                                                              Unemployment once again              term corporate bonds.
                                                                                                              declines,      and       inflation     Diversity pays. Last year,
                                                                                                              remains low. Gold stocks             while U.S. and foreign stock
                                                                                                              wouldn‘t repeat last year‘s          values fell, REITs and bonds
                                                                                                              good performance. Oh no,             prices rose. Allocate your
                                                                                                              they‘d slink right back where        money among investment
                                                                                                              they came from. Investors rid-       groups whose price fluctua-
                                                                                                              ing on the gold stock band-          tions differ. While one group

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