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									       Wellesley Recreation                                                                                              Day Trips

Chinatown Excursion &                                            North End Market Tour
Dim Sum Brunch                                                   Tour Guide: Rose Lee & Associates
                                                                 Join us for an exciting tour of Boston’s North End. During this tour
Tour Guide: Rose Lee & Associates
                                                                 you will eat your way through the North End and meet some of
Learn your way around this unique section of downtown Bos-
                                                                 the merchants who define this great community. Explore the cu-
ton as we explore the nooks and crannies of both old and new
                                                                 linary ambiance of old world Italy. Visit an Italian delicatessen, a
Chinatown. At the end of the tour, we will have a sumptuous
                                                                 pastry shop, roam through a renowned third generation Italian
Dim Sum lunch. (The fee for lunch will be an additional $5-$7
                                                                 wine purveyor’s store, and enjoy a private wine tasting in a wine
per person payable at the restaurant.) This is a walking tour,
                                                                 shop specializing in small Italian vineyards. Wear comfortable
so wear comfortable shoes and bring your shopping bag.
                                                                 shoes and bring shopping bags. Map and directions to the meet-
Chinatown is near South Station and the Chinatown T stop.
                                                                 ing place will be sent prior to the tour. A map showing directions
Public transportation is recommended, but parking is avail-
                                                                 and meeting place can be found at wellesleyma.gov, then click
able in the area. A map showing directions and meeting place
                                                                 on Town Departments and find Recreation or call the Rec. office
can be found at wellesleyma.gov, then click on Town Depart-
                                                                 to have directions mailed to you.
ments and find Recreation or call the Rec. office to have direc-
                                                                 One tour
tions mailed to you.
                                                                 Saturday                              10 am – 2 pm
One tour
                                                                 October 6
Sunday                             10 am – 2 pm
                                                                 Meet in the North End, Boston
October 14
                                                                 $55                                   Min: 6/Max: 10
Meet in Chinatown, Boston
$55 per person                     Min: 6/Max: 10
(plus lunch fee payable at the restaurant)

Brookline Food Tour                                               Wellesley Trails Committee
Instructor: Julia Goldberg                                       Come along and enjoy some of Wellesley’s beautiful open spaces
Please join us for 3-hour guided walking tour of Brookline’s     and discover new trails that will expand your local recreational
historical Harvard Street and Coolidge Corner. You will visit    options. Now also a Kids’ Trail Day event!!! The Natural Resources
many of the town’s treasured Jewish food stores and res-         Commission’s Trails Committee will celebrate Fall with a series of
taurants - including Zaftig’s, Kupel’s Bagels, Rami’s, and the   trail events led by our members. Schedules are also published in
Butcherie - learning about the traditions and stories that lie   the Townsman and on our website (www.wellesleytrails.org). For
behind the food. You will taste authentic Jewish food, such      more information call Miguel Lessing at 781 431-2411 or Denny
as Gefelte Fish, Matzo Ball Soup, Latkes, and Falafel, Kosher    Nackoney at 781 237-5174.
wines, and many more. You will learn about kashrut rules
and the influence of Middleastern, European, and Asian            September 29:
cultures on Jewish cuisine. As we walk, we’ll discuss Jewish     Morses Pond Walk. Meet at the beach gate at the end of Turner
history in Brookline and share interesting anecdotes about       Rd.
the owners of the establishments and other famous Brook-         October 13:
line residents from the 18th-21st centuries. And finally,         Boulder Brook Walk. Meet at Kelly Memorial Park parking lot on
you will be given discount coupons to use at many Brook-         Elmwood Rd.
line establishments when you return on your own! You will        October 20:
meet at Pizzeria UNO in Allston, 1230 Commonwealth               Sudbury Path Walk. Meet at Wellesley College Research Center
Ave, Allston, MA 02134. Tour is held Rain or Shine.              parking lot at 828 Washington St.
One tour                                                         November 4:
Sunday                                                           Kids’ Trail Day Event. A fun afternoon in the woods at Centen-
October 21                           9:55 am - 1 pm              nial Park. Meet at Mass Bay Community College parking lot off
$35                                  Min: 2/Max: 6               Oakland St.

                                                                 Walks 1 and 2:            Saturday           9 –10 am
                                                                 Walk 3:                   Saturday           9 – 10:15 am
                                                                 Kids’ Event 4:            Sunday             2 – 3 pm

                        Resident Program registration begins Wednesday, September 5, 2007

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